Yet Another Early June Trailer for Wanted

June 3, 2008
Source: MySpace

Wanted Trailer

Apparently Universal's marketing strategy involves releasing endless trailers and clips for every movie. We've already had an overflow of footage from The Incredible Hulk and now we're just starting to reach the brim with Wanted. However, this new trailer actually got me to say "whoa" a few times, so I think it deserves the honor of being mentioned. Wanted looks better and better with each trailer, but now I'm getting concerned that we're not going to get much more than what we've seen in the trailers. That's the problem with releasing so many of them - at this point I feel like I've seen the entire movie! However, I'd say give this trailer another shot - it definitely looks like it will deliver. And the end is one hell of a tease!

Watch the new trailer for Wanted:

[flv: 596 254]

You can also watch the new Wanted trailer in High Definition on MySpace

After his estranged father is murdered, the deadly Fox (Angelina Jolie) recruits Wes (James McAvoy) into the Fraternity, a secret society that trains Wes to avenge his dad’s death by unlocking his dormant powers. As she teaches him how to develop lightning-quick reflexes and phenomenal agility, Wes discovers this team lives by an ancient, unbreakable code: carry out the death orders given by fate itself.

Wanted is directed by Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, of Night Watch and Day Watch previously. The movie is based on a comic book series written by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones published by Image Comics. Wanted hits theaters full force this summer on June 27th.

Wanted Poster

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This looks amazing. Not so long ago i had bad vibes about this movie,, i can't wait.

Discateia on Jun 3, 2008


This movie is going to be freakin awesome. Can't wait.

Dylan on Jun 3, 2008


Sleeper hit of the summer. This years The Matrix...

Enola on Jun 3, 2008


the part with the train was fuckin incredible. a must see.

Darrin on Jun 3, 2008


well i guess that makes me the first one to respond with complete and unsurprised boredom from that trailer. didn't expect anything from it anyway, just thought I'd finally look and see what the buzz was about..still nothing special.

Garrett.king on Jun 3, 2008


I remember, like almost everyone else, being blown away by The Matrix...and then having a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw Neo fly up into the frame before the end credits. I was hoping that was an "allegorical" kind of flight, but noooo. The Matrix sequels were close to terrible, of course. Wanted looks much closer to what I was hoping for in the Matrix sequels. In fact, I am looking more forward to this than Batman. I know that TDK will probably rock, but nothing is better than a good sleeper. Gosh, I hope Wanted doesn't suck.

kitano0 on Jun 3, 2008


Kitano0#6 .. thank you for posting EXACTLY what I wanted to say.. saved me all the typing. The end of that trailer absoutely got me up ready to run to the theatre and start camping for the release now.

Dusty on Jun 3, 2008


For the umptinth time, this is not Wanted. This is a sad pitiful mainstreamed version of Wanted. All they did was take the scenes they could use and scrapped the rest. This is like making a movie about wolverine but making him throw knives instead of having claws. This is like making a Superman movie but all he has is the power of kung fu. This is like making a Batman film, and all he does is fight terrorists in the Middle East. I think what got me angry about this trailer in particular is the line about killing one, but saving a thousand. It makes them out to be superheroes. It changes the whole concept that made the original comic so compelling. But why should you guys care? I mean, it looks cool, right? They're shooting guys and flipping through the air and junk, right? Because it could have been so much more. Here are some reasons YOU should be mad: No scene of an aging superman in an old folks home. No crazy shapeshifter made entirely out of feces. (Then again, Dogma already did it.) No scene of Wesley in a sleek black suit, flying through the air, picking off heroes one by one. No creepy mastermind villain showing how and why a criminal like the joker is the way he is. And my bet, NO great twist ending, that makes you feel just a little bit bad about yourself. They're going to have some fancy guns, a couple of killer stunts, but in the end, it'll be exactly like every other action movie out there, when it could have been something new and different.

Josh on Jun 3, 2008


Looks better ever trailer I see, I agree I think this could be a sleeper summer hit, maybe even the start of an awesome trilogy.

Breach on Jun 3, 2008


yes josh #8 if it was true to all thta it would be even more amazing but guess what its not so just take as it is which is a badass movie!

ha1rball on Jun 4, 2008


I don't get how anyone can be bored by this trailer. Do you rescue sharks from space?

DCompose on Jun 4, 2008


By the way, I'm trying to figure out of Josh is being sarcastic or not. Or just lying. Or being funny. Someone help me out here. Monster made of shit? Was that in the comic? This was a comic? I don't know anything here. Old superman was in the comic? I don't wanna be a patsy. Someone give me the skinny.

DCompose on Jun 4, 2008


I think Josh probably read the original comic ... and like those of us who watch (in the case of a film) or read (in the case of a book or comic or graphic novel) ORIGINAL SOURCE material and see it MAULED by stupid people ... he is trying to make a point which is lost on people who don't have the intelligence to care about anything that doesn't give them an action woody or isn't Idiot-Americanized to death.

