Worth Watching - Aug 22: Alex Kendrick's Fireproof Trailer

August 22, 2008
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Fireproof Trailer

Fireproof is your standard PG-rated relationship drama with religious undertones about a married couple working out their problems. And damnit, it looks good! The concept is fairly simple: fireman Caleb Holt can run into burning buildings and save people he doesn't even know, but he can't even save his own marriage. Sure it may be a cheesy concept, but this trailer looks like I might shed a few tears and even come out with a smile on my face by the end. So far this looks pretty much worth at least one viewing, somewhat like Ladder 49, but beyond that we have yet to see. Call me a softy, but I really enjoyed this trailer - a lot. It only turned bad when the religious aspect kicked in at full force, but beyond that, it looks solid.

Watch the trailer for Fireproof:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the Fireproof trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Fireproof is both co-written and directed by Alex Kendrick, of 2006's Facing the Giants previously. The script was written by both Alex and Stephen Kendrick, who also wrote Facing the Giants. This is a Christian film produced by Sherwood Pictures, but Samuel Goldwyn Films is releasing it. Fireproof arrives in theaters on September 26th this fall. The official poster for the film is featured below.

Fireproof Poster

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Are you taking the piss?

JC on Aug 22, 2008


I'm fucking speechless.

lee on Aug 22, 2008


Lol good till the religious bit

Abrohizam on Aug 22, 2008


Looks retarded.

Darunia on Aug 22, 2008


We do need more movies like this, i would rather watch a TDK or marvel movie but its a shame movies like this dont get that much attention. This country is full of bad marriages and divorces and that sort of thing. Movies like this inspire and motivate people but everyone wants to see dark villain based movies or at least movies that are the opposite of these flicks. Looks good though i would check it out.

big r on Aug 22, 2008


a little too dramatic for me but it looks good, but i most likely would let my mom or something watch it.

Darrin on Aug 22, 2008


You guys are kidding. Right? Please please tell me that you're are kidding. I can handle a chick flick movie done well, like Amelie. Heck, I can handle a religious movie, but this film looks pretty terrible. It looks like a made for tv movie for lifetime made with an Assemblies of God youth group in mind. This movie seems to me that the sole purpose is to capitalize on the religious community. I bet the message is great, but it seems to me that this should be something preached not filmed. Don't get me wrong there is a need for wholesome feelgood movies but I wish there was more originality and creativity. Sorry to be the guy that says things suck, but that's my opinion.

Steven on Aug 22, 2008


mid-afternoon mistake on hallmark channel at best.

JC on Aug 22, 2008


I'm sorry Alex, but this looks really really bad. Then the two rings for the O's really push it over the top. Are you sure this isn't going right to Lifetime?

Ryan on Aug 22, 2008


Kirk Cameron is one of the most hateful brainwashed human beings on the planet! His Way of the Master religious program on TBN is total child abuse for any kid who stumbled upon it. He is obsessed with HEll fire and damns everyone he comes in contact with. I would never support any film he appears in! He would make for a good villian in a Bill Maher movie! on Aug 22, 2008


Right, right... I know this looks like a lifetime movie and I know when I see it, it'll have Christianity pumped into it light a flat tire... BUT I was being honest and saying that I thought the trailer looked good! What can I say! I'm not going to lie for the sake of "going with the flow..." And normally I hate these movies, but this time... it got me! 😛

Alex Billington on Aug 22, 2008


Nothing wrong with a wholesome film with a positive message. But this does look like made-for-tv crap. And I'd just as soon lick Dick Cheney's hairy ballsack than help support Kirk Cameron.

kevjohn on Aug 22, 2008


...genuinely astounded at how uninterestingly cheesy that looks and badly acted... and unconvincing... wow I do like cheese but there's only so much you can take before the gag reflex kicks in

mikesta on Aug 22, 2008


Why do all of these movies look the same. I mean, I have been exposed to these "Christian films" all my life (I'm probably the oldest poster here, but hey, I love movie trailers) and all of them seem to have the same production qualites, the same dumbing-down quality of script. I have nothing against Christian-themed stories, but they all end up preaching to the choir because they have to be so overt in their messages and almost procedural in their cinematic styles. Anvils, anyone?

kitano0 on Aug 22, 2008


Umm, I'll be honest here, this looks painful. Not in the I-can-relate-to-the-characters type of way, but in the holy-shit-looks-like-an-episode-of-Walker type of way.

