2009 Academy Awards Winners - Slumdog Millionaire Wins!

February 22, 2009

81st Academy Awards

The 81st Academy Awards have arrived and it's time to announce the winners of the most prestigious award in Hollywood. The ceremony is being held live at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood where host Hugh Jackman will be taking us on an Oscars journey like we've never seen before. While our own favorite film, The Dark Knight, didn't get as much Oscar love as we think it deserved, there is still a fine selection of other great nominees this year, including Slumdog Millionaire and Mickey Rourke, amongst others. The complete list of nominees below will be updated with the winners as they're announced live on the show tonight.

Slumdog Millionaire
Slumdog Millionaire
Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle - Slumdog Millionaire
Sean Penn
Sean Penn - Milk
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet - The Reader

Read on for the complete list of nominees and winners and to let us know what your thoughts are!

This will be updated throughout the night to reflect the winners. Additionally, I occasionally might add a small bit of editorial commentary beneath each category. Winners are highlighted in BOLD below.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Winner! Slumdog Millionaire

Thoughts: It deserves it, I love this movie, congratulations to Danny Boyle and everyone involved, honestly!

Winner! Danny Boyle - Slumdog Millionaire
Stephen Daldry - The Reader
Clint Eastwood - Changeling
David Fincher - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Ron Howard - Frost/Nixon

Thoughts: I loved this movie, so of course I'm glad that Danny Boyle won. He's a wonderful person as well as a fantastic director. Congrats, Mr. Boyle!

Richard Jenkins - The Visitor
Frank Langella - Frost/Nixon
Winner! Sean Penn - Milk
Brad Pitt - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Mickey Rourke - The Wrestler

Thoughts: Wow, let me be the first to say, Sean Penn deserves this! He was exceptional, and I called it, the moment I saw Milk, I said he deserves it and should get it. I love Mickey Rourke, I think he should've also got it, but I'm just as happy with Sean Penn as well. Congratulations to both of them!

Anne Hathaway - Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie - Changeling
Melissa Leo - Frozen River
Meryl Streep - Doubt
Winner! Kate Winslet - The Reader

Thoughts: Okay, Winslet isn't bad, but I wasn't impressed by her. Truthfully, I would've much rather seen Meryl Streep or Anne Hathaway win instead, because both of them really did an incredible job, whereas Winslet was just normal. I'm not a Kate Winslet fan and I'm not afraid to admit that I don't like her much, but oh well, I expected her to take this anyway. I guess maybe she does deserve it?

Josh Brolin - Milk
Robert Downey Jr. - Tropic Thunder
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Doubt
Winner! Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight
Michael Shannon - Revolutionary Road

Thoughts: Deserving in all sense of it, without question, and I'm glad he got this win! Congrats and RIP!

Amy Adams - Doubt
Winner! Penelope Cruz - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Viola Davis - Doubt
Taraji P. Henson - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Marisa Tomei - The Wrestler

Thoughts: I don't mind Penelope Cruz, but I would've preferred either of the Doubt winners instead, come on, both were so much better and so much more memorable!

Courtney Hunt - Frozen River
Mike Leigh - Happy-Go-Lucky
Martin McDonagh - In Bruges
Winner! Dustin Lance Black - Milk
Andrew Stanton & Jim Reardon - Wall-E

Thoughts: I loved Milk, and think it deserves this, but really, Wall-E, why not Wall-E?! Even my screenwriter friend thought the Wall-E script was the best one of the nominees!

Eric Roth & Robin Swicord - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
John Patrick Shanley - Doubt
Peter Morgan - Frost/Nixon
David Hare - The Reader
Winner! Simon Beaufoy - Slumdog Millionaire

Thoughts: As expected, don't have any complaints about this, since I loved Slumdog Millionaire and Beaufoy is a great writer, so he definitely deserves it!

Kung Fu Panda
Winner! Wall-E

Thoughts: Phew, I was REALLY worried this might not win, but of course, Pixar takes another one home!

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex
The Class
Winner! Departures
Waltz With Bashir

Thoughts: Wow, this might be a big upset? Everyone was expecting Waltz With Bashir, and I wanted The Class.

Winner! The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
The Duchess
Revolutionary Road

Thoughts: First big upset? How did this win over The Dark Knight? Maybe Gotham City wasn't as distinct enough as the classic look of New Orleans and so on… Oh well!

Tom Stern - Changeling
Claudio Miranda - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Wally Pfister - The Dark Knight
Chris Menges & Roger Deakins - The Reader
Winner! Anthony Dod Mantle - Slumdog Millionaire

Thoughts: This won over The Dark Knight?! Okay, it deserves it, of course, it looked great, but Wally Pfister did something that no one else has ever done and deserve it even more than anyone else nominated!

The Betrayal (Nerakhoon)
Encounters at the End of the World
The Garden
Winner! Man on Wire
Trouble the Water

Thoughts: Congrats, it was a great documentary, and it deserves it, I'm really glad it won!

