Worth Watching - Dec 23: Pierre Morel's From Paris with Love Trailer

December 23, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

From Paris with Love Trailer

From Pierre Morel, director of District B13 and the upcoming Taken, comes his next feature film, titled From Paris with Love. John Travolta stars as an American spy who hooks up with a young embassy employee in Paris. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Travolta's new partner and hottie Amber Rose Revah stars as the love interest. From Paris with Love is yet another project produced and co-written by Luc Besson, just like the Transporter trilogy, District B13 and Taken. This is a rough trailer from French television, so bear with us, as it at least gives us an idea of what to expect, including Travolta's careless attitude.

Watch the trailer for Pierre Morel's From Paris with Love:

[flv: 480 360]

From Paris with Love is directed by French filmmaker Pierre Morel, an ex-director of photography and cameraman who went on to direct both District B13 and Taken. The screenplay was co-written by Luc Besson (Fifth Element, Angel-A, Taken) and Adi Hasak (Shadow Conspiracy). Apparently From Paris with Love is just recently finished filming in France. It doesn't have a US distributor yet or any immediate release plans, so stay tuned for more information. Hopefully this will show up somewhere soon!

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looks bad and boring!

Perturabo on Dec 23, 2008


I will watch it.

Red Buttons on Dec 23, 2008


I bet thats the 1st time a Volvo has been shot by a rocket in a film (bad cg or not)

scotty on Dec 23, 2008


Looks really terrible... it might be the bad quality or the terrible voice over... but I dunno I will wait to see an actual american trailer before I jump to conclusions.

CSpuppydog on Dec 23, 2008


I'll watch it, not because it looks good, but because Taken was amazing. Lets see if the duo of Morel and Besson can make magic again!

Keith on Dec 23, 2008


Seen B13 and Taken. Both Excellent movies. This trailer didn't do much for me but it's only a teaser so i'll wait for the full length. By the way, if Taken ever comes out in America I highly suggest seeing it. I also heard Morel is working on a District B14.

jevonsj on Dec 23, 2008


Why is Travolta still working? Ever since Pulp Fiction it's been straight downhill.

Syphous on Dec 23, 2008


i think the buddy genre in which one is straight laced and serious and the other is a wreckless, "streetwise" agent is getting old. but the action looks promising. if story is good this could be ok.

dan on Dec 23, 2008



Jeremy on Dec 23, 2008


I think this movie would do better as an SNL skit

Nick Sears on Dec 23, 2008


Are you kidding? This looks like a parody of every lame buddy-cop action movie since Lethal Weapon. Any time Travolta puts on make-up to look less like himself, you know he's hiding from an awful script. He has tells like a first time poker player. This movie is going to tank.

Tom Brazelton on Dec 23, 2008


Yea I gotta admit, I love Besson's work, but this doesn't look very good at all...terrible CGI and formalistic sarcasm before anything climactic.

Peloquin on Dec 23, 2008


It's Triple X! What the fuck

Darunia on Dec 23, 2008


need a better trailer.

xerxerxex on Dec 23, 2008


John Travolta needs to stop trying to play cool actors and do something he hasn't done yet; play a character that matches his age.

Fuelbot on Dec 23, 2008


WTF... SHMACK... I think I just got hit in the face with a bunch of craptastic footage and stupid dialogue

Dusty on Dec 23, 2008


i'm down with the old school, buddy cop movies. its been a while. i am not counting rush hour 3 as a buddy cop film

darrin on Dec 23, 2008


So Travolta is doing a corny imitation of Denzel Washington from training day and a great young actor Rhys Meyers is reduced to a useless sidekick with all the typical sidekick dialogue. And this is worth watching...why?

FRANK on Dec 23, 2008


I looked at the picture and said to myself, "Now that's one wierd looking familiar face." And then I had to begin reading the article to find out it was John Travolta. That dude has one strange set of features. Anyway, this trailer makes the movie look like a pile of dog crap, but I liked District B13 and the trailer for Taken, so, who knows.

JL on Dec 23, 2008


stupid as fuck and travolta looks ridiculous as a baldy his voice doesnt match it

Eric on Dec 24, 2008


Welcome to Fucking Paris Baby!!!

VillaFan on Dec 24, 2008


looks great I love john travolta and its been a while that hes done a real movie and not some dumb lame shit. a better trailer would be nice.

tyler w on Dec 25, 2008


looks good but that trailer was total shit. Need to see more footage and not a bad edited clusterfuck

Cody on Dec 26, 2008


um i don't (throws up... burgh blah ugh) wipes mouth* um i don't think ill be seeing this one.... :((((

neonblue on Dec 28, 2008


....And young Jett put and end to his suffering and shame of daddy's crap movies by ending it all....

Sam on Jan 7, 2009

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