StabmasterArson on Aug 22, 2008


Fireproof, Never leave your partner behind... If they just would of left that cheesy line out of the trailer it might of been an ok trailer but that ruined it for me

CHICKImonkey on Aug 22, 2008


Where's Boner Stabone in this trailer??? MIIIKE!

Phil on Aug 22, 2008


i agree with alex usually i don't like Christian inspirational movies (and as a Christian, that's saying something) but this actually looks interesting

funnytunney on Aug 22, 2008


Dude....seriously now...Kirk " I don't believe in Evolution" Cameron is a shitty actor...Report something that warrants attention, not this PAX bullshit... Remember "Left Behind?" shitty..just shitty..

ERivas on Aug 22, 2008


Kirk Cameron loves his Jesus.

John on Aug 22, 2008


For an appropriate write up of this trailer, please to visit the following:

Alexorella on Aug 22, 2008


Alex First of all, thanks for not hat-tipping Slashfilm for this. I'm sure you saw it on Yahoo. Second... OMG, you cannot move to Los Angeles fast enough. I can't believe you are honestly endorsing a neo-Kirk Cameron movie. You need to be corrupted by a metropolis that treats all movies like profit margins and pretty faces like diapers. I look forward to a newly jaded Alex in 6 months. cheers, Hunter Stephenson

Hunter Stephenson/Slashfilm on Aug 22, 2008


You are my hero Hunter! I actually saw it a week ago but saved it to run sometime in the future... you guys just beat me to it and now I followed up. Anyway, yes, thanks for the note... And I hope to become an anti-Kirk Cameron within 6 months of time... Too bad you don't live out there (or do you?)! See you around Hunter!

Alex Billington on Aug 22, 2008


Hunter: hollywood treats pretty faces like diapers I hope you're not referring to rampant coprophilia.

RandyG on Aug 22, 2008


OMG, what a big Yawn! I fell a sleep watching this trailer!

Nick on Aug 22, 2008


Goddamnit, I hate Christian tripe. Is it so hard to suffuse a film with some religious themes without draining all of the quality out? Maybe it isn't, but only morons believe in God and as such, they lack any artistic talent.

Andrew on Aug 22, 2008


I think the Holy Spirit just molested me. Yep, total stroke job. I feel defiled after watching this.

King Spleen on Aug 22, 2008


Holy crap..

Richard on Aug 22, 2008


The trailer destroyed my interest of this movie when it reached, "Never leave your partner behind." Also, the poster is awful.

SillySil on Aug 22, 2008


I am almost positive this is a joke trailer. Right? Are you serious about this? That's Kirk Cameron! Solid?! Must I remind you of Kirk Cameron and the banana that proves god exists? OK, here you go: If real, this is the worst piece of crap I've ever seen and I might not come back to FirstShowing after this.

Chris on Aug 22, 2008


I thought that Kirk Cameron is a great actor he did great in all the left behind movies. I think this movie is great and I think that most of ya'lls atitude toward this movie is a little negative. SO what if it has a little bit of Christian values in it think about what our nation was build on and how negative it has become. It is a blessing that America is where it is because of the men that God used to establish our nation. Good movie keep it up.

Movie dude on Aug 22, 2008


Took some balls putting this up. It does look a bit cheesy, but could possibly be enjoyable. Surprised Alex didn't dismiss it just because of religious tones, pretty professional to say the least.

SmartGuy on Aug 23, 2008


I can't take Cameron-- oh wow, Chris (#31) already brought up the clip that I was going to mention. Anyway, I can't take Cameron serious after that.

