Another Fantastic Japanese Trailer for Watchmen!

January 6, 2009

Another Fantastic Japanese Trailer for Watchmen!

It is possible to have too much of a good thing, right? It happened with Iron Man last summer - Paramount release so many damn trailers and clips and photos that everyone was just tired of seeing so much. I think Watchmen might headed down on a similar path. But the good thing is that Watchmen looks so frickin' incredible, that the more we see of it, the better it looks. This new Japanese trailer (courtesy of is definitely worth watching, even if you think you've seen enough. Not only does it show some new footage, but the way it's edited presents the movie in a whole different light.

Watch the Japanese trailer for Watchmen:

[flv: 480 270]

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and is written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The film is an adaptation of Alan Moore's highly acclaimed award winning graphic novel of the same name. Watchmen officially arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more here on!

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Reader Feedback - 37 Comments



Fuelbot on Jan 6, 2009


Damn Japs get the best one yet!!

Vegavega Balrog on Jan 6, 2009


You gotta love the Japanese, they know the way of the samurai.

Darrin on Jan 6, 2009


I think they're doing this much footage and trailer exposure because of the ongoing legal problems. I wouldn't be surprised if Warner Brothers is doing this to create more sympathy for them in releasing Watchmen on time.

Postma on Jan 6, 2009


I really feel that Zack Snyder isn't making this movie for the fans at all. He's making it for Alan Moore.

Fuelbot on Jan 6, 2009


@ #3 But Nokia is from Finland. That trailer was awesome by the way.

Aldonn on Jan 6, 2009


Hey, if he's making it for Alan Moore and it looks like that, I don't mind one bit.

j on Jan 6, 2009


holy shit this looks awsome!!! tho i have a question/something to point out. the second time they show kennedy's car after the execution, they show the comedian jumping down from what looks like a fence outside with a gun. are they implying that the comedian actually killed kennedy? if so i dont remember that storyline in the comic at all, though i remember there was a whole thing about everyone being unsure where the comedian was during the killing, but i didnt realize that he actually did it?! or did they add that in? either way, this trailer looks great!!!!!!!!!!

zach s on Jan 6, 2009


btw, i never got sick of the iron man trailers and exposure!!! haha

zach s on Jan 6, 2009


it was implied more of less but i think that clip will be in opening credits anyway

nelson on Jan 6, 2009


Holy shit, is that Hollis Mason?! *Shakes fist* Damn you Fox! Damn you all to hell!

Daniel on Jan 6, 2009


Yeah I agree with the above poster... as far as I'm concerned I don't see much of a difference between making it for Alan Moore and for the fans (not saying that Alan Moore is a fan but the more loyal this film is to the source material the more happy I'll be).

BahHumbug on Jan 6, 2009


i thought it was implied, thats still sick that they include it tho!!!

zach s on Jan 6, 2009


The only thing I dislike about this trailer is when Nixon says, "I say when doomsday is approaching" and then waves his arm retardedly.

PARAprakrti on Jan 6, 2009


Oh man. Every new trailer they add a little extra to keep fans on their toes. I am so in love with this movie already, just as much as I am with the book. I was shocked with the comedian killing kennedy. But as i was reading the posts I remembered that indeed it was implied that he did it. The way they are portraying the explosion at the end of the book in the movie seems to be blue....making me think that the changed ending has something to do with Dr. Manhattan. Just a thought though.

Dan W on Jan 6, 2009


OMG, every new trailer i see makes me even more excited. And from the scenes i saw in this trailer matches up perfectly from the graphic novel. Cant wait to see the scenes with Rorsarch, hopefully they have scenes where he discusses his past and the things he did to others 😀 Dan: And yes, im pretty sure i remember reading somewhere that they changed the ending for the film, along with other scenes.

Nikhil Hariharann on Jan 6, 2009


I dont think i can do this anymore... i am such a huge watchmen fan-WAY before i even knew the movie would ever be made-and i feel like they are showing too much now. the best way to keep people on their toes is to show less say more. i couldnt help but look at the new trailer but i wont be looking at any more from now on. i dont want to see any more of the iconic scenes from the novel until i see them in all their imaxy glory. is anyone else with me on this or am i the lone ranger here?

skamps on Jan 6, 2009


the best trailer yet for sure, god help us all if 20th century Fucks it up!!

nate on Jan 6, 2009


@BahHumbug - Of course there's a difference. There's a difference between giving the fans what they want and maintaining the essence, the soul of something someone created and holds dear. Almost every adaptation claims to this, but few hardly achieve it. I'm just saying, it seems as though he wants to restore Alan Moore's faith or at the very least say "We're not all out to destroy your stories. We want to bring this to life, not filter it through a dirty lens."

