Worth Watching - Nov 1: Stephen Daldry's The Reader Trailer

November 1, 2008
Source: Apple

The Reader Trailer

Here it is. The movie that the Weinstein's are so confident in, they shoved Cormac McCarthy's The Road out of the way so that it could have its time in the spotlight. And is it worth all that trouble? I definitely don't think so. We're talking about The Reader, a very sensual drama starring Kate Winslet and David Kross. The twisted side of this is that obviously the film hinges so much more on David Kross' performance, not Winslet's, but everyone is abuzz about her. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this looks awful, I think it looks good, but there's no reason it should be getting as much time in the spotlight as it is.

Watch the trailer for The Reader:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch The Reader trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Reader is directed by English filmmaker Stephen Daldry, of Eight, Billy Elliot, and The Hours previously. The screenplay was written by fellow Englishman David Hare, of Damage and The Hours, and is based on Bernhard Schlink's novel of the same name. The Weinstein Company is debuting The Reader in limited theaters starting on December 10th in the thick of the Oscar season.

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Alex, you're exactly the kind of person who movies shouldn't be made for. You don't get why a drama with several incredibly talented actors a great writer and director is getting the spotlight? Obviously that tells you something about the studios feelings towards The Road, I love Cormac McCarthy as much as the next guy whose actually read his books, but The Road won't be the next No Country For Old Men, trust me on that. The Reader's definitley the sure fire oscar contender of the two.

adrian on Nov 1, 2008


Seriously, the more I read this site the more I realize what a strange fanboy Alex is. Seriously, you don't understand anything about this book or movie. I doubt you've ever read it (or many books for that matter). There are very good reasons why it's getting so much spotlight and why it's so believed in. The Road was never going to make a good movie - and I'm not surprised that it's run into the problems it has. It was never going to be an Oscar contender. This is based on a much BETTER book and has a surplus of talent behind it. Go drool over the watchman trailer some more, Alex, and leave the TRULY good movies to those of us who care for them.

Gale on Nov 1, 2008


Looks fantastic! Can't wait.

Bryanmakeup on Nov 1, 2008


Alex, your pedantic disregard towards films worthy of discussion and thought astonish me. Every time I read one of your reviews for a fanboy-type-movie you do nothing but drool over. But when it comes to more serious fare, take the upcoming Doubt for example, you are incredible short-sighted. Just how biased are you? It's because of people like you that small films such as this one go by unseen. You are the target audience for mainstream american cineama: all glitz and no neurons. P.S. Get an education.

leo on Nov 1, 2008


Alex I have to agree and disagree with the above. This is your site, you write for it. Its your opinion . If people don't like it, they can go somewhere else for their movie news. On the other side of the coin, you really should stunt your opinion on books translated into film when you haven't read the source material. Commenting on what is in front of you is more prudent. A " sensual drama", come on now. That's like me calling Watchmen an ordinary superhero movie.

Film-Book dot Com on Nov 1, 2008


I agree with all of you in some ways. There is some serious talent in this movie, and it seems to have a plot that explores a new aspect of an old issue that we probably all thought was argued to the point already. Also, how come you never mentioned Ralph Fiennes was in this? He's always a good addition to a film like this. I will have to disagree on one point with posters 1 & 2 on this though. The Road looks like it has potential. Have you even seen a trailer yet, guys? If you have, let me know. I'd love to see it. You can't say something isn't Oscar contender material until you've seen it. Besides, did you happen to notice that it also has an incredible cast? Not only Viggo Mortensen, who is consistently above average, but Robert Duvall, Charlize Theron, and Guy Pierce. It has a story from a good novelist, and do I have to remind you that this is the same director who gave us 'The Proposition'? If you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch it. It's pretty good.

JL on Nov 1, 2008


Wow - everyone is ganging up on me?? What did I do to deserve this? Just write my opinion like I always do? First off, I love a lot of "small films" unlike this one (because they're actually good)! Let the Right One In most recently, amongst plenty others I saw at Sundance, SXSW, and Toronto all year long. Just because I think one of them, which is actually mainstream release, looks bad, I get called out and blamed for ruining independent cinema? Goodness, you need to check yourselves instead I think! Secondly, this is my site, I can write whatever I want. Nowhere are there rules that say "Alex you must like all indie movies" or "you must like Stephen Daldry movies." I have an opinion and a voice and you're here to read it! Why exactly do you think this looks so good? You haven't seen it yet - so where does all your interest in it come from? Is it from the author or the book or genuine interest in the trailer? Your reasons for liking it aren't nearly as valid as my own reasons for disliking it...