Lauren on Aug 23, 2008


i was reading someone saying good pick... i could have lived the rest of my life without hearing about such a pointless fucking movie...

sam on Aug 23, 2008


Alex, I totally agree with everything you said. But the religion thing just killed it all. That was just cheesy how he's praying to god for info. Thats BS. Turned me off completely.

Alan Geiss on Aug 23, 2008


That's most hilarious thing I've ever seen! It's like a live-action greeting card! Those wacky, boring-ass christians.

Kevin on Aug 23, 2008


SERIOUSLY!!! this one can be filed under bad taste.... the trailer sucks... and whats worse there isnt much left to imagination you basically know the paint-by-numbers plot! thanks to the digital wonder called delete you can redeem yourself! get this trailer off its gotto be a joke to have liked this one! SERIOUSLY!!!

Viral on Aug 24, 2008


Right, um...I really don't mind relgious films, But this is extremely cheesey, and it seems like force feeding somebody. If you like relgious films go see it don't let anybody tell you different, for those who don't (And I'm of those people) why did we all bother clicking for the trailer?

Xerxex on Aug 24, 2008


with all the vulgar things in these comments who edits these comments looks like no one.

tony g on Aug 26, 2008


so much christian bashing with the comments that is one reason why out schools or full of hate and so much killing going on it is people like you is the reason we have so much hate in the world i will pray for you anyway

tony g on Aug 26, 2008


This looks like it will be a great inspirational movie, just like Facing the Giants was, but I'll reserve judgment until I actually see it. We need more movies like this in the market. And believe it or not, this movie wouldn't exist if there wasn't a market for it. Make fun of the Hallmark-like movies as well, but they wouldn't exist if there wasn't a market for it. Not every movie watcher wants to see the latest action-packed, special effects-laden blockbuster that comes out from Hollywood. I know of many people that will watch this movie and probably like. I might even like it. I liked Facing the Giants and I like inspirational movies, whether Christianity based or not, just as I like action, sci-fi, thriller, drama, and suspense movies. Alex, good for you for even reporting this. Don't give in to "the crowd" and always be yourself. Heck, it actually kind of balances the reporting done here, especially when the site covers porn comedies from Kevin Smith. But that's just me. Keep up the great work!

Chris @ on Aug 28, 2008


religion poisons everything...Fact!

lee on Aug 30, 2008


Kirk Cameron is such a fuck-knob... This preview made my skin wince. Ouch.

gary on Sep 3, 2008


I challenge everyone not to dismiss this movie out of hand, It's as though some are afraid faith in God will corrupt them. If you watch it and you still feel the same so be it, but divorce, death, job loss, illness and remind us as Christians to draw close to God to heal and restore us. The movies that describe how our faith carrys us through these problems are important to those who need God, It can change lives.....don't knock it for others who may crave hope, there are plenty of movies that preach Athiesism, violence, sex .....why not the other side of things?

chris on Sep 4, 2008


Because God is a fallacy. Religion is false. Can any logical being truly believe in such an absurd concept, especially one that breeds such cruelty and discrimination? If you believe, then you've fallen for it; fallen under control, just like religion was meant to do.

Andrew on Sep 5, 2008


My faith in God and my relationshipwith Christ is not about religion, its a personal custom fit plan for my life. and you are right about one thing Andrew I gave control of my life over to the Lord, the only one that knows all the right moves(even though I still make a lot of wrong ones when I stray) I just want you to know Andrew that God doesnt promote discrimination and hatred, only love and open arms to come to him when your tired of trying and failing doing it your way, He'll take you right where you are no questions asked. I felt just like you at one time, very logicaly minded and evidence oriented. God will show you He's real if you just ask, what have you got to lose? No preachers no religion. Just ask the Holy spirit to open your eyes so you can see....if nothing changes at least you can state your opinion having done all the research.....nice to have met you Andrew

chris on Sep 5, 2008


Glad you gave this a chance Alex. "Facing the Giants" made over $10 million in its theater run--DVD sales pushed it to around $15 mill. This upped the production budget for "Fireproof", which will be more widely-distributed. Like it or not, you God-haters, Sherwood Baptist Church and the Kendrick brothers are succeeding in their movie-making objectives. "Fireproof"'s box office will put a bunch of movies you wish would stay around more than a week or two to shame. And guess what? Though you need this film, it doesn't need you to succeed in the only area you care about--the box office receipts! Watch the numbers and weep!

