Worth Watching - Aug 25: International Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Che

August 25, 2008
Source: Rope of Silicon

Che Trailer

We've been very anxious to show this, but so far there hasn't been a very high quality version or a version in English. But considering there isn't much news today I thought I'd finally just run this trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Che epic just because it looks so damn good. I definitely think there will be people who can't get into this, but there will be others, like me, who will be anxiously awaiting the full film. I don't think it's in English, but it still looks great and I still think Steven Soderbergh has pulled off another success. I believe the film will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in September and we'll be on hand to check it out. For now, take a look at this international trailer and let us know what you think!

Watch the international trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Che:

[flv: 420 315]

Che is an epic made up of two individual films (The Argentine and Guerrilla) that chronicle the life of Che Guevara and is directed by Steven Soderbergh, of Traffic, The Good German, and the Ocean's Trilogy previously. The script was penned by Peter Buchman, of Jurassic Park III and Eragon previously, and is based on Guevara's memoirs. Focus Features is releasing Che and plans to have it in theaters seperately sometime in 2009. The newest poster for the film is featured below.

Che Poster

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Highschool spanish didn't pay off. I am eagerly awaiting these two films.

Keith on Aug 25, 2008


Dude, Spanish is my primary language but that Cuban dialect loses me too so you shouldn't be ashamed. The most memorable and clearly spoken line was, "A village that doesn't know how to read or write can be easily fooled."

HektikLyfe on Aug 25, 2008


Looks epic, I want to see this film so bad! Should post an English version so I can understand what they are saying.

Captain Kirk on Aug 25, 2008


Makes me want to learn spanish/cuban again.

Heckle0 on Aug 25, 2008


have no clue what they fast and furious trailer on ign.

Darrin on Aug 25, 2008


I hope it's not comparable to Jurassic Park 3 and Eragon, those movies were terrible!

Arp on Aug 25, 2008


Based off Che's memoires? I guess an accurate historical portrayal of him is out of the question. I'm betting these facts will be left out of the film- -He plotted terrorist attacks on NY -He was a homophobe who jailed men/boys for perceived homosexual mannerisms -He was a racist (hated black cubans specifically) -A murderer who ordered over 1800 executions Of course, coming from Hollywood, I would expect nothing less. And here is a quote from Stalin II (he signed early correspondence with that)- "If the nuclear missiles had remained we would have used them against the very heart of America, including New York City." Che Guevara. Hollywood/Soderbergh have their collective heads up their asses as usual.

Shane on Aug 25, 2008


The sound is pretty bad but I was able to make out most of the dialogue. "Our fight, is a fight to the death" "You have a boat?" "Yes" "Guerrillas?" "I've been able to carry 30 to Mexico. Do you think I'm crazy?" "A little." "A community that doesn't know how to read or write can be easily fooled." "Its a revolution not an insurrection." "We are going to secure the city one neighborhood at a time, one street at a time." "Send in a battalion" "The revolution starts now" "Let me tell you something and this might sound a little ridiculous. A true revolutionary is guided by love. Love of humanity, love of justice and truth." "Are you going to stay in Cuba after the revolution succeeds?" "My wife and child are in Mexico and I have to have ????" "You have this outsider complex, you're just as Cuban and just as revolutionary as the rest of us." "Long live a free Cuba" "????" (no idea what that woman is saying at the end)

Tom on Aug 25, 2008


+1 on shane's comment, this movie does look way too pro-che to be historically accurate.

Tom on Aug 25, 2008


With the exception of Benicio’s performance this looks like an Epic Fail.

Mario Tenorio on Aug 25, 2008


I don't think #7 is looking the big picture here. If you take a closer look to some movies done some time ago, you'll see that hollywood is giving a chance for us to check the other side of the coin. In "The Fall", we get to see Hitler's "human" side... in "Letters from Iwo Jima" we see Japan's view during the WWII... This film is nothing more than a chance for us to see the Revolutionary side of Che... of course he was a murderer, but every coin has 2 sides... Give the movie a chance, it's always a good experience when a movie get us to think about some of these aspects.

