World War Z Movie Details Revealed - Children of Men With Zombies?

March 27, 2008
Source: AICN

World War Z

One day prior to the exact day last year that we first announced Max Brooks' World War Z was being adapted, we finally hear some details on how the movie will play out. I remember first writing the news and becoming immediately excited despite having not actually read the book. And over the last year I've run into countless people who keeping telling me how great the book is. The script was written by comic book author J. Michael Straczynski, who most recently wrote Clint Eastwood's Changeling and was one of the creators of "Babylon 5". AICN just got their hands on the finished script and have reported back with a very positive reaction.

Moriarty's enthusiasm for Straczynski's script is through the roof. "I love this script. Love every dark, somber, upsetting page of it. This is a horror epic, a serious, sober-minded adult picture waiting to be made, and it's one of the best pieces of screenwriting craft I've encountered in a while." Before we get into the meat of the movie, though, let's take a look at the book again so we're clear on what it actually contains. "The book is an oral history of the great zombie wars, compiled by a nameless editor as part of a government report."

Ten years after the human victory over the world wide Zombie epidemic, referred to as World War Z, Max Brooks scours the world collecting the stories and experiences of those who have survived the conflict that almost eradicated humanity.

It is in essence just oral recollections from survivors of World War Z. This is not your typical zombie book and this won't be your typical zombie movie. Moriarty goes as far as to call the movie potentially "a genre-defining piece of work" that could even get people "arguing about whether or not a zombie movie qualifies as Best Picture material." Wow, that's quite a powerful statement, but then again, we don't even know what to expect yet. It's time to get into the details.

"In the first five pages, we see GERRY LANE collecting stories, and the first two interviews are with a flight attendant and a border guard. Both manage to play as horror shock beats, but the way they're told also sets the tone right away… JMS is after the human truth underneath the horror, and in a way, that makes it much, much harder to take."

From what I can interpret, the movie follows this particular archiver / journalist, named Gerry Lane (who might be played Brad Pitt), around as he travels the world conducting interviews with survivors. Again, from what I can interpret, it's almost like a documentary, but set in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world with much more to it than just talking heads.

"The world of the film reminds me of CHILDREN OF MEN on the page. Realistic but set in the near-future, in the aftermath of the zombie wars. We see a flashback to Gerry being given his assignment to write a report about 'where the system worked, where it didn't, how and in what ways the various organizational infrastructures failed.' It's a politically shitty job because no one wants to know that they were responsible for anything that went wrong. Gerry's hesitant because it's going to take at least six months away from his family, just as the world is starting to right itself. He takes the job, and as he travels to his first interview, we see how hard travel has become. I hate going through airport security these days, but at least I don't have to strip naked and subject myself to a blood test. Yet."

Moriarty goes on to describe Gerry's first interview with Dr. Tsai in China. In addition, he praises Straczynski for doing "a great job of etching the details of a world that has already faced its darkest moments and is now trying to put things back in order." What it sounds like the movie is really becoming is one that, while recalling some of the horrific moments from World War Z, instead focuses on the post-apocalyptic world that the survivors now all live in.

"Tsai's account of his first encounter with zombies at New Dachang is awful and horrific, and right away, it's apparent that a combination of bureaucracy and military strategy is responsible for a sort of passive evil, and Tsai feels enormous guilt about it. He leads Gerry to his next interview, which leads him to his next, and one of the things that the script does so well is depict survivors who are starting to wonder if survival is a victory of any kind. There's a story about black market organs that is just brutal, an off-the-record conversation with a CIA friend, and an insane beach sequence that I can't wait to see on film. All in the first 50 pages."

My next question, which Moriarty doesn't seem to answer, is whether each of these interviews turns into a flashback that is depicted on screen. Or whether we just get the talking head plus some sort of other dynamic imagery. I'm guessing, considering this was described as "epic", that each of the stories we hear will indeed be shown. As in, a post-World War Z narrative that is weaved with stories from the past that, if directed correctly, could be fashioned into an incredibly fulfilling look at the world before, during, and after World War Z.

While Moriarty does mention that this was a draft dated April 2007, it did feel complete enough to go into production right away. So, as always, don't take anything you read in here as solid fact, but rather a report from someone who read a draft of a script that was over 11 months old. The key point here is that the direction the movie seems to be heading is absolutely brilliant. I wish I could have read the script myself, but for now we'll have to go on Moriarty's word.

We haven't heard any updates recently, but the film isn't in production and is still looking for a director. Hopefully someone as amazing as Children of Men's Alfonso CuarΓ³n takes on this project - because it couldn't succeed without them.

Does this sound like J. Michael Straczynski has pulled off a brilliant script for a challenging adaptation? Or is this taking it too far for something as mundane as a zombie movie?

World War Z

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I'm there opening night. Brad Pitt possibly? Sign me up. EPIC indeed.

Chem1st on Mar 27, 2008


ZOMBIES rock!... I'm getting this book today.

Huck Paletos on Mar 27, 2008


The book was incredible and I hope the movie does it justice!

Kendall Morales on Mar 27, 2008


Soundz Awezome.

Djo on Mar 27, 2008


I've got the book and have been meaning to read it when I get a chance. My brother has read the same authors Zombie Survival guide which was refreshingly devoid of any tongue in cheek. I'm hoping that this book, and maybe film, will be the same. Just a note to the OP. Babylon 5 was J Michael Strazi?????? baby. Rather than being a contributing writer, it was his opus.

Payne by name on Mar 27, 2008


I love zombie movies so I hope this is cool, but you guys are getting way too excited about this so-so book. The book lost me when one character describes how the American people didn't react to the zombie threat right away because they were still so upset about Iraq. In other words flesh eating zombies are wandering the streets but people are saying, "Sorry, I can't be bothered with that. Not until we get this Iraq thing figured out."

Kelly Parks on Mar 27, 2008


The book is fantastic and is told by the people thru flashbacks. So i hope the movie does it well. So of the stories are just so amazing and terrible i cant wait to see it. Alex i will lend you my copy if you want to read it.

Heckle on Mar 27, 2008


Sweet. I hope they have the blind Japanese man/teenage geek story in the movie. That was probably my favorite chapter.

