Zack Snyder Reveals Story Details for 300 Sequel

October 2, 2008
Source: IESB

Dilios in 300

Back in June we confirmed that Warner Brothers was looking to develop a sequel to 300. At first, this seemed like a terrible idea, but with more updates on the project, it doesn't sound so bad. IESB talked with Zack Snyder earlier tonight and got an update on their plans. Snyder revealed that Frank Miller is actually planning to write another graphic novel that would take place between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea (that was at the very end of 300). So it's actually not really a sequel or a prequel, but a combination that would seemingly be focused on the character of Dilios, played by David Wenham in 300.

When asked whether he might be interested in directing, Snyder answered that he definitely would, only on the condition that the graphic novel be completed separately from the movie. He wants Frank to finish that comic before they even start on a script. Snyder won't have any input into the graphic novel and wants it to be Frank's own creation. In regards to the story, as explained, there is quite a bit of time between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea. If you recall, Dilios is retelling the story of King Leonidas at the end of 300 to a new battalion of Spartans. That battle that they're about to fight is the Battle of Plataea.

My guess is that everyone only thought about the idea of a direct sequel to 300, which would be like making a sequel to Titanic - obviously that makes no sense. However, there are quite a few stories around the time of the Battle of Thermopylae that can still be told. And obviously there are numerous battles as well. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wanted to see Dilios lead those 10,000 Spartans in the fight against the Persians at the end of 300. And with both Zack Snyder and Frank Miller involved, I'm not worried at all. In the end it'll be much less of a sequel and much more of a different story set in that same time.

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Awesome, I loved 300 and I cannot wait for this one to come out. Although I have to be honest I never thought 300 lent itself to a sequel (or whatever this will be called).

Kaiser on Oct 2, 2008


A 300 sequel??!!! Awesome.

Film-Book dot Com on Oct 2, 2008


Dilios and a 10,000 strong Spartan army is a great idea for sequel (or semi-sequel).

Film-Book dot Com on Oct 2, 2008


A rather useless sequel.

Man on Oct 2, 2008


WOW!? When I first heard this... I thought absolutely not, what a terrible idea. I hate it when they make a sequel/prequel to an excellent movie. They usually suck and somehow ruin the original. Plus it's usually not the original director or cast, which (in my opinion) somehow takes away from the movie. However... after reading the above, this sounds like it could be very promising. As long as Zack and Frank do it. Can't wait to hear more...

K on Oct 2, 2008


As long as they call it 10,000.

IK on Oct 2, 2008


LMAO @ #6.

ZzFDKzZ on Oct 2, 2008


The MOVIE 300 strayed away from real historical facts, but the graphic novel nearly nailed it. The real story goes that King Leonidas was one of the first that fell in the last skirmish and while his men tried to protect his body from being stolen, they retreated to a little mound/hill thing and were all brought down in a hail of arrows. The next movie doesn't have to follow every fact (when has any movie?), but the basic storyline and the message that was told in The Histories will definitely be present.

Rob on Oct 2, 2008


We'll all really miss Gerard Butler to be sure, but this will rock. Bring on the Frank Miller!!

vegeta on Oct 2, 2008


300 was based on real historical facts. My worry is that the sequel/prequel/younameit is going to cross the line between fact and fiction

Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis on Oct 2, 2008


The movie 300 wasnt trying to be accurate by history it was trying to be accurate by the graphic novel which is one of the first movies to do it perfectly. If Snyder had tried to make a true portrayal it wouldnt of been nearly as epic or as just plain cool. I thought about a sequel after I walked outta the theater at 300, As long as theres spartans there can be a sequel.

Cody on Oct 2, 2008



dre on Oct 2, 2008


Um, a sequel to 300 makes a hell of alot more sense then a titanic sequel. I mean, did you even think about it before you typed that? FFS! Titantic = ship sinks game over. 300 = Um, the war isn't over yet champ. I dont know a single person sitting in that theatre that did NOT want to see the battle of Platea after seeing all those Spartans lined up.

Vader on Oct 2, 2008


Hey Rob, nobody fucking cares, we all know ok, moron!

Alec Baldwin on Oct 2, 2008


...and #6, you're a moron too!!

