Another Brand New Poster for Pixar's Up!

January 22, 2009

Another Brand New Poster for Pixar's Up!

Huh, this came out of nowhere. To continue the minimal marketing for their next feature film Up, Pixar has debuted yet another teaser poster to compliment the original one we ran in October. This poster features lead character Carl Fredricksen, his young sidekick Russell, and a dog that we haven't ever seen before, all riding on a hose hanging down from his floating house. Definitely looks fun but isn't anything too new, although at least it's some extra promotion. I hope Up is gaining as much early buzz as Wall-E had at the same time last year, because I hope it does as well as their past films. What do you think?

Up Poster

Pixar's Up is directed Pete Docter, who also directed Monsters, Inc previously in addition to writing the stories for Toy Story and Toy Story 2. The film is co-directed and written by Bob Peterson, who wrote Finding Nemo previously. Disney is planning to debut up in theaters everywhere on May 29th, 2009 next summer. For more information on Up, head over to our first look at the characters and the story.

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Reader Feedback - 22 Comments


Huge fan of pixar, and pretty much everything they made, just have a feeling they started increasingly using clishes for their films like the cute robot 1 in walle, and a grumoy old man with energetic boy in this one....Hope i;m wrong, i did like walle inspite of it...i dunno :))

sng. Sheep on Jan 22, 2009


I'm not convinced that UP has the magic of other Pixar films that make them so great. Pixar's strength is that they can create immersive worlds with relatable and entertaining characters. I'm not so sure an Old Man and a Boy Scout can forge the same connection with the audience that Wall-E, Woody, Buzz, Nemo and Marlin could. Pixar is great because it can create its own characters with vibrant, individual personalities, UP looks like it's just full of stereotypes...

Moose on Jan 22, 2009


#1 Dont really know how cliché is this story :/ The trailer looked pretty promising!

max on Jan 22, 2009


Well u know, grumpy person and an oposite, like a buddy comedy with gipson and glover[1st 1], but hey it's to early to say anything at this point i guess 🙂

sng. Sheep on Jan 22, 2009


this looks like it's from Dreamworks, looks very mainstream . I dunno

HECTOR N on Jan 22, 2009


it's a great for kids!

avi on Jan 22, 2009


I like it. 😀

SillySil on Jan 22, 2009


Do you guys ever notice that there are always people who kind of pooh-pooh every Pixar movie before it comes out? I remember it especially for Finding Nemo ("Talking fish? Who would want to see that?") and Ratatoullie ("Rats in the kitchen? Gross!") At the point, considering Pixar's track record, anyone who doubts their movies based on a poster or a trailer is talking out of their ass. Pixar is a company that knows how to put story first.

Tom Brazelton on Jan 22, 2009


@Tom Brazelton I agree with you. I've been caught in that trap. From the early descriptions, I thought SEVERAL Pixar films would be poor - Monsters Inc did not sound interesting, neither did Nemo. Neither did Cars, neither did Ratatouille. But after Monsters and Nemo were so awesome, I knew that Cars and Ratatouille would be good, regardless of my impression of the early buzz. I feel the same way about UP. It looks odd - it'll probably be great.

Tarrkid on Jan 22, 2009


the teaser was hilarious, its going to be good

darrin on Jan 22, 2009


Anyone notice the giant bird poking out from behind the house? Or did I eat too many gummy bears last night...

michael sean on Jan 22, 2009


The "giant bird" is named Kevin (but she's a girl)... See here:

Mike B. on Jan 22, 2009


i cannot believe there ar still human beings on this earth who do not have blind faith in a pixar production

fanboy d on Jan 22, 2009


No anthropomorphism makes me a happy lad.

Ramez on Jan 22, 2009


Not anything new in this poster, except what looks like a fat labrador! Hopefuly he's in the movie! Its about time pixar did a movie with a doggie cost-star!

Catz2 on Jan 22, 2009


There is nothing really all that cliche or mainstream about this movie, except for the little kid maybe. But just like Tom Brazelton said, people are always ragging on every upcoming Pixar movie. I'm usually sold on whatever they're doing from the start, and I remember hearing about WALL-E back in 2006 (before Ratatouille was even out) and seeing the picture of him, and I was immediately interested in it. Being a lover of robots and outer space, the idea of Pixar doing that sort of film really interested me, esp. since I had always wanted Pixar to do an "astronaut movie" (not with Buzz Lightyear, though). When I looked up comments, most of them were like "He looks like Johnny-5 from Short Circuit" or "I don't feel like seeing some romance movie." However, since WALL-E has been released, the oddballs have been the folks who've decided to hate on it. Most people I've talked to about WALL-E claim to have liked or loved the film. As for UP, I'm thoroughly interested in the concept, and I love the poster. I like the fact that an old man is the protagonist. One of my friends, who generally likes Pixar movies and loved WALL-E, is saying that UP seems boring and pointless to him. I just told him to give the film a chance when it comes out and see it, and that he might be surprised. Most of what we're seeing of UP in the previews is comedy and action, but I have the feeling it could turn out to be Pixar's most heartwrenching film. I just have a feeling that somewhere in the movie, there'll be a scene that'll make you want to cry your eyes out (like in Toy Story 2, Monster's Inc., Nemo, and most recently WALL-E). I also happen to like Pete Docter's style (I LOVE Monster's Inc., it's one of my favorite Pixar movies; I think it's highly underrated). Monster's Inc. had it all, very retro opening credits, funny characters with heart to them, very original story, good script, and one of the greatest climaxes in a Pixar film, if not the greatest (the scene with the doors at the end). I hope that UP has action scenes that are as great as that one.

Chip on Jan 23, 2009


Cute poster, but doesn't seem very Pixar-esque, so far.

Ryan on Jan 23, 2009


lovely, it's going to rock!

Elliot on Jan 27, 2009


It looks like that 'big-bird' is going to be popping those balloons any day now . . .

Hula Girlie on Feb 4, 2009


Another great movie from Pixar. I love that man. He's really good.

social bookmark on Nov 5, 2009


I don't remember seeing a whole lot about this movie, but we did go take our youngest to go see it (although it wasn't in 3D where we live!). It was a really good movie I thought. It was our son's first time to the movie theater and he was entertained by it (he watched the whole movie).

portrait from photo on Dec 10, 2009


my favorite character is woody i like his face expressions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rachael on Aug 10, 2010

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