Anonymous on Mar 27, 2008


Im just geting to that page its been great so far will see about the movie huh?

lovelove on Mar 8, 2011


"The script was written by comic book author J. Michael Straczynski, who most recently wrote Eastwood's The Changeling and is a regular contributing writer on 'Babylon 5'" Contributing writer? What? The guy created the series and wrote 91 of the 110 episodes (plus 5 movies, various tie-in comics and books, and more). And he's not just some comic writer, he's a Hugo award winning veteran of television writing going back to the early 1980s. And his comics are some of the most well regarded and best-selling (and occasionally controversial) in the industry. For the record.

Mr. G on Mar 27, 2008


This could be one of the best movies of all time, or one of the worst. Even as I was reading the book I was thinking that it would make a tremendous movie, as long as they do it right.

Mike Rodi on Mar 27, 2008


Contributing writer???? I'm rolling in my grave from that comment and I'm not even dead yet ... though that comment may just kill me ... That's like saying Mozart "dabbled a bit in musical genre" before he died. Come on, Alex. Shame on you.

E on Mar 27, 2008


To Mr G : precisely πŸ™‚ To Mike: "as long as they do it right" ... this is JMS we're talking about. No wrong could ever be done by his pen. It's morons who try to screw with his work that make things wrong. It's the money whores that make things wrong.

E on Mar 27, 2008


It is actually just Changeling, no The on the front end of it -- The Changeling is a whole other movie coming out

Moviequill on Mar 27, 2008


Whoa, whoa, calm down guys! I meant contributing as in currently, since he's not there still fulltime, right? Anyway, I fixed that just incase. For everyone else - I know that you HOPE that Straczynski does a good job adapting - but I explained exactly what he did above! I want to hear if you think the movie that is described above from Straczynski's script still sounds as good as you're hoping?!

Alex Billington on Mar 27, 2008


it sounds like it could be amazing if directed right and not just thrown together, get some good actors (brad pitt awesome choice) and some epic scenes and this could be the best zombie movie. Kick ass name to World War Z!

Curtis on Mar 27, 2008


Brad Pitt is one of my least favorite actors. This is one of my favorite zombie stories. Please don't let him ruin it. It will not be a best picture film with him. Just saw Babel he just doesn't seem real in the movies I've seen him in. The basic idea of the script sounds right. I've had zombie dreams since I was 14. The theme deserves an epic.

Jon on Mar 27, 2008


Sounds like an interesting new way to portray A HORRIBLE IDEA. Zombies suck. Period. If it were some other more believable and less laughable disaster, sign me up.

Anon on Mar 27, 2008


"...was one of the creators of 'Babylon 5'" Don't need to harp on a minor point, but in case it isn't clear, he is the sole creator. "I meant contributing as in currently, since he's not there still fulltime, right?" Did you follow the IMDb link you posted? Babylon 5 ended in 1998. There have been several television movies since then, including a direct-to-DVD film from last year that he wrote, produced, *and* directed. So, there is no there there to be fulltime, but when there is, its all his, lock, stock, and barrel. There is no Babylon 5 anything without J. Michael Straczynski.

Mr. G on Mar 27, 2008


I enjoyed the audiobook version of World War Z way more than the book itself. The film just will not do the audiobook experience justice.

Duncan on Mar 28, 2008


The audiobook is undoubtedly the perfect way to experience Straczynski's stories. The acting is fantastic and really lends a much more genuine quality to the characters - mostly down to the accents - than the book alone. If anyone is thinking of picking this up, get the audiobook! It's worth it for Mark Hamill alone.

Ross on Mar 29, 2008


Ever since Babylon 5, I have been waiting for JMS to do another amazing thing, this looks to be it!

Callista Maris on Mar 29, 2008


This is the best apocalypic book I have ever read in my life. The failure of human systems & the betrayal by those in authority is horrific. A must read.

Keith on Mar 30, 2008


Straczynski is the loser who ruined spider-man. And he even managed to do that BEFORE this one more day crap.

Thundermatts on Mar 30, 2008


So-so book? Man, honestly... Dead City is the only zombie novel that rivals WWZ. It's important to note, also, that the reason Americans weren't as affected as other people is that the media helped to gloss everythign over, as well as the addition of a "miracle drug" that let people feel like it would be just a passing scientific study. More importantly, as an American I can confidently say that at least 1/4 of our population are retards, and honestly would turn a blind eye to everything. Anyway- can't wait for the movie. I have Straczynski as a writer, but maybe he'll surprise me here. The addition of Brad Pitt here doesn't give me much more hope; he's had a few good movies (notably Snatch) but I feel they could have gotten a much better lead. But hey, he got the rights for it lol. Too bad they didn't see how Will Smith did in I Am Legend, he'd be a great lead for this film, I think.

Matt on Apr 5, 2008


I liked the books too; not sure what I make of Brad Pitt being cast in the upcoming film, which suggests to me a re-write is a likelihood to support his inevitably bigger role. I like Pitt, and he's made some great films, but Brooks' novel had the potential to be the first Oscar-winning zombie flick (what? It *could* happen!) and while Pitt is a strong indicator of a quality film, his presence might mean a bit of a shake-up in the foundations that make the original text work. We'll have to wait and see.

Sheamus on Apr 6, 2008


Brad Pitt wont be in this, but his production company does own the rights and it's them who are driving it to the screen.

Nick on Apr 11, 2008


As long as Mark Hamil plays Tod Wanio, I will be happy

Rich on May 12, 2008


The book was amazing, this better be a long movie. There's no way they could fit it all in in an hour and a half.

Jesse on May 18, 2008


The audio book was awesome, Henry Rollins(Black Flag , Rollins Band) was great in it. TOP 2 ZOMBIE MOVIES FOR ME(IF YOU WANT TO CALL THEM ZOMBIES) 1. 28 DAYS LATER 2. DAWN OF THE DEAD I dont care what anyone says, zombies that can actually catch you and that you arent able to just push to the ground when the do, rule. I have checked out a LOT of different zombie movies and these are the best. I cant wait for Dawn of The Dead 2 and 28 Months Later. But, this was the first "slow moving zombie story" I really enjoyed. And, "Diary of the Dead" wasnt bad either. I know all the hard core zombie fans are into the old school zombies, but there boooooooring!!!. Siggy

Kent Siggy on May 24, 2008


As has been previously mentioned this has the potential to be an absolutely fantastic movie,but it could also be one of the biggest let-downs EVER! They have to get every bit of this movie true to the book,which is an amazing read regardless if you are a major zombie fan or not. I urge you to read a copy of World War Z if you already haven't,after the first couple of chapters i was already thinking to myself that if handled correctly it could be the greatest horror,let alone zombie,film ever made!! As for the greatest zombie movie to date:Has to be George A Romero's 'Dawn Of The Dead',no other zombie film leaves you with such a deep feeling of hopelessness,desperation and dread.