The Conscience of Nhem En
The Final Inch
Winner! Smile Pinki
The Witness - From the Balcony of Room 306

Winner! La Maison en Petits Cubes
Lavatory - Lovestory
This Way Up

Auf der Strecke (On the Line)
Manon on the Asphalt
New Boy
The Pig
Winner! Spielzeugland (Toyland)

Winner! The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Iron Man

Thoughts: Alright, I'm sorry, but The Dark Knight deserved this hands down, and as great as the effects were in Benjamin Button, this is stupid to see The Dark Knight continually screwed. Come on, this is ridiculous, was the ever a moment you DIDN'T believe the VFX in The Dark Knight?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Winner! The Duchess
Revolutionary Road

Winner! The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Hellboy II: The Golden Army

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Winner! Slumdog Millionaire

Thoughts: Sure, why not? I don't really know how good or bad it was, but I remember it being kind of weird.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Winner! Slumdog Millionaire

Winner! The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Slumdog Millionaire

Alexandre Desplat - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
James Newton Howard - Defiance
Danny Elfman - Milk
Winner! A.R. Rahman - Slumdog Millionaire
Thomas Newman - Wall-E

Thoughts: I love this soundtrack and just never expected it to win! The first time I saw Slumdog, I would say I loved the soundtrack more than almost anything, but never thought it would go on to win!

"Down to Earth" from Wall-E
Winner! "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire
"O Saya" from Slumdog Millionaire

Chime in below and let us know if you're happy with these winners and what your thoughts were on the ceremony and host Hugh Jackman. And of course, congratulations to all of the winners and nominees!

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hugh jackman is pretty funny so far

jim on Feb 22, 2009


Hah never thought Id actually be entertained by the Oscars but man Hugh Jackman has been outstanding so far and the whole show has been made faster and more intimate somehow. GO Hugh !

Shige on Feb 22, 2009


steve martin and tina fey were really funny

jim on Feb 22, 2009


oscars suck!

andrew on Feb 22, 2009


transformers to win most oscars in 2010

Epic_Bot on Feb 22, 2009


Wall-E That is all.

Kolya on Feb 22, 2009


Tina Fey is hot!

Jim on Feb 22, 2009


Dark Knight didn't win because Gotham is Chicago.

Fuelbot on Feb 22, 2009


ah mayn u alreddy know whu it is yung MAYNHOLUP righ here mayn! AH MAYN!!!!!! In Bruges got robbed mayn dat movie wuz much mo thowed den milk mayn! milk wuz boring mayn In Bruges wuz de bess film uv 2008 mayn and dats includin de dark knight fo all yall clown azz hatas mayn

MAYNHOLUP! on Feb 22, 2009


hehe that scetch from Pineapple Express was funnier than the actual movie. Where the hell is Hugh ???? He did his opening scene and thats it ?? That is not a host...

Shige on Feb 22, 2009


I wish "WALL-E" had won for best original screenplay! It is so creative and vivid, with such interesting themes!!

Sonja on Feb 22, 2009


Heath made it ! Didnt like TDK but he totally deserved the Oscar

Shige on Feb 22, 2009



NeoSlyfer on Feb 22, 2009


stop with all the Button hate, just because you LOVE the shit outa TDK doesn't mean it should win everything, get over it

Josveta on Feb 22, 2009


Well, we can now safely that The Dark Knight got fucked over by the Academy. Not that it surprised anyone, I think.

Cain on Feb 22, 2009


safely say*

Cain on Feb 22, 2009


Slumdog Millionaire was a beautiful piece of cinematography. The movie wasn't weird at all. It told the story of an underdog, living in the slums of Mumbia, who makes good. He avoids the tragic life of his brother and uses life experience to make up for what he lacks in education.

Savana on Feb 22, 2009


#14 I never thought that I would actually be defending TDk but,,, who is hating Button here ?

Shige on Feb 22, 2009


I smell a few ocsers for watchmen next year but the way the dark knight it'll get screwed over

Cheater on Feb 22, 2009


The Dark Knight only won 2 oscars. it got snubbed. oh well. In our hearts, it is best picture of the year.

Jay Selis on Feb 22, 2009


No eddie vedder for best song? COME ON

Heckle on Feb 22, 2009


19 I totally agree. I read the script and it should definitely at least be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects and best Set Production

Apollo on Feb 22, 2009


and in a shocking turn of events, slumdog millionaire wins another award

Don on Feb 22, 2009


Jai Ho is good, but Down to Earth deserved to win.

Nizzle on Feb 22, 2009


Hey, DK fanatics -- a man won playing a comic book character. Shut it and be happy.

Fuelbot on Feb 22, 2009


congrats to 'mozart of madras' rahman foe his 2 oscars .............. 1st Indian to win 2 oscars

subu on Feb 22, 2009


Stop hating on Button. There were virtually no effects in TDK. Can you honestly say it deserved to win visual effects over Benjamin Button?

Fuelbot on Feb 22, 2009


I'm sorry, but I am SICK of watching Slumdog Millionaire consistently win awards that I just can't agree with. Look, Slumdog was good, I'm not saying it wasn't, but these awards are political. Hollywood would love to get a foot in the door of the GAZILLION dollar Bollywood industry, and they'll do that this year by sucking the curry dick of Slumdog millionaire. God damn it I'm pissed about this.

Icarus on Feb 22, 2009


The Oscars have become just as niche as something like the Saturns. They should just rename themselves the Biopic and Nazi Movie Awards and have done with it. I liked Slumdog Millionaire well enough, but off the top of my head I can think of half a dozen films in this past year that I liked more and thought were much better crafted. Slumdog was solid but unspectacular, and I can't understand why Hollywood is shitting itself over it.