Chuck on Sep 7, 2008


Thanks for those numbers, Chuck. I had no idea that Facing the Giants did so well for such a small film. If for nothing else, Fireproof will make a great "wife movie" for sure. 😉

Chris @ on Sep 7, 2008


Looking forward to this release. Refreshing to see a film that encourages me to work through struggles in my own marriage. Finally a film that hits home and reflects what's happening to couples behind closed doors.

Rachel on Sep 8, 2008


kirk is mega religious and this movie is just about spreading the word thats fine i guess i just don't want it from a movie, i will be watching bill maher act like a semi smart person sorry for being an ass

kirch on Sep 14, 2008


I have not watched the trailer/film yet, however the issuing 'ho-hum' has me intrigued. Hey jc, lee, darunia,kevjohn,erivas,andrew, king spleen, sam, alan, kevin & xerxex; since prayer never goes wasted, you are all on my list. Xerxex, perhaps u clicked because u are looking for something to fill the void that only a living God can fill. To all the religion bashers, scrap religion! Think RELATIONSHIP with the BEST FRIEND u will ever have, yes the guy with the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Lock the denial door- u all know who He is. Now that prayer has been said for ALL of u, there is a hook in ur mouth & it is only a matter of time that He reels u in. There are millions of us already in His straight & narrow pond, swimming upstream & lovin the challenges, till we get to the Celestial City! How kool is that - dudes ?

mag on Sep 14, 2008


Reply to mag: that was awesome 😀

Will S. on Sep 16, 2008


I am looking forward to watching the complete movie. Yes it maybe to clean for some of you and maybe even to slow. I for one am so thankful for people who are bold enough in serving their God to make such films as this and the other two. People can rant and rave all they want but we born again christians have as much right to speak out and to make movies as the next one.

Patty R. on Sep 22, 2008


A right to speak out? Your voices are the loudest in North America--even the president was "born again". Don't worry, you and yours have plenty of representation, even if the rest of us can't abide by your foolhardy, fantastic, impossible and bigoted beliefs. Religion has its place, that being suppressing the masses. The tragedy is that Christians (and many religious believers) choose to live rigid, unfulfilled lives. Of course, that lack of freedom is supposed to be entirely fulfilling, as dictated by the tome that they assume represents the desires and commands of a being of pure fiction. The beauty that we're supposed to find in god's glorious grasp is everywhere but there, and it's a damned shame. Centuries of systemic ignorance have squandered equality, sexuality, science; understanding and development altogether. Unfortunately, Christianity and the zealotry it teaches, is a sickness. When the disease is destroyed, we'll all be better for it and humanity can move on and aim higher. These movies are just reminders of how ignorant and blind humanity can be.

Andrew on Sep 22, 2008


You seriously think that a movie about a man doing everything that he can to save his marriage is an example "of how ignorant and blind humanity can be"? Wow. But you're entitled to your opinion.

Chris @ on Sep 22, 2008


There's more to it than that, certainly. Look at it this way: the church frowns upon divorce, however, some relationships simply cannot endure. But, when there's a system of belief that demands marriage before sex, there's an abundance of unhappy, incompatible couples living by these outmoded rules, lest they suffer the horrid torments of sin. Instead of making beneficial, intelligent choices and allowing relationships to end, the Christlove that has trussed these people together now forces them to suffer or should they split, live in shame. Thus, this film, which exists to foist god's fingers of hope into suffering couples' miserable marriages, represents Christian ignorance. There's nothing wrong with a film about saving a marriage. However, when the underlying message suggests that God's influence is what's needed to restructure a relationship, well, that's disingenuous and it's Christian propaganda. Beyond that, these Kirk Cameron films have all had unsightly production values, pitiful tv-grade photography and storytelling, and they're irritatingly pedantic. With the backing of a religion that siphons more ill-gotten money from the country than the government and big business, you'd think these church-backed films could scrounge up enough to make an attractive, competently staged production. Perhaps, even, an interesting script where we see the characters go to church, pray once and leave it at that? Instead, we get dialog that doubles as a sermon. Just like good Christians, they don't seem to get it.