Barry Evans on May 28, 2008


The Zombie genre can be viewed on two levels at the same time. On one level, it's just fun getting scared and grossed out. The idea of an apocalypse being brought about by humankind and/or something unknown has been written about for millenia, as well. On another level, though, the Zombie genre usually comments on a variety of human issues and aspects of society, which makes it even more interesting - issues such as mass consumerism, ignorance and complacency of the masses, ineffectual & inefficient bureaucracies, racial and social class/power struggles, the ultimate helplessness of humans against nature, science/military/bureaucracy run amok, etc. Really, most of us are Zombies anyway, just doing what we've always done, becoming a part of those senseless masses. These tales really are asking, what does it take to change some of these societal ills? People who automatically dismiss the Zombie genre, along with Horror, Sci-Fi, even Fantasy too, haven't accurately assessed these genres. They should give 'em a chance. By the way, some of my favorite Zombie flics are: Night of the Living Dead (original), Zombie, 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead (original & remake), 28 Weeks Later, Planet Terror.......George Romero is amazing for continuing his Zombie Saga - haven't seen the latest yet, but I hope for the best.......

Ray F on May 28, 2008


Ah man this was the best book ever. Big zombie fan and like someone metioned before I've been having zombie dreams since I was a kid. I feel priveledged just to have read the book so if the film sucks I dont care 'cause I've still got the book. Oh yeah to those that said " zombies suck" etc, thanks for the intelligent input! PS I live in Ireland, and we survive the outbreak unscathed. Haha

Shane on May 29, 2008


The potential for this to be ruined is pretty distinct. Max Brooks has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that he has nothing to do with this adaptation of his text, so that gives this screenwriter free reign. Will he stay true to the thrust of the book, or pull some ego trip and change it to suit his fancy? Most screenwriters opt for the latter, in my admittedly limited experience. But here's to hope. Or at least the Battle of New Hope. For those of you who want to keep reading about WWZ-related works, check out - plenty of user-submitted material to be thrilled by.

World War Z on Jun 25, 2008


They should have the chapter about the kids defending the colledge in the movie - that could be a great flick in its self !

a3a on Jul 2, 2008


My favorite story definatly has to be Yonkers, but I didn't read the entire book yet....The way they are making this movie sounds awsome actually, but I just hope when they go into the interveiws, that it will not be like talking heads...that would ruin it all!

Frank on Jul 3, 2008


I read the book and it was great. I was surprised how well put together it was. A Docudrama new twist. I myself have been writing on a zombie book for 2 years now and hope to finish this year. Kind of a Tom Clancy with a Romero twist and a pinch of Robin Cook. A Bio-terrorst plot goes hugely wrong. Hopefully I can find a publisher.

chuck on Jul 10, 2008


I loved both his books. Fantastic reading. I waiting with baited breath for World War Z the movie and hoping that it is not USA centralized (Battle of Yonkers and so on.) I loved the Japanese teenager and the old blind gardener. The story of the Chinese sub and its crew sailing the oceans for 3 years. Theres a great one about ferel children and the dogs. So sad. The story of the astronauts was excellent as well. I still think that it would make one hell of a one of a tv series, giving time to each story.

jolyna on Jul 18, 2008


i really am looking forward to this movie, i read the book and couldn't put it down it had me hooked from the moment i started, i just hope that they can make the movie as graphic and exciting as the book and not too hollywood if you get my meaning!! brad pitt as the reporter........ not too sure on that one

reggie on Jul 24, 2008


I love zombie movies ever since i was a kid. Although I haven't finished it this book is awsome. I realy hope the screenwritter does a good job of bringing the plot to life. this book has a lot to offer. But how many times in the passed have great books been murder by the egoes of big screenwriters. So for all the hard core fans of zombies, such as myself. Let's keep our fingers crossed that some one has put together a zombie movie worth be called Oscar worthy. Anybody looking for a good follow up book to read after your done with wwz you should read The Rising and Dead City. Both great books by Keen.

Son of dawn on Aug 6, 2008


This sounds friggin awesome. However, one quick observation. People who say 28 Days Later was the best zombie movie should re-consider. The hokie British supermarket scene totally killed it for me. Plus, the people are infected, not the living dead. Thus, they are not really zombies, sorry dude.

Ryan Brady on Aug 8, 2008


The battle of Yonkers was the funniest, and saddest points in the book. Surely this will be a great moment on screen. Just, please... for the love of anything worth creating, I hope they cast neither Will Smith or Brad Pitt for these roles. I'll give it to Will though. Without him, I Am Legend is pure garbage. And I'm not a big fan of most of his stuff. My opinion... it will be tough to top either version of Dawn of the Dead. They have got to get behind WWZ with a documentative approach, or else it will fall to the wayside. I'll take your advice though and pick up the audio version. Sounds like a good time. The book was great, and the survival manual is pretty good too. Although I did catch myself yawning from time to time. The guide could've been better.

Jeremy on Aug 18, 2008


Theres a great one about feral children? I thought that was the weakest and least "believable" story of all of them.

Josh on Aug 18, 2008


My favorite zombie movie is Aliens. Think about it: people are turned into mindless, flesh-eating, killing machines.

Ben on Aug 19, 2008


1. I hope that they cast this with well with real actors and not those that just have A-List names with craptacular acting ability... (Read: Anyone from a Disney movie in the last 20 years or has appeared on a celebrity magazine like Star or People). 2. I'd be really interested to see what it would look like if they did a "Four Rooms" approach. Where each story is directed by a different director. Obviously these could only be directors with serious cred within the genre and fans. Of course keeping to a common theme so they are not all weird like The Animatrix. Whenever the producers and studios try to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, they ruin the original work for the real fans.

