2010 Golden Globe Awards Nominees - Up in the Air Leads

December 15, 2009

Golden Globe Awards

The nominations for the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, the precursor to the Academy Awards, have just been announced today. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the nominees this morning live from The Beverly Hilton. Up in the Air leads this year with six individual nominations. This is one of the first years that I nearly 100% agree with all of these nominations (normally I don't even care for them). My favorite films like Avatar and Inglourious Basterds get a lot of love, as do Up in the Air and 500 Days of Summer. There's even a Where the Wild Things nomination in here as well. Check out the full list!

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards will take place on Sunday, January 17th, 2010 at The Beverly Hilton hosted by Ricky Gervais with a live telecast airing on NBC. Read on for the full list of 2010 nominees.

The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Up in the Air

Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart
George Clooney - Up in the Air
Colin Firth - A Single Man
Morgan Freeman - Invictus
Tobey Maguire - Brothers

Emily Blunt - The Young Victoria
Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side
Helen Mirren - The Last Station
Carey Mulligan - An Education
Gabourey Sibide - Precious

500 Days of Summer
The Hangover
It's Complicated
Julie & Julia

Matt Damon - The Informant
Daniel Day Lewis - Nine
Robert Downey, Jr. - Sherlock Holmes
Joseph Gordon Levitt - 500 Days of Summer
Michael Stuhlbarg - A Serious Man

Sandra Bullock - The Proposal
Marion Cotillard - Nine
Julia Roberts - Duplicity
Meryl Streep - It's Complicated
Meryl Streep - Julie & Julia

A Prophet
Broken Embraces
The Maid
The White Ribbon

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Princess and the Frog

Matt Damon - Invictus
Woody Harrelson - The Messenger
Christopher Plummer - The Last Station
Stanley Tucci - The Lovely Bones
Christoph Waltz - Inglourious Basterds

Penelope Cruz - Nine
Vera Farmiga - Up in the Air
Anne Kendrick - Up in the Air
Mo'Nique - Precious
Julianne Moore - A Single Man

Katheryn Bigelow - The Hurt Locker
James Cameron - Avatar
Clint Eastwood - Invictus
Jason Reitman - Up in the Air
Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds

District 9
The Hurt Locker
It's Complicated
Up in the Air
Inglourious Basterds

Michael Giacchino - Up
Marvin Hamlisch - The Informant
James Horner - Avatar
Abel Krozeniowski - A Single Man
Karen O. and Carter Burwell - Where the Wild Things Are

"Cinema Italiano" - Nine
"I Want to Come Home" - Everybody's Fine
"I Will See You" - Avatar
"The Weary Kind" - Crazy Heart
"Winter" - Brothers

A taste of things to come with the Oscars? Or just another politically influenced awards show with more mainstream choices? What do you make of the 2010 Golden Globes nominations?

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Why isn't 'Moon' on the list, best movie of the year!

Robbie on Dec 15, 2009


I never understood why musicals and comedies were paired. How can you vote between The Hangover and Nine? Stupid.

branden on Dec 15, 2009


I was even more bitter when Walk the Line counted as a musical -- but this list looks solid!

JP on Dec 15, 2009


Can't say I'm too crazy about most of those movies. Where is Sam Rockwell's best actor nod?

germs on Dec 15, 2009


I have very few complaints about the nominations, and i personally always hate it when people make posts like "How come this didn't get nominated", but seriously.... How did 500 Days of Summer NOT get a screenplay nomination??

Colca on Dec 15, 2009


were is moon for best movie and best ORIGINAL SCORE and sam rockwell for best actor and why isn't viggo on the list for best actor for the road. why is nine getting noms it is very bad

sarah n on Dec 15, 2009


Aside from the snubbing of Viggo Mortensen, I am very pleased with these nominations. Glad to see Jeff Bridges wasn't overlooked for CRAZY HEART and to see DISTRICT 9 get a nomination. Colca: For whatever reason, the Golden Globes use only one screenplay category, as opposed to separate ones for original and adapted. This means they have only 5 total screenplays to pick, and something is bound to be left out. I'm sure when the Writers' Guild announces its nominations, 500 Days of Summer will not be overlooked.