Fuelbot on Jan 6, 2009


GRRRRRR! This had better not be delayed.

Chris W on Jan 6, 2009


I read the novel in the early 90's and thought that it had a revolutionary original idea, but... would almost translate better as a book. I picked up the novel again last summer just to recap what I had read before. I found that it had less than a touch of action for the 1st 6 chapters or so and capped off pretty good. It appears that the movie brings a dynamic that was missing from the book; a better action balance. I don't want to see the "you know who for the sake of people who haven't read the book" die right in the beginning without a fight at all. Synder's view is also coming in a great movie FX era. They can show the huge scenes on a grand scale and make you believe you are there. This is a great time for the movie and for the fans of the story. It's a shame Fox held the rights with no intentions of ever filming and to grab money now like that Blackberry jerk. On the flip side though, it is Warner Brother's fault for not researching this also, so there is equal blame to go around. You have to think pretty hard as a lot of different series, movies, and shows have copied this and this is THE original. Some have done it well and others.. not so much. In the end, it will have a place all it's own in our comic hearts.

L on Jan 6, 2009


Love it. The trailer is badass.

Film-Book dot Com on Jan 6, 2009


This was the best trailer. But really... stop releasing trailers. Trailers are ruining the movie going experience. I wish we lived in a world where all we needed was a poster and a limited knowlege of the cast and plot... that's the kind of world I want to live in *sigh*

adrian on Jan 6, 2009


I thought i might get tired of watching new trailers and featurettes, but the movie's like 2.30 hrs, so we're only seeing about 3 minutes of 150 of non-stop greatness. i feel that the new ending is gonna pay-off big time and will be worth the ticket admission. i wouldn't be too sure about it "officially arriving in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009." hell could freeze over come judgment day, and we'll all be left hating fox's guts for what they've 'accomplished'

LeeMan on Jan 6, 2009


Question: The last paragraph states this officially arrives in theaters on March 6th, is that still for sure or is there a definite confirmation that this will be held back?

Conrad on Jan 6, 2009


holy shit

Cody on Jan 6, 2009


I just met patrick wilson today at all sons and it made me ten times more excited for it. I told him how excited I was for the film and he replied that he too was quite excited. He's a really nice guy. This trailer is brilliant. I can't wait to see this film!

Michael Radley on Jan 6, 2009


Wow, I agree, the Japanese did a better Watchmen trailer than anyone else (in other words, Fox). either way, it still is gonna be a great film.

Matt G on Jan 6, 2009


''i wouldn't be too sure about it "officially arriving in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009." hell could freeze over come judgment day, and we'll all be left hating fox's guts for what they've 'accomplished'' I HATE FOX And that comes from a longtime Alien/Aliens/Star Wars-originals/Die Hard/Predator fan...I still LOVE those movies and i still HATE FOX.

m4st4 on Jan 7, 2009


Are 'they' even reading our comments? FS, AICN, Slashfilm, MovieWeb, Watchmen-movie forums, Superherohype or whatever...ARE THEY EVEN LISTENING???

m4st4 on Jan 7, 2009


Ha we always end up second best don't we.

SLee on Jan 7, 2009


great trailer, and lol at #6 😛

ChrisUK on Jan 7, 2009


I love how they kept that scene of the newstand guy and the boy hugging down to the tee

Jaf on Jan 7, 2009


I don't really recognise any of the actors, except one Aussie called Steve Innes and of course Patrick Wilson, who I'm also not really familiar with, but hey, looks awesome! Release it on time please!!!!!

Simon on Jan 7, 2009


to #17 i feel the same way. Any new trailers that come out I wont be watching because this one kind of gave away alittle too much. I will watch the featurettes though.

Dan W on Jan 7, 2009


YES. I love that they kept the Katies in there. Or "Knob-tops" or whatever they're called. This is by far the best trailer yet. I love Koyaaniskatsi (and the Muse!) as much as the next person, but in a trailer, the reference seems lost on a broader audience, and over the footage, frankly kind of cheesy. This looks much more cinematic, almost completely due to the music. For some odd reason, this makes me want to see the film in Japanese now, with subtitles.

Hmmmm on Jan 7, 2009


I think David Hayter messed-up the X-Men Series story and I think He is going to do the same thing to this one.

Scott on Jan 22, 2009

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