Worth Watching - June 28: Baseball Movie The Perfect Game

June 28, 2008
Source: AOL

The Perfect Game Trailer

Remarkably there's yet another heartwarming sports movie due out by the end of the summer, this one called The Perfect Game. Based on a true story, the film tells the story of a group of boys from Monterrey, Mexico who become the first non-US team to win the Little League World Series. Clifton Collins Jr. and Cheech Marin star in the film. This reminds me of movies from my childhood like The Sandlot or Rookie of the Year, but unfortunately it doesn't even look half as good as those two. Either way, some kids of this generation might come to attach to this as their big sports movie, so I'll give it a chance. Plus any movie with a heartwarming story about baseball always captures my interest, even if it's not the best.

Watch the trailer for The Perfect Game:

[flv: 460 200]

Thanks to AOL for originally debuting this heartwarming trailer.

The Perfect Game is directed by William Dear of Wild America and The Sandlot 3 with a script written by newcomer W. William Winokur. The film is based on a true story which you can read more about on Wikipedia. Lionsgate is releasing The Perfect Game on August 8th this summer. The poster is featured below.

The Perfect Game

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Looks good! So refreshing that the spotlight is being turned on Mexico for a change! There are so many stories yet to be told and I truly hope this flick opens doors to those possibilities. It so great to see Mexico's Patricia Manterola vying for mainstream success. She's so hot! Also good to see Louis Gossett Jr. back on the big screen again. Thanks Alex for bringing this flick to our attention. I'm there! Viva Mexico!

Spider on Jun 28, 2008


great movie. hope its really good

Darrin on Jun 28, 2008


I loved the trailer, i'm glad to see another movie someone beating Texas at something, it's awesome how Texas has become the bad guy instead of the good guy all the time.

TJ on Jun 29, 2008


paty manterola? OO, oh...

paulina on Jun 29, 2008


Patricia Manterola wow! Great Movie!! Go Monterrey, mexico!!

Su on Jul 6, 2008


This movie looks really good, and i loved the trailer, and what i like the most about the movie is that its based on a true story, i'm so watching this movie. Patricia Manterola & Clifton Collins are really good actors. Good luck with the movie. I'll be in the theater...

Ale on Jul 6, 2008


I loved the trailer! Patricia Manterola is great! Good luck with the movie!

Sorina on Jul 7, 2008


The trailer is so great!!!! Patricia Manterola is the best and good luck with the movie!!!I love you Patty!!!

Iva on Jul 7, 2008


Creo que será una muy buena pelicula, ya queria ver a Patricia Manterola en la pantalla grande y el tema sobre los niños de Monterrey que ganaron esa ocasion está genial.

Javier on Jul 7, 2008


Watching previews for The Perfect Game I was shocked at seeing the demeaning of the Texas state and the American Flag as well as seeing African American and Hispanic people referred to as underdogs by a pastor. It surprised me even more to learn that the writer was a U.S. citizen and the film was only being shown in the United States. How can patriotic American citizens promote let alone write a movie that tries to support American Values of Freedom and perseverance while despising and degrading the symbols that represent her?

Elizabeth Dick on Jul 11, 2008


I couldn't go see a movie where one is supposed to root for Mexicans over Americans. And then the seen where the ball hit the Texas symbol was way too much. It made me angry. And don't tell me there's no agenda involved. If I didn't know better I would have thought Juan Hernandez wrote the screenplay. This show is going to bomb with American audiences. There's just not as many America haters out there as Hollywood thinks there are. This could even hurt the Obama campaign with Middle America. This movie strikes a wrong note with the American people. And no patriotic American could ever go to see this movie and especially no patriotic American would ever, ever take their children to such a movie.

Steve on Jul 27, 2008


Using Baseball to promote anti-American hatred. How low will Hollywood go?

Steve on Jul 27, 2008


That scene where the baseball hits the Texas symbol shows the whole intent of the movie. It is anti-American through and through. I doubt many good Americans would go see such a movie and those who do would walk out of it. Not a movie to take a child who you want to establish some pride in our country. But then again, welcome to Obama's America. Where the only good guys are those who oppose us.

Kevin on Jul 27, 2008


Is this still coming out on August 8? Moviephone now has it's release date in 2010. ???

Suz on Aug 3, 2008


Some people here have no pride or spirit. To say that this film is anti American is just simply laughable. It is a film about the true story of the first international winners of the Little League World Series. And those who believe America should be portrayed as the ultimate and only heroes in the world are truly delusional. I am an American in the sense that my ancestors were Lakota Sioux Indians as well as English and German-Dutch. I am very proud of my ancestry and find films like this as inspirational. Those who don't? Well all I can say is you really need to get over yourselves and realize that America is not the only nation in the world. I mean get real. This is a film about kids. You sound as if you would begrudge anyone who didn't meet up to your specifications. You must believe you are perfect.

Marty on Aug 6, 2008


Bravo Marty! You voiced my family's sentiments exactly!

Tara on Aug 14, 2008


When is this movie being released? We are in Dallas, Tx and it is Aug.16th. We could not find the movie being played at any theater.

Luis on Aug 16, 2008


Right on Marty!

Lesly on Aug 16, 2008


The release date has been pushed back indefinitely by Lionsgate. They claim marketing funds promised did not show up but if that is true, they have no one to blame but themselves since they waited till the last minute. What better time to release this film then right now during the Little League World Series? And so far they have no new release date. I don't think they realize they have disappointed many people who were very much looking forward to seeing this film.

