Worth Watching - Aug 14: Badass Bangkok Dangerous TV Spot

August 14, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous TV Spot

It's Thursday morning and you need your daily dose of action goodness. I've seen a couple of TV spots for Bangkok Dangerous, this being one of them, that actually make the movie look pretty damn good. So I wanted to feature one of them today because until I see it and change my mind, I'm actually looking forward to Bangkok Dangerous quite a bit. It definitely looks better than Punisher: War Zone and after Comic-Con, it even looks better than Max Payne. Nic Cage may be the only wild card right now, but even as cheesy as the voice over in this is, it still looks pretty stylistically unique and action packed; and I really enjoy those kind of movies. I really hope I'm not the only one looking forward to seeing it!

Watch the TV spot for Bangkok Dangerous:

[flv:http://bitcast-a.bitgravity.com/firstshowing/bangkok-dangerous-tvspot.flv http://bitcast-a.bitgravity.com/firstshowing/bangkok-dangerous-tvspot.jpg 480 320]

Bangkok Dangerous is directed by Chinese brothers Danny and Oxide Pang of The Eye, The Eye 2, and The Messengers. The film is an American remake of the Pang Brothers 1999 film of the same name with a script written by Jason Richman (Bad Company). Bangkok Dangerous will hit theaters on September 5th.

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KickinĀ“ it Old School? neat.

Mario Tenorio on Aug 14, 2008


Is it me or should someone under the age of 55 of been cast? Nick is a great actor but not this type. It just seems pushed. Its just like Indiana Jones, Harrison is way to old to do some of the stuff he did. Makes it look more fake than it should. Rental material if you ask me. If that.

Movie Reviews on Aug 14, 2008


Brainless Entertainment TM

Fish in Jar on Aug 14, 2008


I HATE HIS FREAKIN HAIR!!!! How can everyone in Hollywood just ignore that piece of turd on his head? Am i going mad?!

Saif on Aug 14, 2008


Tom Hanks hair from DaVinci Code must have become sentient, run away and taken root on Nic Cage's head. Fear the symbiote mullet.

Peter on Aug 14, 2008


Bullet shot reminded me of Wanted, except less cool and less pretty.

Kelley on Aug 14, 2008


Seriously... what is everyone beef with Nic Cage... what has he done recently that is SOOOOO Bad.... "Ghost Rider" sucked and the "Next" was bad too... but the guy isn't all that bad...

r1000 on Aug 14, 2008


This still looks terrible.

Tom on Aug 14, 2008


Im always down for hit man movies. I just watched the Pang Brothers version last night and it cant be worse than that one. Ill see it for sure.

Unseen on Aug 14, 2008


Nic Cage is back in a rated R action film. This is where he truely belongs. I will see this

Darrin on Aug 14, 2008


I'm looking forward to this flick too. The bullet scene looks darker, grittier, and much more bad ass than the one in "Wanted"! This flick's action seems completely inspired by John Woo's flicks! I'm there!

Spider on Aug 14, 2008


It won't be better than the Thai original. You can count on that.

steve on Aug 14, 2008


I can't believe anyone thinks this looks good. I love action flicks, if well done, but this brainless and silly. The stupid bullet CGI??? Come one, people, how many times will we see crap like this before we get sick of it. Tell a good story, shoot it straight up (no fake bullet flying and no "seeing inside the body" pumping heart CGI). This looks ridiculous and Cage hasn't made a good film in so long, I don't understand why he keeps taking these types of roles. He was, at one point, one of our most promising actors.

meNotYou on Aug 14, 2008


Boring. It feels so cliched, just shooting a seemingly invincible assassin. I am not against that, but I want story. I want character development. At least tease me with that stuff during the trailers. Don't just glue action scene together. If I could comment deeper for a moment, the problem with movies like this is that they make the main character seem invincible, which just isn't that exciting. I know Nicholas Cage is going to win the shoot out because he is some invincible assassin. Look at Dark Knight and Iron Man or even Pineapple Express and you meet people that don't know if they are going to live, every adventure could be their last so you feel fear with them and feel for them.

Nathan on Aug 14, 2008


im liking the look of this, atleast its rated r and made for adults, enough of the pussifacation of hollywood, bring it on hope it delivers.

original-6ix on Aug 14, 2008


Hair, awful. movie, looks awful.

dave13 on Aug 14, 2008


Looks good for a September release.

Ryan on Aug 14, 2008


With out a doubt.............the WORST ACTOR IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who bloody cares, this hack HAS RUNIED SO MANY POTENTIAL good films. Just because you have a kick ass Uncle, does not mean you can act.

D-9 on Aug 15, 2008


I am with you Ryan #17 - not looking like a great movie... but pretty good for a September release.

Dusty on Aug 15, 2008

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