Lady Aerin on Feb 22, 2009


ISSSSSSSSSS MAYN HOL UP , MAYN! mayn i laff at u mafuckaz actin all stressed cuz de dark knight aint win. ah mayn dat movie wuz thowed but it wunnit dat great mayn. i like burtons batman betta mayn. nolan FUCKED UP gotham city mayn which is a hard thing to do. now iss juss a str8 replicant uv new york. boring mayn! also i laff at u guyz acting stressed cuz de academy got most uv dis shit wrong. what else did yall expect? evva since million dollar baby won i wuz like mayn hol up dat movie sucked mayn!

MAYNHOLUP! on Feb 22, 2009


I know you like comic book movies, and you think spiderman should have should have won all the awards the past few years but the dark night does not deserve to win all the awards, no matter how much you want it to. There are other movies on the plate that were better put together. though i'm super glad heath won, that was deserved.

Steven on Feb 22, 2009


Glad Wall-E didn't win screenplay...In Bruges needs some love there, although too bad that didn't get it =/

Caesius on Feb 22, 2009


I can't believe Penelope Cruz won. Her performance was very average. Viola Davis was so much better in Doubt.

discojellyfish on Feb 22, 2009


Oscar Awards was a fabulous show,very entertaining and very enjoyable show.With the stage and effects as well.Winners are all deserving with their awards.Specials awards like this gives interest to all artists so they could focus more on their work and believing themselves.

Chris on Feb 22, 2009


I totally agree with you 33 I dont think Penelope Cruz deserved it

DarkPadme on Feb 22, 2009


Rourke was so cheated out of the actor award.

Caesius on Feb 22, 2009


Winslet DID deserve it, man. Not for this film, maybe - but she deserved one years ago. She's brilliant. Man, you and the guy at /Film, what the hell is this problem you guys have with her? I'm not trying to be confrontational - I just don't understand it, and would like some reasons for it for once.

Matt on Feb 22, 2009


And Slumdog wins. Game, Set, Overrated. F this.

Matt on Feb 22, 2009


Yeah. I just txt'd Alex. He preferred Streep win. I agree Streep was good but i thought Winslet was great in Reader.

Heckle on Feb 22, 2009


fuck slumdog, it didn't deserved any award except the music, the Dark Knight should have won for the cinematography. Slumdog sucks for the best film, if you have watched Salam Bombay and City of God you can say Slimdog sucks..

ker89 on Feb 22, 2009


WOW!! slumdog millionaire won..i too agree that Penelope Cruz shouldn't have won...I don't like her...she is so very average 🙁

Kaz on Feb 22, 2009


I can't believe the hate that Danny Boyle is getting from some places. I love him and think it's about bloody time he gets recognised for the amasing movies he has made. I mean 28 Days Later was so hauntingly beautiful with its scenes of a deserted London and its depiction of man kind being its own worse enemy, not the 'zombies'. Then of course there's the epic Trainspotting. He doesn't make movies to make money, he makes them because he wants to create something good. The dude has paid his dues, let him have his Oscars.

duca on Feb 22, 2009


Hears something to ponder... Would Slumdog have won all these awards if it was someone from the bad parts of L.A. or Harlem?

Rourke got screwed on Feb 22, 2009


The Dark Knight did not get "fucked up" by the Academy and most of you know it. In terms of the category Visual Effects and Cinematography, yes it should have one at least ONE of them, id probably go for Cinematography. The visual effects though for the movie it self wasnt as big or amazing to stand out; especially when most of it was filmed in real life - not cgi. But the Cinematography category would have been great if TDK won. Art Direction: Yea i can see why Curious Case got it, i mean TDK didnt really have any unique set pieces since most of the shots are filmed in recent times in Chicago whereas Curious Case was built around the 1940s--> era. I still dont get how most of you think TDK should get VFX when in reality Curious Case exceeded TDK in terms of technology and the amount of effects used. Im sorry to say this but there are way to many TDK fanboys here. And i have to laugh at all the people that actually thought TDK should have gotten Best Picture...seriously open your eyes. /rant over. My impressions of the Oscars: Im glad Sean Penn won, i was really hoping he would. I didnt like the winner for supporting actress; Cruz, I would have liked In Bruges to have won Screenplay and i love how the Documentary category is growing and expanding; love Man on Wire and hope that this category is more popular in the future! And am i the only one that didnt like Curious Case of Benjamin Button that much? Probably my least favorite choice for Best Picture.

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 22, 2009


MILK was a bad choice !!!

RON BURGUNDY on Feb 22, 2009


I most certainly thought Rourke was going to win. 🙁

Spider on Feb 22, 2009


#45 best visual effects is not a cgi award, cgi is not the only kind of visual effects there are, it includes things like the truck being flipped over or buildings being blown up in the dark knight...if you take that into consideration, dark knight's visual effects were much more impressive because they accomplished them without the help of cgi

jh on Feb 22, 2009


#48 : Your right best visual effects is not just a cgi award, but honestly a lot of the films nominated are based a lot on cgi. Yes TDK did have scenes like trucks flipping over and such, but your comparing that to a film that re-created 1940s New Orleans (even if most of it was cgi) -- which makes it edge over TDK that much more. Those scenes with trucks and explosions from TDK would have been things that would more likely fall in the Cinematography category.

