Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Starring in 500 Days of Summer Together

May 8, 2008
Source: Variety

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Two of my favorite actors joining a romantic comedy together - what a joyous occasion! Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will star together in an upcoming independent movie titled 500 Days of Summer for Fox Searchlight. Not much has been revealed yet: the story centers on Gordon-Levitt who falls hopelessly in love with Deschanel, a girl who doesn't believe in love. Music video director Marc Webb is making his feature film debut with a screenplay by newcomers Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber (who's only other work was on the upcoming Pink Panther 2). Shooting starts next Tuesday in Los Angeles and I'll be sure to keep my eye on this.

While there's not much to go on for the story yet, I'm intersted so far purely in Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt. I first fell in love with Zooey Deschanel in Elf, but she really became one of my favorite actresses in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as well as two yet-unreleased Sundance gems: The Good Life and The Go-Getter. Since then everything else I've seen her in she has been wonderful and I'm always on a look out for her latest work. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really blew me away in Brick and impressed me in The Lookout. I'm looking forward to his performance in G.I. Joe as Cobra Commander, too. With these two both starring, this definitely is a film to follow.

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Ugh or no ugh? Joseph Gordon-Levitt's good enough I'll see him in anything, but after "The Lookout," this just seems like a waste of time. "GI Joe" I can understand from a career standpoint, but this sounds like a romantic comedy... does Hollywood still make romantic comedies? Zooey Deschanel was really good in a few things... actually, everything I've seen her in. I forget about "Mumford." So, maybe it'll be nice. But the only Gordon-Levitt news I want to hear is Peter Parker.

Andrew Wickliffe on May 8, 2008


somebody actually included gordon-levit in their favorite actors list? hes half decent, his best role was probably angels in the outfield for me, i just dont think hes a leading actor, more of support staff. willing to see how he pulls off GI joe though deschanels great though i loved hitchhikers guide, so i guess this is somethin worth seeing, because who doesnt want 500 days of summer

harrison on May 8, 2008


I don't know...I like both but it seems like an odd pairing. Don't forget that Deschanel is also in this summer's The Happening.

Janet on May 8, 2008


Harrison you NEED to re watch Brick and The Lookout both were AWESOME performances by Gordon-Levitt. In addition I think he shined in Manic with Don Cheadle. For you to say he is a "supporting" actor is way off base! Alex, he is also one of my favorite actors and I never watched 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Napier's News on May 8, 2008


Or even better yet, watch Mysterious Skin and tell me he is not a leading actor. He is definitely one of my favorite young actors.

Zach D. on May 8, 2008


This appears to be a very interesting film, and it's something that Gordon-Levitt is about due for.. a romantic comedy! Many of you probably didn't see "Manic", but an incredible performance he gave, and it seems since then he's been in all intense roles. He's one of the great up and coming actors i've seen, with Marlon Brando qualities. Deschanel is an interesting actress and an incredibly beautiful woman! A pairing with her and Levitt will definitely secure a movie ticket in my hands.

M. Dunn on May 8, 2008


They "BOTH" were indeed paired together in the film "Manic", and I advise you all to see it and the marvelous chemistry they shared on-screen.

M. Dunn on May 8, 2008


Yes, Brando is a good comparison. I'm not saying he'll ever be as good, but the comparisons are spot-on. I always thought 3rd Rock From the Sun was pretty funny, and he was funny in it, but I never really thought much about him after that show went off the air. I just saw Manic this week, after watching him in Brick and The Lookout. The man is an actor. A real, live actor in a mold that we rarely see.

Matt on May 9, 2008


ditto on checking out Mysterious skin, JGL is the man. just wait, he'll be on everyones list before long

theotherbluth on Jul 16, 2008

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