Yet Another Japanese Dragonball Teaser Poster

July 19, 2008

Yet Another Japanese Dragonball Teaser Poster

Another new teaser poster for the upcoming Dragonball movie has been uncovered by the guys over at Although I'm not a big fan of the show or manga, every time we write about this movie, the fans seem to tear it all apart. So now I will admit that I think this is the best poster I've seen so far, but honestly I still have no clue what to expect! I'm personally going to wait until I see a trailer before determining whether this could be good or not. However, you can check out this new poster below and tear it apart if you wish. This is the first time we've seen Justin Chatwin as Goku in his orange gi. Enjoy!

With so much negative buzz, I'm curious what it will take to convert fans from disliking everything they've seen so far to actually looking forward to this movie? Any thoughts?

Dragonball Poster

Based on the popular Japanese manga created by Akira Toriyama, whose work spawned best selling graphic novels, video games and a phenomenally successful television series, Dragonball centers on the heroic Goku, a powerful warrior who protects the Earth from an endless stream of rogues bent on dominating the Universe and controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name.

Dragonball is directed by James Wong, of Final Destination, Jet Li's The One, and Final Destination 3 previously, with a script written by Ben Ramsey, of The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet previously. The film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. 20th Century Fox is releasing the Dragonball movie in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009.

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I might be biased, but it looks incredibly faithful.

Adam on Jul 19, 2008


best poster yet hands down, finally hes in the orange gi. Its gonna take a good trailer to convert people and thats what im waiting for also.

Curtis on Jul 19, 2008


So I love the show, and the first pictures looked terrible, but this poster looks a lot more like the show so I have a little bit of hope that it will be good.

John on Jul 19, 2008


Looks alot! better than what we've seen in the past... still doesnt change the fact the hair looks like shit. ;P Hope theres an aweosme trailer soon 😮

Carlos on Jul 19, 2008


It looks way better than the rest I agree. The fans are always pissed, if they don't get what THEY want they throw a bitch fit. It does look incredibly faithful to the show and I hope to see more like this one soon. -Sean

Sean on Jul 19, 2008


I'm hardly a fan of Dragonball, but I do always find it painful when movies get made that aren't matter how little my childhood was involved with it. the first pictures were fucking dreadful. But this actually gives me a little bit more hope for the project. It's going to take an AMAZING trailer, a fucking awesomely amazing trailer to get me to go. but this at least assures a possible rental.

Garrett.king on Jul 19, 2008


cool poster

dr.slump on Jul 19, 2008


Huge fan here, This poster looks wack for what many of us are hoping to be a blockbuster. wack

Kilo Alpha on Jul 19, 2008


Oh my god... this movie is starting to pick up

Kail on Jul 19, 2008


Fuck that poster and the entire movie! ive been a fan since 1993. This franchise dosent deserve such a half ass cast and production!

Ray on Jul 19, 2008


Alex , Nothing will change purists minds about this film. Its only fans that are flexible will behind the adaptation. This is the best poster so far, just waiting on on trailer with Piccolo

MICHAEL on Jul 19, 2008


Def best poster, yet, but I still have no faith in movie. I just know this is going to suck balls.

Nettle on Jul 19, 2008


This will be fantastic, even with all the negative buzz..I'm glad the casting was so unknown because typecasted roles trying to play these characters just wouldn't have worked...ever since I saw the first set photo I knew this movie was going to be faithful to the manga and therefore attract a lot of fans

Peloquin on Jul 20, 2008


Looks like a cosplayer with photoshop, Bad idea, bad choice of people, and no I couldn't do it better. it's just something that shouldn't be live action, period.

L on Jul 20, 2008


this will be worth the watch, if they can get the action right like neo vs smith in matrix revolution, but then goku vs piccolo flying above tokyo woods trying to blast each other out of the sky taking half of the forest with them.. or something

malax on Jul 20, 2008


this will suck big tym!

jeprox chang on Jul 20, 2008


ladies and gentleman, the new speed racer! can u spell flop? if there's no vegeta or trunks or any other of the super sayans, what the fuck is the use?!

