A Fourth Installment of Underworld is Apparently Necessary

November 20, 2009


After the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale decided not to return for the third installment of even more vampire / werewolf battles in the Underworld series, I thought that it'd at least become a straight-to-DVD franchise, if not fall into oblivion. But apparently Beckinsale's replacement Rhona Mitra got the job done to the tune of $91 million internationally, so the series will continue as THR's Heat Vision announces that John Hlavin (writer for the FX series "The Shield") will take on scripting responsibilities for a fourth installment of the franchise, but neither Mitra nor Beckinsale are attached, and the project is still in need of a director.

Hlavin wouldn't give up any plot details, but he did say "I can tell you it's not a prequel. It will satisfy old fans and excite new audiences, meaning that we don't want to redo the first three movies, so steps are being taken to honor what fans have loved but at the same time introduce fresh elements." That's Hollywood talk for, we're trying to figure out how to make the most money and convince audiences they're not watching a recycled movie they saw six years ago all over again. Let's not forget this new one is supposed to be shot in 3D as well. Sony is hoping to have this ready be January 2011. Are you still interested in Underworld?

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YES!!! I like this franchise. Without Beckinsale is sad, but it could go on. I think it will be about the third vampire in those coffins. Who knows. Sounds great!

me on Nov 20, 2009


I was looking foward to seeing sort of an apocalyptic-type sctory after the second one. I liked the dynamic between beckinsale's character and scott speedman's character (that blue wolf-vampire thing was cool). Sadly, we got a prequel, but i thought michael sheen was good enough to keep the movie going. It had some good moments but was forgettable. I hope the fourth one can bring something fresh to the franchise (and 3D doesn't count).

Joey Jay on Nov 20, 2009


Underworld is the perfect example of a franchise with a great idea/premise, and completely lame execution.

SlashBeast on Nov 20, 2009


Without Mitra and Beckinsale, I am completely uninterested. I doubt I'm alone in this...

Demtor on Nov 20, 2009


The last one wasn't as terrible as I thought it was going to be, but without Beckinsale in tight leather it really wasn't as entertaining. Now a 4th one still without Beckinsale? I dunno... but like I said, I was surprised by the last one.

Syphous on Nov 20, 2009


Just love the 'milk anything possible' attitude hollywood has about pretty much everything....seriously the integrity of cinema has been eaten away at in the last decade.

Cody on Nov 20, 2009


so just because the last one made barely enough money to get a new one going they are gonig to milk it until the return is so poor they declare bankruptcy get bailed out and bring out a reimagined underworld.... i'd probably watch it though, but not in theatres

Janny on Nov 20, 2009


Well, even the worst Underworld movie is better than anything Twilight.

S on Nov 20, 2009


no beckinsale? i dunno.....?

jake on Nov 20, 2009


...yeah. i would watch underworld even if it's crap.

adrian on Nov 20, 2009


If it's guns instead of swords I'm in, Kate or no...

RPD on Nov 20, 2009


beckinsale made underworld and Mitra was a good replacement, without them its fail.

xerxex on Nov 20, 2009


Still intrested?? are u kidding?? This franchise is great ! Hell yes I'm interested!!

Zephyr77 on Nov 20, 2009


I was 🙁 that Kate Beckinsale was not in the 3rd installment of underworld, i hope they who may it concern can perswade kate Beckinsale to the 4 th installment if there is going to be one.

Cineprog on Nov 20, 2009


Is the original screenwriter Kevin Grevioux (Raze) on board?

xerxex on Nov 20, 2009


Is that Rhona Mitra in the picture above? She's niiice

Google the Oct8pus on Nov 20, 2009


@16 Google the Oct8pus, really? That's Kate Beckinsale.

xerxex on Nov 20, 2009


Well, even the worst Underworld movie is better than anything Twilight.-this is the best comment i saw on firstshowing in a loooong time....i totally agree!!!!!!!!!!give another underworld movie a chance,theres nothing wrong with the first three....

splinter on Nov 20, 2009


As disappointed as I am that Kate or Rhona aren't yet attached or are not going to be I am still interested. The story is fascinating and I would like to see where they go with it now.

c on Nov 20, 2009


kate would be awsome as a ameo only. She did her part in the first 2 movies and did it well. It would add greater value if she was there only at the end of the movie. Think what the cameo by vin diesel did for a tokyo drift at the end. It ends the movie on a high and people leave feeling excited instead of just glad the movie is over. Hopefully the script wont be bad.

Buggy166 on Nov 20, 2009


Direct to DVD....your kidding right? Underworld GOOD! Twi-"Lite" maybe the worst of all time.

Clover on Nov 20, 2009


I didn't even watch the third film because Kate Beckinsale was not in it. I have no interest in watching these films without her. She is the heart and soul of the series.

Last Son on Nov 20, 2009


kate's character wasn't needed for the 3rd Underworld, hence Prequel. Why do people say she was replaced?

wm on Nov 20, 2009


the more underworld the better.

jake the snake on Nov 20, 2009


I actually liked the series, but they need to quit milking it.

JimD on Nov 21, 2009


i didnt even watch the last two installments of this series and to top it off hated the first underworld movie

zach on Nov 21, 2009


Mitra can't act, Rise of the Lycans was decent due thanks to Micheal Sheen and Bill Nighy. Selene wasn't alive for that one so stop whining about her not in it. @22 Kevin Grievoux is the heart of Underworld, his story, read the credits A 4th is questionable at best, pretty sure everyone (including the 3 elder vamps) is dead cept Selene and Micheal (hybrid, main character) and good luck getting Beckinsale back. Only way I see a 4th is taking scattered vamps, wolves, and immortals (maybe Corvinus found a way to pass on his untainted immortal blood) and have a free-for-all. Or have Selene pregnant and do a rock-musical-spoof of Twilight and Juno at the same time.

Akirakorn on Nov 21, 2009


I liked all three films but I wouldn't say that a fourth installment is necessary. I found the third movie to be soft. The cinematography was weak, shaking during fighting sequences. The DP did a horrible job of lighting it, and the story was filled with holes. That being said I did find it entertaining, however if they are to progress, I'd suggest to improve on these factors. Not sure why everyone's shitting on Rhona Mitra, and I do not believe Kate Beckinsale is detrimental to the franchise but if they introduce a third female lead, a fan base will be impossible to keep. Interesting to see what happens.

Dan the Fan on Nov 22, 2009


what is this about a new person taking it over??? i remember reading a couple of months ago that underworld ROTL was the only underworld kate would not be in and they were going to continue the Evolution story after, but hollywood always changes stuff and 9 out of 10 times, its never for the good. knowing hollywood, megan fox will probaley be the lead role. Underworld - **** Underworld Evolution - *** 1/2 Underworld Rise of the Lycans ***

billy on Nov 22, 2009


I still look forward to an Underworld movie, but I didn't much care for the last one (Rise of the Lycans) because it was a prequel that was way back. Sure if was fun to see the story behind the story (if you're a fan of Underworld you'll know that the conflict in the first movie is somewhat based on the conclusion of the third) but I'm not sure, it didn't feel like an Underworld movie.

Fethalion on Nov 22, 2009


I'd rather see this made then the craptastic Karate Kid remake. This won't be good as the previous films, but hey its all relative levels of crappyness. This one should be good enough to rent at least.

Lighting Toronto on Dec 18, 2009

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