Andrew on Sep 23, 2008


This is a movie that is targeted toward evangelical Christians. It's also going to be very sentimental. If that isn't your thing, that's cool ... no one is going to force you to watch this movie, just as no one is going to make me watch the new Bill Maher movie Religulous (sp?). Up until recently, there were no movies that were made and marketed to Christians, so why can't we enjoy one every once in a while without all the anti-Christian hatred?

Ryan on Sep 26, 2008


For every one Christian film released, there are 100's of others, most of which have a darker, depressing tone to them. What's wrong with a film with different morals than mainstream Hollywood? People can be so overly-critical. But Christians will always be despised, for some reason or another.

Echelon on Sep 29, 2008


The estimated opening weekend receipts for Fireproof--$6.5 million. That's within $600 per theater of Eagle Eye, which had 160-times Fireproof's budget. Alex, you have the eagle eye, picking up on the trailer as solid. Good for you.

Chuck on Sep 29, 2008


Actual figures now show Fireproof with $6.8 million, within $200 per theater of Eagle Eye.

Chuck on Sep 29, 2008


Chuck, Are you saying that's all that Eagle Eye made its opening weekend? Could you clarify? Thanks!

Chris @ on Sep 29, 2008


Eagle Eye opened on four times as many screens as Fireproof, so it grossed $29 million--4 times as much. I'm talking about the amount per screen, which was around $8,300 for Eagle Eye to $8,100 for Fireproof.

Chuck on Sep 29, 2008


I'm not anti-Christian. I'm anti-Crap. Chuck, if that is your real name, comparisons like that are about as useful as comparing how much McDonald's brings in on a Friday night per table compared to a fancy, exclusive restaurant makes per table. Beeter yet, it's like comparing Heather Locklear's mugshot to Wayne Brady's. Wait, that makes no sense.

kevjohn on Sep 29, 2008


Kevjohn, if that's your real name, tell Box Office Mojo and Box Office Guru about the uselessness of one of their key stats if you want to. I like your illustration, however. Let's see, Eagle Eye would be the McDonalds, having many more restaurants and tables, while Fireproof would be the fancy, exclusive restaurant. Based on the message and meaningful contribution each makes to life, you're right on, my friend. The two don't compare. That'll preach!

Chuck on Sep 29, 2008


This movie was excellent!! My husband and I along with some friends of ours walked out from the theater feeling renewed. It was good to walk out of a movie theater after having watched a good wholesome movie. May God bless the church that helped in producing this movie and I pray that marriages would be brought back together after watching an uplifting movie. All things are possible with God!!!

Shay on Sep 29, 2008


God can do anything! White Americans were picked to be enlightened, nevermind the other cultures! No more sex, ever! Kill all the gays! Enforce bigotry and ignorance! Let's run this planet into ruin, because one day, we're going to pass through those gilded gates. One day! Granted, we've been waiting on this promise for centuries, but that day just keeps getting closer! Golly, I know it! Take our money, God-infused crap! We'll give you anything just so we can live stifled, joyless lives! Everyday that I suppress a natural--but sinful--feeling, I feel renewed and cleansed by Christlight! All things are possible with God!!!!!!

Ghost on Sep 30, 2008


So yeah, I'll comment because I actually saw the movie. 1st of all, the acting is a solid "B". It is a "B" movie when compared to Hollywood because of the "quality" of actors and the budget of the film. I feel (after watching the movie) that Kirk performed near an "A-" level. There were real moments in the film that everyone who is or has been married can relate to. The conflict is real and there were even suspenseful moments! As far as I'm concerned this movie is well worth it! It does send a positive message - a message to hold on and remember the commitment you made to your spouse. Anything that is negative is actually realized by the people who are being negative and they want to change! Once you get past the acting, within about 15 minutes, you get pulled in and start enjoying a non-cuss filled, filth-less, anti-pornography, positive, uplifting movie!

