2012's Institute for Human Continuity Website Launched

February 13, 2009

2012's Institute for Human Continuity Website Launched

Sony has officially launched the viral website for The Institute for Human Continuity, which is the institute that is holding a lottery to give people a chance at survival when the apocalypse arrives in 2012. Yes, this is a big part of the viral campaign for Roland Emmerich's 2012 movie. In the teaser trailer, it asks, "How would the governments of our planet prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world?" The answer is, "They wouldn't." But the IHC website adds that, "The IHC will." Very interesting introduction. I'm impressed, this is a full-fledged campaign and I think a lot of people might believe the IHC really exists.

Head over to to check out the website. There seems to be a lot on there, including videos in the "Initiatives" section and a lot of details behind what might happen in 2012 and what the IHC is planning to do about it. If you love ARGs or viral marketing, definitely check it out.

The Institute for Human Continuity

I'm curious if this was launched a bit early, because originally 2012 was slated to hit theaters in July, but was moved to November 13th. Will this lottery last all the way through to November or was it designed to end in July with the initial release? We're not sure what the next phase of this viral will be, but it's one of the few that we're keeping a close eye on. If any of you discover anything really interesting or odd while browsing around the site, be sure to let us know. And we suggest you sign up for the lottery, too, not only to make sure you live through the 2012 apocalypse, but also to keep updated on all the latest with this viral.

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Hmm bit odd in my opinion the whole thing. The trailer wasnt that impressive, but they want to make us think its going to be true "or something".. Nice marketing anyways :/

max on Feb 13, 2009


I browsed the site a little and it was pretty interesting. If you look at the disaster scenarios section they reveal a bit of the plot.

Farris on Feb 13, 2009


Will this be like the Simpsons' episode where they will take two rockets, one to the new world and one to the Sun? Rosie your ship to the stars is here ROFLMAO

Moviegimp on Feb 13, 2009


Haters are bitchen about how can they accept this re-hash crap?

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 13, 2009


Feo loves this kinda shit! He HATES the WORLD!

feohatestheworld on Feb 13, 2009


Why wouldn't they? 2012 is not just a movie, it's a big deal and projected to big bigger than the new millennium as that was a bunch of weird nonsense from no where. This is based on history or something proven over and over and people go for that. It's religion, the other was hype.

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Feb 13, 2009


it is just a movie because there is no IHC that can save humanity and continue our existence, if 2012 is true then were fucked plain and simple.

Richard on Feb 13, 2009


This movie is a lie... The world ends when I say so.

Chuck Norris on Feb 13, 2009


I think the website is almost too clean for a science site, I reckon a scientist would build a site in something like Joomla, not flash, it needs to be more clunky, I liked the videos, they reminded me a little of videos in Lost. I used to really like Incan Mythology and also loved Cities of Gold as a kid, as well as having a lot of stoner, magic mushroom and acid consuming mates that thought everything was built by aliens, which made for fun reading, if it wasn't for those genocidal Christian fascists from Spain destroying a lot of the manuscripts and icons we could have been flying about in gold eagle airplanes and making blood sacrifices.

Crapola on Feb 15, 2009


haha chuck norris. i really hope this movie will be good

darrin on Feb 15, 2009


This is a viral site like the whole lost experience and You see more and more of this activity. The root of the problem is that much of the information systems like this are simply automated and so the whole thing becomes a giant echo chamber of information.

