Actor Clancy Brown Might Be Stepping Up to Take on Lobo?

October 28, 2009
Source: IGN

Clancy Brown

Looking at the more recent successful films, it's becoming clear that star power is no longer a guaranteed box office draw for audiences. Unknown actors and actresses are garnering as much attention as their A-List counterparts. It looks like the creative team behind the upcoming Guy Ritchie adaptation of DC Comics' Lobo is paying attention to this trend as IGN says a source close to production told them that actor Clancy Brown might be the man to step into Lobo's shoes. Apparently with the amount of special effects needed to create the character, there isn't too much concern in bringing in a high profile name to lead this project.

"Ultimately regardless of whether you do it all CG or its a guy in a suit, with CG, you'll still end up doing a lot of CG animation. So do you need a celebrity? Do you need a name or do you just get someone who is good and who's gonna nail it?"

This will probably come as disappointing news to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was anxious to take on the anti-heroic comic book role back in September. But Clancy Brown is no stranger to the comic book genre having worked extensively voicing Lex Luthor in "Superman: The Animated Series" and Justice League Unlimited" in addition to more comedic voicework as Mr. Crabs in "Spongebob Squarepants." His most famous role may be that of the Kurgan in Highlander, but you've certainly seen him in plenty of supporting roles like Byron Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption or Sergeant Zim in Starship Troopers. You can also catch a glimpse of him leading the angry mob after Freddy in the A Nightmare on Elm Street trailer.

This kind of move has been made before when Ron Perlman was cast as the hero in Hellboy and similarly with the amount of make-up or CG that will be necessary for Lobo, there's no doubt that this character is going to be all about the right personality rather than just a big name. Lobo is one of the DC characters I'm less familiar with much like my familiarity with Hellboy before the 2004 film, but also like that film, I'm hoping this is a great introduction. At the very least I'm intrigued, if only because this is Guy Ritchie's first comic book movie and it's sure to be an experience in itself. Is Clancy Brown up to Lobo standards?

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Morpheous on Oct 28, 2009


it could work!!!its Guy Ritchie!!!have faith!!!

splinter on Oct 28, 2009


I think this is awesome news. Clancy Brown is underrated.

Shane on Oct 28, 2009


As a huge fan of Lobo, and Guy Ritchie movies, I have very high hopes for this movie. Statements like his about not needing a "star" but rather a talented actor who can encompass the character is definitely encouraging. I would prefer Jeffrey Dean Morgan, because he's shown he can play a character with great moral ambiguity and a wise-cracking style, both trademarks of Lobo. I'm not as familiar with Clancy Brown, but he looks like a good choice, with a gruff appearance. I hope he's up to the role and this movie rocks my socks. Bastiches!

Scotty97 on Oct 28, 2009


he's a good actor but for Lobo? not sure but i like guys getting roles i didn't expect.

jake the snake on Oct 28, 2009


don't know if his the right choice,the bloke who played the blob in x-men origins wolverine would be my choice,i'd rather see THE FLASH than lobo or jonah hex,but if dc/warner want to make films of charactors that are not as popular as the flash,wonder woman,aqua man & justice league.then it's their choice if not in my eyes the right choice.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Oct 28, 2009


Wow. I can't believe I didn't think of him. It makes perfect sense. He's a bigger guy, and he has the perfect Lobo voice. I'd be happy with either him or Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Rorschach90 on Oct 28, 2009


I think Clancy Brown is the perfect choice for this flick. I'm sure he could benefit a lot from this role and can really grab the attention he truly deserves, a la Ron Perlman! It's always great to see an underrated or underused actor--even a faded star rise up to optimum levels and make an impression! I say go for it Brown--this is your curtain call! 🙂

Spider on Oct 28, 2009


Clancy Brown would be a great pick for Lobo. He's great and I love that he just appears in certain movies, does his thing, owns the character and moves on. Ron Perlman hasn't exploded after Hellboy due to the makeup and hope that's the case with Brown as well (if this pans out) so he can continue being an awesome character actor. You should check out Clancy Brown in the underrated HBO show Carnivale.

Bill Rusnak on Oct 28, 2009


if you want to see him in a role that fits this kind of character check him out in the last couple of episodes of carnivale from HBO. I'm pretty sure he can pull it off.

goliad on Oct 28, 2009


its got my attention, like this call...

ME on Oct 28, 2009


Great pick for Lobo. When i was young my experience with these comics led me to believe that casting such a character would be impossible, but having seen Mr.Brown play a huge range of badass, balls to the wall and incredibly rugged characters in the past i think he could pull it off ala HellBoy. This guy's voice alone will sell him as this character, nobody else in the industry can sound so effortlessly badass while being entirely convincing in almost every regard.

PleaseGodNO on Oct 28, 2009


Guy Ritchie sucks

The movie guy on Oct 28, 2009


I've been wanting to see Highlander again.

Greedo on Oct 28, 2009


Haha! Danziger! I have always loved this guy acting, most recently hes been in LOST among other things, I think he'd be an *awesome* LOBO

Richard on Oct 28, 2009


Clancy Brown is a fantastic actor and could *absolutely* do Lobo justice. And he's got a really great grisly voice that would work well with the character.