Alec Baldwin on Oct 2, 2008


As long as they keep to the historical facts, and introduce me to the movie as a cameo.. im game

Bruce Lee on Oct 2, 2008


I don't know that would be like trying to make a sequel to Braveheart, like following Robert de Brus and Emish and all those guys into more battles and more history, yeah they could but why? The most important story was just told, the inspiration, the heart. Also there's no way that David Wenham can fill Gerald Butlers shoes, NO WAY. I just have a hard time accepting that they wanna make sequels to movies like this, movies that are made to stand as classiscs, that would to me like deciding to make a sequel to Braveheart or Goodfellas or yeah Titanic, why on earth would you want to taint the way you felt watching tho movies, those visual, those soundtracks in your mind, with more, maybe not as good fodder? When I hear and see 300 music and visuals, I get a distinct feeling and emotion from it, I don't wanna risk that. If I was Zack I'd never make a sequel.

Richard on Oct 2, 2008


#12 said it best, haha. I like the sound of this. Spartans? What is your profession? Hooah! Hooah! Hooah!

Boo-Yah on Oct 2, 2008


Sequel? This is madness.

Ramez on Oct 2, 2008


Death of the intellectual property But then I guess the purpose of IPs are to propagate sequels

Jaf on Oct 2, 2008


Oh well, 300 was a garbage movie to begin with so I guess the sequel will be just the same, all style and no substance.

SlashBeast on Oct 2, 2008


i thought the goal was just style.

Red Buttons on Oct 2, 2008


are they going to call it 10000 or 300 2 cuz they both kinda sound weird

Darren on Oct 2, 2008


Does this mean that Leonidas didn't die at the end?

Valeriewriter on Oct 2, 2008


this thread turned stupid fast

Richard on Oct 2, 2008


lol agreed

Red Buttons on Oct 2, 2008


pretty much, yet stupid aside, this sounds like a great concept of a squeal, and the 10,000 spartan battle would be kick ass!!!!!

Reece on Oct 2, 2008


Shoulda gotten away from the Greeks and done the story of Gideon. It's another group of 300, would fit the title a bit better...

Matt on Oct 2, 2008


number 6 blow me number 9 blow 6 while he blows me and gag on it. I wanna see some chunky Spartan man meat thirsting for battle and laughing while being shot at.

werdnafaz on Oct 6, 2008


#29- Gay fantasize much?

The Real Alex on Oct 14, 2008


300 was the build up to the battle of platea,as in the 300 went to stall so the greek and spartans had time to build there armies up,its not the KEY story to the persian invasion,learn your history,300 is bout how few stood agaisnt many,free people stood agaisnt a tyrannt,that numbers dont mean much agaisnt terrain and good fighting skills and even before that darius setup the invasions for essentially for his son to invade,so it possible to have many prequels and many sequels but at the end of the day 300 is bout how few stood agaisnt many and almost over came the odds to win NOT the invasion of the persians

R on Jan 6, 2009


How about the March of The 10,000? Xenophon's expedition back to Greece from Persia. You've got Spartans and Persians, not to mention excellent characters.

Xenophon on Jan 14, 2009


A hollywood director, directing a sequel? Oh snap, that's all I got to say.

alekswine on Jan 22, 2009


lol i told everyone that it was called 301, they were so pissed off.

arein on Mar 2, 2009


31 - the battle of thermopylae was a stalling tactic for plataea? get the timeline right buddy. Prof. Barry Straus would argue that there was a pretty important battle in between the two, and more more closely tied to the results of thermopylae. having a key board doesnt make you a historian. studying the facts does. good luck in your research.

jeff on Mar 8, 2009


more more = much more. ha. im a historian, not an english professor. ha.

jeff on Mar 8, 2009


Of course they could call the sequel 5000 or 10000, since there were 5000 Spartans joined by 5000 other Greeks at Plataea, 10000 sounds cooler, though

Peter Stamboulis on Apr 26, 2009


would be confusing because theres already a movie named 10.000 bc 😛 but a sequel, HELL Yeah i wanna see what 5.000 spartans can do to xerxes army, look what 300 achieved @19 madness ? THIS IS SPARTAA!!!