LeeMan on Jul 20, 2008


I was running through the site and thought i saw a picture of a piece of shit but it was just this dragonball poster. The poster looks better but still, it's still crap,crap,crap. Bad cast-bad everything. If i were Japanese and saw Goku as this guy i would be pissed. So pissed.

Great on Jul 20, 2008


Americanizing Japanese work is never fulfilling. I'm not a fan of the series, but I'd have a hard buying an American actor as Goku. This reminds of the time they put Scott Wolf in the Double Dragon movie, or made Ryu an American in Street Fighter. Lame.

TCox on Jul 20, 2008


well....ok....the poster is not bad, i guess. I think the producers of this movie kinda underestimated the fan base of dragonball, and the immense following this movie represents. a movie like transformers got the premium package, i may b wrong but i think the fan base for db is bigger than that of transformers, so i think it deserves better. that said, i'm a diehard fan, so i cant lose faith in this movie no matter how bleak the outlook theres always the hope of a reboot if its really bad. hopefully a producer will come along that actually respects the fans and more importantly the source material. I still have hope tho, who knos it may b a surprise hit!

Cris on Jul 20, 2008


this movie is gonna be butt. this might be one of the worst movie ideas ever. how can they just cut Krillin out?! for all the money it makes, hollywood does some stupid shit. lets imagine this WAS a good idea, i still say you should use no-names and stay away from big actors....

Rusty Watts on Jul 20, 2008


I hadn't even realized Krillian was cut out isnt Yumcha and Tein in it? thats not right! I'm not expecting a faithful adoptation of Dragon Ball but hopefully it will follow some what kinda of the plot of the manga/ anime so far tho I doubt red ribbon army and emperor Pilaf but maybe the strongest under the heavens tournament to face Piccolo for the last time (best battle in Dragon Ball) I don't know how they plan to do the fight things which is my real worry if they do it like matrix I'm alright but if they try to do it like all those old kung-fu movies (which are great in their time but in todays time you can do better you should do better). As soon as talk about a live action movie began everyone had to of known Goku's hair was going to be a problem a cgi film would've been a much better choice I like dragonball and DBZ but i won't even consider this an actual Dragonball movie just something thats using the name and characters in a different way (hey think of it as a different timeline (like future Trunks world was (while mostly the same) was different in the end)

Samuel Anderson on Jul 20, 2008


if the trailer is great my lord, GI JOE and Prince of persia look out. but thats if it looks good.

Darrin on Jul 20, 2008


Why are u trying to bash a movie that hasnt come out yet???If u disagree about something explain why so u dnt sound like an idiot.I Hate the fact that they took out krillin, he was gokus childhood best friend.But im not going to try and say that the movie is going to suck just based on pictures and posters.All im saying is that u should try to leave more inteligent comments.

Charles on Jul 21, 2008


hahaha the movie is going to suck. period. thinking otherwise is delusional. you can't live action somethin like DBZ. They couldnt even make Street Fighter work and thats easier to pull off. Butt movie.

Rusty Watts on Jul 21, 2008


I love dragonball, ive watched every possible episode and i believe that starting off at were DBZ did would of been better but like others have said im not going to judge this until i see the trailer cos as we all know it has the potential to be one of the best movies ever, it just determines on whether the directors mess it all up making it all cheesy. I reckon if they are going to do this then they should do it abit darker like matrix for an example. I dont believe that this will be a smash hit that everyone is thinking, i think thats too much of a high aim for the movie in the direction that were seeing upto now, but it will be an enjoyment to everyone who loves dragonball

CJ on Jul 21, 2008


Goku should be depicted as a more muscularly defined character, not a twig. I feel bad saying it cuz i'm sure Justin is a great actor... just not the way i pictured it. Only time will tell what the end result will be like - i'll be optimistic...

BinYe East on Jul 21, 2008


It's amazing how much everyone if ripping this movie apart! Well, first off, we need a live action version of this movie. An animated one has been done, several times. Now, because it is a live action movie, I think they wanted to ground it to realism somewhat, so having characters like Vegeta and Trunks who just take physics, bend it over, and show it who's boss would've been impractical (even though Vegeta is my favourite saiyan)...not to mention that the world of Dragonball "Z" is almost 300 episodes, not including movies. Try to condense that into a 2.5 hour film. Also keep in mind that we are in the new millenium, in 2008, where anything can look good if done properly. Let's see if our director can pull this off.