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 22, 2009


your screenwriter friend was a cloud i hear them too

twispious on Feb 22, 2009


#49: I give more credit to the crew who can do these amazing scenes practically than I do someone who is sitting in front of a computer screen clicking and typing away. But I agree with you that Button deserved this award; mostly because the cgi was pivotal to the success of the movie, and i do believe they pulled it off nicely.

joe on Feb 22, 2009


#51 : Sorry if i gave the wrong interpretation, but if you ever see any of my posts here on the site, you can see that i acknowledge the crew of so many films more so than the actors in them. For example like the recent behind the scenes footage for transformers 2. I was just justifying my view on the selection of that certain category, i wasnt trying to bad mouth anyone. I was just stating how the VFX category is based upon and how cgi plays a much more important role in that now so than before. Sorry if my posts were misleading...

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 22, 2009


I guess now is as good a time as ever to do this: I am officially announcing my run to the 2010 Oscars! I'm currently shooting a sequel to 2008's biggest hit, The Love Guru. America asked for it, and I'm gonna give it to 'em. The film, officially titled The Love Guru 2: Gurus On Patrol, is due out later this year. During my acceptance speech for winning Best Director, I plan to thank every woman I've ever slept with. As a result, ABC is lengthening the show from 3 to 10 hours. Move over Slumdog, I'm here to show the world what a true cinematic masterpiece looks like!

Chuck Norris on Feb 22, 2009


First of all, there were hardly any special effects involved in The Dark Knight. It was mostly just that one scene when he dove off the edge of the building in Hong Kong because the government there wouldn't let them film it for real. The rest of it was all REAL. All the trucks flipping and cars crashing were all REAL. Of course Benjamin Button won, the special effects were used throughout the entire movie and were outstanding. There wasn't one scene where it looked fake, which is why the movie was so involving.

sean on Feb 22, 2009


Alright, I just need to say this since no one has mentioned it. Hellboy II, for all its faults, SHOULD have won for makeup design. Some old age stipple with digital makeovers does not compare to the countless full body prosthetic makeup applications seen in Hellboy II. Of all the upsets in this years award ceremony, this is the one that really stuck with me - as a makeup artist I just couldn't believe Button won for some basic age makeup over the insane creature FX seen in Hellboy. Alright, that is the end of my little rant.

Makel on Feb 22, 2009


#55: OMG, i was thinking the same thing while i was watching the show, but just forgot to mention it, i completely agree with you 100%.

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 22, 2009


why is the only reason people give for not nominating the dark knight is that "its a comic book movie?" like its so much easier to act, direct and produce it just because its based on a comic book? yeah that makes sense. if anything, i'd say they are harder to do really well than some bollywood pic. ten years from now tdk will still stand tall and the joker will be one of the most memorable villains of all time. slumdog, like crash will be forgotten. also, are a fucking idiot. i hope someone curb stomps you.

Johnny on Feb 22, 2009


I was so thinking "oh no, there comes the fanboy-rage!" when TDK didn't win the awards where it was nominated for. Get over your "TDK is the best ever" -phase guys; "it's not". Really happy that Rourke didn't win! GO SEAN PENN! He deserved it totally! All the main prizes went to good choices. Even if I would have liked to see Hathaway win. Only let down was the foreign movie award.. Waltz with Bashir and The Class were GREAT movies. I haven't seen Okuribito (Departures), but I just cant see it to be on the same level as those two. Really interested to see it now... But wonder how long I have to wait for it to come the big screen/DVD. Other comments about the gala.. I liked how the dude from the Man on Wire came on stage and showed off a bit! Was a great documentary and it totally deserved the oscar (unlike that damn arnold wannabe werner). I was also a bit sad not to hear M.I.A.'s part of the "O Saya" -song. And where's Jack Nicholson??? The show was a bit different to the last years, but overall it was good i think. They had some good ideas and some not so good ones. Hugh Jackman wasn't bad, but he wasn't on the screen that much anyways to be honest. The new way to present the acting awards was nice in my opinion (even if the commentators in Finland said that it was the worst part of the "new formula"). THANK YOU HOLLYWOOD FOR THIS FUN EVENING (NIGHT, ended at 7am local time)!

max on Feb 22, 2009


Wall-E should have won Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. That's a damn crime. Was glad to see Heath win, of course. Art Direction and Visual Effects should have went to TDK. Fuck Benjamin Button.

Shane on Feb 22, 2009


Oh, and damn glad about Boyle and Slumdog winning big. Boyle is one of the finest directors of our time. I'm waiting for 28 Months Later, sir!