Stefan on May 2, 2009


300 was good but fact wise was horrible for there wer 10 times 300 soldiers and i dont see how you can make a sequel from that because they wer still eventually beatn in the end

blind on May 7, 2009


blind -- you are right, sort of. In point of fact there were the 300 Spartan bodyguards of Leonidas and 7000 other Greeks at Thermopylae. It is true that Thermopylae fell but its defeat lit a fire SO great under the fledgling Greek city-states that Persia was indeed doomed. Thermopylae fell but the result was similar to the Alamo.

Peter Stamboulis on May 8, 2009


to all those fuckin historial geeks bitching about how the movie has no historical value.. who the fuck cares? this is hollywood, your not gonna get audiences sitting through 2 and a half ours of 100% historically accurate movie. that is what the history channel is for. 300 is all style thats why everyone loved it!!!

Pamela Anderson on May 10, 2009


300 rocked. 'nuff said.

gingerbetch. on May 11, 2009


I loved the first movie. And a sequel sounds awesome. However. I would prefer they left it alone. For example. Batman Begins = Pretty good. The dark knight = Lame. (( Except joker. )) Tranformers = My god... awesome. Transformers 2 = Ah jeez.... why?. Green Street = Awesome. green street 2 = God damn it. Starship troopers = Wicked. Starship troopers 2 and 3 = Arghhhhhh. POTC = My golly that was funny. POTC 2 and 3 = alright but nothing on the first one. You get my point yet? I could go on and on and on. But I also agree with #6. First one was based on true events. It would be kinda stupid if they strayed into fiction. I hate it when they do that. Lets hope they really think about this film before they make it. I mean really think. Not just make it because people WILL buy it. And I hope they keep style of 1. It was a truly awesome film. Loved Gerard Butler. I hope he at least makes a guest appearnce if set around the same time.

Karvell on Jul 4, 2009


Hey Karvell - I'm with you 100%. Ancient Greek history is fascinating stuff. Let's not belittle the Battle of Salamis - it was arguably a more significant battle than Thermopylae in the big picture. Had the Greeks been defeated there, who knows how far west and north the Persians would have gone! I can't wait to see Miller's accurate depiction of that battle on screen.

franks on Aug 1, 2009


1: They shouldn't name it "10,000", because of Xenophon's story of the 10,000 Greek mercenaries who fought in Persia, were betrayed, and had to make it out of enemy territory alive. What if they make a movie about that? What are they going to call it, "Anabasis"? lol No non-Greek or non-historian is going to watch something with that title. Leave "10,000" for Xenophon's story. 2: To the idiots who are bitching about people actually wanting a little bit of historical accuracy, lol so you guys really didn't think fucking ninjas and battle-rhinos and giant mutants were a little over the top? You prefer seeing the Spartans in speedos instead of armor? I don't think anyone's asking for a documentary, but something realistic would be nice. Look at Gladiator and Braveheart. Neither of those movies was 100% accurate, but at least it was fairly realistic. Some of you guys sound like if you'd made Gladiator, in the middle of Maximus's fight against Commodus you'd have had aliens come down and shoot everybody with lasers and blow up the Coliseum ala "Independence Day" because "dude it would be so fucking cool man!"

George on Nov 23, 2009


I think for now david wenham should lead the 10,000 spartans and in the middle or maybe at the end they should show leonidas's son growing up and leading rest of the army. I think dwayne johson who used to be known as the rock would be a perfct for the son role. 300 is one of the best movies i have ever seen they should have been clever with the movie and still kept gerard butler in the movie he played a perfect role as a leader for 300. anyways hopefully the next sequel they make of 300 wishing it turns out crazy as this one good luck to them.

Iftekar on Nov 24, 2009


"28: Shoulda gotten away from the Greeks and done the story of Gideon. It's another group of 300, would fit the title a bit better…" Because everyone wants to see an egoistic king of jews and 300 jews who scares their enemy of by smashing pots of fire...

cake on Dec 8, 2009


#22 - Red Buttons If the goal is all style then you're a sperm-eater.

SlashBeast on Jul 10, 2010

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