Grey Wolf on Jul 22, 2008


The upper part of his outfit looks great, bottom looks crap. and not to mention he need to be alittle bit more beefed up, to play even a young version of Goku.

MAjuub on Jul 22, 2008


People seem to forget that there are no successfull cross overs as of yet and i seriously doubt this will set a president. I loved the shows, still do and no way will this be anything we can as fans expect it to be. It's not about looking good either it's about story and character development. DB itself was over 100 episodes long and what do they intend to make that into? An hour and half movie. Just aint right. Hell i'll watch it for curiosity sake, but i ain't holding any hope for it as i would give it about a 1/1000000 chance that it will be anything other than shite. I was disapointed with transformers, good looking but story was lacking. Anyone recall street fighter? that was made into a manga and it was top and holywood had a shot and it was shit. All hollywood will do is make this look like a piece of shit and i can't wait to be proved right

Tosh on Jul 24, 2008

31 The script... It doesn't follow at all if this is the real one. I would assume so because it looks good.

Goku on Jul 27, 2008


The pics up to this point aren't all that great. But I can see where they're going with it. I think that they are going for something different but still along the lines of the original version. Now I love db and dbz as much as the next guy, but maybe this new spin on things will work out for the better. Look what it did to transformers.

Manny on Jul 28, 2008


@ Goku # 31 That has been confirmed by Ben Ramsey as fake =] Just letting you know buddy.. I have not lost any hopes for this movie no matter how much negative buzz has been around it... I loved the show when I was younger, but I GREW UP, unlike most of these fucking nerds who have nothing better to do than go around to every site and bash the hell out of this movie without seeing anything other than pictures.. I spend my 40 minutes of daily internet time, looking up DB news, and defending it in any way I can!

Blake B on Jul 30, 2008


@ Blake B "unlike most of these fucking nerds who have nothing better to do than go around to every site and bash the hell out of this movie without seeing anything other than pictures.. I spend my 40 minutes of daily internet time, looking up DB news, and defending it in any way I can!" ....well doesn't that make you a fucking nerd too...only NOT bashing?

Hollywood is the devil. on Jul 30, 2008


DoublePost... ...and they're leaving out Krillin and giving ol' Piccolo random abilities he didn't have.... "What are Hollywood Ruining Tactics?" FTW Alex. Street Fighter: The Movie(BLLLAAAAARRRGHHH!) The Mortal Kombats(shudder) Double Dragon(ocular hemorrhage) ^don't try to pretend like these didn't happen (even though we'd like to) If anything, DB should have been done using the same technology as Advent Children, now THAT woulda had my support. However, this movie, in all of its "puny Goku set as a high school outcast suckness", can lick my balls twice. Thrice if there's enough time.

Hollywood is still the devil. on Jul 30, 2008


Goku is the Gaurdian of the World not a highschool prom queen. That guy looks like he should be on High School Musical 4 and he's supposed to be playing possibly the most powerful hero in pop-fiction?

Caleb Yo on Jul 30, 2008


I like dragon ball but I am sure I am not a big fan of it as everyone here is. The guy in the poster looks weak. I have to say I am disappointed. But then again I don't think anyone can play goku in real life anyway. I will go see the movie because I like dragon ball but not expecting much. I wish they make a 3D anamation movie like final fantasy (if there was ever a final fantasy 3d movie) or something like that, is that call CGI or something?? I don't know. That way goku would look the same and all the fighting would be real. Maybe they made it already. But yeah I think the best they can do for dragon ball would be as 3d, not real people.