JONNY Z on Aug 28, 2008


A friend bought me this book last year becuase she knows i hate zombies. I love horror but zombie movies give me nightmares, even at 32 years of age. I still watch them though and I hope the movie version does this book justice. She also bought me the zombie survival guide both of which I read once and put away... FAR FAR AWAY. I recently started reading world war z again and it still freaks me out. Books don't scare me, not even Stephen Kings books but Max Brook's two books absolutely terrified me. Last night I was reading WWZ and I kept looking over my shoulder at every noise. I really hope the movie is more like the book and less like a typical zombie movie. I'd like to see the movie made as interviews with flashbacks. I think the scariest part of WWZ to me was when the kid in Japan gave his interview about how he would spend all his days online talking to other people about the zombies and how less and less people were online and thenone day his parents were gone and he was trying to get out of his building. I can't wait for the movie and I hope, REALLY HOPE it lives up to the feeling and and atmosphere created in the book.

LB on Sep 2, 2008


I read this book, and right when I finished it I immediately thought it should be a movie. I really hope it goes into production. I am definitely there opening night!

Brendon on Sep 19, 2008


What friggin tard thinks Brad Pitt isn't a good actor?????? Are you guys retarded? Troy, the Ocean's Movies, Snatch. May I go on? The book was utterly stellar. As I was reading I was thinking and hoping they would make a movie! The only thing I hope for is that they don't have flashback scenes for all interviews, or the movie would be really long and kind of choppy. But they definately have to include every and all Russian scenes. And Japanese scenes. And especially Yonkers and Hope. Amazing stuff Max Brooks; I salute you.

DL on Sep 20, 2008


It seems in good hands but this book seems too epic for one film. Could make a good showtime type drama with possible tie ins with Zombie survival guide.

Prof. Damage on Sep 22, 2008


This is not just a Zombie movie.

K on Sep 29, 2008


This book was outstanding !!!! Better than those Keene novels and the others I have read. I wonder how they are going to do the zombies in the tunnels in London or the little girl (grown woman) who was in the crazy house? The way she could sound like a zombie and the way she told the story that had me on the edge of my seat. I hope they dont do it like children of men that movie SUCK BIG SAGGY B@(($!!!! Brad Pitt no maybe Wesley Snipes or some one like that. Johnny Z said a very good point have the scenes directed by different people.

STEVE R. on Sep 30, 2008


The book was epic, it succeeded even where George Romero has failed so recently. i expect the book to be equally epic and am def looking forward to being there opening night!

PF on Oct 2, 2008


Guy Pearce would be excellent for this

Q on Nov 5, 2008


The book is insanely brilliant. It should not be "just another zombie movie" at all. If they do it well the movie should be amazing (but i have my doubts.) If you haven't read it already you seriously need to because the description given above doesn't do it any justice. I will be so disappointed if Hollywood messes it up. The script sounds slightly different than the book, which although i find annoying, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. btw Brad Pit although a great actor doesn't seem like a great fit to me though.

senia on Nov 12, 2008


I am only half way thru this book and I was able to get the hint that this should be a f'ing movie. I loved the girl who did all the voices and the zombie sound, Yonkers obviously and the Pilot chick in the swamps. I have been having my mind blown every page I turn. I just hope that they don't ruin it by making the movie. Also I have a definite no to the Bradster, mr Pitt can stay out of this one. Though a goods actor he is, I don't want him in a zombie movie. I wouldn't take it seriously. And thats saying something if I or any one would want to take a zombie movie seriously. I can't think of any one to put as the reporter, but some one less renown would kindle my flame, because I wouldn't be thinking he is going to do this "thing" like he did in "that" movie. need to finnish the book. 28 days later not that great or a zombie movie. ~Raf

Raf on Nov 14, 2008


I knew it would be so but I'm still crushed. This book would make an outstanding animated series that could make the Spawn collection look like the Carebears. If it takes Pitt's name to put asses in the seats fine, but I'm hoping hollywood doesnt over-makeup this flick. Leave the shaky camera gimmicks at home and use a tripod once in a while. Its one of the few books that really needs a ton of changes to be a great movie. Past present and a hint of future will be good. Set us up where the survivor is, let us see what their life is currently like, then give us sweet flashback action. Do we know if they're doing slow paced or running zombies? That seems to be the other big discussion amongst Z movie fans. I'm tossing my opinion in on the slow paced side. I'm not even that fond of Romero's works, but the book perfectly illustrates how a war weary country and particularly America's ability to ignore a slow growing problem until it is too late to control has always been the big message in the slow moving zombie films. This doesn't happen in one day with zombies running everywhere, it happens over months, spreading, with outbreaks building. By the time it's big enough to take up any of the leaderships time, it's too late. Likely the producers will go with running zombies, because science knows our attention spans aren't what they used to be, but I hope in reading the book someone realizes that yes, even slow moving, it is so easy to be careless, cornered, and if nothing else, surrounded and frighteningly outnumbered, that you do get taken down. When the enemy can endlessly recruit, never gets tired, and cannot be scared into defeat, they don't NEED to run. There's no rush here guys. Regardless, I am beyond excited for this movie!

Drew Newman on Dec 1, 2008


For actors they might try considering Nicholas Cage, Clive Owens, or maybe even the chick that plays the female lead on LOST

Xarcies on Dec 23, 2008


#57 Benedict said - Make up answers to those questions, film them, and cut them together into a fake documentary. There. World War Z: The Motion Picture... Well, get to work, man. If it's that easy, start work on the screenplay for the second installment. Now. My spidey-senses tell me that your post above may be the longest thing you've ever written. Don't walk around thinking that screenplays are easy to write, let alone get sold. People LOVE to over-simplify things they know nothing about.

farttruck on Dec 28, 2008


#57 Benedict said - Make up answers to those questions, film them, and cut them together into a fake documentary. There. World War Z: The Motion Picture... Well, get to work, man. If it's that easy, start work on the screenplay for the second installment. Now. My spidey-senses tell me that your post above may be the longest thing you've ever written. Don't walk around thinking that screenplays are easy to write, let alone get sold. People LOVE to over-simplify things they know nothing about. Oh, and #58 - Nicholas Cage is over-exposed, and many in hollywood agree, after Bangkok Dangerous, should take some time off.

farttruck on Dec 28, 2008



Brandon Martinez on Dec 31, 2008


I have been writing a screenplay about zombies for over a year now. Trust me, it's not easy. I hope if WWZ is good and profitable studios will be looking for new screenplays, just my pipedream. Brad Pitt is a great actor but I want good unknowns in WWZ. Still no matter what I am looking forward to this.

