Worth Watching - Feb 11: Street Kings Trailer

February 11, 2008
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Street Kings Trailer

The recently renamed Street Kings finally has a trailer and I'm quite fond of the concept they use in it, setting it to some harsh music. Street Kings is directed by the same guy who brought us Harsh Times a few years ago, a movie that I personally hated. I hope it's not as bad as that movie, but maybe Keanu Reeves and a different script will help. The energy is high and the excitement is bursting from this trailer, but that doesn't mean it will be a big hit nor will it be a good movie, and I fear for the worst. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Watch the trailer for Street Kings:

[flv:street-kings.flv 500 212]

You can also watch the Street Kings trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) is a veteran LAPD cop who finds life difficult to navigate after the death of his wife. When evidence implicates him in the execution of a fellow officer, he is forced to go up against the cop culture he's been a part of his entire career, ultimately leading him to question the loyalties of everyone around him.

Street Kings is directed by David Ayer, who directed 2006's Harsh Times and wrote The Fast and the Furious, Training Day, and S.W.A.T. The script was written by James Ellroy, Kurt Wimmer and Jamie Moss. Street Kings arrives in limited theater starting on April 11th.

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Considering its being directed by David Ayer, I don't see this becoming extremely good nor bad. The three movies you listed are solid, with Training Day being terrific, so I this being 'okay' at worst. It will most likely be on the same level as SWAT, a 2 1/2 star movie.

Keith on Feb 11, 2008


Looks good and being a Fox Searchlight film makes it even better 🙂

Ryan on Feb 11, 2008


Looks good to me, since it has House in it.

Stephen on Feb 11, 2008


Looks like a good movie, well from the trailer anyways. Has a great cast, seems like it has a nice story. Im gonna keep my eye of this one, i liked S.W.A.T...

Curtis on Feb 11, 2008


Seems like a nice action-pumped movie....prolly a nice soundtrack too..finally reeves in an action role, and maybe a half decent one...

sixth on Feb 11, 2008


Awesome for Keanu Reeves to come back to the action genre, a la "Speed". The trailer looks solid enough. Let's hope David Ayer impresses. "Harsh Times" was ok--to say the least, because of Christian Bale's performance.

Spider on Feb 11, 2008


Looks good to me...Forest Whitaker as a cop? Yes please. Take me back to the good days of the Shield

Billy on Feb 11, 2008


keanu reeves needs to stop acting.

conor on Feb 11, 2008


yeah reeves back in action roles, amen to that. saw him in the thumbsucker, yuck!

diesel on Feb 12, 2008


Looks like a bad Steven Segal movie without Steven Segal.......

Unlived on Feb 12, 2008


this looks good

Darrin on Feb 12, 2008


This movie looks pretty good. Hopefully its more like Training Day and less like Waiste thats kinda amazing that The Game would actually do a movie with Common...he hates on that dude.

pFox on Feb 12, 2008


Oh, I am so gonna see this movie. Sorry, Keanu is HOT. And that look on his face when he is pushing the fridge with the gun in his hand...? I'm drooling. From the girl perspective, this movie looks like a slam dunk.

Movie Lover on Feb 12, 2008


hash times was a killer flick. Keanu in no Bale , he may F**k this one up

john on Feb 12, 2008


damn right john, harsh times was a great trip into a crazy individual, I liked it alot, and I cant agree more, Keanu is no Bale, hopefully this will turn out pretty good in the end, which isn't usually the case with movies involving rappers (... are those rappers?) in it lol.

Richard on Feb 13, 2008


The trailer looks great! keanu in anything is good, but with this cast of characters, and the gritty action, I am keeping my eye on this one. Keanu and this music, it fits! Forrest Whitaker, and House" too! Looks like fun times.

prudence on Feb 13, 2008


"Looks like a bad Steven Segal movie without Steven Segal……." Saying a Steven Segal movie is bad is pretty much the definition of redundancy. Anyway, I liked Harsh Times, I like action movies, and Keanu really doesn't bug me as much as some of you, so I 'll probably see this. Plus it's got Chris Evans, who I thought turned in a brilliant performance in Sunshine. As for the music being harsh...meh. (Or maybe I've listened to to much NIN.)

jason_md2020 on Feb 15, 2008



milia on Feb 15, 2008


Ima see it.Reeves finally doin somtin good after those Matrix 2 n 3 craps.The Game and Common?i wonder if they was on set at the same time.Game hates on every1.

Cyfer1 on Feb 15, 2008


what song is that in the beging???

skolla on Feb 16, 2008


Can't wait to watch this movie. I am a new Keanu Reeves fan...Thanks to his fans that told me to watch some of his movies. I started in November of last year. Okay I think he is Hot! but more than that. He seems like a great guy to hang out with as well. Sorry to hear of all the tragic things that happened to him. Losing his first born, the mother of his child, his best friend River Pheonix and growing up without his father and having his sister/best friend having to battle cancer. I am surprised that he was able to continue to make all the movies he has. I was so impressed with his performances in Devil's Advocate, Constantine, Matrix, Hardball, Walk in the Clouds and Sweet November and many more I have yet to watch in full yet. I would love to see him in a film on the big screen this time. I hope he can do well. I love the cast of this film but am not sure I can tell how it will fair by the trailer. I do not see much chemistry with Keanu's character love interest in the trailer. Hope it will be better in the film. Aitana and Charlize were great with him. Forrest Whitaker is alway good to watch and Hugh Laurie has great timing. Chris Evans is great to look at for the younger crowd for sure. And I think men in uniform are always great to look at. I do not know much about "The Game or Common but I read here that they are not "friends" by far. I also read today that "the Game" is in trouble with the law now. Keanu has one more movie out in December of this year and two more in the works. So Good luck Keanu with those.

parrishgrady on Feb 21, 2008


Here's a better and much longer trailer on the International Street Kings Official website. Check it out!

Carman on Feb 23, 2008


Hmmmm... I have seen something like that before, or I should say PLAYED, its very similar to a game called "MAX PAYNE" if you ever heard of it, almost same story: 1- Detective lose his wife 2- Accused of killing a police officer 3- and he is alone against all bad guys (as all movies) Maybe I am wrong, but either way the movie seems good

Me on Feb 29, 2008


The song at the beginning of the trailer is... Put You On Game by Lupe Fiasco

bman on Mar 31, 2008


Looks Pretty awsome, Cant wait. EXXXXCELLLLLENNNNTTTT!!

bb on Apr 7, 2008

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