David on Jul 31, 2008


the character looks weak and his hair may not look as good as it could. but you have to remember that goku is very young in this movie. this is before Gohan or Vegeta. if they make another one they will make him look more like Goku

Gokai on Aug 7, 2008


There's a great Japanese impression of this movie in this blog article, third drawing:

mora pi on Aug 7, 2008


The way that the story line is...Is completely off from what it is supposed to be. Grandpa Gohan DID NOT ask for Goku to find master Roshi and gather the seven dragonballs... Goku's fate made all of those things happen starting when Bulma arrived at Gokus hime when he was only 10 years old, while she was searching for the dragonballs with the dragon radar..... Fates crossed between Master Roshi and Goku and bulma, because he had been carrying a dragonball around his neck as a pendant. The arrival of king piccolo, happened as Goku was a child, like all the other things i have said. From how the actors look, your looking into the sagas of when they were older. Fighting(and in order) Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta. Ginyu force, Zarbon, Dodoria, freeza... Mecha freeza, king cold...Android 19, Dr.gero, 16,17,18. then cell. Btw who has the casting of his son gohan? As kid and teen???? If we continue the fights from there... Dabura, Majin Buu, Super Buu, Kidd Buu.. ....Im completely unsatisfied with the way the script was made, and the fact that you can't make a live action movie out of something so good as a series. It completely ruins a good thing.... Keep it An anime and thats that... You just can not depict the entire life of Goku in such a short movie. Almost forgot. Chi chi barely even fights in the series. All she does is worry about Gohan in the fights.

Alec on Aug 9, 2008


he looks like a kid playing dress up

mike on Aug 15, 2008


i have read the script to the movie already. it is great. if you want the link send me a e mail and

Gokai on Aug 18, 2008


Is that the right symbol?

George on Oct 25, 2008


I'm sorry but cosplayers can knock up just as good a costume without the stupidly high budget and as a hobby not a job, so it's gonna take more than this to convince me that Fox isn't gonna seriously screw this up for the fans. The way I believe directors should think when starting the movie is: Can a fan take someone who knows nothing about the series, or who wrote it off as crap when they were younger, to the movie; explain a little about it while in the queue/on the way to the cinema and at the end come out with their head held high and with the only criticisms being about the actors etc not the story or the way it was produced. If this is true, continue on; otherwise please think again because if it wasn't for the fans, it wouldn't have been chosen to be made into a live action film; and therefore it's to them that you are primarily accountable to, not your boses, and definitely not the civillian masses.

Philbo on Oct 28, 2008


Guys, I hate to say it, but I saw the trailer. I'm a big fan of the series, but it looks fucking horrible. Seriously. It's not just goku's Hair, all the other characters look like shit. it looks like it was made with an insanely low-budget. seriously, a group of drunk AND high high-schoolers could have done a better fucking job. I, as a fan, was actually repulsed and insulted by the shittyness of the trailer. Until it ended and I came back to reality, I thought the first few seconds were so fucking horrible, it killed me, and for the remainder of the trailer, I believed I was being put through the lowest and most horrific level of hell.

Pissedfan on Jan 12, 2009


This movie and happily following in the footsteps of that Double Dragon "movie". Behold and rage vomit in your lap: Craaaaaptastic. This movie is so bad, it makes you wanna stick hot safety pins in a kitten's eyes slowly. I'm sure DB will evoke the same feelings.

Rusty Watts on Jan 12, 2009


I just watched the trailer. Seriously, not going to be watching this even just to see what its like. Did that with street fighter and i came away ten points lower on my IQ due to the brain damage suffered by going WTF for over an hour and half, and i'm not doing it again.

Tosh on Jan 13, 2009


You know what grinds my gears the idea of the movie being made was awesome, but the person who plays the character sucked, the DragonBalls looked liked there actual magical testicals they're suppose to be huge, plus the hair looks so ridiculous it is not even close to it, thumbs up on the creatures. The show was based almost old time mixed in with the future. I have never seen anything about cars or Goku being an american man. I thought Keanu Reeves or Jet Li would have done great with the movie, and they both have great head of hair for it, and yeah the hair suppose to be black to blonde when he updrades, not brown, yeah the height might be off, but they never mention anything about height, not from what i know. All i know is that they should have thought this through before making it even though it was though of in 2004 or 2005.

Samuel Bonilla on Jun 22, 2009


lol looks horrid, who the fuck would wanna see roundeye's turning whats good about a popular anime into pure shit?

jason on Jul 14, 2009


They fucked up every asian stuff based off game and cartoon shows, it is best to just keep track of everything they do and do it right it is like they pulled this one out of their asses.

Samuel Bonilla on Jul 14, 2009

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