Mark on Jan 1, 2009


I heard the audio book first, I thought it was amazing, absolutely diabolically engrossing and it freaked me out for weeks. I read the book after, I don't remember my heart actually pounding with fear/anticipation while reading a work of fiction, incredible stuff. so many gems in the book and audio book. I like what one of the commenters said, even if the movie blows turds, there'll always be the book πŸ™‚ "Tell it to the whales, man." general singh, the australian astronaut, the young arab being slammed into a wall by his father "I AM YOUR FATHER YOU WILL OBEY ME" india india INDIA the nuclear exchange russia man good stuff.

BenLikesAfricanRabies on Jan 26, 2009


really one of the best books i've ever read - awesome - written as a documentary - incredible worldwide zombie attack account - written like nothing else - had me drawn in from page 1 - i can only hope that the movie is just as great - it would be a one of a kind zombie movie!

jawbone on Jan 30, 2009


Im a little upset that hollywood had to get their grimey little claws on this book. whatever movie they pump out cant possibly live up to the book. brad or no brad, its gonna be another changed up, mixed up hollywoodified version of a great and moving reading experience especially since everyone now prefers a zombie that can sprint like an olympian. deep inside im looking forward to seeing this film but im not getting my hopes up that it will be any good.

Brandon on Feb 8, 2009


Brandon, I hope we don't see sprinting zombies. Max has made it clear in two books that his zombies are slow zombies. I can't see him letting them get away with fast zombies.

Bob on Feb 14, 2009


This book has me all geeked out . I am amazed at the global and individual aspects mr. Brooks has touched on. I laughed out loud at some of the phrases and slang he created for this new horror. I now that sounds sick but the zombie folk are a bit twisted. I keep ranting on and on, this might fly in another setting but a hair Salon full of beautiful woman isn't one of them, man I need to rent a z geek to get all weepy with!

judy on Feb 15, 2009


i just read the book and typed world war z on google and now it might be a movie? awesome

cmtaker619 on Feb 18, 2009


I think one of the biggest miss-steps they could make in this movie is by using any big name actors... What makes it great is that the people in these stories could be anyone, you put a familiar face on the screen and you will destroy that no matter how good the actor. Also, no fast zombies....and I hope they don't shorten the film too's a lot of material and I hope they find a way to get it all in seems everyone has their own favorite personal account..they are all awesome!

crystackle on Feb 26, 2009


Wow...... just got the book today..... didnt get far but it is hella sweet lmao get it today!!!! im not a reader but this book pulled me in

lostweapon on Feb 27, 2009


so yea i just finished the zombie survival guide and am getting started on world war z so i did a google search on it HOLYSHIT!! when i found out they were making it a movie i got so freakin excited! but i agree with you guys it could either be really great or really horrible and i hope they dont over hollywood it cuz that would suck and a lot of people would be really me...oh and the whole brad pitt thing...hes a great actor but i think he would really make this movie offense...but lets get an unkown actor in their please

Zombiechick on Mar 2, 2009


I absolutely love the idea of a World War Z movie, this not only had potential to be a great movie, but possibly the best zombie/ horror film ever. The story max brooks told is REAL horror, not all this superhuman zombie stuff that other movies try and depict. If it's done correctly, this film can really show people that a good plot and some depth is far scarier than the stupid resident evil and 28 days later garbage. In closing, Max Brooks wrote one hell of a book, please hollywood.... just for once, don't fuck this one up, its brilliant the way it is.

OrganizeBeforeTheyRise on Mar 2, 2009


28 Days later was not garbage, your comment was OrganizeBeforeTheyRise, it was a beautiful zombie movie, and quite possibly the best to date. And running zombies doesnt make it a bad zombie movie. After all they're infected not I don't know why I called them zombies, but please its a damned good zombie (infected) movie.

Frank C. on Mar 3, 2009


It's obvious you didn't understand what I meant, I'm referring to ruining a good movie where the zombies CAN'T run, I just don't want hollywood to someone mess up Brooks's book by mixing and matching the traits of the zombies, cuz it would totally ruin the movie. And if this movie is done correctly it will put 28 days later to shame, I'm not sure if you've read this book but it's about 20 times deeper in plot then 28 days later.

OrganizeBeforeTheyRise on Mar 4, 2009


I'd prefer walking zombies, but I've thought up a way to mix both worlds. Freshly risen bodies can still retain the capabilities of it's previous life, but after rigor truly sets in, its back to slow moving stiffness. This way they could make the great panic very chaotic, and then during the sieges and taking back America, return to a more vintage zombie movie feel. The "Hope" scene wouldn't be the same with zombies running. Not nearly the same atmosphere. I feel if they can do the makeup right, and have the zombies look a little more demonic, the slow moving stiffness style wont feel cheesy at all. When things move slow though, the audience has an easier time dissecting shoddy makeup and cheap plastic wounds.

Drew N on Mar 4, 2009


Hey drew i kind of like your idea about having the best of both worlds...even though i much prefer the slow walking ones your idea seems to be a kind of appeasment that everyone can live with

Zombiechick on Mar 5, 2009


This funny debate about infected or zombie rages on, I want to clear my throat and use that roat HELLO what the hell do you think made them Z in the first place? Had to be some sort of virus all twisted up in the dna. So infected that want to eat your face or walking dead that want to.. all terrificly horrifying to me. Fast ones make me just pee myself quicker.

judy on Mar 9, 2009


oh and is ther anyone typecasting in their heads as they read this book? We all want it perfect , but there are some great on the fringe actors that would really flesh this out (so to speak) I just love the idea of the Japanese computer geek being played by the guy :Shia's co star in Disturbia- ya' know the Japanese one: sorry not great on names. Come on let's do this! add some more thoughts.

judy on Mar 9, 2009


For fast and slow zombies mixed check out Plague of the dead and Thunder and ashes by Z A Rech(sp?). Well written good mix of fast and slow Z's. I should play the reporter, I'd be perfect!!

mark on Mar 9, 2009


The bodyguard should the guy from the transporter movies, perfect don't give a fuck attitude for that role. Oh and the soldier who fought at the Battle of Yonkers should be played by the BAR man from Saving Private Ryan (Edward Burns) the ultimate personna to look back on that disaster with.

