Yet Another Darker Hancock TV Spot

June 10, 2008

Hancock TV Spot

I thought it was just about the perfect time to feature some new Hancock footage. Unfortunately there hasn't been a new trailer since the last one we saw in April, but there is a new TV spot! Finally Sony has dropped some of the more light and humorous elements of their marketing in favor of the darker and much more intense side. And that's what I'm liking the most about this. With more of this marketing, Hancock may end up being a huge success on July 4th and could turn out to be a lot better than we were expecting. Additionally, the film was officially rated PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence and language. And can someone please tell me what the heck is up with all the tornadoes?!

If anyone is looking for some proof that I am human, just take Hancock as an example. I went from absolutely despising the film to absolutely loving it and now I can't wait to see it. That's remarkable.

Watch the new TV spot for Hancock:

[flv:http://bitcast-a.bitgravity.com/firstshowing/hancock-tvspot-v2.flv http://bitcast-a.bitgravity.com/firstshowing/hancock-tvspot-v2.jpg 480 260]

Hancock is directed by Peter Berg, of The Rundown, Friday Night Lights, and The Kingdom previously. The film's script was originally written by Vincent Ngo and later revised by over four different writers, including John August, Vince Gilligan, Akiva Goldsman, and Peter Berg himself. Hancock arrives in theaters on July 2nd this summer - Will Smith's 4th of July weekend spot.

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I think it'll be great. Peter Berg always makes cool movies.

Trent on Jun 10, 2008


It seems to me that Theron will be playing a kind of ally/superhero that helps Hancock but turns on him. I think that's where the tornadoes are coming from that is the impression I get from watching all of the videos and trailers

Josh on Jun 10, 2008


freeze that preview above on 20 seconds it definitely looks like theron is flying trying to knock hancock out of the air in the midst of that storm. i'm pretty sure she is the cause

Josh on Jun 10, 2008


this movie keeps getting better and better every new trailer/spot, Peter Berg always makes interesting and great movies and i think Hancock will be added to his library of great movies.

Curtis on Jun 10, 2008


Wow. This looks so bad, and so hollywood 🙁 Can you blame 😀

Qud on Jun 10, 2008


and i thought it couldnt get any better!

Reece on Jun 10, 2008


whoa. and I thought this was going to be a more humorous movie..now I'm kinda worried about it. It looks cool both ways..but I was really hoping for more of a comedy than something serious. And no, i'm not saying Will Smith is a bad actor when it comes to serious roles, he's astounding. Just wanted an action/comedy is all.

Garrett.king on Jun 10, 2008


can anyone say that there will possibly be a lawsuit soon? The outfit that will smith wears is exactly the same type of costume that the x-men wear in the movies.

frank on Jun 10, 2008


I like the fact that the trailer was "darker" but it was pretty lousy in general. It was just a crappy montage, I hate trailer like that. Actually show some scenes longer than 2 seconds maybe?

jman571 on Jun 10, 2008


Holy shit, this looks awesome. Hancock continues to run the blade of ambiguity. It looks like much more than a light superhero movie although it seems to deal its laughs out in aces. The second/third act conflict doest seem like it will devolve into a clear good vs. evil/ badguy vs. good guy battle and end happily ever after while at the same time leaving miles of room open for a franchise. This looks like it will end with a dark conflict within Will Smith's character and more specifically his humanity vs. his superhumanity and he will most likely die at the end. Very harsh themes and completely against the wind when it comes to Hollywood superhero movies. And after looking at this last trailer it looks like it will handle everything perfectly. I seriously cant be more psyched for this movie and I hope it gets an R rating because I think it deserves a more respecting audience. My fear is that half way throught the movie, idiot Junior High/High School kids really wont understand what is happening and turn against it. Fuck 'em. Fuck the MPAA too. Oh, and fuck everyone that isnt interested in this.

Vega Bro on Jun 10, 2008



Heckle on Jun 10, 2008


is Charlize Theron the villain?

The Delightful Deviant on Jun 10, 2008


Seems deceitful almost. All the other trailers are played for laughs, and this doesn't have any. I'm looking forward to it though; just not as much as The Dark Knight, or Get Smart. I guess I prefer a movie that can make up it's mind.

Alyx on Jun 10, 2008


"That trailer was just a crappy montage." Ummm...

DCompose on Jun 10, 2008


That looks like some GRADE A summer blockbuster material to me.

Discateia on Jun 11, 2008


Guys come on ... You now understand that Charlize Theron should have a big role in the movie no matter the villain or the female super hero ... are you really thought that Charlize Theron will be the quite ..good...boring wife of Jason Bateman ???? and end of the story !!!???? Are you kidding me .... She must have bigger role than that ... and of course she got some power or at least more interesting role in the movie ... Come on that is Charlize Theron ..not Sarah Jessica Parker

shero on Jun 11, 2008


I don't know about Theron being the Villian, I don't agree or disagree, if you look on IMDB there is a guy named Man Mountian, it could be a prison name or something else, but it would be cool if it was Theron.

Xerxex on Jun 11, 2008


I absolutely agree with most people.. I had no intention of ever seeing this movie after the first trailer came out.... but when that second one was released, it changed my mind. I cannot wait for this movie!