Marty on Aug 16, 2008


First of all this film is about children working together toward a common goal. To be the best they can be, to be the best in the world. And they were the best, they beat the hell out of best we had. That aspect of the film is true, it's all true. It's a true story. Some people want to deny the past, and it's unforgetable shame. I know the truth: I was a 12 yr old Little League player back in 1957, in Needville TX. I remember the prejudice and the hatred most White Texans had for Mexican-Americans and Black-Americans, it was a way of life. It was the way of life I had to indure. So you people who wrote in and said that the film is anti american, and would not go and see it, fine don't go and see the film. But if you ask me, you sound exactly like the White Texans that hated me for the color of my skin, when I was growing up. Wake up, God's children are of many different colors, not just WHITE.

Cary on Aug 18, 2008


Thanks Cary and Marty for you comments. I live in Monterrey, living here since '94. I really liked the trailer and looking forward to see this movie here in the city. I do agree that it might not appeal Texans as much because of the poetic license the movie makers took when the ball hits the Texas flag, but c'mon, it is just that: poetic license. Do you think we like to see Monterrey as a rural town? We do not like that at all. Specially with this city, one of the most modern cities in Latin America. Have you ever been here? We have world class infrastructure and the best baseball stadium and basketball arena in Latin America. But I digress. Just try to enjoy the movie as it is, a true underdog story.

Juan Sanchez on Aug 23, 2008


when is the movie going to be released?????

Michael Chorey on Nov 18, 2008


To everyone that thinks this movie is anti-America or not American. Sorry to disappoint your ego, it’s just a movie, about a team, (could have been from Canada who cares) working together to win a GAME. You all need to stop looking at a person's color but what they offer from the inside out. I just want to see the movie and I will whenever they decide to release it.

Joe on Jun 3, 2009


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! i will be at the theator! or if not ill be the first in line to purchase this film! seriously,i watch this trailer everyday about 15 times xD good luck on the film!!! <3

giselle on Jun 22, 2009


where can i watch this movie cus it looks really good

jose on Aug 24, 2009


Has this movie been released yet. Or is it on video yet.

Maya on Oct 22, 2009


Wow, I just stumbled upon this site. I was obviously pleased to read so many really nice comments. I wrote this screenplay and have lived with the story for over 5 years, through the making of this film and it's soon-to-be release. While most of the comments were positive, I had to smile at some of you who somehow saw this film as being Anti-American or unpatriotic. A fascinating, though completely incorrect analysis. America is a great country, and we are great because we can also laugh at ourselves, and even acknowledge our shortcomings - even when uncomfortable. In the mid-1950's when this story was set, it was no picnic being black or Hispanic in many parts of the country. Schools were segregated, "Whites-Only" signs were commonplace and state sanctioned in many municipalities. Until 1956, a Hispanic was not guaranteed the right to sit on a jury in the State of Texas until the Supreme Court intervened. The incident with the African-American kid being isolated from his teammates in Texas (lightly portrayed in the film) actually happened. In 1955, every single Little League from South Carolina chose to forfeit rather than take the field with a team of African American CHILDREN from the Cannon Street YMCA (that's documented fact). On the other hand, there were many Texans who embraced these Mexican kids and "adopted" their team - following them all the way to Williamsport. So, it's part of all of our history, good, bad and ugly. But isn't a tale about kids coming to America with nothing, and rising to the top - isn't that the American Dream? Didn't most of us, or our families, show up here with little or nothing and built a better life? This movie is not anti-American at all, so I am sorry if a few of you jumped to the conclusion that it is. By the time Angel Macias reached Williamsport, the fans (all of them, black, white, Hispanic, men, women, etc) were on their feet routing for him and his history-making accomplishment. It has real heart, something not many uber-expensive, special-effects laden, sex & violence laced Studio pics have these days. Anyway, it's just a feel good film about a real event of kids rising from dirt poverty to achieve a dream that very few of us could imagine. We (the film makers) did our best. Any one who feels they could do better should spend 5 years of their lives researching a story, writing a book, and a screenplay, raising the paltry dollars to make an independent film, overcome all odds to maintain a story intact through grueling production and then, raise P & A funds in the worst Recession since 1929 to get the film distributed. LOL.

Bill Winokur on Mar 22, 2010


Why is it so difficult for american film makers to portray anything about Mexico as it ireally was? I mean, my family is from the Monterrey area and it never was as poor as you make it appear. I'm not saying there were not poor people in poor neighborhoods, buy you go to the extreme of portraying Monterrey as a bunch of factories surrounded by huts. Plain ignorance at play. Monterrey has been one of the most modern cities in Latin America for a long time, and it has always had some cultural life and some important universities and colleges, yet you choose to make look like a poor village full of illiterate people. Why do you have to come up with "father Esteban"? There never was a father Esteban in the real story, you overrate the role of religion as if to please american republicans. And most laughable of all things: Whatever happened to the Rio Grande?

Ricardo Fernández on Sep 4, 2011


I think so many of you "so called Americans" are wrong about the movie, your take on it and that it bashes anyone! I'm AMERICAN as they come and I'm going to see it. I'd like to take my whole little league team to see it. Did you get the message at all? These kids JUST WANT TO PLAY BALL! These comments on here about "hidden agenda" and "real Americans" won't want to see it are the exact reason that KIDS JUST CAN"T BE KIDS ANYMORE BECAUSE ADULTS HAVE TO STICK THEIR NOSE IN EVERYTHING AND CHANGE IT! Just like the Sioux having to change their mascot after all these years. the bigger people..let kids be innocent! Stop giving them ideas about bringing guns to schools and finding prejudice in everything! It's a movie about heart and baseball and lessons and hard work and love and being a kid with a dream!

Wendy WendtVanGuilder on Apr 15, 2010


I want to buy or rent the movie, The Perfet Game directed by William Dear

RUTH MAYTORENA on Jul 4, 2010


The best movie

thomy on Feb 22, 2012

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