20th Century Fox Moving Forward on a Fantastic Four Reboot

August 31, 2009

Fantastic Four

Fox fires back. Following the surprising announcement this morning about Disney acquiring Marvel, Fox has announced that they're moving forward on rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise that director Tim Story ruined twice already. Screenwriter and producer Akiva Goldsman (Poseidon, I Am Legend, Hancock) has been hired to oversee the reboot as producer. The studio has also hired Michael Green, a co-executive producer on "Heroes" who also co-wrote the Green Lantern movie, to write the new screenplay. No word yet on exactly what they're planning to change this time around, but it will certainly be scrutinized by the fans.

This is most likely a political move by Fox because they're worried that their Marvel licenses will be running out sooner than later. And at this point, they really don't have a chance to get any new franchises (Marvel won't give them any more extensions), so I'm sure they realized today that, well, they better get these Marvel movies going now or never. Although the first Fantastic Four made $155 million and the Rise of the Silver Surfer made $132 million in 2007, I don't really know that many people who actually enjoyed them at all. I'm curious whether this means the Silver Surfer, played by Doug Jones, will be back in a big way or not?

It's unclear yet, since this news was released so early, if any of the original cast will return. My guess is that they won't - just because I think a reboot should mean a complete recasting. Additionally, Variety mentions "though the related Silver Surfer character soared in the Fantastic Four sequel, that iconic personality has remained a priority project for his own film at the studio." That sounds like he probably won't appear, which is unfortunate, since he was unquestionably the highlight of the sequel. As for Akiva Goldsman, he's actually a smart guy, I trust he'll do a good job. This also confirms the rumor from March that a reboot was coming.

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All I want is this... Sue Storm needs to be played by a beautiful white actress (not racist, just how Sue Storm should be) that can actually act please

Nate on Aug 31, 2009


They're just reshuffling deck chairs, on a sunken ship. After the way the first two FF movies turned out, the true FF comic fans won't be interested as long as the same studio is in control. Saying they're "rebooting" is already an admission that they've lost the core audience. Fox has no real chance of winning them back; they should just let it go so that Marvel can properly develop a worthwhile film.

Dave Lister, JMC on Aug 31, 2009


This is actually pretty exciting news. Aside from my quarrels against Akiva Goldsman for his Dan Brown adaptations, the man is a great writer, and a hell of a producer. But the most exciting aspect here is Michael Green's involvement. Alongside his work for Heroes, the man created and wrote most of the NBC one-season series KINGS, which only failed to find an audience because of its improper schedule. Kings is a stellar show, with great characters, incredible adaptation of one story to a more modern setting, and it is just brilliant writing. I found out he wrote the Green Lantern, and now the new Fantastic Four? I don't care what anyone says: Michael Green will do a fantastic job. No doubt.

Kenneth Van Castle on Aug 31, 2009


Make Galactus a Humanoid in a purple fucking suit that is 2000 feet tall and you have WIN

NeoSlyfer on Aug 31, 2009


I agree with #3 about Goldsman. Guy has picked the slack of late and his episodes of Fringe are always the best. Not to mention he has written some great movies in the past. Still... don't you think its a bit soon for a re-boot? The timing will mean most uninformed people will see it has a sequel with a new cast, not as a complete re-boot. I think they should concentrate on Silver Surfer and leave F4 for perhaps another 5 years.

Ben on Aug 31, 2009


Those who think the first Fantastic Four movie was bad, what do you want? A darker more serious, epically emotional masterpiece? The first Fantastic Four movie was perfect! The one with Jessica Alba, that's right! I said it! It captured exactly what the Fantastic Four was all about. The whiners out there are just disappointed that their exact expectations were met for some strange reason. I don't mind the quarrels on the 2nd Fantastic Four movie though. But if a "Fantastic Four fan" says the first one was bad... I really don't know what to say to such a fellow.