Paulo on Aug 25, 2008


Lol, I was loving it until it said that the guy who wrote it penned Jurassic Park 3 and Eragon. Come on Soderberg couldn't get anyone better than that? Both those movies are trash.

mrsatan on Aug 25, 2008


Don't get your hopes up guys... I saw this and it's counterpart 'Guerilla' at the Cannes Festival this year and as you could have read on many different sites already this movie wasn't received well by a majority opf the press (inclusing myself)... the snoaring German reporter next to me expressed the common reaction of the audience the best I think. For four and a half hours there was no real build up, and Soderbergh's experimenting with camerastyles and techniques that usually works so well in his movies really misses the mark here. After 4,5 hours I still didn't have a clue who Che Guevara was, well not anymore than what I knew of him before I saw the movie. Second part 'Guerilla' is not as bad since it's filmed with the RED camera which means lots of beautiful photography but it's still boring. Plus because he was so busy woththe camera he seemed to have foprgotten all about the screenplay, the dialogue and directing his cast in general. Del Toro still gives a good performance, but these 4,5 hours don't have an inch of the impact he makes as Fenster in the line up scene in The Usual Suspects. Good luck with watching it when it comes out, I'll wait to see Del Toro in Wolfman instead!

djoolz on Aug 26, 2008


Shane (#7) rocks. You are spot on!

tommyturner on Aug 26, 2008


Based on the comment from #13 i cant help to think about in Entourage when Billy Walsh finally get's to show off his project about Pablo Escobar. Massive fail. I still have hopes for this one though.

Markus on Aug 26, 2008


He looks a lot like Che Guevera - Drives a diesel van

Bushbaby387 on Aug 26, 2008


Finally!!!! and I love Benicio speaking spanish *_*

samy on Aug 26, 2008


#11 That would be an accurate comment - if we actually GOT both sides of the coin. The only side we see of Che is this romantic one (ala shirts worn by brain-dead hollywood types, and slightly informed college students). This whole "yes we know he was a very bad man" only comes out as a tactic to offset all the positive press he gets in Lib land. I'm still waiting on the Che movie that shows all these reprehensible actions in his life. Maybe then you can have a movie showing his "softer side"

Rob on Aug 26, 2008


I really hate how teens in general see Che as the greatest idol and symbol ever, it's so damn naive. And maybe that's the problem, no one sees i'm portraid as he really was and no one knows what he truly did. There's som much to that story than "Viva la revolucion". I really hoped this would be an eye-opener, but maybe some other time. btw, Shane to president of the world 😛

Ricardo on Aug 26, 2008


@ number 7.... 1. Why wouldnt Che bomb america? Why do you find that surprising ? 2. Where do you figure the movie would fit in his homophobia and racism?... Its a film depicting Che as a cuban guerrilla leader not a civilian (or it may be I havent seen the movie). On topic, I'm with everyone about the script writer being worrisome and I probably wont end up watching the movie myself. and Ricardo, you just don't like conformity. Its quite evident in your comment.

Bill on Aug 26, 2008


#20, I don't find it surprising that he would want to bomb America, I find it surprising that Hollwood would leave that out of the movie and then romanticize the man who wanted to do that. And the reason he had the ability to murder civilians and alleged homosexuals was because of the position he had as a guerilla leader. If he had a softer side and the filmmakers wanted to show that, fine. Show the other side of him (that will be left out of the movie) as well. All I am asking for is that Hollywood present the man as he really was. All this film will do is make the masses more ignorant about the reality of Che. It would be like making a film about Hitler and leaving out the Holocaust, if you do that, you are leaving out an aspect of the guys life that is really important. And I found the rest of his quote from my above post- If the missiles had remained we would have used them against the very heart of America including New York. We must never establish peaceful coexistence. In this struggle to the death between two systems we must gain the ultimate victory. We must walk the path of liberation even if it costs millions of atomic victims. -Che How does someone like Soderbergh make a movie about a guy who would say this and leave that aspect of him out of the movie? How does that quote cease to be relevent? What are these people thinking?

