Worth Watching - April 12: Vice Trailer with Michael Madsen

April 12, 2008

Vice Trailer

When I interviewed Michael Madsen at Sundance in January, he mentioned something about this. It was one of his upcoming films and he spoke highly of it because it was one that he just made with his friend Daryl Hannah. Now we have the first trailer for Vice and I'm not sure what to make of it. Could this be an indie gem that 1000 people will end up owning on DVD and will watch on rainy nights? Or is there something more (or less) to this that we can't make out through the trailer? Either way, I'd say this is at least worth checking out.

Watch the trailer for Vice:

[flv:vice.flv 500 254]

Detective Max Walker (Madsen) was once a highly respected cop until he lost his wife and his life unraveled. Haunted by her memory and harboring his rage, Walker has nothing left to lose. He is a loose cannon waiting for an excuse to explode.

After a drug bust operation goes awry, a large haul of heroin is discovered by Walker and his team; including Salt (Hannah) and Sampson (Williamson). The bust attracts a great deal of heat after several people are killed and one gang member escapes from the scene.

Murder and mayhem ensue. The officers involved in the bust are being killed off one by one. No cop is safe. With no suspects in sight, a bewildered Walker joins forces with Salt to investigate the slaughter of his team.

What follows is a series of twists, intrigue and foul play. When it is discovered that some drugs from the bust went missing the cops start to look amongst themselves for the killer. Trust is compromised, comradeship dissolves and friends turn their guns on one another until the last man is standing and the truth is revealed.

Vice is both written and directed by Raul Sanchez Inglis of The Falling and Better Days previously. 41 Inc is releasing Vice in theaters nationwide starting on May 9th.

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Daaaaaaaammmmmnn...Daryl looks really hot with dark hair...the trailer looks interesting but certainly nothing new here...unless the actuall story is going to deliver all the promised intrigue, it looks like another cops & robbers ....will hold off final judgement pending a trailer with more dialogue...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Apr 12, 2008


Could that possibly be the worst edited trailer I've ever seen? I think so; not only did the aspect ratio change several times, but they kept digitally zooming in on the footage. If you're not ready for a real trailer, don't put out shit like this. I understand the need to market you're film and create a buzz, but crap like this isn't worth putting out.

Adam on Apr 12, 2008


hmmm... Really like Madsen... but this one doesn't have me convinced.. look forward to seeing more on it though

Dusty on Apr 12, 2008


They need to take this back to the editing room.

John D. on Apr 12, 2008


this guy would be perfect for max in max payne

Shelby on Apr 12, 2008


Nothing to see here, move along

grendel on Apr 12, 2008


It was a good trailler till the hiphop music started. And i cant believe daryl hannah is in this crap.

Heckle on Apr 12, 2008


Very "Max Payne-ish" the story is similiar, and even Madsen's look...

nate on Apr 13, 2008


Madsen really shouldn't be starring in anything not directed by Tarantino.

John on Apr 13, 2008


@6 I was thinking the same thing. He would be the perfect Max Payne.

MAdsen for Max on Apr 13, 2008


Why does this look like a college film project edited on a pirated version of Final Cut?

IA on Apr 13, 2008


Haha 11! This really does look quite awful. Right now anything with Michael Madsen for me is a pass.

Ryan on Apr 13, 2008


So which rapper is the kingpin in this? DMX? Ja Rule? And why is Madsen in this, was Steven Seagal busy? So many questions.

Stabmaster Arson on Apr 13, 2008


WoW..............I couldn't even watch the trailer

SHANE D on Apr 13, 2008


the only thing missing in this trailor is a cop with one ear being tortured to death

Shelby on Apr 14, 2008


Looks lame. it felt like michael madsen was never gonna stop shooting that gun and the rap music was annoying.

Bridget on Apr 14, 2008


yeah it looks bad, I think that re-editing will do the trick for the trailer. Looks kinda bland, I think the whole movie is gonna look like this regardless. All the shots look really wide and long, all leading to close ups.

THERBLIG on Apr 14, 2008


There were other trailers out that showed a lot more footage but they have all been pulled. The movie looks really good actually. I think it's going to be a great indie picture. Give it a chance folks. There is more to see on the official website

Ricochet on Apr 15, 2008


Looks bad to me. But Hannah still looks hot 🙂

Dan on Apr 15, 2008


ill admit hannahs hot but didnt look too hot in this trailor

Shelby on Apr 16, 2008


The 'director' is a no name actor with (according to other Vancouverites in the industry) no talent who played games like Max Payne while borrowing money from his friends instead of getting a job. All the information I can find on Taylor shows he's a money man involved in questionable stock pumps and the Tan guy seems to be off the radar entirely. The acting looks like they were just walking through it for the money. The trailer is supposed to have the best editing of all. If this is the quality of the editing throughout, the movie will suck. I will probably buy it though, I'm sure it will become a collectors item due to the lack of sales.

Marcus on May 31, 2008

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