Worth Watching - Dec 11: Natasha Arthy's Fighter Trailer

December 11, 2008
Source: Twitch

Natasha Arthy's Fighter Trailer

Let's kick off this wonderful day with a trailer for a Danish kung fu film called Fighter. This trailer starts out pretty bad, but quickly turns into a full-fledged martial arts extravaganza that should leave every kung fu fan impressed. I'm sold purely based on this footage alone. In the film, a high school student named Aicha, played by actress Semra Turan, secretly starts training at a professional kung fu club. Eventually she discovers that the the rules of life are not as simple as the rules of kung fu. Thanks to Twitch (via SlashFilm) for debuting this trailer, otherwise I probably wouldn't have ever known about it. Look good?

Watch the trailer for Natasha Arthy's Fighter:

[flv: 480 270]

Fighter is both written and directed by Danish filmmaker Natasha Arthy, of films like Miracle and Old, New, Borrowed and Blue previously. The script was co-written by Arthy and fellow Danish screenwriters Nikolaj Arcel (Seducer's Fall, Island of Lost Souls) and Rasmus Heisterberg (Skymaster, Island of Lost Souls). This first premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this year and also showed at Fantastic Fest. IFC Films is distributing Fighter in the US, although there's no word yet on when we'll see it.

Fighter Poster

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not sold on the movie. but i like how the poster, for a film from a Danish director, gives a nod to the East in its type.

dave13 on Dec 11, 2008


Nothing Good can come from the stunt team from crouching tiger hidden dragon, that movie was AWFUL!

raul on Dec 11, 2008


Not bad from a Danish director. I would like to give it a shot if i was at the mall and bored. The last fall looked like it hurt.

Guy on Dec 11, 2008


Looks ok, but too much wirework... I'd prefer to see something like Undisputed 2, Ong Bak or Kiss Of The Dragon - real people doing real (choreographed) fights, no wires.

Mike Kingscott on Dec 11, 2008



Matt Suhu on Dec 11, 2008


i rather never back down. that movie was decent. nice try danish director.

darrin on Dec 11, 2008



Nick Sears on Dec 11, 2008


oooh my god, the ending part when she fell on her neck!!

Susana on Dec 11, 2008


Enough with these lame in-a-cold-and-cruel-city-only-thing-you-can-do-for-survival-is-fight -movies.

saatanaperkele on Dec 11, 2008


#8 Maybe it's because know gives a shit about that WHACK FUCKING MOVIE!!! They raped my childhood just telling us about it and then the cast. I wont even Netflix or get it at the library!!!

REAL6 on Dec 11, 2008


Too bad this wasn't the trailer for Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. Looks amazing.

FIRE-LORD on Dec 11, 2008


What are you sold on? Nothing happened in this trailer we haven't seen before in ten other movies. You wanna see a martial arts film with a woman who kicks ass - check out the director of Ong-Bak's follow-up CHOCOLATE. Granted it's muay thai, but find the trailer on youtube. Now THAT's a trailer that gets me amped.

Fuelbot on Dec 11, 2008


hmm.. interesting... I like some of the sequences... and the parkour... but obviously this is just eye-candy martial arts... and the bad thing is ------- that means I am there.. haha

Dusty on Dec 11, 2008


Too much dialogue.

kevjohn on Dec 11, 2008


I'm not much of a fan of martial arts anymore, because I don't really see much of it being practical in a real fight except for judo, jujitsu, mma, or muay thai. But if you want to see some really spectacular raw athleticism, WATCH DISTRICT B-13.

JL on Dec 11, 2008


I'm a kung fu fan and I'm not all that impressed. Fail.

Colin on Dec 11, 2008


B type movie, i guess?

edi on Dec 11, 2008


definitely too much wire-work, agree with a lot of the previous posters. that stuff never leaves you as satisfied as real action... especially in this type of gritty movie. it just doesn't work.

jon on Dec 11, 2008



Florian on Dec 11, 2008


Looks pretty sweet. I'm down. I'd say it's worth a watch. Stop bitching about the wire work.

Kate on Dec 11, 2008


too many slow motion

sun on Dec 11, 2008


I liked the cross procesed looking bits, just the colours and the camera movements. All the kungfu looked stupid, chuck a bit of parkour in too while your at it. Somebody already mentioned it, but District B13 is a better looking version of what this seems to want to do.

Crapola on Dec 11, 2008


I watched this movie's pretty much a Danish version of Karate Kid meets Million Dollar Baby...this is drama not a straight up Kung Fu flick...which makes this misleading since a lot of the fighting scenes are dream sequences

Christopher Marc on Dec 11, 2008


it will leak to download soon if it comes out on dvd in any country on Feb 2nd like the trailer says. I might give a watch.

bret on Dec 11, 2008


Sorry, but this doesn't look interesting at -all-. Just a glimpse at the teaser's fight scenes, and it's really mediocre stuff. This is one of the first time's I've been let down by a "Worth Watching" trailer.

Case on Dec 11, 2008


I hate movies where people fly through the air, if its not in the matrix its stupid. Anyway if there isnt too much of that bs then maybe it will be interesting or something.

Richard on Dec 11, 2008


This will be bad.. trust me on this. Danish people should stick to making drama and comedy.. Action martial arts stuff is better left to someone capable. I have yet to see a good danish action movie.. Alex Billington, thanks for a great site, visit here every day. Lars Madsen, Denmark

Lars Madsen on Dec 12, 2008



Jazz on Dec 12, 2008


Looks like it'll be a boring movie to tell the truth. But I'm #1, this is a pretty good poster.

Conrad on Dec 12, 2008



Syphous on Dec 13, 2008


i like the end scene...DIDN;T SEE THAT COMING

ill will on Dec 20, 2008


Its good... After d climax it gets realistic n specially I likd d last scene.

Pratik on Mar 26, 2009


I saw the film today at a film festival. It's a reasonably well done drama with kung fu. It is NOT a typical kung fu film, and as such, it's deeper and more enjoyable than most typical kung fu films. If you are a kung fu film fan, you probably won't like this. And you probably won't be seeing it because it's never coming to the mall cineplex.

Jim on Apr 24, 2009


I happened across this movie while watching The Sundance Channel and I was totally drawn into it, subtitles and all (I couldn't figure out what language they were speaking), because it dealt with issues of a seemingly middle eastern family in a city that appeared to be Danish. The subplot left me wanting to learn more about this strange misplaced cultural attitude. The martial arts scenes were very good as well with only smatterings of fantasy, and very good acting by all!

BC on Sep 11, 2010


I think you guys get the movie wrong. It is not a movie about professional fighters doing Kung Fu. It is a movie about amateurs learning Kung Fu, and it is a drama not a martial arts movie as such. Stop bitching about Denmark. Denmark makes great funny action movies. Hollywoods makes over-stylised, predictable template action junk.

A.G. on Jul 19, 2011


good movie- hormone kicking teen-angers in a repressed society. No to different in any society 

Bob on May 24, 2012

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