Shane on Feb 22, 2009


slumdog is good as it is seen only as a movie...truth is twisted...india do has poverty but it doesnot have only poverty...May be they should show good things in the sequel of slumdog...

vivek on Feb 22, 2009


bill maher is an ignorant son of a bitch huh? way to be inconsiderate after the heath ledger moment and then self promote his horrible documentary the whole way through. he's never coming back. hugh jackman shouldve wolverined his ass. speaking of which his musical numbers were great. wouldve been funny to see wolverine claws come out at the end of the first one lol. go slumdog! and yes hellboy shouldve beaten benjamin hands down. part of me says milk awards were "political wins" due to the recent controversy BUT i have not seen it and Sean Penn is a great actor and i'm sure he did an amazing job. Amy Adams got robbed.

drew on Feb 22, 2009


TDK should have won visual effects hands down. And Wall-E should have won original screenplay, I mean Milk is based on actual events, it would be different if they came up with the story. Not that I think milk was bad it was great. Oh well.

Chad on Feb 23, 2009


You Dark Knight fanboys are ridiculous. Benjamin Button deserved that Oscar for Best Art Direction. The film contained roughly 1200 special effects shot whereas The Dark Knight contained only around 650 and many of those were simple rig removals. I'm not trying to downplay Nolan's accomplishments; I think he and his team did a wonderful job and the fact that he's more of an old-school filmmaker (prefers large scale miniatures over cgi) is very admirable. However, the complex digital effects shots that were used in Benjamin Button are nothing short of amazing.

John on Feb 23, 2009


The Dark Knight should have won more... >:[

John on Feb 23, 2009


Jackman weak, not quick at improvisation ... ridiculous sitting on Langella's lap ... a dignified actor whose performance deserved better than 2nd rate actor diminishing his dignity. At least, in light of loss, let him keep that. Jackman's not up to the job. Neither am I a fan of Cruz or Winslett. Why? They lack ability to project passion of artistry. Their faces are always the same -- and the gaze. Look to Streep ... and younger actresses who have that 'burning' something. Even Winslett's interviews are dull. Penn, one of great actors of his generation. Rourke's punched mug won him nomination -- essentially sentimental. Penn turned himself INTO Milk. Without makeup. Slumdog, yes. Hands-on favorite due to lighting, cinematography, score, endearing Dev Patel, authentic truth at heart of story. MILK could not have won best pic because it wasn't about directing -- but Penn's performance. I esp. liked tribute to writers with typewriter writing, and readers reading fragment of script. Yay, credits to creative teams. Agree with makeup artist. We've seen plenty of aging makeup. Nothing amazing here. I read Ledger did his own face with LITTLE makeup. He should have won, if only for that alone. Doubt was regrettably, too 'told' ... not best star turns exc. for supporting actress. Love Marissa -- but nothing exceeds a role like the scene with Pesci that won her, deservedly. WHY, oh, why, Cruz ... (and all the interchangeables, accents or not.) Reader won for the unusual script. Didn't you find it slow? And, thinner Winslett no more sensual. Haven't seen most of the others so can't comment -- except for Wall-E. I'm one of the ones who thought it could have been MUCH MUCH better. Or, what it was, but not so celebrated. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Sandra Stone on Feb 23, 2009


I was a little confused. Did Bill Maher actually say "They didn't deserve to win for that" after the acceptance speech for Man on Wire? Wow. Talk about a pompous arse.

DarkRaven18599 on Feb 23, 2009


For those who might be wondering my overall reaction, I actually really enjoyed the whole Oscar ceremony this year. It got off to a great start, loved Jackman's musical numbers and everything, really enjoyed the new format and so on. Though Jackman started disappearing halfway through and only showed up occasionally by the end. Anyway, I still thought he was a fantastic host. As for the winners, I really think Slumdog Millionaire deserved it and I'm glad that I was there from the start. I even think Sean Penn deserved an Oscar, though I wish Rourke and Penn could've won, because I wanted them both to be honored! The only really winner I didn't like was Kate Winslet, but that's just because of her current Hollywood popularity, even though I thought she wasn't that great in The Reader. Overall, a solid list of winners, but nothing that's going to go down in history.

Alex Billington on Feb 23, 2009


well done brits(slumdog millionaire,danny boyle & kate winslet)well done sean penn(your a fucking great actor.)heath ledger(best joker ever,great in the dark knight).best make up should of gone to the underated hellboy 2 & best visual effects iron man (it's fucking bullshit.)

zetsu on Feb 23, 2009


hahaha #30... speak fucking English please because I'm sure you had some sort of point to make but "me no speaky dip shit" *thumbs up* So after i the Oscars i went to a "thank god Micky Rourke didn't win party"... and now I'm Tanked! =D God I'm so happy he didn't win! IMA TAKE ANOTHER SHOT! HOO HAA!

RoarSaysAlex on Feb 23, 2009


"a solid list of winners, but nothing that's going to go down in history." Wait...Heath Ledger becoming the first posthumous actor to win the award of "Best Supporting Actor" wont go down in history?

DoomCanoe on Feb 23, 2009


You know, Alex, with the way you talk about TDK in your between-awards comments, I would think that it's the only movie worth paying my hard-earned cash to see this year and is perfect in every conceivable way. It's far from it of course.

RC on Feb 23, 2009


And we aaaaaaall watched as the Academy sucks the curry flavored balls of Slumdog millionaire. I'm FINE with DBoyle winning director, you know what, even for best film (considering the other four films) but cinematography? Sound editing?! Jai Ho?!?! Does anyone else find it interesting that Slumdog won all but one of it's nominations? Let's just start putting dance numbers at the end of comic book movies and we'll see if that helps people appreciate them. Hands down, best line of the night goes to Will Smith, "don't get me wrong, I just like doing movies with car chases, explosions, and... What's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, FANS."