E on Jun 4, 2008


For every film ... a lot of which are mentioned on this website ... that people get stiff over ... are things that were ALTERED, RIPPED OFF, BLATANTLY STOLEN from other people, countries, authors, and source material. No one really cares tho ... all that matters is the bottom financial line and all the creative and intellectual integrity can go down the toilet. This is the U.S. after all and we're all about being the BORG and taking things in and making it our own even destroying it in the process. I'm sure that Wanted - the film - is going to be a demonstration of exactly that compared to Wanted - the original material. For every ounce of excitement you have, someone's creative effort and/or passionate work is being destroyed by Crappywood and consumer idiocy. But as Josh said ... not that anyone really cares.

E on Jun 4, 2008


man this movie breaks all the rules of physics. I mean are these suppose to be superheroes or just assasins?? if they are only assasins then why the fuck do they have all these slo mo powers and shit. Fucking unbelievable. I will watch it on DVD.

Jojo on Jun 4, 2008


No, I don't care that this movie might not be exactly like the source material. Just exactly how long have you been watching movies, anyway, boys? Most movies are different than the source material...haven't you ever heard the cliche' "Yeah, but the book was better?" I am not a comic book or graphic novel fan, I am a movie fan, and as such I go to the movies to be entertained by good acting, directing, cinematography and the like. If it doesn't adhere to the source material and is still good, well, great, but to condemn a movie or any work of art just because it doesn't follow the original idea frame by frame is just short-sighted.

kitano0 on Jun 4, 2008


Looks fairly good but I liked the much darker and meaner Russian trailer better.

Bjorn/ on Jun 4, 2008


#16 i totally agree, im a movie guy as well and this one looks amazing , and people come on dont hate its Morgan Freeman thats all you need.

ulyssesv101 on Jun 4, 2008


I understand that there are some things that just can't be translated from the comic book to the big screen. That's why Galactus in the Fantastic Four movie wasn't a giant guy in a purple suit. That's why Gwen Stacy never died in any of the spiderman movies. That's why you will never see wolverine in yellow spandex. But there's a line. We all hated the daredevil movie for having a black King Pin and Ben Affleck in red leather. We all hated the Hulk movie for having a horrible story line. We all hated Spiderman 3 and X-men 3 for... well... pretty much everything. The point is there are things you can change and things you can't and they crossed a line. Maybe this is because the comic isn't well known enough. I know that if they were doing this to Watchmen, everyone would be in an uproar. (They might still be, depending on how it turns out) And yes DCompose, there is, among other incredibly awesome things, a shapeshifting feces monster. In the original comic. You should really go pick it up and enjoy a good read.

Josh on Jun 4, 2008


I like comics but I am also poor. But I can change that by robbing a bank.

DCompose on Jun 5, 2008


totally agree with josh, the wanted graphic novel had so much potential. i think they made this movie wayyy to early, they should have taken a while to make this movie after the avengers and such movies came out. just for the mere fact that all the superheroes were killed by the super-villains and such, you know what im talking about josh probably. so yeah i want to watch wanted, but i know its going to be disappointing :[

dee on Jun 12, 2008


com on people sleeper hit of the summer here and don't give that bullshit that its going to be crappy you guys have not even seen the movie so just shut you mouth wall e think its has the weekend to itself but boy it is in for a huge shock no that it will take over wall e but will definitely spoil the week i just hope the story is not in the trailer's and there is more it it than the trailers com on how the hel do u get bored with this i see a trilogy coming ifffff this one is a hit

alan on Jun 14, 2008


This movie looks like it TOTALLY screwed the pooch on Millar's comic series. They made sociopathic super-villains into reluctant superheroes, and completely did away with any semblance of what might have made the comic series interesting. As far as movie adaptations go, this is quite possibly the comic book movie equivalent of the Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy movie adaptation, and I use the word "adaptation" loosely. Put bluntly, this movie will be godawful and a waste of time and money.

Ryan Draga on Jun 22, 2008


Alex I know what you mean I am tired of seeing half of the movies cool scenes because of ads and trailer. If I ever did a movie it would be one full badass scene thats it. kind of like 300s very very first 30 second kick down the well scene.

Cody on Jun 24, 2008


O and ryan your seriously not gonna go see this even for the awesome action scenes I mean it is R so even if it didnt adapt at lest see it before judging it. DONT JUDGE MOVIES BY TRAILERS!

Cody on Jun 25, 2008


LAME! Come on, from the previews the story line is so similar to the Matrix. You know, some guy's working his crappy desk job when a group of people comes out of no where to tell him he's got special talents.....blah blah blah, seen it.

Paul on Jun 27, 2008


I've SEEN this movie and I think it's a very good movie 😉 It isn't that predictable and there are a lot of special effects that are really worth the watch! You've really got to SEE this movie before you can judge 😉

sherrain on Aug 12, 2008

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