OrganizeBeforeTheyRise on Mar 9, 2009


I bought 'The Zombie Survival Guide' around 4-5 years ago... saw it sitting out of place on a shelf in Barnes and Nobles. It was an impulse buy, but I've read it cover to cover witha highlighter at least three times. I have had friends laugh at me for it, but I think zombies are THE scariest things I've ever thought about, heard about, or seen on screen. I have nightmares about them... and It's not really what happens with the gore, etc. it's what happens to the people. The fear, their loss of ones they love to an infection (or whatever) that makes them undead. When I heard aobut 'World War Z' I was so excited to hear that Brooks came out with another book, and not only that, it's a novel on this subject. I have not read or bought it yet, but I'm very excited to do so. From what I've read about how the story is written and progresses it sounds like it will be on my favorite list until 2012 when the world ends, or the next outbreak πŸ™‚ -Crystal 24, NJ

Crystal on Mar 10, 2009


I heard the body guard (Collins) is going to be played by Henry Rollins. Awesome choice.

Bob on Mar 15, 2009


David Carradine - Blind Japanese Survivor Michelle Rodriguez - Downed Pilot Woman Mila Jovovich - Pregnant Russian Soldier Survivor Clive Owen - Redeker Seth Macfarland - Phalanx Millionaire Viggo Mortenson - Todd, from Yonkers and Hope SaΓ―d Taghmaoui - Saladin Kader, Palestinian Edward James Olmos - General Raj Singh That's what I can think of for now. Still wondering about someone to play the Otaku. Some of those seem odd but think about it πŸ˜‰ I think Seth Macfarland would be hilarious as the Phalanx King, if you've ever seen him talk in person, he could pull off douschey business guy easily. Michelle Rodriguez has already played in Resident Evil and would be perfect for a toughgirl pilot in the swamps. Carradine as a blind zombie headsplicer would be priceless.

Drew N on Mar 15, 2009


I'm excited, but I don't know how a couple of hours can do it justice. This would have been an Epic series on HBO or Showtime, with 1-3 interviews per episode. But if a movie is all we get then that's fine.

N Fox on Mar 16, 2009


Michelle Rodriguez !! she's a crap actress i think this book needs excellent ''no names'' to play the main characters as for rodrguez she just looks like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle!! peminantly!

reg on Mar 16, 2009


hbo series sounds awsome !!

reg on Mar 16, 2009


Once again Edward Burns for the soldier at Yonkers and Hope. Henry Rollins sounds sick though, good choice. It would bit tight if they made a game off this, like one where you have to actually gather food, build bases, and raid supplies to stay alive. Have an open style environment like GTA, but make sure you stick with the walking zombies. That would be sooooooo tight.

OrganizeBeforeTheyRise on Mar 16, 2009


hey judy the name of the asian guy in disturbia is Aaron Yoo and ur right i think hed be perfect for that

ZombieChick on Mar 16, 2009


i just finished listening to the audiobook off itunes and its great. it was so realistic, and a movie would be just awsome!!! it wouldnt be like other zombie movies where there is a group of people getting from one place to another flleeing zombies.

don on Apr 16, 2009


I'm keepin' my fingers crossed on this one. I read the book shortly after it came out and was absolutely blown away by it! It came out of left field for me and I was so excited to be reading something that had a different outlook on how to approach a zombie novel. Kudos to Max Brooks!! I'm also in agreeance with several people that this might have been better as an HBO or Showtime series, but I'll take a movie. It sounds like the script could be excellent. Let's all just hope that they don't monkey things up too bad.

Joel on Apr 17, 2009


What no one is thinking of though is what to do about the eventual sequels and the billions it will make in the box office!

Scorpio on Apr 19, 2009


I think the vast majority of the cast should be relative unknowns; these are supposed to be ordinary people. Really, the only place we should see anyone who could've been on the cover of an entertainment gossip magazine should be in the Hollywood siege bit - the story about the bodyguard. You all remember, the bit where at the end the man mentions exchanging glances with Paris Hilton's (s'cuse me, some heiress') dog before leaving the scene and imagining the following conversation - "What about your master?" "What about yours?" "Fuck 'em."

WerewolfWithin on Apr 22, 2009


WerewolfwWithin, what about the zombie killing pacifist that is Moby? He HAS to be in it, deffinately one of the best ironic humour twists.

WorldWarD on Apr 22, 2009


What about the Battle of Yonkers!?! i want to see that played out

Lemons on May 3, 2009


#17 zombies don't suck, vampires do.

fatboy8938 on May 6, 2009


Best Zombie book that i have read and i will tell you what if they are making a movie out of it they would have to try really hard to screw this up. the epic battles, and intimate details of the individuals who survived this war is going to make for one flipping awesome movie.

Rawb on May 18, 2009


i bought this book along with my second copy of 'the zombie survival guide' and began reading it head-on. loved it. absolutly one of my favorite books. if it does come out, which it should, i'll be first in line to watch it and to buy it. i've always been a zombie fan. big time. espically books (and you don't see much of them). but i can't wait to see how they put it all together. the battles, the survival, all of it. definatly 'Yonkers'. but Brad Pit? ew. no offense to anyone, but i don't like him. good luck filming guys. make it good. please. πŸ™‚ oh, and vampires don't suck. look at edward cullen!

Whats-her-face. on May 25, 2009


oh yeah, and either 'Yonkers' or the one with (i think his name was ted?) the zombie breaking into the womans home and her husband fighting it and the wife ripping the things head off then the husband getting the dog (YEAH!). were my favorite stories. i remember me screaming "IT'S GONNA KILL TED!" ya, those were pretty awesome.

Whats-her-face. on May 25, 2009


ya, i really need to stop commenting but i think the chapter about the dogs was my favorite and least favorite one. i am a BIG animal lover so it was very hard not for me to cry. i cried when read "where the red fern grows" in the 5th grade. also, max brooks said he would be writing a 'survival guide' on what to do with your pets when theres an outbreak. when will that happen? i need it...does anyone know? seriously?

Whats-her-face. on May 25, 2009


PUT GEORGE ROMERO AS DIRECTOR! least let him help. he might be a good choice, considering that there are a lot of people waiting for this. and cheering it on.

Whats-her-face. on May 25, 2009


I truelly loved the book and hope the movie is just as good. I think flashbacks and a narrator type of movie would be perfect. Zombies!

Xero on Jun 7, 2009


The book is amazing but they say this happened for real i kind of believe thats a load of BS. Who else agrees?