Corran Horn on Dec 15, 2009


only one nomination for district 9... booo and i would think sam rockwell deserves at least a nomination for moon

Janny on Dec 15, 2009


I think Mulligan will take it but I absolutely loved Emily Blunt in Young Victoria. I was hoping Friend would get a nom too but that was more wishful thinking I suppose. Also, I haven't seen Up in the Air yet but I always thought Vera was a lead does it make sense for her to be up against Anna in the supporting category?

janet on Dec 15, 2009


I agree that Sam Rockwell is an underestimated actor in Hollywood, every movie I've seen him in has been awesome.

Nick on Dec 15, 2009


Everything Clint Eastwood touches turns to gold.

Six Three on Dec 15, 2009


The Hurt Locker for screenplay over A Serious Man? Are you serious? Just another reason why awards are Bs and I don't know why I even care.

Ken on Dec 15, 2009


As for that Hangover/Nine race, it seems odd on the same year to bring Animal House and Caberet to the 21st Century. Hopefully The Hangover will win it.

Stan on Dec 15, 2009


Where the hell is A SERIOUS MAN? What the fuck, Golden Globes?

Shane on Dec 15, 2009


Very disappointed that A SERIOUS MAN didn't make it. It's better than all the nominees in the Best Film - Musical/Comedy category. THE HANGOVER was funny but Best Film??? NINE is a turkey. Watched it at a screening last week - There's a reason why Rob Marshall wasn't nominated. It'll get a Best Picture Oscar nod solely on the strength of Harvey Weinstein's marketing muscle. I haven't seen the two Meryl Streep films as yet but I doubt they top A SERIOUS MAN. As usual, the Golden Globes nominate films with BIG STARS instead of more deserving smaller work.

Reub on Dec 15, 2009


Where in the hell are Sam Rockwell and Jeremy Renner's nominations? This is garbage.

Arthur on Dec 15, 2009


im so glad that inglourious basterds is included

samuel j on Dec 15, 2009


i enjoyed moon as much as anoyone else did,and sam rockwell was good but c'mon...the dialogue in that film was crappy at best. a sample A: I'm not the clone,you're the clone. B: Me? Why are you not the clone? For a sci-fi flick,it really felt like a severely underwritten stoner flick. and 500 days of summer was nearly chocked to death by its own overbearing quirkiness.

twispious on Dec 15, 2009


"The Hangover" for Best Picture is a joke.

TR2009 on Dec 15, 2009


....this whole list is a joke

travis on Dec 15, 2009


@20 Your mom is a joke. AVATAR will win best picture. James Cameron was once "King of the World" James Cameron now is "King of the Universe"

Mark Schafer on Dec 15, 2009


WTF?? Nine? The same Nine movie that has a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes right now? What a joke. Half of these movies/performances haven't even been released yet; Avatar, Sherlock Holmes(Robert Downey Jr. is nominated), It's Complicated, are you fu**ing kidding me? Where's Adam Sandler's best actor nod for Funny People? Why does the Academy love sucking the Coen's brothers di(ks? A Serious Man sucked, I saw it, and it wasn't funny at all, and it was supposed to be a comedy. This list is exactly why nobody takes the Golden Globes seriously.

Aaron on Dec 15, 2009


@ Aaron: I agree with your sentiments on "Nine." Undeserving is an understatement. Most, if not all movies are screened for the Golden Globes voting body as well as the critics by the second week of December before all the groups announce their awards. So, even if "Avatar," "Sherlock Holmes," and "It's Complicated" haven't been released as yet, they have already been screened. I watched "Nine," "Avatar," Sherlock Holmes and "It's Complicated" early last week. They're deserving of their nods. Sandler's movie was generally regarded as a disappointment and as much as I enjoyed his performance, there unfortunately wasn't any buzz behind the role. No comment on "A Serious Man" as I loved that film.

Reub on Dec 15, 2009


Will Hollywood stop kissing Meryl Streep's ass. She is not the Alpha and the Omega of acting.

Chris on Dec 16, 2009


#24, name another actress of her caliber and respect? And whether you like her or not, most if not all of her nominated performances have been worthy and justified.

Film Fan on Dec 16, 2009


Halle Berry Kate Winslet Judi Densh Reese Witherspoon I can go forever. A nomination for a performance as an annoying chef. Cmon now And if you honestly liked the Devil Wears Prada thats a little sad

Chris on Dec 17, 2009


So they have "Where the wild things are" and "Inglorious basterds" but not New Moon? What the heck.

Fayth on Jan 16, 2010

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