Frank on Jun 11, 2008


Xerxex Maybe you are right ... but maybe you are wrong too ... David Mattey is Man Mountain and it looks like the prisoner who get a head of another prisoner ... up his A** 🙂 But I got another theory ...if you watch the trailer again in the second 25 you can see Charlize Theron on a movable chair ...and you can see the hands of the doctors too around her ... Spoiler ..... MAYBE ....MAYBE I am not sure but it looks like Charlize Theron will need an operation and some blood from Will Smith and here we are she will get a more interesting role ...blood of a super hero in her body 🙂 It is just a thought ...I am not sure about it ...don't blame me if it is not like this ok ? 😉

shero on Jun 11, 2008


I've read this script and I won't spoil for anyone who is trying to guess what's going on w/ Charlize's character. Suffice to say the first half of Vincent Ngo's original screenplay was one of the funniest I've read. I'm not sure how much of it they're retained in the final film. And the second half definitely gets into some serious action hero stuff - a la the Superman movies. It was a strange mix but it worked. Hopefully the shooting script wasn't too far off the original. I don't trust Akiva Goldsman at all but with four people influencing the final draft I'm hoping that tempered his involvement. That said, Akiva almost sucked the life out of I Am Legend - it was a sliver of the excellent original draft that was set in LA. But I digress - still looking forward to Hancock. Too bad they couldn't keep the original title. 🙂

bob on Jun 11, 2008


Alex, you owe us and Will an apology.

Micah on Jun 11, 2008


bob .... Just by mentioning Charlize Theron's name you confirmed that she will got a better role than just a boring house wife !!! 😉 And I am agree with you the end of I am legend .. " the both ends" were not good ... The movie went down when the woman and the boy came in front of the camera ... However ... I will be glad to see Chalize Theron got some action stuff too 🙂 " That is what bob said " hhhhhhhhh just kidding ... but really I got the feeling that Charlize must got a great part of the movie ...

shero on Jun 11, 2008


all u people who think this trailer is crappy you guys r fucked up and hate will smith movie i mean i was not interested in this but now wowowoowwowowwow un believable it looks very interesting i love the dark trailer top 3 movies of the summer hancock!!!!! will hit big time

alan on Jun 11, 2008


Looks awesome and Theron's character probably does have mroe than seen.

Ryan on Jun 11, 2008


This spot looks cool and all, but isn't the movie supposed to be a comedy? Because now it looks like it's trying to outdo "The Dark Knight" in terms of the darkness factor. Is it really more of an action movie than a comedy, or is the marketing just trying to confuse us?

Andrew on Jun 11, 2008


@22 - LOL! Why do I owe you guys an apology? I just didn't like it 6 months ago... It's still not even out yet! 🙂

Alex Billington on Jun 11, 2008


I think I'm in a minority here, but I was likeing this project better when he was an unrepentant drunken screw up. Every other super hero movie amps up the melodrama and I thought this would be a refreshing change. Now they are marketing it like every other superhero flick, and I think that's a bad move. Iron Man had a comic fanbase to work from. Who the hell is Hancock? Playing up the humor is what would make this stick out in people's minds amongst Dark Knight & Hulk. Keep pushing the dark aspects of the film and it's gonna get lost in the shuffle. That's just my $.02

jason_md2020 on Jun 11, 2008


I'm really confused with this movie....but honestly I can't wait to watch it. I like the satire aspect it played up before, but this tv spot is showing some serious stuff I didn't expect. Way back when, I thought this movie would be stupid, then I thought it just might be great and my expectations rose, now I don't know what to think.

Alfredo on Jun 11, 2008


Each spot I see I am a bit more impressed. At first it was light and cheeky, almost a parody of current superhero films, but the more they come the more they seem like there is a real story here. It makes me think about what if Superman didn't want to be anyone if this is what we would get. A person who came to not give a shit about their powers and just be a bum that can fly, and came to become what they really are. I know, almost too much thought! Maybe, this will be the surprise hit.

Breach on Jun 12, 2008


Looks awesome!

nha on Jun 12, 2008


Your reasons for despising the film never made a shred of sense in the first place. You might want to try having more information before making judgments.

E on Jun 12, 2008


i can't wait for the torrent... !P

Jonny on Jun 12, 2008


Every trailer is plot development. Now that is clever advertising.

ramez on Jun 12, 2008


I was excited to see this even when it was being pawned off as a family friendly romp. The darker side of it just makes it more appealing.

Joshua on Jun 13, 2008


I can say the person pushing him through the air is a woman.. I paused it and saw High Heels.. So unless its well u know. Its a woman... Not sure who.. But I am guessing Charlize Theron. Makes the most since..

Taco on Jun 24, 2008


AWESOME MUSIC on that trailer!!! That's what makes the difference in a good vs. bad preview. Really!

snookums on Jul 1, 2008


This movie is awsome! I've seen it and well, I can watch it over and over again! Love this for real!!!! but hey, Will SMith's in it; like always a good movie! (almost always I guess, but I haven't seen a bad movie with him in it yet so..! )

sherrain on Aug 12, 2008

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