Kelsisco on Jun 16, 2009


The only problem I have is that it interviews different people. But that is a minor nitpick. I hope that some of the people from the book as well as new ones are in there. I was so happy when my manager at work told me about this today. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

A non-mouse on Jun 18, 2009


Can someone please tell me where I can find the script or to make things easier email it to me? I've been looking tirelessly through torrents and etcetera, but have had no luck. Cheers

Script on Jun 19, 2009


i think there still writing it

reggythebutcher on Jun 19, 2009


Reggy surely you're kidding. This whole article is a review of the leaked script which, seemingly, everyone here has read and should therefore have a copy of. Please, please, please, someone hook it up.

Script on Jun 19, 2009


I think most of us just read the book, but if there is a script out there I'de love to read it too.

1-shot on Jun 20, 2009


There have been numerous reports that the Forester (the Director) has brought on more writers to dumb down the scrtipt talked about here.

Lol Clueless on Jul 5, 2009



Lol Clueless on Jul 5, 2009


In June 2009, Marc Foster told an interviewer that the film would be delayed, stating that the film's script still needs a lot of development and is "still far from realization

Lol Clueless on Jul 5, 2009


The book is terrific. They could just play the 5 hour audio book in a theatre with no visuals, and the audience would be held captive.

Raggedy Edge on Jul 31, 2009


Two words: "The Trooper". Can't friggin' wait!

Lobo man on Aug 23, 2009


to Anon (no. 17): Turn on the news.

Duke on Aug 24, 2009


If they F this movie up and completely get it ass backwards from the book I will be pissed.

GuTrOT47 on Aug 26, 2009


i read the book and thought it would be a wonderful movie! so i googled it and bam it's gonna be a movie! sweet beans it's gonan rock!

natasha on Aug 30, 2009


i read the book and thought it would be a wonderful movie! so i googled it and bam it's gonna be a movie! sweet beans it's gonan rock!

natasha on Aug 30, 2009


Where is the production now? This is the first zombie movie that has the potential to not suck.

Kidder on Sep 11, 2009


All i can say is they better not fuck this up! Here is finally a book with the potential to make an International award winning movie... not to mention the book Freekin owns! my door remains nailed shut and my stores are good ..... and I wait, Zack will never take me.... dead or alive!

Stakas on Sep 13, 2009


i hope they include the one about the girl who was in that asylum who talked like a 4 year old and acted out her memories of the zombie war intensly. that's my favorite part of the book so far.

sgfhashjasgtj on Sep 16, 2009


Does any one else want Alan Alda as "the wacko" vice-president? also, Yonkers,Hope,and Russia beter not be f**ked up,Slow Zeds are better,and this need to be made into a "Band of Brothers" mini- series.

nipTUCKer on Sep 23, 2009


They had better not have F*cked it up.

Jane on Sep 24, 2009


I love this book. I've read it cover to cover several times now and it always scares the shit out of me. As Simon Pegg is quoted on the cover of the British edition, " One wonders if Brooks knows something we don't. " After reading this and The Zombie Survival Guide I now have both an escape and survival plan. Seriously. Although I only admit to it when drunk. And for those who claim that ZSG has no tongue-in-cheek content, it's very seriousness makes it tongue-in-cheek or (at the risk of offending the millions of intelligent Americans out there) does it take a British sense of irony to realise this? When I heard they were making a film out of this masterpiece, I was both incredibly excited and filled with a sense of doom. Having watched so many film adaptations of fantastic books and seeing them ruined, burned and then ritually shat upon by Hollywood, I awaited news of this attempt with trepidation. Much as I love George A. Romero, the last thing the world needed was another installment in his Interminable Litany of the Dead - would whoever took on this project be brave enough to ditch the idea of a 'conventional' zombie movie and simply film the book as a series of retrospective interviews? I really hoped so but seriously doubted it. So I am overjoyed to see that this appears to be the case - with one minor reservation. Brad Pitt? Really, that's the best you could come up with? The author of the book does not need to be played by a celebrity - his role should be the smallest of all. As he says in the book, "...if there is a human factor that should be removed, let it be my own." Yes please, especially if that human factor is Brad Pitt. Anyway, as soon as the tickets are on sale, I will be there, possibly even jumping up and down and squeaking a little with excitement. And in the meantime, if Zack begins to prowl our streets, you'll find me heading North...........

Ruth on Sep 25, 2009


I love this book so much! I was literally hooked on it from the second I opened it. (so were my dad and brothers) If Brad Pitt is in the movie I think it'll ruin it. He's too...bleh to be playing in a bad A movie like this. I'm so excited! OPENING NIGHT, I'll be there!!!!

MoSeBy :D on Oct 9, 2009


Oh and I TOTALLY agree with Ruth about having the smallest roll for the author. It's focused on the survivors stories, not the one interviewing them. I just hope they follow the book REALLY closely because as you progress in the book everything starts tying together and it creates this whole new reasoning to Zombies. Max Brooks is a freakin genius!

MoSeBy :D on Oct 9, 2009


I loved the book and that says alot because i'am no book reader at all, but from the first page on I could not put it down. Now i love to read! this movie would be epic in my eyes telling a story of not just some infection taking the planet, but the will of the human race to be able to stand up and say, we're not just gonna sit back and die! I will be there at midnight waiting to see this movie. I hope they include some underwater battles like during one of the last interviews when they were tagging zack to see where they were going.

EATMYBRAINS on Nov 4, 2009


on page 333: "last week i was listening to the radio and [name withheld] was doing his usual thing-- fart jokes and insults and adolescent sexuality-- and I remember thinking, this man survived and my parents didn't?" lol that part made me bust up laughing! Great to know howard made it through the war! But seriously, I would most definitley love to see a movie based on World War Z, but don't you think an ongoing TV series would be much much better? There's just too much material to fit into only 2 hours.

Wil on Nov 29, 2009


i have read many books in my life, and world war z stands apart from all of them as one of the most terrifyingly realistic and gripping novels iv ever come across. iv read this book about a dozen times and each time is even better than before, and leaves me feeling like iv been through an experience and not just lying in bed with a bag of m&ms and a book. if this movie really happens, i know it could never live up to the stories as there told in the book but im extremely excited to see what they come up with. i dont care who plays who as long as they play their characters well. ok, now if i had a choice of stories that i would like included in the book their are two that stand out the most to me, the story about Colonel Christina Eliopolis, when her plane crashed in the middle of the Louisiana swamp and how she survived. in my head i always saw Michele Rodriguez as her (she plays a good tough hot chick). And the story about Captain Chen and his crew who escape china aboard their ballistic missile sub the Admiral Zheng and ultimately end up saving their people from annilation. i think that story alone would make a great movie.