Alex Billington on Nov 1, 2008


that kid david kross look so much like william mosley the older brother from the narnia movies.

ddog on Nov 1, 2008


I'M WITH YOU ALEX. i love movies. "the reader" doesn't look to me like it would have the "across the board" popularity that "the road" will probably receive. that being said; "the reader" looks like it has stellar acting and pretty good story, but i hope the pace isn't as slow as it appears. if i had to pick between the two movies: it's no contest, give me "the road".

dan on Nov 1, 2008


to the people who left comments 1, 2, and 4: get a life. you people are really full of yourselves. i read many books; have a college education and can still say "the road looks better than "the reader". a movie being an oscar winner has no bearing on how entertaining it will be to people. in particular to each comment: adrian at 1. no country for old men was a vastly over-rated movie. it had good acting but that was it. gale at 2. gale, get over yourself. reading books doesn't make you unique or a better judge of movies than non-book readers. i love reading but i'm not going to bash someone who doesn't read a lot. and if you're a true movie lover, then you'll watch movies because they are good, not because it wins an oscar. wow, you are really pretentious. leo at 4. you are wrong on everything you wrote. you must not go on this site much cause alex is pretty fair in his write-ups. you should really hook up with gale leo, because both of you seem to think of yourselves as vastly superior to everybody else........and you aren't. sorry to be so rude, but you 3 are really arrogant snobs.

dan on Nov 1, 2008


wow, I really wish I'd be going to see THE ROAD this fall instead of this movie.

Daniel on Nov 1, 2008


Think a little perspective is needed... Both books are slow burners. Both movies seem [seeing as no one has seen a trailer for 'The Road' but just the pictures leaked earlier] to follow the paths laid out by their authors. 'The Reader' tackles more issues about truth and the consequences of the actions of just one in a thousand of others. I would agree, coming from a follower of the book, that the film hinges on the performance of the young male lead instead of Winslet to sell the twist at the midway point. It definitely looks like Oscar bait but very good source material to push forward for a late year release. 'The Road' is without a doubt the most depressing book I've ever read and one with zero "across the board popularity" for the simple fact that it deals with some of the most brutal things we as humans could ever do to each other. This is grimier than 'Blindness' and you all know how that movie just flamed out. Oprah couldn't put a shiny perspective on such a daunting piece of literature. I loved it but I would be fearful to release such an exhausting destruction of universal human interactions around Christmas time. All in all, you don't need to be a book reader to have good taste and you can't really demise a film just because you think the look/premise of another movie interests you more. Seems petty but opinions are ones own and you have to respect that.

Jack Donaghy on Nov 1, 2008


I liked it! Will be your typical intense, slow paced, love story drama. I'm not much of a book reader, so I can't give an opinion about the book. However, I do love movies, all types of movies and this one has got my interest. I really enjoy Kate's work, she's an amazing actress. Possible Oscar?

K on Nov 1, 2008


alright after seeing this I still say that it was stupid to put the road out later, viggo is the shit and Im the story behind the road sounds sooooooo much better than this crappy child porn love story about some nazi bitch, dont get me wrong they are good actors and good basic story but sometimes good actors make down right shitty movies, like battlefield earth, john travolta, forest whitaker, yeah still the worst movie ever. however this may be somewhat decent but it just looks like a crap shoot, and it doesnt suprise me that they would throw something with more well known actors in it at the oscar than something that might be a little depressing and and might actually make you think. I mean how many times do we have to watch kate winslet in a love story drama that we all know how its going to end. sorry dont give a shit how GREAT the book is but this doesnt look THAT great.

tyler on Nov 1, 2008


Is it just me or are many of the actors speaking with an (often slight) German accent? I'm German myself and I'm afraid I can't really tell if they're playing with an accent or if I'm just hearing things. Anyway - the trailer looks very interesting! The book was and is huge in Germany and though I must admit not having read it yet, I certainly hope the film can live up to it.