Joshua Lane on Oct 28, 2009


Wow, Clancy Brown has become old.

Michael on Oct 28, 2009


I say fuck it and go with clint Eastwood

The movie guy on Oct 28, 2009


Clancy Brown is a alright choice but i rather Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Lobo. the major problem about this Lobo film is that its a freaking PG-13 Lobo is a R-Rated character not PG-13. even Alan Grant said its absolutely going against the original concept of Lobo. He also said that neither he, Keith Giffen and Simon Bisley had been called upon to collaborate or even consult on the movie.

tazz on Oct 28, 2009


It also took years of convincing from Guillermo Del Toro to get Ron the job as Hellboy in 2004. Let's hope it doesn't take years to get Lobo up and going.

Landfill on Oct 28, 2009


Clancy Brown is freaking awesome. he'd be a great Lobo. Finally, some good casting.

Angry Chief on Oct 28, 2009


I read comics; a lot of comics. I'm officially a comic book fan. And I can honestly say I don't give a crap about Lobo. The guy who CREATED Lobo doesn't give a crap about Lobo. Lobo was a one-off joke character that somehow fell backwards into popularity. What is it with movie studios pounding out comic book movies of C-list characters? Why are Lobo, Jonah Hex, Deadpool, and Deadman getting big screen Hollywood treatments before Wonder Woman or the Flash? While at the same time no one can seem to get a half way decent Superman film off the ground?

DRM on Oct 28, 2009


I'm not big into comic books, but I do know who Clancy Brwon is. Highlander was awesome. I started playing the card game afterwords just to be the Krugan. Mr. Brown also did a wounderful job in the degranged movie"Pet Cemertry 2". His role was F@$ked up, but he did a very confincing job. I think casting Clancy Brown as any "bad ass" is a good idea. Besides, he is a big f@#king guy with a deep gravely voice

justin on Oct 28, 2009


I'm not big into comic books, but I do know who Clancy Brwon is. Highlander was awesome. I started playing the card game afterwords just to be the Krugan. Mr. Brown also did a wounderful job in the degranged movie"Pet Cemertry 2". His role was F@$ked up, but he did a very confincing job. I think casting Clancy Brown as any "bad ass" is a good idea. Besides, he is a big f@#king guy with a deep gravely voice.

justin on Oct 28, 2009



LuckyLoser on Oct 28, 2009


Lesser known properties generally have less hastle getting produced and serve to "test the waters" for other, more expensive comic book properties. Look at it this way, in the early days of Marvel comic book movies, they could've gone with Spider-Man or other larger characters. But they didn't. They went with Blade, it was successful, and allowed other properties to follow. Same thing happened with Iron Man, a secondary character who starred in a successful movie and allowed other larger properties to go into production. I'm glad they're not really going with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He's already played a comic book character who's way too similar to Lobo. It's too obvious and unchallenging.

SlashBeast on Oct 28, 2009


#26 i agree with you. but i still feel Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be good as Lobo yes he already played a comic book character but Ryan Reynolds already done 2 comic book films and two more his signed up to do Green Lantern and Deadpool.

tazz on Oct 28, 2009


watching jeffrey dean morgan chomp on a cigar i can totally see the main man. but clancy brown has that voice that would work very well for lobo. hard decision. i've always imagined randy " macho man " savage as the voice of lobo.

nacho on Oct 28, 2009


Clancy Brown will save this from becomming another 'Spawn'. Or atleast his voice will 🙂

David Banner on Oct 28, 2009


Sounds good to me. JDM would be awesome too.

Ben on Oct 28, 2009


#27 - tazz I said a similar comic book character, not just another comic book character. The Comedian and Lobo are way too similar.

SlashBeast on Oct 29, 2009


Mr. Brown truley is a talent....who can forget his Father "Lexee" in HBO's Carnival ! Finally a brilliant casting choice!

Clover on Oct 29, 2009


Hey Ethan you forgot to mention hes also in Pet Semetary.

Tim on Oct 29, 2009


Not to mention that he's the guy from Lost who was the original care taker of the hatch before Desmonde showed up...

peloquin on Oct 29, 2009


Clancy 'Kurgan' Brown is PERFECT for this! He has all the traits of a BADASS. I liked him just as much as I did Conner in Highlander. As a kid (when Jighlander first came out) he scared the shit outta me though! I'm for this move as far as having him play Lobo!

JudasBarronx1 on Oct 29, 2009


Are you kidding? THIS IS PERFECT!! Anyone who is questioning his ability, watch Carnivale and Pet Semetary 2, in addition to the aforementioned roles he's played. Clancy Brown is THE SHIT!!!

grimjob on Oct 29, 2009


Oh my god! That's gonna be so awesome!!

Horst on Oct 30, 2009


Clancy Brown as Lobo sounds so awesome, cast him now, Please start this film already I have to see it now.

The_Kid on Oct 31, 2009

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