J on Oct 1, 2008


Well - I'm a Christian, and to tell you all the truth, my 21 yr. old marriage has had a couple of rough spots - and my faith, and what the Bible teaches, has helped both of us a lot. My wife and I are going to see this film on our 22nd anniversary later this week. Two of our kids want to go with us (the other being in college) - and I think it'll be good for them. Christianity is all about God's love for us, but it can only help you if you accept what God is trying to tell us. Otherwise, you get no benefit from it. I can tell all of you above - my life has been a bazillion times happier and more fulfilling than it would have been if I hadn't chosen to follow Christ. I'm looking forward to the movie. James

James on Oct 1, 2008


Ghost, Who've you've been reading or listening to? Bring on the sex! The real thing though--not on the screen--and only with your spouse. That's God's plan, and--surprise!--it's STD and HIV-immune. Very good for the planet, also. And, since we're supposed to commenting on the movie, what's up with the race-card innuendo? Didn't you bother to see the movie you're pontificating on? You're correct when you say "All things are possible with God." Except for Him to allow an unrepentant person into His presence. You need Jesus to cover that, and God's made it possible and free. Then you can get in. Kinda like a movie pass.

Chuck on Oct 2, 2008


Some of you guys are pathetic with your brazen anti-Christian rhetoric. I'm sure that if a Christian came on here spouting off about some of the risque stuff that is so prevalent in movies today, you guys would be the first to call them narrow-minded, brainwashed, bigoted, you name it. You guys behave towards Christians just the same as did the Nazis towards Jews and did the KKK toward blacks. Now, the movie... I saw the movie the day after it opened. It was an awesome movie that told a lot about what real love is and how it is vital for the survival of a marriage. I highly, highly recommend it for anyone, whether you are in a relationship or not. You'll benefit from it greatly.

Darren on Oct 9, 2008


I must say I was in tears when I saw Facing the Gaints and flywheel and can't wait to see this movie. God start to change my life. I was molestored and God showed me that it does not matter what happened to you as person and I love every second of the movies and are getting it in November for me. God is so Godd and it show that time is at hand that God is coming soon as He already prepaired the wedding table and is comming to fetch His Bride

Daniel on Oct 14, 2008


Just saw the movie and thought it was great. A much needed film to see in all relationships. I find it interesting that everyone who had a negative comment did not see it. Plus-many sounded so bitter. Go see it, it might just change your outlook.

kathy on Oct 18, 2008


Whether the quality of this film is good or bad is not the question. The question is why can't films of all types be available? I'm hearing such wild protests over a movie that cannot hurt anyone. Why not any wild protests over the swill that comes out of Hollywood glorifying the degradation of women, child abuse, animal abuse, and just plain old person abuse. Women are special in God's eyes and Jesus spoke much on the subject of women--which was not popular in His time. Even though we live in the 21st century women are still discriminated against, yes, even by their own husbands. This film can only help open up the eyes of a male dominated population who were raised to believe that they are "special" and should be revered because of their maleness. The church must take some blame for this. It is only lately that the theories and philosophies as represented in this movie, have been expressed by main stream Christianity. The church, by and large, has created a population of "macho" men who don't know the first thing about what real men are about. Why all the fuss about this film, perhaps the "man" protests too much...

T on Nov 13, 2008


HELL, Everybody! HELL & the Christian message IS the movie! It asks three questions of YOU, the viewer. 1. Are YOU selfless enough to save a stranger from an Earthly HELL? Then, Good for you! YOU are compassionate! 2. Are YOU selfless enough to save your spouse and yourself from living a HELL? Then, Good for you! YOU are an excellent human being! 3. Are YOU truly selfless (demonstrated by the willingness to seek another's Eternal Good rather than your own Earthly reputation) desiring to prevent humans from going to THE literal, everlasting burning HELL? Then, Great for you! YOU are Christlike in your heart! John 3:16/Romans 10:9-10,13/Revelation 3:20

Jay O'Toole on Jan 27, 2009

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