Worth Watching - Aug 23: English Transporter 3 Teaser Trailer

August 23, 2008
Source: IGN

Transporter 3 Teaser Trailer

Lionsgate has just released the official US version of the Transporter 3 teaser trailer. It is nearly identical to the French version we saw way back in early June, but because it still kicks ass and because I thought some people might enjoying watch it all over again, I decided to still feature it today. As I mentioned with the poster, I pretty much have to call anything that Jason Statham is in "badass" because he truly is a badass actor. So with that being said, do be sure to check out this badass teaser trailer. I've never been this excited in the Transporter films, but for some odd reason I'm pretty damn excited to see Statham return again as delivery man Frank Martin. Even without Louis Leterrier driving this one, it still looks great.

Thanks to our friends at IGN for debuting this trailer for us to sit back and enjoy this wonderful weekend!

Watch the teaser trailer for Transporter 3:

[flv: 598 254]

Transporter 3 is directed by French filmmaker Olivier Megaton, of Exit, The Red Siren, and Angie previously, with a script penned by both Robert Mark Kamen and Luc Besson, the same two who also wrote the first and second Transporter. Lionsgate will be releasing Transporter 3 on November 26th later this year. How about this for an end to a trilogy? The poster for the film is featured below!

Transporter 3 Poster

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with you its always complicated. looks awesome.

Darrin on Aug 23, 2008


Well... now we have some kind of Crank meets Transporter movie.

FAT on Aug 23, 2008


Yes that looks awesome, eve if the bomb-on-hand device reeks of crank. It's going to be amazingly fun like number 2..

tuwhitt on Aug 23, 2008


Sickness! Can't wait till November

big r on Aug 23, 2008


For those who have watched Prison Break and Carinivale Robert Knepper is in the film. And if the rest of it sucks i'm curious how T-Bag can do in this sort of film!

Darren on Aug 23, 2008


I'm game, who's the girl?

Xerxex on Aug 23, 2008


@6, He was pretty decent in Hitman, although his accent was a little off at times. I suspect he'll do fine.

Jon on Aug 23, 2008


A time bomb is always a great plot mover. Although i rather liked the thought put into the first Transporter. Still i will enjoy this in theaters.

Buttons on Aug 23, 2008


It's a good think Louis Leterrier isn't on this one. Sure the first was good but that was because of the action director, and the second was trash which is Leterriers fault.

Jesse on Aug 23, 2008


@2- You beat me to it. There might be a little too much Statham-Film-Factory recycling going on here. Third in this franchise, plus the "Crank"-type gimmick and now even recycling a "Lock, Stock..." song for the trailer?

cracker on Aug 23, 2008


Looks good and has the same feel as the other films, even WITH another director. I guess this is infront of DEATH RACE???

Ryan on Aug 23, 2008


Remember when everyone was trying to decide if The Rock was gonna be the next big action star, or Vin Diesel? Remember that? Fuck everyone else. Any movie with Jason Statham is gonna kick your ass.

DCompose on Aug 23, 2008


@13, nothing against Statham but The Rock could have been the next big one if he was smart about it. he hopped around with action and comedy and I don't think it worked out for him. Vin Diesel just looks like a big Goombah from The Super Mario Bro's movie. That and I don't think anyone can ever forget the atrocity that was The Fast and the Furious. Still, I have to agree that anything Statham does rocks. Question, does anyone else think that He could be a James Bond? Just look at the poster and think about it. It's very Bond-esque.

that guy on Aug 24, 2008


Jason Statham kicking ass. It can never go wrong. Ill be watching this as soon as I can.

Shige on Aug 24, 2008


A real action movie. I fucking hate CGI action scenes, these ones doesnt look so heavy on the CGI. And Statham is never ridiculous, not sure why.

Mario Tenorio on Aug 24, 2008


The first was o.k., not great (I'd give it a 6/10). The second one absolutely sucked! (2/10). But I'll still see this as I'm a huge Statham fan. I'd like to see him do something lighthearted one day. Maybe just a regular non mob comedy.

Film Fan on Aug 24, 2008


I really would like to see Jason in the role of Captain America.

Zane on Aug 25, 2008


In response to #14, We already have a kick-ass, punch you in your sack Bond now. Although I would like to see Statham as another 00 mi-6 agent for Bond to interact with. James Bond isn't the only 00 mi-6 agent, he's just the best one. Back to the point, Transporter 3 is going to crank your yanks. I'm looking forward to it.

JL on Aug 25, 2008


Well I friggin called it about the watch having some significance! booya firstshowing!

Nick Sears on Aug 25, 2008


looks like it will be as entertaining as the first two as well as crank, all of which i really did enjoy! he has shaped himself up to be the new face of action movies but doing captain america as # 18 said, well that wouldn't work because he's NOT american and i haven't yet heard him silence his accent. he would do good as bond but daniel craig seems to have that role in a head lock as of right now

thejugfather on Aug 25, 2008


With a name like "Megaton", this had better be one hell of an action movie.

Squiggly_P on Aug 25, 2008


Poor Statham is always getting some deathly device attached to him somehow that makes him have to kick major ass.

mrsatan on Aug 25, 2008


Interesting that the music in this trailer was used in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels the film that introduced Jason Statham to us, Im sure this will be a kick ass film just like the rest.......

Chris Morgan on Aug 27, 2008


Still can't believe they didnt ask him for the Hitman movie, he's perfect

Abdel on Aug 31, 2008


Yes, big Transporter fan since the 1st one, saw the 2nd in the theatre, and will be there for this one...! Jason Statham kicks ass!!!

Rick on Sep 22, 2008


Jason is one "Bad Ass" beautiful man!!! This man is in a catagory all by himself. He is an incredible actor and his body is to die for. I fell for this man in T1 and fell even more in T2, I am so happy that T3 is finally coming out. I could watch Jason forever. He is second only to my first heart throb and his friend, Gerry Butler. These are two awsome actors. I love them both. And yes, I have seen Jason's other movies and I hate him as a bad guy!!!!! But I still love to watch him act. Joanie

Joanie on Oct 15, 2008

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