Icarus on Feb 23, 2009


#70 In slumdog millionaire the end dance was a tribute to bollywood! I loved it! Even if I would have rather seen the "O Saya" win because it had M.I.A. in it, who is a great performer (even if she wasnt there 🙁 probably cos she just delivered a baby). That song from Wall-E was so basic hollywood movie crap! I loved Wall-E's score, but that song was the onlny bad thing about it. The Academy has likes to honoure "different" kinds of styles in that category for a while now with that Hustle & Flow song winning couple of years ago. Anyways Rahman totally deserved all the credit for the whole soundtrack of Slumdog millionaire!

max on Feb 23, 2009


#68 What does being there from the start have to do with anything? Oh, wait.. I guess you're saying you liked it from the beginning, or knew about it before alot of other people did, or something, and you want some credit for it. It's people like you that make other people hate movies like Slumdog...

Randall on Feb 23, 2009


at the end of the show, they displayed short clips of upcoming movies for 2009 ... why wasnt watchmen in the list?

goliad on Feb 23, 2009


#66 On contrary I thought Hugh was great here, even more so I think he got too little stage time if you compare to the previous hosts.

Shige on Feb 23, 2009


Why wassn't Waltz With Beshir nominated as best animated movie? That's retarded!

The Awsome Norwegian Dude With Sunglasses on Feb 23, 2009


#71 - Oh right, good point... But oddly enough, that's not what anyone is even talking about at this point? Everyone is talking about everything ELSE that happened... But yes, that will be one award that goes down in history.

Alex Billington on Feb 23, 2009


#59: Benjamin Button's visual effects were groundbreaking and revolutionary. They were quite possibly the best visual effects I've ever seen in a movie. The Dark Knight definitely deserved the nomination, but Benjamin Button deserved the award. I would have liked to have seen more of Button, Langella, and Streep, but I'm okay with the results. Except for Best Original Song. "Down to Earth" should have won for that one.

deltavoyage on Feb 23, 2009


I cannot help but feel let down by the Academy this year. This is almost as bad as the year that Titanic took every Oscar from L.A. Confidential ... or the year that Shakespeare in Love swept it. Slumdog to me was average, but Milk, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Reader, all had one thing that that film did not have for me ... and that would be emotional impact! By the end of Slumdog I did not shed a single tear and almost became bored figuring that it would have a happy bollywood ending. Also, like I said on the Sean Penn post, really glad that he won it, but I really wanted to see Rourke win. But since 90 percent of the industry hates him I should have realized he didnt stand a chance.

Betterchill on Feb 23, 2009


Heath Ledger - well deserved Dustin Lance Black- the sincerest speech i have seen Sean Penn- YEAH!!!!!!! i had him as my pick as soon as i saw wrestler after i had already seen milk Kate- love her hate Reader but Meryl will be back for 2009-2010 Julie & Julia PEnelope- gorgeous but unworthy. it had to be Amy Adams ( i am sweet on her ) Danny Boyle - perhaps deservedly so... he is ever so humble i loved Jackman... especially when he ends it with i am WOLVERINE!!! AWESOME... loved the past 5 winners announcing the names... nice attempt ... better prep the oldies a bit more... i loved how the presenters poked fun at the oscars... Will Smith coming up on the DARK KNIGHT score... that is some poetic irony... you can recognise that soundtrack anywhere... well i love A R Rehman ( not Rockhman as Zac and keys pronounced it... its not a hewbrew name) next year's predictions Hilary Swank - Amelia

viral on Feb 23, 2009


I've gotta say I only think Penn won because of politics. Same with some of Slumdog's wins.

S on Feb 23, 2009


Ben Button>Slumdog. I liked both but BB should have won it.

Dude on Feb 23, 2009


I am absolutely in love with Kate Winslet. Always have been (since "Heavenly Creatures") always will be. She is the deepest, most beautiful person I have never met.

Jimbo on Feb 23, 2009


TDK got SCREWED! Fuck the oscars and everyone in the academy!

Shane Black on Feb 23, 2009


Only Sound Editing and Supporting Actor! They have lost thier respect end of story and aside from that Slumdog DID NOT outdo The Dark Knight (I will not watch R movies for good reason if you have a problem with that check Slumdog is a love conquers all with people being beaten (not in the name of law) for money and sex. Love story should not have beaten it for Best Picture. How did it NOT win Art Dirctor ,Cinematography, Film Editing, or Visual Effects even Sound Mixing! Seroisly they must be paid for who they chose becuase The Dark Knight is second only to Titanic in feat! Curse at me if you like or disagree the facts don't lie nor do the records. Titanic, The Dark Knight and Star Wars are the top movies in history since hollywood thinks it knows better how come they can't say 94% beats an average of 80% down to 60% or lower. They can't do math nor understand how little they really understand (the dirctors even know better then those who give them the award and some of those didn't deserve those awards without being against comic book adaptians). My primary reason for yelling at them is becuase "if you honor something honor something that speaks for itself not by others".

