Worth Watching - July 19: Matthew McConaughey's Surfer Dude Trailer

July 19, 2008
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Surfer Dude Trailer

Finally, "shirtless" Matthew McConaughey in a role that he was born to play! Surfer Dude is a laid back comedy about a surfer named Steve Addington who returns to his home in Malibu to find that virtual reality surfing is the new "in" thing when there are no waves. Don't think too much about that story, because I think the best way to enjoy this movie would be laid back and stoned out of your mind (note: we don't necessarily condone smoking of any type). Both Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson also have roles in this as well. To be honest, I think this looks mildly entertaining, which is all I would really be looking for in a movie about a surfer anyway. Give it a shot and check it out for yourself.

Watch the trailer for Surfer Dude:

[flv: 480 360]

You can find more info on this comedy at the official website:

Surfer Dude is co-written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker S.R. Bindler. The script was written by both Bindler and Cory Van Dyke (Patriot Son). Anchor Bay will be releasing Surfer Dude in theaters sometime in September of 2008. Does it look good enough to see you in theaters?

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Reign of fire.....officially the last good role ever (if not the only one) played by Matthew McConaughey.... ok, maybe the beans n' farts short on SNL was kinda funny too, in a gotta-be-stoned-outta-my-mind-to-laugh-at-this kinda way...

israelidude on Jul 19, 2008


Really, not entertaining at all. Surprised it is R though.

Ryan on Jul 19, 2008


Just a reason for McConaughey to take of his shirt, this is such a stupid movie.

Shawn on Jul 19, 2008


how was this put up here?

TJ on Jul 19, 2008


C'mon guys. Stop being so damn serious about movies! The Dark Knight is finally out and the summer is almost over, now we can just kick back and laugh and just be entertained. It's just McConaughey playing McConaughey.........................Chill Dude.

Dave V. on Jul 19, 2008


another pass ....

Conrad on Jul 19, 2008


I'll pass. If there was a newcomer in McConaughey's role it might be interesting and actually turn into a cult-hit of sorts. otherwise, no.

Keith on Jul 19, 2008


reign of fire was a GOOD role? seriously? i think there is some serious doubt to the legitimacy of that statement. even christian bale's role in that was.....ok at best. that movie sucked huge balls

Josh on Jul 19, 2008


WTF is this bullshit?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

REAL6 on Jul 19, 2008


There should be question mark behind the 'Worth Watching' in the title 'cos the answer is a definite NO.

Chris on Jul 19, 2008


yeah, what #9 said...really, WTF??? its a joke, right??? they didnt really spend actual $$$money$$$ on some ridiculous sh*t like this??? ok, ok, ok...I get it...this is for the next April Fools Day, right????

moldybread on Jul 19, 2008


This is only gonna be funny to people like me relaxing chilling potheads trust me its a cult film if ya dont smoke weed, skate or surf just ignore it

cody on Jul 19, 2008


Why do you guys dismiss movie so damn quickly it could freaking hilarious and you have no clue, It is R so you know the comedy in the trailer isn't whats in the movie. if I based how funny movie were gonna be off of trailers then superbad woulda sucked.

cody on Jul 19, 2008


Just plain shit. I'd rather watch a sequel to Sahara.

Mrbobbyboy on Jul 20, 2008


First half of the trailer wasn't grabbing me, but halfway through I kinda warmed up to it. Almost reminds me of Zoolander, of all things. Who knows if it will be any good, it's hard to tell from trailers like this.

tuwhitt on Jul 20, 2008


It's R because McConaughey is going to parade around naked, playing his bongo drums and smoking weed (but in a movie).

avoidz on Jul 20, 2008


On top of what may be a good/decent movie is a soundtrack by my man, Xavier Rudd!

Randy on Jul 20, 2008


the puking at the end, yeah, that's what I thought.

l.21 on Jul 21, 2008


This movie looks funny as hell. People really need to lay off the guy. He's a dumb, good looking guy for sure, but the trailer seems to take hold of how he's percieved in the public eye anyway. Why not make fun of yourself a bit? Ha.

christophe187 on Jul 21, 2008


oooo, bad timing. Releasing a goofy "stoner" comedy around the same The Pineapple Express is coming out. lol New landmark: using "assclown" in a green band trailer. Cool!

kevjohn on Jul 22, 2008


It's gonna be a fun ride, SURFER, DUDE, I know it - you can tell from the trailer!! Say, does anybody know the cool, fun, pop-rock song that ends with the trailer? Goes somethin' like, "Hop he's always waitin' for the perfect wave...", "na la la la la yeeeeaaaah, na la la la lala yeeeeah, na la la la lala yeeeeah...", "Bokomole dancin' on a boogie wall..."

Gus on Oct 9, 2008


SURFER, DUDE is gonna be the cat's pajamas, man, it's gonna be, like, the bees knees!!!! Seriously though, if anybody knows the aforementioned song (look at previous comment), please send me an e-mail, 'cause I've looking for it forever!!!!!!!!! Keep the stoke, you know!!...

Gus on Oct 9, 2008


look here all you cock-sucking dildo faces.. matthew mcconaughey gets more puss then all you squeebs, pull your goofy thumbs out your asses n enjoy a fucking movie (your opinions dont mean shit) ..and stop being mad at your "crazy" uncle for touching your lil peepee as a child; and all you bitches aint shit but tricks and hoes

Robbie on Dec 31, 2008


suck it

Robbie on Dec 31, 2008


I'm not a fan of the McConnaghy/Harrelson oevres, but don't regret at all I payed to see that. After I had seen the trailer I had the strong feeling that it might be one of those great low budget films that screened at drive-ins in the '70s, then disappeared forever. Thanks a lot for recommendation, it is really worth seeing.

dildo on Jan 6, 2010

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