Worth Watching - Aug 15: Claude Chabrol's A Girl Cut in Two Trailer

August 15, 2008
Source: Apple

A Girl Cut in Two Trailer

A subtitled trailer for the sensual French thriller A Girl Cut in Two has debuted online. I'm a bit nervous about featuring such a sexually infused French film yet again, because the last time I did (Water Lilies), I got in some trouble. But all that aside, I think this looks great and will be catching it at an art house theater soon. A Girl Cut in Two may seem like a lighthearted comedy at first glance, but it is actually a romantic thriller and dark comedy centered around a TV weather girl and the two men who pursue her. You've got to love French films, whether they're stylized action sci-fi like Babylon A.D. or whether they're sexual films like this. I'm glad I discovered this trailer, because I'll definitely be catching it in theaters.

Watch the trailer for A Girl Cut in Two:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the A Girl Cut in Two trailer in High Definition on Apple

A Girl Cut in Two (aka La Fille coupée en deux) is co-written and directed by French filmmaker Claude Chabrol, of numerous French thrillers including Wedding in Blood, Violette, and Poulet au vinaigre. The script was written by both Chabrol and his step-daughter, Cécile Maistre. This already premiered in France late last year and is being distributed domestically in America by IFC. A Girl Cut in Two arrives in limited theaters starting on August 15th. The poster for the film is featured below.

A Girl Cut in Two

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Peacocks are HOTTTTTT. Hahaha... not sure about the movie yet, looks interesting, but not yet. We will see if an art house here in KC has it or not.

Dusty on Aug 15, 2008


Complete bulls**t. You can feature all the decapitations and burnings and killings and torture porn that you want but feature movies that have a frank view of sexuality and you get in trouble for it? This country is hypocrisy absolute. Hey, kids, look, rambo is cutting the heads off those men who spear babies, but...what is that? She has no top on?! I'm calling the FCC! Puritanical idiots.

brian on Aug 15, 2008


Alex, I'm curious as to why you got in trouble for your previous French trailer rendezvous? Wasn't that trailer approved by the MPAA too? Thanks, Matt

Peloquin on Aug 15, 2008


Nah, I was just saying that some readers were yelling at me. They were saying that it was like child porn and how could I be showing that and saying it looks good and so on... Those French just make sexy movies!

Alex Billington on Aug 15, 2008


Oh okay, well thanks for taking the time to respond, that's really what makes stand out above other movie websites...the fan interaction with the editors.

Peloquin on Aug 15, 2008


Hi Alex, Great trailer, looks like a good movie. Sorry to hear you've had problems before, but I hope you won't let a few loud complainers censor your words and your site; that's not in your best interest or that of our readership at large. Like Brian said above, it really is nonsensical B.S., and the real reason behind it is one group or another trying to push it's personal moral (read: religious) preferences on everyone else. Nothing wrong with religion whatsoever, but it's a personal choice, not one to be pushed onto others. Many of those FCC complaints we keep hearing about are filed by the same few loud pseudo-moralistic religious based groups that want to censor everyone else. Don't want your kids to see it? Great, parent your kids and restrict what they watch. What's utterly amazing is that these same people are so adamant that sex is evil, but have no problems desensitizing our children to violence, gore, killing, etc. that is so common on TV today. Is anybody realling thinking this through? And when you question them, you get "oh, so you don't want to protect our children". Sure it's a good sound bite, which is why that's been the bogus straw man for most every lame argument in politics in recent times. There's nothing wrong with sex and our frankly our children getting an understanding of sexuality earlier on in life so they don't get pregnant by 13 because all they were told by mom and dad is "just say no". That strategy isn't exactly working; what you don't know CAN hurt you. Ignorance is just not a good strategy. Sure, it's great to say no and discourage your kids from having sex - absolutely. But if they have a weak moment (or stumble across some alcohol - and I won't even go there), wouldn't it be nice to know just a little about what safe sex is and how it can maybe save your life. Censorship and sexual repression is a very big problem in our society today, one of the main reasons our children know so little about basic sex education. The results? Our STD and teen pregnancy rates are off the charts compared to the rest of the western world. It's tangentially relevant, so here's our recent Live Video segment on "Sex Education - Who's REALLY Responsible? (Video)". It caused quite a stir on YouTube and a lot of discussion in our Forums, which is great since this is a topic that frankly needs a good open and honest public airing. OK, sorry, rant over. It just happens we did that Live Video show on this very topic recently, and apparently it's still fresh in my mind. And to think I just came by to check what's new on the movie front. LOL. 🙂 Have an awesome day! Dan

Dan | Ask Dan and Jennifer on Aug 15, 2008


Yo that old guy is the captain/chef from transporter!!!...wonder if he can cook in dis one...hah

Shelby on Aug 15, 2008


other than the off-putting title it looks pretty awesome.

Ryan on Aug 17, 2008


other than the off-putting title it looks pretty awesome. No kidding, at first glance I thought it would be some bloody / gory thing and didn't have any interest. But the words "sensual French thriller" strategically placed in the first row of the review came to rescue! LOL Yo that old guy is the captain/chef from transporter!!!…wonder if he can cook in dis one...hah Somehow I don't think he's cooking in this one! He seems to be otherwise engaged... 🙂

Dan | Ask Dan and Jennifer on Aug 17, 2008


your all a bunch of ass ramming uncle fuckers

HOLY SHT on Aug 19, 2008

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