Kronis Eric Arc on Feb 23, 2009


"Titanic, The Dark Knight and Star Wars are the top movies in history" dumbest thing I have ever read in my life

Josveta on Feb 23, 2009


I guess you either haven't check the records or proving who the dumb one is, the facts or the reader.

Kronis Eric Arc on Feb 23, 2009


Ok, so you, whoever wrote this out, placed Clint Eastwood as one of the Best Director nominees and left out probably the best of all of the directors nominated, GUS VAN SANT!

markers on Feb 23, 2009


Sad because this SDM "brilliance" could actually make the World aware of what the Government in India does to it's Slumdogs.... They are HUNTED and KILLED. Say if Sean Penn was in the film and won for best Actor, then he would of told the World what is really happening in India. "They" all missed a perfect venue to gain attention to this slaughter.

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Feb 23, 2009


"Winslet was just normal"... Are you kidding me? How can playing an illiterate nazi camp guard who has a relationship with a 15yo be 'just normal'? It was a very difficult role and she was superb. Clint Eastwood was not nominated for Best Director (as #90 mentions) Benjamin Button winning Art Direction was not an upset, in fact it was the favourite - as you might know if you did some research before hand. I think you'll find it won because the film spans 70 odd years and half a dozen cities. Also Heath Ledger wasn't the first actor to win posthumously. That would be Peter Finch, another Australian actor who won for Network.

Joel on Feb 23, 2009


These were my thoughts about the whole hullabaloo- I thought Slumdog truly deserved every award it got nominated for, and won. It is an amazing movie, and anyone who hasn't seen it should. For A.R. Rahman to win as well was a great accomplishment for India, because now everyone can realize how great he is. Dark Knight- It won one, but I thought it was an amazing movie as well. The direction and plot both were fantastic, and I'm glad they won something. Heath's performance was breath taking, and although it was a bittersweet moment in the Kodak, his award couldn't have been awarded to anyone else. Benjamin Button...though I know I'm going to probably get some rants for this- I didn't think it was that good. I haven't seen the entire length of it, but from what I've seen, I found it a little boring. I could be wrong, but maybe it's just because I don't like Brad Pitt. Kate Winslet was phenomenal, and I'm so happy for her that she won. She seems like one of the few that are genuine, and I'm not very surprised that she won over Meryl. Hugh was amazing, as usual. The 81st Oscar Awards were probably the best I've seen. Will Smith should host next year. He was good during the action bit.

Jan on Feb 23, 2009


Slumdog Millionaire was City of God set in India and selling out to the point where it wasn't even in the native language. I've seen some pretty awful Indian "bollywood" flicks (where instead of car chases/gunfights its just alot of prop-laden dancing) but just because one guy had the idea that "hey, maybe we don't dance and instead focus on plot" doesn't make it a goddamn oscar worthy achievement. I can't think of any other script that had such a contrived, happy-go-lucky band-aid slapped over it and yet still won an academy award. Maybe if the guy hadn't have won the game show at the end but still got the girl it would atleast have been kind of artistic or bittersweet victory but not only does he win but the whole fuckin idea is that he was destined to? Screw that shit, I'm sure all of the actual oppressed Muslims of India would love to pull that shit off instead of having their heads caved in due to class-based hatred. Those moments of social awareness, those scenes that brought the American public to attention that there is a world beyond Iraq or Afghanistan over on that side of the globe, that was the achievement, but it would've been much better suited as a documentary and not a hokey, predictable love story. Milk or the Wrestler should have won, hands down.

El Conquistador on Feb 23, 2009


##88 funny, I thought it was #30's post

L on Feb 23, 2009


#94- Isn't a love story what most bollywood flicks are about in the first place? I mean, they had to capture some of the essence of a typical bollywood movie, don't you think?

Jan on Feb 23, 2009


dude i was expecting iron man to win visual effects. that suit was insane.

Darrin on Feb 23, 2009


favorite moments:1.steve martin to tina fey:"dont u fall in love with me" 2.james franco announces a german documentary film totally absurd way and den laughs on stage.....rude but hillarious 3.heath ledgers sisters acceptance speech best quote:A.R Rahman "All my life,i had a choice to chose either love or hate.i chose love and i am here" most deserving winners:1.heath ledger 2.danny boyle 3.A.R Rahman 4.Wall-E least deserving 1.PENELope cruz(amy adams is so under estimated...she is not just a princess and little good miss sunshine,she can do great roles too) 2.kate winslet(i prefered anne above...same reason) 3.slumdog millionaire winning everything:its good but not great....directing is fine!but best picture....u kidding me??its just like forrest gump:over-rated.ah!i pity the dark knight...seems making da most sucessful film of da decade is just not enough to get u a nomination for best picture.

monk on Feb 24, 2009


#87: "Titanic, The Dark Knight and Star Wars are the top movies in history" dis is da crappiest thing i have ever heard!

monk on Feb 24, 2009


Sad to be reminded that Dark Knight didn't even make the best pic list. But at least Heath's preformance won it some hardware.

