Worth Watching - Sept 28: Let the Right One In Trailer

September 28, 2008

Let the Right One In Trailer

We've been talking about Let the Right One In a lot recently and now we have a trailer to share with all of you! It's a Swedish trailer that was used to promote the film during film festivals, but it's still our very first introduction to the film in addition to my glowing review. Let the Right One In is so much more than what's seen in this shorter trailer. Even if you're not exactly sold right away, I strongly urge everyone to give this film a chance. It is hands down one of my favorite films of this entire year. It's being remade, but the original with still remain one of the best horror films of the last decade. It's about a bullied kid who befriends a young girl who turns out to be a vampire, but it's more of a love story than a horror flick.

Peter from SlashFilm says that it's "beautiful and haunting, Let The Right One In is a film you must see." Scott Weinberg of Cinematical calls it "one of the strangest, stickiest, and (yes) sweetest horror movies I've seen in ten years." And of course, I said in my review that "it's a remarkably mesmerizing tale of love, vampires, and bullies." Please make sure you seek out this extraordinary indie gem in theaters!

Watch the Swedish trailer for Let the Right One In:

[flv: 480 300]

Let the Right One In (aka Låt den rätte komma in) is directed by Swedish filmmaker Tomas Alfredson, of other foreigns films like Kontorstid and Four Shades of Brown. The screenplay was written by John Ajvide Lindqvist and is based on a book of the same name that Lindqvist wrote as well. This film first premiered in the US at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and was picked up by Magnet Releasing as part of the "Six Shooter" series. Let the Right One In will arrive in very limited theaters (only in New York and Los Angeles as far as I know) starting on October 24th. Please go see this wonderful movie!

Let the Right One In Poster

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It reminded me of 30 days of night. Looks like a slow paced movie. In the end it looks like it will develop from then.

Jumper on Sep 28, 2008


hmm interesting

mikey on Sep 28, 2008


Wow looks crazy! Too bad its subtitled.

Zakk Forchilli on Sep 28, 2008


Hey Alex, so is this the original movie that the re-make is being made from? Or is this the re-make already? Will the re-make be made in english, or by an American studio?

jvj590 on Sep 28, 2008


this is the original. the remake will be Cloverfield's Matt Reeve, probably produced by JJ Abrams. As much as I love JJ Abrams, this is a movie that should'nt be remade.

ariel on Sep 28, 2008


this looks good i wanna see it now

raider98 on Sep 28, 2008


The subtitling when he is stabbing the tree made me frown. Luckily I wont have to rely on the subtitles if the rest is as bad. Movie looks very good though, looking forward to it.

MBD on Sep 28, 2008


This movie sounds good, but either that was a completely awful trailer, or something got lost in translation...

jman571 on Sep 28, 2008


Very impressive trailer, that scene where the kid gets jumped from that figure from above as he's exiting the tunnel is superb! Excellent poster I might add!

Conrad on Sep 28, 2008


A dark, hypnotic movie. Reminds me of Pan's Labrynth. Too bad it's such a limited release, I live in Washington.

MrSammich on Sep 28, 2008


I like the tone, the images and the plot suggestions. I might have to pick up the book before seeing this flick.

Film-Book dot Com on Sep 29, 2008


What's the matter with subtitles, #3 & #7? It's foreign. Would you prefer shitty overdubbing, or reading subtitles? Are you hard of reading or something? Is it really that much of a chore to read the subtitles?

JL on Sep 29, 2008


Some people fear subtitles eh? Film looks great, good mood to it...

Crapola on Sep 29, 2008


#12 I have no issues with subtitling, I have issues with what he said was translated into. Basically, all he says is "Scream, come on, scream"... I understand that translating is very hard and very often you are forced to change certain aspects of what is being said to fit the other language. However, I dislike what they came up with. Not only do I find it lame, but unnecessary to change the line to such a degree. To be honest, I'm norwegian, not swedish, and the guys that translated this should have a better understanding of swedish than I do, so maybe I am completely wrong. It does not ruin the movie in any way really, it just made me frown. All that being said, fuck you douchebag. See what I did there? I did the same as you. I read your post, and reached a conclusion about you. Your conclusion was that I have issues with subtitles because I have reading disabilities/dislike reading because it's too much of a chore. My conclusion is that you're just an asshole that cant keep your dick in your pants when you see someone with an opinion that differs from yours. Your conclusion is obviously wrong, as you missed the whole point of my post. So tell me, are you an asshole? Am I right or did I misunderstand your post? Maybe I'm just blowing things out of proportion...

MBD on Sep 29, 2008


#14 your awsome....that shit was funny!!!!!

jvj590 on Sep 29, 2008


like "the shining" for kids

Not You on Sep 30, 2008


Are we all just numbers in this world now!!!! Well if so, i'm number 17 and it's a pleasure to meet you all! By the way the Film looks very good.. as a personal preference i would love if this movie was in English.... but hey i can read!! 😛

Eddy on Oct 1, 2008

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