LW on Aug 31, 2009



CORNBOY on Aug 31, 2009


Ok Hollywood, you know that we, the filmgoing and PAYING public, KNOW that the word "reboot" means "remake" right? Try creating ORIGINAL material for once. Give original, creative writers a chance, because true film fans do not like REMAKES of their favorite ORIGINAL hit films. Hollywood ruins it 99% of the time. Only 2 remakes, The Thing, original 1951, remake 1982 ( 31 YEARS later), and The Fly, original 1958, remake 1986 ( 28 YEARS later) were at least as good as or better than the originals. The Thing remake was better than the original, and The Fly remake was as good as the original.

Joe on Aug 31, 2009


lol #4

Silver on Aug 31, 2009


Not true #8 look at The incredible Hulk compared to Ang Lees steaming pile of trash...that was considered a reboot.

Cody on Aug 31, 2009


just bring back chris evans

Darrin on Aug 31, 2009


I think the only person who did well in the FF movies was the Thing. Then again he couldn't really do much acting could he? I'm angry! o_o I'm sad! o_o I don't mind a reboot though. Just please make it better this time.

Sabes on Aug 31, 2009


#11.Darrin Just Bring Back Chris Evans 🙂

Nebyula on Aug 31, 2009


This movie will be shit.

Night Rider on Aug 31, 2009


If they go ahead with the reboot and COMPLETELY ASS FUCK GALACTUS AGAIN, i will personally hunt down all involved with this movie and drop kick all of them. He deserves his own movie not the lusy 20 minutes of "clouds" and 20 seconds of sillhoutette that he got. It should have been a whole film about galactus landing on Earth. Stupid Hollywood, alway fuck up the best villains. IM LOOKING AT YOU VENOM (prime example) I got nothing wrong with the cast of the 4 already, i like them all. But seriously, do it properly please!!!!!!

Matty on Aug 31, 2009


While I enjoyed both Fantastic Four movies, I admit that they could have been so much better than they were. Chris Evans was great as Johnny Storm, and Michael Chiklis was a cool Thing. But the rest of the cast really didn't fit the characters that they portrayed well, especially the Doctor Doom actor. So I look forward to a reboot. It'd be nice to see Evans and Chiklis back, but that's probably not going to happen.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Sep 1, 2009


I actually thought the casting choices were great... I just wished they had a better approach about a story line. Tim Story was not the right guy for those movies. And I thought he did a terrible job, not to say that the movies were beyond horrible. But it could of been 10 times more badass then what it was!

The_Phantom on Sep 1, 2009


i hope is alote better will i like the other 1&2 but i like2 better then 1 i hope they do it like the reboots like the hulk and punisher

daniel on Sep 1, 2009


it needs a decent cast,cgi thing,dr doom got to be fucking bad ass like magneto in the x-men films.if your going use the silver surfer & galactus do them fucking justice please.

zetsu on Sep 1, 2009


good lord....stop it with the reboots! If you can't come up with anything new or better...just quit..sheez

Mattyc on Sep 1, 2009


well, i truly hope the new movie gets the attention it will deserve. After Ang Lee's Hulk disaster, the new Incredible Hulk suffered immensley....and it was an amazing movie-no one wanted to give it a chance. I actually enjoyed the first two FF movies though i did not agree with all the casting, the rubber rock suit or the story. The only two i thought fit was Micheal Chiklis and Chris Evans. Not to say Doom isnt a good actor, just didnt fit the part. who knows....Im nervous about Disney owning the company. What happens to some of our more violent Marvel characters? Well, only time will tell .

