Another Big Update on The Hobbit from Guillermo del Toro

November 5, 2009
Source: Total Film

Guillermo del Toro - The Hobbit

"I was calmly laying out the next decade of my life when The Hobbit appeared. I was preparing all these things and all of a sudden The Hobbit shows up and takes over my life." Total Film has published an epic 10-page Q&A with director Guillermo del Toro on all things The Hobbit. Of course, we still don't know who is playing Bilbo or when they'll start shooting (considering MGM may go under), but if you're a J.R.R. Tolkien fanatic, you've just got to read it anyway. Plus, it's always great listening to Guillermo talk about making movies! Especially a movie as very highly anticipated as The Hobbit - so just keep on reading!

One of the first questions he was asked was whether they'll keep the same structure as the book and whether they'll be adding or changing anything beyond that (as in, pulling more stories from other Tolkien works).

"We are respecting the structure established by Professor Tolkien because the order of the adventures in The Hobbit is well known to generations and generations of kids. You don't want to be moving stuff like that.

But we will be integrating Gandalf's comings and goings because he does disappear in the book quite often. So, as opposed to the book, we see where he goes and what happens to him."

We suggest you read the whole thing, but I've pulled a few of the better answers. Del Toro is known for his creatures and their designs, so he was asked whether they'll be sticking to the creature designs from Lord of the Rings or creating their own creatures. They're changing quite a bit, del Toro revealed. "I also wanted some of the monsters in The Hobbit to be majestic." Majestic? Might not make sense, but he explains.

"I wanted the Wargs to have a certain beauty so that you don't have a massively clear definition: what is beautiful is good and what is ugly is not. Some of the monsters are absolutely gorgeous."

What about the Spiders of Mirkwood? "They are visually quite striking and in a different way to Shelob," he explains. "They are more creatures of the shadow, more creatures of the deep forest… Our spiders have to feel massive but be very nimble." I'm already getting creeped out just thinking about the spiders that they're going to come up with for this. And what about the dragon Smaug (who has also been addressed before)?

"I think one of the designs I'm the proudest of is Smaug. Obviously he took the longest.

Early in production I came up with a very strong idea that would separate Smaug from every other dragon ever made. The problem was implementing that idea. But I think we've nailed it."

Obviously we won't know what it is until sometime in 2011, but I'm already very excited. Del Toro goes on to talk about working with Peter Jackson, making the battles in The Hobbit stand out, the tone and color palette (which will be different from Lord of the Rings slightly, focusing more on the seasons), and making it more magical. But I think it's best to leave you with this quote: "All I can say is that we have an incredibly good team of people who know we are not making another Rings. We are not trying to make a quadrilogy, or a pentilogy. We're tying to make two films that flow with those but that stand on their own completely."

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God I'm excited!!!

Broog on Nov 5, 2009


cant wait

sam on Nov 5, 2009


It's always exciting to get news from him on The Hobbit!

Marty Martin on Nov 5, 2009



ryan on Nov 5, 2009


Agree with #3

Robbie on Nov 5, 2009


Hmm... I don't know if I want Hellboy monsters in the LOTR universe.

Farris on Nov 5, 2009


wooooo! I'm excited.

dave13 on Nov 5, 2009


@6 my fears exactly since I herd del Toro was on board. Hopefully PJ won't let things get too out of hand.

Gohikeone on Nov 5, 2009


Exactly ... Making The Hobbit is not an easy task for del Toro ... special after we saw Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings trilogy .... I was kind a thinking and asking why Peter Jackson is not directing The Hobbit too ... !!??? Is it because there is nothing new to give and show !? ( no disrespect for him ) ๐Ÿ˜‰ But after what del Toro is saying ... I think hopefully he will be able to bring some new stuff in ... We will wait and see ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shero on Nov 5, 2009


I only have one request - when the time comes, don't have a 'Smaug revealed!' article, with an image of Smaug as the article header. That is all.

Digital Metaphor on Nov 5, 2009


Wow sounds really amazing. I like the different color palette part. I really for see a lot of changing colors of leaves and a real autumn vibe. Also Smaug standing out from all others dragons? I can't even envision what he means by this but t sounds great. Also the Spiders part of the book is one that sticks with me the most so I'm glad they will make these spiders very different than the one from lord of the rings. Can not wait

Dan W on Nov 5, 2009


I hope for the best, but expect the worst. Tokien's original ideas were to show the black and white world of good (nature) vs evil (industry). There was no grey really and LotR illustraited this very well. I guess well see.

L on Nov 5, 2009


This will rock!! In Guillermo, I trust!!!

Spider on Nov 5, 2009



Cmurder on Nov 5, 2009


yea keep the colorful hellboy crap creatures out of the hobbit, you already have wargs from the two towers, and the spiders of mirkwood are offspring of the giant spider from return of the king, cant remember its name at the moment

harrison on Nov 5, 2009


Oh Yes...

Wylles on Nov 5, 2009


DUDE.... This all Better feel like "LOTR" and NOT do an Aliens to Ailen3 or Star Wars to Phantom Menace transition. Honestly not a fan of openly changing monsters, colors and whatnot if it's going to try and top or differ too much from what we all have seen. And if Christopher lee is in this, please film his scenes first! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love him, but he's oooooold.

wHiskey Tango... on Nov 6, 2009


Hoping they make the meeting between Bilbo and Gollum as dark and creepy as it was in my imagination when i first read it. So long as they don't make Gollum as the comic relief of this movie then everything else i can deal with.

Vold on Nov 6, 2009



Dreckent on Nov 9, 2009

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