Brandon on Dec 10, 2009


This has gotten me so excited! I just hope they make the Battle of Yonkers as terrifying and dark as it is in the book. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS FILM!

Max on Dec 24, 2009


I don't know. I just saw Brad Pitt in Inglorius Basterds and I thought he was great, not his biggest fan but I think he could bring it if need be. I too always wonder what happens to all the pets during the zombie outbreaks...

Kym on Dec 27, 2009


RE: Kym's Comment #129: That could be a very good way to bring the emotional tension of the zombie war home to many pet owners who see the film. Humans are not the only victim in the war. This would widen the emotional impact of the film to a much greater audience. As a pet owner myself (two cats and a dog-all adopted) I was more than disturbed when I read the part about the little puppies running out of food and water in their kennels when the pet shop was surrounded by zombies. The part in the book regarding the military K-9 units would be good to include, especially the parts about the female soldier being hanged for killing her CO for not letting her save her dog AND the emaciated man beating the shit out of the two soldiers for tying up the dog. I know many pet owners who would fight to save the lives of their animals. ALSO: I agree with Wil Comment #126: There are SO MANY interesting stories in this book it would be impossible to fit all of them in. It would be tempting to make this into a mini series epic in order to include the better stories.

Max on Dec 28, 2009


Hellz yes!

Jericho on Jan 2, 2010


Has anyone heard if this is still in production or a possible release date?

Zombie Will on Jan 13, 2010


Drew N excellent cast list but unfortunately David Carradine is no longer with us. The Little Guy who played Egg in Big trouble in little China Might be a good substitute. I can see why this will not be a TV show though. The gore factor would be to much although they do show cut versions of Day Of the Dead on TV. If you make a film the makers wouldn't have to cut it up so much. But blending the stories is going to prove difficult. Some of the best stories for me in the book were the Japanese student, the Chinese submarine, the Chinese DR at the start, the Canadian clearing ladies story and the Battle of Yonkers. The saddest were the feral children and the Dogs story. Both touching and heartbreaking. Has any one heard any more about a start in Production or release date?

jolyna on Jan 13, 2010


RE: Not TV Material It could work as a mini series on TV if it were picked up by HBO or Cinemax. As for production or release date, I heard the script was still far from complete and according to IMDb, it is to be released sometime in 2010 however, with the lack of movie trailers this close to the release year (even teaser) this is probably unlikely.

Max on Jan 13, 2010


I hope that when they release the movie it'll be at LEAST 3 hours long so that they can include as many stories as possible. The cool thing about the book is that all the stories tie in together because they show the beginning, middle, and dying down of the Zombie invasion. If you leave out one story you leave out a huge detail. I'd be willing to sit through an abnormally long movie if it happened to be WORLD WAR Z πŸ™‚

MoSeBy on Jan 14, 2010


Oh what. Still not completed the script. Whats taking so long. It's not like this is new to the book market. It had better be worth it. I can't see it being 2010 myself. At this rate maybe 2012. I would sit though 3 hours worth so long it's World War Z and doesn't include a ship sinking. πŸ™‚ I would still love to see it come to TV as a mini series.

jolyna on Jan 14, 2010


RE: MoSeBy's comments: Abnormally long XD Good stuff. To general readers: You know who would play a good character for the survivor of the Battle of Yonkers? Lucas Black He was in Friday Night Lights, X-Files: The (better) Movie, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, as well as in the upcoming horror/action movie Legion. I can just see him as that character in the flashbacks during the FUBAR Yonkers operation.

Max on Jan 14, 2010


RE to jolyna comment 136, that sucks that they keep lagging on making this thing but, I think if they need to take more time, let them.... I'm still hoping they can make the greatest zombie movie since Dawn of the Dead (orig). So I don't care if this movie takes 2 years or even 5 years to get it right. It's always a good thing if a movie isn't being rushed.

Wil on Jan 15, 2010


Yea wil I see what you mean. It would be wise not to rush it but I'm getting a bit nervous now that it might not get made at all.

jolyna on Jan 15, 2010


i think honesly being the zombie fan that i am i think that a big film company shuld take the scrip cuz it's a great book and i dont want the movie to suck

kevin j velazquez on Feb 9, 2010


RE to Kevin comment 140: Only if the BIG studio finances the movie and dosen't get involved in creative control. And stays the hell away from the project. (that's what ruined Spiderman 3 when Sony pushed for more villans, and they got away from making the story any good. But I guess you do NEED a big studio's money to make the action sequences good, they just need to stay the hell away from the script.

Wil on Feb 9, 2010


Oh My God. I can not wait!

KG_trek on Apr 14, 2010


anybody have news on the progress being made?

Wil on Apr 15, 2010


comment #17 (anon)- Haven't you even read the book?

Nick on Jul 23, 2010


I just read a script of WWZ, July 2010 draft and it is NOT written by JMS. first of all - I LOVED it. I read scripts for a living, and this is one of the best scripts I've ever read. Second, it is nothing like the book - closer to Dawn of the Dead but on a global scale without the 'shopping mall'. imagine the first five minutes of Dawn of the Dead, expand it to 2 hours and but it on a worldwide theater and you'll have an idea of what this script is trying to achieve..

George on Aug 26, 2010


I'm sure each scene will be epic. My concern is the utilisation of Brad Pitt, and the way in whcih every epic scene will be joined together. Seems a bit of a waste to have Pitt as the interviewer, if he ain't taking part in the epic scenes. I wish them luck with the movie, but I'll reserve judgment until I see it in full. I'm worried about the fow of the movie. Will the interviews slow the movie down etc? Keth

keth on Sep 28, 2010


ZOMBIES REQUIRED! They's gonna need thousands of peope to play zombies....

keth on Sep 28, 2010


There is no interviewer in the latest script -- that whole storyline has been removed

George on Oct 7, 2010


The book was so awsome I got it in audio can't get enough of it! Awsome story

Roadkingflh78 on Mar 30, 2011


Didn't this guy rave about Star Wars I and how great it was?

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011

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