superman2011 on Sep 1, 2009


#2 has it right. Fox has entered the land of diminishing returns. Did they see that the Incredible Hulk reboot was very well reveived by audiences and only took in $134M. Marvel can make money from that because the also sell alot of Hulk toys and merchandise around that and can fit Hulk into future movies with other characters - so $134M was a success for Marvel. Yes ,I realize when you add in international the movie made $263M, but the budget was $150M and after you add in marketing expenses you have a modest profit - so the best Fox can hope for is a modest profit, and that is only if they hit FF3 out of the park, which no one outside Fox thinks they can do. With the two previous FF movies underwhelming fans, the best Fox could hope for is about the same box-office - but that won't be worth their while. Also, if I'm Disney/Marvel, I do zero to support this movie when it comes out. FF3 would likely be competing against the Avengers slate of movies (including Thor, Cap, Iron Man #3) so if they wanted to Disney /Marvel could stop selling FF comics a year before the Fox movie, pull FF cartoons from Disney XD, stop making FF toys, and even move release dates of their other movies to steal fans from FF, etc. Because Disney/Marvel doesn't care if FF dies at the box office - they would probably want it to and do all they can to make that happen. Disney/Marvel knows they could wait 10 - 15 years and then re-launch FF then - if they feel it is needed. With all the other Pixar, Disney, Marvel movies in the queue, Disney/Marvel doesn't need the FF - but they see it has value in the long term, so if I was them I would go out of my way to be non-cooperative with Fox. Fox - you blew it by not making quality FF films in the first place. Doctor Doom is "the" villian in the Marvel Universe, when I was a kid I had nightmares about him. Doctor Doom, Magneto and Loki are the big three villians in the Marvel Universe that command a big presence and need to be played by a great actor. He was the most important actor in the series. What did you do? You based your pick on Doctor Doom on what actor would bring in the 18 - 34 female demographic, and you got the guy from Nip Tuck. You failed - and if you make a third FF movie, you will just be setting yourself up for failure again. Failure isn't the end of the world - it happens to us all, but only an idiot chooses to fail again when given the chance not to. Walk away Fox.

Matt on Sep 1, 2009


I don't think that the first two were unsalvageable, and I don't think the series necessarily needs a reboot. I think the cast CAN act, they just need to read up on some of the comics and get a better idea of characterization. If they just cleaned up their act on the third, it could be a good movie. No ridiculously awkward product shots (Dodge on the FF flyer, really?) Doom needs to be scary as hell and a real, constant threat. They gave him the same treatment they gave Lex Luthor: some meddler who stumbles or sneaks his way into power from the sidelines and is half comedy relief, half villain. Have a realistic looking Galactus emerge from the cloud, I would even settle for Ga Lac Tus from the Ultimate's universe.

The Rogue on Sep 1, 2009


The only good thing about F4 was the thing

Sean on Sep 1, 2009


ummmm I'm sorry I never realized (directed to #1) that Jessica Alba is Black or Latin, lol come on now have a better opinion look the cast was decent, there really isn't anyone that can possibly do's what would make it better.....A KICKASS SCRIPT WITH A BAD ASS DIRECTOR in my opinion, that combination if done perfectly will make the current 4 Oscar nominee' s.....a recast won't make a difference, it just be a change of face.....if you have a favorite 4 who you thought would be better, if you place them in the first 2 flix's do you actually think the 2 movies would be, it's the story, it's the vision from the director that would make the movie kickass..... Plus this will only be great news if it mentioned that MARVEL/DISNEY has taken over till then I have no hopes for it even if the director and writer are kickass.

Blue & Orange NY on Sep 1, 2009


it amazing Alex that you did not mention Akiva Goldsman also wrote Batman Forever and Batman & Robin LOL #1 so you want a beautiful white actress to play Sue Storm what happen if you get one, that does not mean the movie will be good. #8 reboot and remake means two different things

tazz on Sep 1, 2009


They rebooted Batman and that worked really well. sometimes you gotta make 2 shit movies to get the formula for 2 great movies. I think the new Hulk is better than the one with Eric Banna too. although its not the best movie ever made either.

subcelsious5g on Sep 1, 2009


#27 but this movie is still done by FOX Studio thats not good

tazz on Sep 1, 2009


fuck me - another remake/rehash/reboot I'm not saying it won't be good, but jeezus fucking kriest!!?!

bozo on Sep 1, 2009


Why do some people (or anyone really) think this is a good move?? I'd say let a sleeping dog (or in this case 2 crappy movies) lie and just try something else. Give Akiva Goldsman something better to try and save or bring up from scratch. Call the first two a loss and try again in 10-15 years, when most people will have forgotten about the 2 messes Fox tried to cram down out throats. @27...couldn't agree more!!...I just say let the embers of the fire cool waaaay down before you start another one.