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 24, 2009


#99, #87 didn't you get #87 is mainly pointing out where they stand in thier accomplishment, and with facts backing up words, what don't you get. It was made more the apparent that Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are mainly relatively similare to past movies such as Forest Gump. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button playes out the way Forest Gump did in many aspect: Guy loves Girl and is willing to go any lengths for her, travels throughout America during a set time peroid, uses his disadvantage to help him, falls in love with her even though he only get to hang onto her for so long, and finally time wins. Slumdog Millionare has allot in comes with the love story but its those he gets her in the end and the reward. He also has many trials along the way about where he lives and what he does about it. It also is about foreign relations considering the location and story. This was a classic excuse to save love conquers all which we have had movies like this since cinima began. Sci-fi, graphic novel, fantasy and even anything requiring imagination for the watcher has been insulted, kicked when its down (Hugh Jackman's opening mockery considering Austraila didn't win anything) and unappreciated (E.T. didn't get it hard won respect). And believe it or not ONLY AND ONLY Titanic has been given best picture while breaking the record book. Rigged, December and January movies win out becuase thats when the voting for Oscars begin. The Oscars are scarred that since books can be more powerful then movies from scratch or based off actual events.

Kroe on Feb 24, 2009


out standing direction we can see in slum D.,huge canvas,and how the story turns around is amazing..!!

Arun D on Feb 24, 2009


Let me get this straight, many of you who watched Slumdog Millionare think is deserves everthing at the Oscars as well as The Curious Case of Benjiman Button which by story are both love stories inside and out while The Dark Knight got 8 nominations but only recieved two and you think that accurate and fair? If you hadn't noticed Slumdog was R for violence, and language and The Reader for sexuality and nudity, Milk for the same as well as language and The Curious Case of Benjiman Button for sexuality, and language. To top things all the ones that won for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Original Screenplay, Adapted Screenplay, Art Director, Cinematography, Film Editing, Make-Up, Visual Effects, Sound Mixing, and Original Song ALL came out in December to early January and not one broke a record, only one was PG-13, had either sexuality or language largly responsible for its rating and had a love theme to ALL of them. We all knew Heath Ledger deserved Supporting Actor without a doubt but he was NOT the whole movie, in fact Christen Bale had more screen time then him and he had only a fraction of the dialogue. Further more it was the only movie of the entire year to break any records at all, as well as having two actors who won Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (Micheal Caine and Morgan Freeman) both whom appeared in the movie playing thier roles perfectly. Also The Dark Knight had no sexualty (two kiss scenes thats it), little language (only 3 flat out heard curse words), and had no graphic violence (only 3 barely bloody scenes at all, Dent in Hospital, Bruce with bloody arm, and blood on copycats face). A real action movie without the extra baggage that ruins movies more then (should) help them. It also has a love triangle (Bruce, Dawes, Dent) that is very important for the story. The Dark Knight is more likely (and plausable) then The Curious Case of Benjiman Button, and Slumdog Millionare. Got a problem with what I have to say then make the movie of the decade and have it NOT win any Oscars while getting nominated 8 times. Then come rant at me.

Kore on Feb 25, 2009


Overall GPA : A- for the 81st Academy Awards! Hugh Jackman was very entertaining as a Broadway song-and-dance man. Seemed as if the glitz and glamore of the golden-era of motion picture musicals were making a come-back in a "not ready for prime time" soft-shoe, gleefully prancing to the beat of a jazzed-up onstage orchestra. The Kodak Theatre was all decked-out in a crystal proscenium, lapping up Hollywood's royalty with its long Red Carpet tongue. Being a Christopher Walken fan, I was astonished to see him as one of the "gang of five" Best-Supporting-Actor presenters. Great to see that this "sixty-something" ex-hoofer is still a viable commodity in LALA Land, knowing very well that he is highly respected by his fellow actors. Yet, Walken wouldn't be Walken if he did not surprise us with an outlandish HAIR-DO!--growing it out (more than likely) for his next role. His askewed bow-tie added just enough eclectic kilter to his whole stately attire that he gave another infamous, scene-stealing monologue by default. Though his actual "speech" was brief, he needed no words. His 100 yard stare said it ALL!

Walkenophilewit on Feb 25, 2009


This was one of the best Oscars ever, not only was Hugh Jackman hilarious and very creative, but the fast running of the show kept away any boring parts! I liked that top actors and actresses gave more than one award away but the best was 5 actors coming out and thanking each nominee for there roles for best actor/actress and best supporting, very nice touch!

Furniture Toronto on Feb 26, 2009


Since you will all know the names I go by on this site they Kore, Kroe, Kronis Eric Arc, and Kronis. Depending on how I feel about the commets I chose the name that fits my attitude. Right now I am more ticked that every person who foul mouths sounds weak. Let my get right to the point this year could have been the first time in cinema HISTORY for a comic book adapted movie to win Best Picture and possibly other artistic awards. THATS why on all my comments I am infuriated, The Dark Knight kicked every movie of the year in ONE hit. In fact this might be one of the first times a movie break ALL the records and does not win Best Picture and not only that but made two NEW records. Seriously 17 records within barely more then a month, and not only that its artistic feat that flowed perfectly with the story CANNOT be denied. Its not every decade a movie thats this clean (including action which is rare) while mataining a dark theme and story makes the record books. In fact of all the nominies for Best Picture it was the only one who was not while not having any large amount of nudity, sexuality or language. All of which actually make a movie worse NOT better. In fact most movies who have these scenes do not need them for the story or to get the point across.

Kore on Feb 27, 2009

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