Teflon Bob on Feb 23, 2009



DaVe312952012 on Mar 26, 2009


It is amazing to see how some idiot is going to take full advantage of a mixture of science fact, solar flares, increased temp., financial crisis, potential of war with Iran, the release of Bio-engineer information on real micro-worm holes and time wave experiments (Dan Burisch - Project Camelot) via the Rockefeller group, Olympia Snow and others in 2007 - 2009. We are at a point that science, NASA, the ESA, China and Russia are all collaborating on projects in Antarctic labs, sharing 12,500 year old data from below the ICE using maps from Iraq from the Summarian time period. These are facts. There are also pictures on the European Space Agency Web site, Mars Express go to Page 31, Hale Crater, Zoom in and increase contrast and you will find buildings, not rock formations, buildings and my NASA friend of more than 25 years working on numerous shuttle projects also states that project paper clip not only brought scientists, but science from NAZI Germany that explain the reasoning behind creating an all Aryan race and it had nothing to do with Germans or Hitler, it was the same information that Dan Burisch is providing more than 70 years after Germany learned what would be transpiring "around the year 2012". It is not about the world ending, it is about a fundamental change in the worlds leadership that has been planned for decades. 1963 the same individuals that were part of the NAZI empire took over the classification of food and this company is named CODEX., Look up Codex because the United States which has fought these evil genious's for 40 years transition over to the United Nations food Classifications which a former head of the US food and Drug admin was fired for speaking out and warning the US population 1 year ago. This change goes into effect on December 31st 2009 at midnight. IN the government documents it states the possiblity of mass starvation from under nourishment caused by CODEX!. This Idiot is not only trying to hide the facts of reality from most of the sheep in the US and around the world by as always, turning fact into a movie and training the people how to react when fiction become reality. If you are not aware of compartmentalization then your asleep. If your not aware of the financial realities of money meaning that if all the debt in the US was paid off, their would be no money because we run a debt financial system, look it up. Look up the changes the DEMOCRATS made to Usury laws in 1978/79 as part of the war against the middle class in the US. Look up the Club of Romes web site which clearly defines the goals over the next 4 years. The last individual that said boy I thought this was friekin Real is the exact response they are looking for. Make as much money as possible as the financial system sucks the life out of the our middle class and lower classes. WE are at war in America, we are fools for cheep goods from a country that took our jobs because of Democratic policy's that sold out our middle class for the benefit of Communitarianism and Social Engineering. Enojoy the movie, maybe we won't see a wave cover the US but we are going to see the end of our way of life continue. WAKE UP!!!!

Anthony Riordan on May 23, 2009


i personally am wondering if the apocolypse is really going to happen. i really am hoping that it doesnt, i have so much to look forward to in my future and that is only 3 years away. and then i will only be 16 years old. currently, i believe it was a planned act that was said long ago, for a movie plot, but u never kno, things work in mysterious ways, so mayb we all shuld b prepared and the ones that have a negative look on this u shuld probably still keep your eyes open and b prepared, cuz out of the believers that this will happen and the ones in denile, one of us is going to b right and nobody knows who yet. 😀

Hayley on Aug 26, 2009


Hey Chuck; The world ends when GOD says it ends !!!

Sherry on Aug 27, 2009


God? God does not exist If he exists, he's a lunatic. Anyway Sony is trying to hit on dumb people like always.

chose on Sep 1, 2009


I personnally think putting a commercial like that on TV is extremely stupid. I'm not one bothered by that sort of thing usually, but i do suffer from Panic and Anxiety dissorder as do most of my familly. This commercial scared the crap out of me, and i can only imagine what it will do to others. I think it goes to far and i can't respect the fact that anyone allowed that to air. NOT IMPRESSED! At the very least, they should have put in there that it is a movie preview, not an actual Institute. REALLY STUPID!

Brad on Sep 2, 2009


This moving is probably going to suck they are spending too much money on marketing that's usualy a clue to a shity over hyped movie like SW Episode 1

Blah on Sep 3, 2009


i have alot of fear behind his i feel if this is just a movie being advertised its a cruel way of doing it. There are some people like me out there that take this to heart and real;ly are frightened of it. the not knowing has allways been there but why would they wait tell there is only two yrs left to inform us of all this but isn't some of this happening right know? isn't it happening with tsunnami in indiah the earthquakes and the typhoons in china the revolt in china, katrina in new orleans. arent these nattural dissasters? or is suppose to get worse? i don't know but i beleive there is a higher power what ever u may title the being to b is out there and i believe with all my heart that if he is such a loving god that he wouldn't destroy us and he won't allow us to destroy each other. So i hope that we are going to b ok.

jennifer on Sep 8, 2009


I have written a book on the subject of 2012. It is not necessarily if the world is going to end, it is a matter of when. It is also not a question of what will cause the end times to erupt, but rather, what can humanity as a whole due to circumvent it. If you would like to check the book out, it is entitled, "The Constellation of Omens." There is a free preview of the book and purchasing options at this website: or by visiting my website at

Deborah on Nov 2, 2009


Found a great site to watch new movies online

Anita Diamond on Dec 27, 2009

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