Shane on Aug 26, 2008


Tom, from post #8... you pretty much summed it up, let me just finish your translated sentences... 🙂 "Are you going to stay in Cuba after the revolution succeeds?" "My wife and child are in Mexico and I have to have ????" --actually Benicio says: "My wife and daughter are in Mexico and I must have them in mind." -- "????" (no idea what that woman is saying at the end) --the woman says: "You should see him. It looks like you've never seen a doctor before."-- I guess this scene refers to Che's asthma condition. Hope that helps to complete the picture.

Antonio on Aug 26, 2008


Shane You do not seem to have your facts straight about Che. You sound like a fascist fanatic so i am not wasting any more time on you. The movie looks great. Benicio del Toro is perfect as Che. I have been waiting for years for this movie. Tulie

tulie on Aug 26, 2008


Awesome, even better if it had subtitles b/c I didn't understand one damn thing! 🙂

Ryan on Aug 26, 2008


#21 I was thinking it as you wrote it. Thats EXACTLY what I ask for. Show A real human. No more No less. Show him for all he was if you want everyone to better underdstand him. I love The Way of the Gun the most. Top 5 favs of al time.

Ripper on Aug 26, 2008


@ Shane - have you seen the movies? You seem to be passing judgment on these films and yet it appears that you have not seen them. Furthermore, what you say may be true but it is not necessary to include EVERY damn aspect of Che's life in 4 hours. I am sure Che once wet his bed when he was a child, Hollywood better include that in the movies otherwise it ummm shows an inaccurate portrayal of Che. The movies deal with specific episodes of Che's life that may or may not have included the points you are discussing. Not EVERYTHING in his entire life MUST be included in these films and it absurd to think otherwise.

Dupa on Aug 26, 2008


to Bill... Maybe I am, maybe i'm not. Maybe what you see as "conformity" i see as a trend, as something like peer-pressure, as following others. For what i see, at least in my country, kids wear the t shirts, they know the name but...that's about it. And i'm sorry for those who don't really fit this idea of che followers and know the facts and still see him as an inspiration, you have that right, i'm not really judging you. Dupa...Have you seen what you wrote? So, imagine this, there's a man who plants flowers by day and kills innocent by night. You are a producer from hollywood and you say, "i want to make a movie about this man's life, lets make a movie about him planting flowers". Do you think that's right? Then the movie is just about a part of that man's life, one partially chose by the producers. And maybe that's what this is (and that's fine if they make that clear) Then again, we do not know if they include some of the other facts in there as well, so i don't really want to judge that.

Ricardo on Aug 27, 2008


I agree that this movie will do for Che what THE DOWNFALL did for Hitler. The guy will still be a bastard, but he was still human. I do hope that his memoirs are not the only material they had to write the script... Another thing, I'm dying to see the movie, but four hours is too much to endure -- I'll wait for the double feature in theaters. And I'm pretty sure that this is a no-brainer to show here in Venezuela -- the government idolizes Che like a God.

Juan Carlo on Aug 27, 2008


Maybe in the third installment they'll finally reveal why his other nickname was "El Carnicero de la Cabaña". Translation for Anglos suffering from perennial white guilt who have yet to learn Spanish and dream of wiping out Latin American poverty through collectivist idealism, "The butcher of La Cabaña". The man who never pardoned an execution, even for students and businessmen who had committed no crime other than questioning Che's worldview. Ah, Viva La Revolución.

Nachi on Aug 27, 2008


Does anyone here remembers George W. Bush government INVADING countries in the name of LIBERTY? Ha, he, ho, ha, ha.

Perro Triste on Aug 28, 2008


Can any of you starry eyed commie ideologues use any answer other than Bush-Cheney-big-oil-corporate-cronieism-Iraq-warmongering-babykillers when making up excuses for actual dictatorships? Try actually living in any one of those countries and posting up your imbecilic rants you god forsaken moron!!! You’ll have to excuse my anger, but I actually have relatives that have served DECADES of prison time in Castro’s Cuba for simply political reasons! And by trials without juries no less!! Yet fundamentally flawed jackasses like William Ayers, who manage to blow up their best friends with homemade bombs in an attempt to take down their OWN country’s institutions due to some misbegotten trust fund guilt trip still manage to become tenured professors in this country. No doubt in a few years he’ll be a Nobel laureate for saving some spotted owl from extinction in the name of global warming or some other pinheaded “feel good” cause. But I forgot, we have the Patriot Act to fear.

