Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci Not Writing Transformers 3

March 25, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

Yesterday, a rumor started making the rounds (via SlashFilm) about writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman not returning for Transformers 3. I wasn't sure of the news, but I got a confirmation today and it looks like they will not be writing that sequel. The decision was made by Kurtzman and Orci themselves, and not Paramount or Michael Bay. Orci was quoted as saying: "The main reason we would move on is because we risk getting stale and comfortable. If you only sing one song for too long, you miss the opportunity to sing news songs." No word on who will be brought on to now write Transformers 3.

Back in our interview with the writers in January, Kurtzman said that they brought on Ehren Kruger to help write Transformers 2 because, "it was nice to have a fresh perspective." He adds: "It was great, someone who kind of came in with fresh eyes and said 'All right, having nothing to do with the first movie, here's the kinds of things I'd like to see and write.'" I can imagine this is what they're hoping to achieve by letting some new writers take over on Transformers 3. Kurtzman and Orci have made quite a name for themselves in Hollywood recently, both as producers on Eagle Eye and writers for Transformers and Star Trek.

As we all know, Transformers 3 was announced a few weeks ago for July 1st, 2011. There's no question that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is going to be a huge hit this summer, so Michael Bay and company better get some new writers on board fairly soon, because if it's to be the grand finale that we're all hoping for (and is better than the first two), they better have a damn good script. Good or bad news?

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now the ball is in effect and transformers will start to roll down the hill until it becomes the total thing the fans don't want it to become DragonBall Evolution.......... Its a very sad day for all the fans of transformers

Nick on Mar 25, 2009


the 1st movie was so bad, i didn't even think it had writers on payroll

L1A on Mar 25, 2009


lol they talk like they have some sort of original voice and they're afraid it'll get old. They're putting out some terrible movies, it's probably a good thing they're not on board.

adrian on Mar 25, 2009


This sucks, different writers, and Bay already said that he wanted a year off before starting on a new Transformers movie. I think Paramount is making a mistake. If Bay doesn't direct the third film, I think it will mess up the trilogy. Remember how X-men 3 turned out, it was good, but not great like the first two X-Men movies were. It is so stupid to change writers and director after two movies. Paramount do the right thing, work this out with Michael Bay. It's not good to change directors in midstream. Whats next Shia and Megan not in the third film either. Paramount don't mess this up.

John on Mar 25, 2009


#2 & #3 - Uh, I don't mean to star up a debate, but Transformers wouldn't have been half as good as it was without Kurtzman and Orci. The other half was Michael Bay, but seriously, the script was good... Good enough for a very entertaining action movie. Just wait until Star Trek...

Alex Billington on Mar 25, 2009


Alex, Good action movies by Michael Bay no-less were "Bad Boys" and "The Rock". Those were "intelligent" action movies. The first Transformers was not a good movie persay. It was pretty silly to tell the truth. Robots urinating/lubricating on John Turturro?? c'mon!! that stupid little rat robot who goes on Air Force One and then makes his way off the airplane and walks around the airfield covering his face??!!! - fucking stupid!!! The autobots acting silly and clumsy outside Witwicky's house just to get some gags going? Retarded writing. I am glad these guys are moving on. Maybe they'll get someone better to finish up part 3 and not make it campy. Star Trek looks like shit btw. Looks more like Star Wars than Star Trek!

Conrad on Mar 25, 2009


Okay, I'll let those Transformers issues slide... But Star Trek does NOT look like shit, are you kidding me?! It looks awesome, and I'm not just saying that, it is, hands down, the ONE movie I cannot wait to see. I've seen complete scenes and the writing is not bad, at all!

Alex Billington on Mar 25, 2009


This news is the kind of news that starts debate's, to me kurtzman and Orci are talented writers, now I didn't like transformers persay, but I thought the writing was fantastic, minus some nitpicks, like the ones stated above, but all around this duo did a great job, and its seems to me that this is a mistake...

xerxex on Mar 25, 2009


Transformers is a bad movie, but a bad movie that has some great moments. I think Kurtzman and Orci got to caught up in the human aspect of it, and the human characters were boring and annoying. It wasn't Shia's fault. It was the writing. And it was too damn long. Again, the writing. BUT I don't doubt the duo's writing abilities. Star Trek looks fucking incredible.

DinoChow on Mar 25, 2009


Star Trek is gay, but it dose look good at least this new film, but guys running around in tights, i'd rather see a football game for that, well back to transformers, the first film was just a story setter, now that the story is set they can get on to the ass kicking in part 2, its good that they left, if they didnt want to write the last part, we wouldnt want to force them to write it and then it turn out like crap, so bring on new writers, this movie will be the blockbuster movie every time, no matter who writes it, and you can quote me on that!!!!

KoolAid on Mar 25, 2009


I really like these two screen writers. And I hope they end up changing there minds in the end. There really good at creating an orgin for movies. Although I haven't seen Star Trek yet, I'm sure it's going to be Phenominal. When they write they try to make it real and believable which is why it makes them my favorite writers!

The_Phantom on Mar 25, 2009


I like the work they have done. but I agree with getting fresh eyes after doing two films.

Shaun on Mar 26, 2009


Hmm... maybe for Transformers 3 they will let the Pentagon and US Military write the entire script instead of just some of it.

clevername on Mar 26, 2009


The Sequel will decide if they deserve to be on the 3rd one or not.I loved the first one i really did,but i think we need to check the sequel first to know if they doesn't deserve to leave the movie.

Fisherr on Mar 27, 2009

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