c-r-u-x on Nov 2, 2008


When i read this book, my ultimate opinion about it was "what a piece of overrated shit!" I HATED this book. It it one of the WORST books i have ever had to read, and the only reason i did read it was because i had to for my studies. The story is not dramatic and tear jerking and whatever people think it is, its quite simply, boring. The way the book was written was tedious, the relationship between Michael and Hanna was ridiculous and yes *child porn*ish, the characters were bland, and quite frankly i did not walk away after reading this book feeling like i had learnt anything and become a better person. What a waste of resources to make a movie out of this hyped up piece of minimally emotional poop. I can't believe some of you people are having a go at Alex the way you are over it, calling him uneducated and the likes. Education or not, a smart, interesting and intellectual person will think this story is crap. I dont intend to even watch this trailor I so hated the book, and therefore will never think to watch the movie. P.S. Some of you need to develop personalities if this story is your type of thing. Alex is DEAD ON with this one.

exodus_127 on Nov 2, 2008


Alexandra Maria Lara and Bruno Ganz, thats really all I needed to see to be into checking it out but I think it looks pretty interesting.

Joe on Nov 2, 2008


i hated 'the road' not because it was too dark,but because it was unbearably sparse and devoid of life-i've read more poignant stuff in kindy fairy trailer for this movie and he's grumbling,yet another one on zack & miri,or god forbid that overrated piece of garb dark knight and that douche alex is all "AWESOME!","YOU MUST WATCH THIS!","10/10"!.

twispious on Nov 2, 2008


It does look like an interesting character study. I'd say it isn't meant to teach anyone anything, but it does seem to be a compelling story. Sometimes, that's all a film is: a compelling story. Alex, I would take your readers outrage towards your initial quandry over this films placement before "The Road" (and seemingly your disgust at this film in general) as a compliment. I think it's a direct indication that they passionately wait on your every word, and when you don't confirm what they feel is just and true concerning a certain film, you get THIS type of response. Although I agree with you: This is your site, and you can rate the films you are watching in whatever way you want. That's what makes this site based on your opinion and not theirs. 🙂

Quanah on Nov 2, 2008


Alex, I don't disagree with you voicing your opinion towards a studio decision. But ultimately that was a STUDIO DECISION, a pure marketing move. That doesn't give you the right to kind of in a way trash "The Reader", like you have. Ok, ok, you can say whatever you want, it's your site, but a movie is a piece of art, it's release and marketing is PURE business, simple as that. I definitely would prefer to see "The Road" this year, just like you. I love that damn book, but even though you're going light on this movie itself in this blog, you've trashed it before, just based on trailers and plot synopsis. I'll tell you, because I work in the biggest film marketing company in the world, trailers, posters, synopsis, that's all released by marketing firms who have private vendors write that shit. It's not neccesarily representative of the film itself. It's how the producers and ad execs think they can put the most people in seats to see it. So don't trash a film just because it took a film that is in most people's minds, more deserved of an earlier release. It's unfortunate, but really, there is nothing we can do about it. I love reading all of your updates and articles, btw. I may disagree with some of the stuff you say, but I agree with a lot of it too, and I think your site is far more informative than AICN or Filmdrunk or thanks for writing, I'm reading! Lincoln

lincoln on Nov 2, 2008


I find this new trailer to be fascinating for two reasons. One, we have a movie about one of the trials concerning the Nazis for crimes against humanity, and they put a woman to be the person on trial. The other, more fascinating fact is that there have been several Nazi related films that have come out and are about to as well. Miracle At St. Anna The Reader Valkyrie Defiance The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Good Good is in limited release around the world and might have a U.S. backer sometime next year. The Debt Inglorious Basterds both of those are films in production to come out next year; the Debt maybe in 2010. Are we gonna be surprised by any more Nazi films?

Kenneth Van Castle on Nov 3, 2008


Looks amazing. Saw it infront of Changeling. Winslet looks very dressed-done.

Ryan on Nov 3, 2008


All in all, these comments are further proof that people like Alex who go to the trouble to run sites like this one (which is beautifully done and very valuable) should turn off the Comments field. Why should Alex have to put up with all this negativity and name calling? Good grief.

wesley wilson on Nov 3, 2008


keep it up boys and girls! there's always two sides of a coin and "hearing" [reading actually] what is there behind those sides is one good benefit for people like me who tries to balance the information i get and hopefully come up with a good, if not best, decision on what movie to spend my precious dollars... opinions are one's own so keep it healthy... please refrain from calling someone names, after all, you might be same in his/her perspective... kudos!

miracle disease on Nov 3, 2008

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