Nachi on Aug 28, 2008


Nachi, You may have a point about Che but get off your soapbox about liberalism. I know very good people on both ends of the political spectrum. You sound just as hate-filled as the people you criticize.

dezdigi on Aug 29, 2008


I’ll give you that about me sounding off like I’m on a soapbox. I unfortunately tend to get carried away and let the Che/Castro loving crowd get to me a bit much. The last thing I want to do is feed the stereotype that Cuban exiles are just bitter, fuming hotheads. Hopefully more people don’t have to go through what I’ve seen my family go through to understand my knee jerk reaction. But it’s not exactly liberalism I’m against. I actually consider myself a social liberal. I’m for pro choice, gay marriage, legalization of drugs, etc. I’m just extremely weary of Marxist & collectivist ideology as a cure all for the world’s problems. Particularly since they almost always, by their very definitions, lead to forcibly stripping people’s civil & property rights and individuality in the name of a common good decided by military elite. And that is no small threat. Anyhoo, thanks for giving me the chance to make my point, it’s been real, and so I’ll give it a rest.

Nachi on Aug 29, 2008


to all you che haters.... the movie is based on che's MEMOIRS, nothing more. if che were to write about his 'homophobia', 'racism', etc, etc., then rest assured it would be in the movie. for those of you who are riding the negativity train as it relates to such a great man as che, then maybe you should be the first to pen the screenplay outlining all of che's faults. until then, enjoy what is promising to be an epic movie. i've read che's memoirs and have been waiting excitedly for them to be made into a film. kudos, mr. soderbergh for taking on such a film that was sure to receive criticism by a majority of right-wingers and conservatives.

brendan on Aug 31, 2008


"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality... We must strive every day so that this love of living humanity will be transformed into actual deeds, into acts that serve as examples, as a moving force." --- Che Guevara Hasta la Victoria Siempre !

Che = Hero on Oct 12, 2008


I just saw the Movie last night and although Soderbergh claims he has no opinion on CHE.. it is obvious that he's inaccuracies about CHE tell his true intention and clear epathy for CHE. Steven was at the ZIegfield Theater last night and let the public know how involved and unbiased he tried to be while portraying CHE. When in fact leaving KEY facts out to add the CHE's legacy.. the public especially here in NYC ate up his story and sat through the four hour misery movie. To Begin Che is portraye as a caring individual... vanilla angel... in his comments he tells that everyone who he met that worked with CHE agreed he was difficult and not a very nice person. You don't see CHE kill anyone .. nor do you see the revoluntionary side shoot until they are shot at and only in Bolivia. You do however see them being attacked and innocent people dying beaucse of everyone but them. I'm sorry you don't lead a revolucionary mvoement without killing people.. and contrarty to the fairytale that CHE held out on killing people to hold a trial.. by leaving this out you miss the true essence of who he really was.. there are hundreds of documented murders directly inflicted by the SIerra Maestra alone.. and Mr. Soderbergh... to leave out the Cabana Prision which CHE ran and was notorious for MURDERING innocent people..not just ex batista police but people who he just see fit for Cuban society... is adding to the cuase that you DID not accuratly portray facts either dilerberabtly of perhaps due to lack of interest... or I guess Cuban life really doesn't matter to you. You are just like CHE a foreigners with no respect for the life of Cubans.. I mean you certinly had enouh time to throw it in there.. the ficking movie was 4 hours long!! Shame on Steve Soderbergh.. for not portrayign CHE as he was an instead adding to the fairytale of the legacy... Idiot non cubans in NYC loved it......... 50 after the the tryumph of the revolution.. and we have to see this shithead glorified.. your money could have been better spent feeding the Cuban people and not feeing the already misinformed public.. BAD information..

Manny on Dec 13, 2008


This film is entertaining but not historically accurate. Che was a racist killer but hollywood will glorify anyone who is associated with the left.

Jon on Apr 12, 2010

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