Worth Watching - May 14: Don Cheadle in Traitor Trailer

May 14, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Traitor Trailer

Anything Don Cheadle does is usually brilliant. I just love the guy, from Ocean's Thirteen to Reign Over Me to Talk to Me. The first trailer for a film called Traitor has just appeared and it stars Cheadle as an ex-Special Ops soldier who is now working with a terrorist group. Don Cheadle as the bad guy? Absolutely amazing. There are some great action sequences in the trailer alone and Cheadle looks phenomenal. I'm instantly interested in this and I hadn't even really heard of it until today. I love when these kind of movies pop up because it's exciting to find something that looks this good. Take a look for yourself below.

Watch the first trailer for Traitor:

[flv: 500 282]

You can also watch the Traitor trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Traitor is both written and directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, an up-and-coming filmmaker credited as a screenwriter for The Day After Tomorrow. Oddly, comedian Steve Martin is also credited for the "idea" of this film. Overture Films is releasing Traitor in theaters starting on August 29th this year.

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the truth is really complicated. this will be a good watch. i love Cheadle movies.

aj on May 14, 2008


Wow! Kind of a ballsy premise for a movie! They'd better live up to their title. If he turns out to be a good guy again, it'll be a major credibility suck. I liked everything about that trailer, but why is it whenever a movie like this gets made, whomever is the focus of the movie is one of those guys whose "tests are off the charts?" The rest of us must be pretty fuckin' dull.

Tom Brazelton on May 14, 2008


I got chills. This looks like the kind of movie I would love.

Matt on May 14, 2008


The premis is very interesting. Could get..... complicated

Blake on May 14, 2008


This peeked my intrist will give it a go..........

SHANE D on May 14, 2008


Don Cheadle knows how to tackle complicated roles. I'm confident he'll be able to carry through this quite effectively. Ever since Boogie Nights I've thought he's had great talent for downplayed, serious/honest characters. After Hotel Rwanda I was floored. Still have to see Talk to Me- I'd LOVE to see him do a serio-comic role like that. Hail King Don.

Amon on May 14, 2008


I haven't seen Talk To Me, but every time I think about it, I can't avoid a mental comparison to Leon Phelps - THE LADIES MAN!

Tom Brazelton on May 14, 2008


looks great. probably a lot of twists, sounded like they were making it look like he was killing people to get in deeper with the terrorists though

harrison on May 14, 2008


Tom, you're dead on: he's definitely a double agent, working inside the terrorist cell. It's pretty obvious from the trailer, I thought. And yeah, I hate lines like that. "Off the charts"? How? If they're tests, the best he can do is PERFECT, right? It's like in science fiction movies where whatever new thing they've found is "off the periodic table of elements." Because... uh... hey guess what? That's not freakin' possible.

Gordon on May 14, 2008


It looks like a great thriller, but the timing is just terrible. Look at every film made in the past few years that has dealt with either the war on terror or Iraq. Rendition, Stop Loss, Redacted, Lions for Lambs, and In the Valley of Elah all bombed at the box office. Heck, even The Kingdom, which was barely political, struggled to break even (86M gross against 70M budget + advertising which is likely 15M+). Taking a critical stance on the government or military is especially bad. Actually, that's an understatement. It's box office poison! Regardless of whether it's a quality film or not, there's a stigma attached to these type of films that won't go away for a while.

John on May 14, 2008


Yeah, I get that he's a double agent. But the title of the movie is "Traitor," so it kind of has to make good on that promise, doesn't it? I mean, that's kind of a definitive statement. So if the movie says "He's a good guy! No, wait! He's a bad guy! No, wait! He's working both sides! No, wait! Now he's good again!" I'll be kind of pissed. I want to see this guy completely defect. I think that would be a much more more brave and interesting choice. If the movie is titled "Traitor" I want the content of the movie to be about a traitor. If the title of the movie was "Traitor: It's Complicated," you might have a little more wiggle room.

Tom Brazelton on May 14, 2008


looks interesting and could be a great movie with some good twists and great performance by Don Cheadle im in..

Curtis on May 14, 2008


no 11. I can promise u that is exactly what happens. Unless they take it to the next level like arlington road, but I doubt anyone in Hollywood or even a rich European financier would be so dumb as to green light a movie that has a US army soldier turn on us with a middle eastern terrorist group, although it would make for great storytelling. Plus they say in the trailer the spain bombings were staged( I hate trailers that give shit away like that). I think either way it will be solid drama with some minor surprises. Great cast- was that guy pearce?

Tyler on May 14, 2008


Looks good. it would be awesome if he ended up like #13 said, working for the Middle east..... But really, Iraq and war films now have been doing awful, even with the biggest stars in all different age groups. and its not the quality eithewr becuase they are good too!

Ryan on May 14, 2008


this is gonna be interesting... I will be intrigued just like you Tom #11... but Ihae to go with you Ryan #14... unfortunately, I don't think it will garner the attention many of the recent 'war' movies should have.

Dusty on May 14, 2008


It looks good, but it's cashing in on the Bourne series formula a little...

Matoojo on May 14, 2008


My favorite Cheadle movie. Rebound. Earl the Goat story. Excellent.

DdoubleRS on May 14, 2008


"Anything Don Cheadle does is usually brilliant", except Cockney accents.

Dr.Duvel on May 15, 2008


I can't believe no one mentioned Guy Pearce. Where's the love?

Zach D. on May 15, 2008


Petey Green is the truth. Talk To Me is a great film, with comedy and serious elements. Don Cheadle is slowly becoming my favorite actor. Hotel Rwanda, Rebound, and Talk To Me are great examples of his range and now we get to see him as an action star. The trailer looks great.

Gooner_NM on May 15, 2008


"It's like in science fiction movies where whatever new thing they've found is "off the periodic table of elements." Because… uh… hey guess what? That's not freakin' possible." - How is that not possible? We create different isotopes of elements every few years. Isn't it possible that there exist elements that we haven't yet discovered? Don't be so closed minded.

Fatal Error on May 15, 2008


I don't care if he's a double agent, triple agent, or a quadruple agent with a side of fries. This movie looks awesome!* * - by which I mean the trailer looks awesome and has greatly piqued my interest in the film, although we've all be burned by pretty-looking trailers before haven't we.

kevjohn on May 15, 2008


I can't wait to see this. Cheedle might just be the single most under-rated actor currently working.

Joel on May 16, 2008


"How is that not possible? We create different isotopes of elements every few years. Isn't it possible that there exist elements that we haven't yet discovered? Don't be so closed minded." He's saying that even if it's not on the periodic table CURRENTLY then it would be able to be fitted on there somewhere. Because the periodic table organizes elements based on the number of protons & electrons in their atomic state, and all matter is made up of protons & electrons, then this "new" substance would be somewhere on the table, even if it had like a bajillion protons (the element with the highest # right now is around 110, but it only exists for a fraction of a millisecond.) Btw, because this is disgustingly off-topic, let me comment: I've liked Don Cheadle ever since Hotel Rwanda, although this is prob. a DVD or blu-ray viewing for myself, as it would be pretty hard convincing someone to see this with me :/

jman571 on May 16, 2008


Don Cheadle as the next big action star?? Count me in! He has been able to do everything else, why not this.

Ken Evans on May 24, 2008


I propose that no film Don Cheadle is in can possibly suck.

phil on Jul 14, 2008

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