Marc on Sep 1, 2009


It's too soon for a reboot (and yeah, I'm aware of the short time between Hulk movies). I also distinctly remember one of the creators of the first FF movies saying they were purposely going for a "lighter" tone with that movie, compared to the other Marvel movies. In other words, the goofy jokes and overall camp feel of the movie was intentional, reminiscent of Joel Schumaker. Because of this I was groaning about Fantastic Four before it was even released.

NadaNuff on Sep 1, 2009


What would be cool is a one-off reboot where a few of the four end up dying, maybe even all 4. There'd be no sequel, so who cares?

Greedo on Sep 1, 2009


#26 It's a good start.

Nate on Sep 1, 2009


I probably turn out like Hulk, reboot it and blow the first one away. Though I loved the first 2 just because Jessica Alba was in them.

Kris on Sep 1, 2009


I loved Johnny Storms character. And I enjoyed the F4 movies. (Better than alot of other comic to movie adaptations out there).

Magnolia Fan on Sep 1, 2009


Please, no. Just let this die. Maybe in 10-15 years, but it's still too soon and I don't know how you will make a good FF movie anyway (I was never a fan).

Ajax on Sep 1, 2009


Your articles are too damn opionated

Welbanks on Sep 1, 2009


Based on the people already involved, it will be just as bad if not worse (somehow) than the recently made versions.

dqniel on Sep 1, 2009


the rate of these remakes, reboots and remakes of reboots is insane! on one hand it weakens the franchise and pisses off fans, at the same time they remain fans even after they have parted with their $...and it follows the marvel pattern of rewriting and refreshing its own history over and over again.. I saw both of these at early matinee screenings and paid $4 a pop.. they were worth $4..cheaper than rental and on a big screen..cant complain!

rachel on Sep 1, 2009


Note to Fox: Don't fuck it up this time morons. /endnote

Quanah on Sep 1, 2009


Fox must keep making Fantastic Four since it is a condition in their agreement to hold on to the property. If they stop for any reason beyond a certain period of time, their options will expire and go back to Marvel (now Disney). The problem could be they know they cannot go forward with this "Galactus/SilverSurfer" direction they have taken... and a longer delay (to think over this major story concern) may endanger their ability to hold on to the property. So... just start over. Having said that, it is too soon for a re-boot... I doubt anybody would be interested to see it, especially if it comes within the same time gap expected of a sequel (1 or 2 years from now?). I think we should watch this space closely.. possible Fox will cancel... and the thing will lapse back to Disney if Fox realizes they will lose more by pushing out a rushed re-boot. Disney stands to win either way. They will either collect on renewals for doing nothing, or they can watch Fox burn in its own oil.. Take Fantastic Four away... and wait the true mandatory period needed between reboots (10 to 15 years) then score a home run with a Disney Fantastic Four project.

SS on Sep 1, 2009


I loved the first FF movie just got done watching it on Blu Ray and decided to look up news on the Disney/Marvel merger and now I am really feeling sick. You can't judge Fox for being so bad to Marvel, the X-Men movies, Elektra, and the Hulk were all pretty good too. I didn't really care for Silver Surfer much that movie sucked and Wolverine was kinda underwhelming. But seriously a proper sequel would be a hell of a lot more desirable than a fucking reboot.

therat on Sep 13, 2009


I forgot to say that honestly who cares what the fans think anyways, they will see it no matter how bad it is, and blog for eternity on how bad it was face it that's what we do.

therat on Sep 13, 2009


i thought 1 was a good popcorn flik 2 was just a shame was terrible and just didnt need to be made unless with better cg and better plot

max s. on Oct 15, 2009


please..make movie i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

smile on Nov 16, 2009


not kiddin

smile on Nov 16, 2009


In a Fantastic Four reboot. the costumes that Mr Fantastic Invisible Woman The Thing and The Human Torch wear should be exactly the same as the ones that they wear in the comics: blue two-piece bodysuits each one with a black collar black waistband black gloves and black boots as well as the blue 4 logo on a white cirlce with a black rim on the centre of the chest.

Peter Glass on Dec 27, 2009

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