Worth Watching - Oct 15: Sci-Fi Neo-Noir Thriller Franklyn's Trailer

October 15, 2008
Source: Trailer Addict

Franklyn Teaser Trailer

Anyone remember that sci-fi neo-noir thriller Franklyn that we wrote about late last year? Well, reader "Lancealot" has alerted us that the first teaser trailer for the film has made its way online. In the film, Ryan Phillippe stars as Jonathan Preest, a masked vigilante detective living in a futuristic London where there is no separation between Church and State. Let's just say this looks like a fucked up neo-sci-fi cult classic in the same vein as Equilibrium or Darkman. Its even got ex-Bond girl Eva Green, British actor Bernard Hill, and some of Clint Mansell's songs from The Fountain. The trailer is very low quality and is quite hard to watch, but if you're at all interested (like me), you won't give a crap about that.

We will be re-posting this trailer once we have a high quality version of it for your viewing pleasure, even though it doesn't have a distributor yet. For now, try and work through this the best you can.

Watch the first trailer for Franklyn:

Trailer removed at the explicit request of HanWay Films.

Set between contemporary London, and the futuristic religion-dominated Meanwhile City, the film traces the fates of four characters: Jonathan Preest (Ryan Phillippe), an atheist vigilante who has vowed revenge on Meanwhile City’s leader; Emilia (Eva Green), a privileged young artist whose difficult relationship with her mother fuels her cynicism and depression; Milo (Sam Riley), a sensitive young man whose heart has been recently broken; and Peter (Bernard Hill), a deeply religious man who has come to London in search of his missing son, a troubled Gulf War veteran.

Franklyn is both written and directed by English filmmaker Gerald McMorrow, who is making his directorial debut after writing and directing a sci-fi short in 2002 called Thespian X. The film is actually premiering at the London Film Festival tomorrow, but doesn't have a US distributor yet. Hopefully Franklyn will find one soon, because it's already due out in theaters in England on January 30th, 2009.

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Looks pretty a good way!

TBone on Oct 15, 2008


Cool. I dig the vibe. It's got a "V For Vendetta" feel, with real-life drama thrown in to mix it up. I like the costumes too.

TCox on Oct 15, 2008


Looks alright. It has the music from the fountain though. I'm not a big fan of when they do that.

Shannon on Oct 15, 2008


"due out in theaters in England on January 30th" Not just in England but across the whole UK..

Vole on Oct 15, 2008


For anyone interested in seeing this early it's playing twice at the London Film Festival (tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon) and has a one off preview at teh BFI next month...

JasonAdored on Oct 15, 2008


eva green looks better than ever. remember her in casino royale. she was great. this movie looks great.

darrin on Oct 15, 2008


@2 - definitely some V for Vendetta + Rorschach production design + Watchmen cutting of stories across time and imagination/symbolism. Oh, and the almost-but-not-quite steam punk touches of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I should be stoked for a movie put together by people who obviously read a lot of Alan Moore but I'm just gonna be resentful that it's not me. Maybe they just watch the movie adaptations, the philistines... The GF will make me go just for Sam Riley and Ryan Phillippe.

Rich on Oct 15, 2008


not really feeling that one, at least from 'that' trailer. thanks though.

Michael on Oct 15, 2008


No separation between Church and State? Then it must be France! 🙂

database on Oct 15, 2008


Looks crafty, me like.

tzarinna on Oct 15, 2008


Looks interesting. But it needs a better trailer. One that makes some kind of sense. I like the fact they used 'Death is the Road to Awe' from The Fountain soundtrack.

Henry on Oct 15, 2008



Nick Sears on Oct 15, 2008


Very cool meshing of different styles. Definitely some Alan Moore-inspired extravaganza. Hopefully it gets picked up soon to be distributed here.

Alfredo on Oct 15, 2008


Yeah, he does looks a whole lot like Rorschach. Is this movie based off anything and the character has always looked that way? Or did the costume designer just have no ideas?

Shoes on Oct 15, 2008


What does this character offer that differs from other vigilantes we've seen? Sure he has a tormented past, but what new elements does he offer? I never read the comic so I'm not sure what his abilities are (if any)...Is he trained in martial arts? or maybe he's a super smart weapon maker? Anyone have an idea?

Peloquin on Oct 15, 2008


It does have a strong "V is for Vedetta" feel. But looks interesting.

Jayjay on Oct 15, 2008


The premise is very similiar to the Fountain as well, but they go one step further and use the music from it doesn't really paint a very good picture.

Murdoc on Oct 15, 2008


got that great v for vendetta feel but he looks an awful lot like the guy from watchmen, theyre goin to need to work the advertising so people dont mix the 2 up other than that im def in it looks great with a solid cast

harrison on Oct 15, 2008


visuals are good. the rest is bland and predictable. if thats just the trailer, why bother with the movie?

Al on Oct 15, 2008


stop using the fountain soundtrack in every fucking trailer, or the requiem for a dream too btw.

Not You on Oct 15, 2008


I would say looks closer to V for Vendetta. I'll be there to see.

Nate on Oct 16, 2008


This looks interesting but I after watching that trailer I have no idea what it is about exept that Ryan Phillipe is going to kill someone tonight; I just hope it's that guy who edited that trailer.

Anthony on Oct 16, 2008


The music does not suit this trailer at all, it did for I Am Legend but not this trailer.

Ali on Oct 17, 2008


this movie looks alright

greg cohn on Dec 15, 2008


i agree with nate it does also look similer to V for vendetta

greg cohn (lincoln NE) on Dec 15, 2008

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