Writer James Watkins Gives a Small Update on Descent 2

December 23, 2008
Source: JoBlo


News on the sequel to Neil Marshall's horror hallmark, The Descent, has been nearly as illusive as the critters that inhabit the underground caves. Back in May we reported on plot details for the upcoming film, which weren't exactly encouraging. To be more accurate, they were downright disappointing as the continued story seems a bit ridiculous. A tiny update on what's now being called Descent 2 has crept out of the shadows today, thanks to a conversation JoBlo had with writer James Watkins, of the British horror flick Eden Lake. Watkins' update reinforces two primary things: 1) they have a great team for the sequel, and 2) they've made it scary. Thank goodness for that, because I was getting worried.

It's true that Christian Colson is a producer on the film, and that he served in a similar capacity on the 2005 original and Danny Boyle's heralded Slumdog Millionaire. But will Colson's involvement influence the final product? Probably not much considering there are five other producers listed for the film. Watkins also highlights Jon Harris' editing work on Eden Lake. While his effort may be top notch on that scare, Descent 2 will mark Harris' first time as a director. Sadly, especially since he's the writer, Watkins doesn't seem to spend much time talking about the story and making it all plausible. Remember, virtually everyone dies in the original so it's hard to believe the sole survivor would venture back into the cave system.

But if we must have a sequel, then so be it. Of the scare factor in this, Watkins mentions: "Jon's got the film really tight and it really rocks. It's just a relentless journey once the team is in the cave. But all those elements, we wanted just to max out. For example, the claustrophobia, the couple of scenes that we just said, 'Okay, we have that scene in the first film with claustrophobia. How can we take that and just make it a whole lot bigger and scarier?' There is one that involves water and it's just terrifying. When we were filming it and the crew were like, oh my God, this is horrible." We're still crossing our fingers and hoping this turns out good, but it just doesn't seem like that will happen. Anyone more excited about this?

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The first one was God awful. But most movies I can see why other people like them if I don't (Like Milk) just not my kind of movie. But the first movie left me confused every time someone says they liked it. I just don't see how. But you never know this one might not suck... but I highly doubt it.

CSpuppydog on Dec 23, 2008


I really loved The Descent, but I've noticed a trend in my friends that the ones that hated The Descent loved The Ruins and the ones that hated The Ruins loved The Descent...just an observation.

Peloquin on Dec 23, 2008


I predict the exact same script with the only change being the actors.

FRANK on Dec 23, 2008


The Decent was one of thoes throw away movies, i think the sequil should go straight to dvd. The only thing that attracted me to the first movie was the hype of scary monsters, but that is gone, i doubt the creatures hold anymore surprizes for us, so the movie has no appeal to me or my friends i have talked to about the movie.

MrSammich on Dec 23, 2008


"The Descent" was a pretty good movie. @2 I too, have had friends that liked "The Ruins" but hated the other and vice versa. I think they are truly fans of both. Sometimes, peeps just hate on something to create a topic of conversation or just simply to contradict someone else's opinion.

Blue Silver on Dec 23, 2008


The Descent was one of the few tolerable horror movies in recent memory. This, however, isn't showing a lot of promise. It has the potential to be scary, I'm sure. But if it's just a rehash of the first one, then what the hell is the point?

Matt on Dec 23, 2008


THE DESCENT was a very good movie, but the US ending was awful.

Ryan on Dec 23, 2008


#2: Yes, add me to the trend. I loved The Descent but hated The Ruins. I agree, though, there's no where else to go with this story.

RandyG on Dec 23, 2008


"But if it's just a rehash of the first one, then what the hell is the point?" Fair enough. But I'll certainly be watching...and it can't do much worse than some of the shit coming out.

rbk on Dec 23, 2008


the british version of the descent is a much better film, especially with the ending, but I thoroughly enjoyed the us version, it was one of the better horror films in years, it wasn't a garbage slasher film or ghost story with cheap scares, and it wasn't a Japanese remake, but it had a very old school feel, reminiscent of the thing and alien.

Bo on Dec 23, 2008


The Descent was a great movie for theaters, but it always seems less scary on dvd. I'll definitely see this one on the big screen.

Juryduter on Dec 23, 2008


the descent really was a fresh and original horror movie and was the best in a while, but thats not really saying much since the horror genre has been stale for a long time. I thought it was a pretty decent film but not great, and i don't think it's really all that worthy of a sequel. It seemed pretty good as a stand alone horror flick with a fresh concept. I'm not excited by this sequel at all.

Steven on Dec 23, 2008


you know ive always found it very weird that everybody thought that this was gonna be like every other horror movie upon its release and ends up bombing, but the critics actually like it. imagine, Ebert giving a thumbs up to a low budget horror movie. now we got a sequel, and 75% of the population could care less

LeeMan on Dec 23, 2008


Watching the version with the non-US ending is vital, I think. The movie's very haunting that way. It's one of my favorite horror movies because of the claustrophobia, the quietness, and the build-up of tension. I imagine the sequel, if it's trying to be "a whole lot bigger and scarier" will end up losing that haunted quality.

ebbie on Dec 23, 2008


I agree with the above. US ending sucked. British ending better. Yeah....rehashing this isnt a great idea. The original had me squirming as i am claustrophobic

Heckle0 on Dec 24, 2008


Hope it's more what the first film offered

Fisher on Dec 25, 2008


My friend and I are the only two people I know that didn't like this movie. i saw it couple of times trying to really see what everyone was so taken by, but i couldn't get it. maybe again. the opening scene where the mother gets impaled was rough, no doubt. other that I really couldn't get into it. I'm with number 2 as well. I LOVED the Ruins, I thought that was bad ass!

Conrad on Dec 26, 2008


The Descent was a terrific movie--quite good as a horror movie and pretty near brilliant as a film about parental loss. But if you accept the fact that the non-US ending was the only good and sensical one, which it was, then the whole idea of a sequel makes no sense--I mean, there were in fact no survivors, yeah?

Eric on Jan 4, 2009

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