Another New Clash of the Titans First Look Photo Revealed

June 5, 2009

New Clash of the Titans First Look Photo

A couple of days ago we posted the very first photo of Sam Worthington as Perseus in Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans remake. It wasn't the best photo, as it came scanned from the latest issue of Empire. But now we have a clean, official photo from the movie thanks to Entertainment Weekly. They just published a new article that includes some 63 new sneak peek photos for their latest issue and Clash of the Titans is one of them. This photo is a bit cleaner, not as gritty, but still badass looking, and for one of our very first photos from the remake (which is still shooting as we speak), I'm quite satisfied. See it below!

Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans

Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans

"He's Charles Bronson in Death Wish," Worthington says in regards to his inspiration for the character. "That's how I'm playing him." And his skirt? "We're trying to make it as manly as possible," he laughs. I really love the look of his shield. It seems like there might be some great design on the other side of it that we can't see yet, but it's jagged and fairly unconventional. So far this looks great and I hope we get to see more from it sooner than later (at Comic-Con maybe?). Louis Leterrier is directing from a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Clash of the Titans will be hitting theaters next March 26th.

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100 bucks I bet this movie will be PG-13 which I won't mind at all. After Watchmen failing and TS also failing as a PG-13 movie I think WB will take the safe route by making this a hardcore yet very fun with great one liners PG-13 movie. I know the script was written with R rating in mind but I am pretty sure things will be either edited OR shot in such a way to not get R rating. Take that in written.

JoJo on Jun 5, 2009


I wish his hair was a longer, which I think is more truthful to Greek mythology. I wonder if at any point he'll wear a helmet and how it's going to look. Background and armor looks cool!

GTO on Jun 5, 2009


There's nothing in this film that would warrant an R rating. All of the violence involves mythological beasts. There isn't any human vs human violence. With that being said, Medusa will still get beheaded and everything will be done so under the PG-13 rating. The only thing that will suffer is the nudity...

Adam Frazier on Jun 5, 2009


#1 Your reasoning's for this to be a PG-13 movie are... uh... bad. Personally I want to see an R rated, hack and slash, fuck em up adventure. Something I always wished the original Clash of the Titans was. But instead, you're probably right. They will just want the cash monies and make it a PG-13 teeny bopper extravaganza. Also, no one has mentioned that Liam Neeson is Zeus. This is both odd and awesome. Basically I think Liam is great, but as Zeus? He better not have a really bad looking fake beard.

Syphous on Jun 5, 2009


i want to see this. cant wait.

jelipe on Jun 5, 2009


looks good.

mr sol on Jun 5, 2009



xerxex on Jun 5, 2009


The shield is a giant seashell I bet.

LINKFX on Jun 5, 2009


I am a huge fan of Sam, Terminator sold me and i can't wait to see more of him.

Fisherr on Jun 5, 2009


bring on the Kraken! Yeah the shield does look like a gigantic seashell (like #8) said. I'm sold on this one!

solider on Jun 5, 2009


Ladies aren't going to like this as much as 300. Why is he smothered in clothes? Women will go to these gore actionfests if in return they get to ogle oiled buff bods. The new Clash is not delivering the goods. I predict a surprising under-performance at the box office, with no one able to pinpoint why.

Junebug on Jun 5, 2009


#4 - It's just impossible to get an R rated, slash 'em fuck 'em up adventure with this, as much as you want it. Not only will Warner Brothers never do it, but it just doesn't fit with the story. The original Clash of the Titans was a PG rated epic adventure and I think #1 is right in that they can pull off a great PG-13 epic adventure as well, I'm sure we'll all be very entertained.

Alex Billington on Jun 5, 2009


This movie gets more interesting to me everytime I read something about it. As for the shield: I think there's a (prancing) horse printed on it.

Robbie on Jun 6, 2009


I just realized that the pic on the bottom involves a person in stone, so this is the Medusa scene, this movie is going to rock!!!

Bo on Jun 6, 2009


Fuck this movie, If Prince of Persia does well, and becomes (WAIT FOR IT) , the first truly successful Video Game to be made into a movie in history....Then perhaps someone will make a faithful GOD OF WAR movie that will be as violent and awesome as the game.....Then we will get a movie that will make this Clash of the Titans remake look like the massive dump I took this morning...NUFF SAID !!!



I agree with ya Alex! If it's bloody violent, peeps will bitch about not being able to take their young'uns . But if it's PG, then the 'it's too tame' B.S. will ensue! I say to Leterrier: stick to the source material and let the chips fall where they may. Kudos to Worthington and I hope to see Harry Hamlin in a supporting role or at least a cameo!

Blue Silver on Jun 6, 2009


I guess I'm just looking for a reason for them to remake it.

Syphous on Jun 7, 2009


# 11, That is a bad representation of women. Who the eff cares he's not naked like the guys in 300. You make me sad. I'm a girl and I don't need to see half naked men in order to watch a gory movie.

Sabes on Jun 7, 2009


Sam Worthington gets quite an attention in the future: first terminator 4 (he was the best thing in this movie),in Dezember with Avatar and next year Clash of the Titans. seems to be the better Russel Crowe.

flybot on Jun 8, 2009


Yeah... I'm afraid the sword and shield already fail. They certainly don't look crafted by the gods to me. More like something the blacksmith down the alley bashed out in a hurry. Also, Perseus... seems like the son of Zeus could appear a little more... god-like. Tend to agree with the clothing comment above as well - not so much for the ladies - but historical (and canon) accuracy. Even the wiki for Perseus has a statue of him (c.1810) practically naked holding Medusa's head. Wore out the beta tape as a kid. I have the right to be skeptical/critical. 😛

bozoconnors on Jun 8, 2009


So Sad... What a disgrace to Ray Ray Harryhausen. The first movie was great, why couldn't they just do something original. And the first movie was PG, however back then in the 80's you could show tits in PG movies... and they did. This looks lame. He looks like a marine, not an ancient greek hero. So sad. This movie makes me just shake my head at hollywood. L A M E !

Kalibos on Jun 19, 2009


@21 ...completely with you - some movies are NOT meant to be remade! Screw with classics are terrible - especially in memory of the great (sometimes cheesy albeit) actos/actresses who were in the originals. Hollywood must have some writers with new material ....come on! What next, remake of Casablanca, Gone With The Wind.....etc. Buck up Hollywood...or F$#k Off!'

Dan on Jun 19, 2009


Worthington hair bad...maybe he'll sing a rap or metal song... The Harryhausen film was incredible only for his effects....I somehow doubt CGI beasties will knock my socks off, they never do. They are boring. I wonder if they'll be too dark to see or if the camera will shake to hide the fake... Not impressed by this so far...

Chug on Jun 25, 2009


The very nature of these pics screams to me this movie has been "Hollywoodized" and is being made with mass market/family appeal in mind. I know most movies of that type have performed well in recent years but they all suck...period. This Perseus looks more like Hollywood's vision of the character and not an ancient Greek warrior. I'm predicting a movie that won't hold a candle to the original and will be all style and no substance. Something tells me the plot and characters will be extremely shallow.

Scott on Jun 29, 2009


Agreed #2, his hair needs to be longer to fit with the story...but would sam's hair look good long? probably his hair isnt even the right color hahaha.. srry to be a little OCD.. but Greeks all had black or dark brown hair... in "300" did u see a single person with blonde or light brown hair or really short hair?.... noo....but its long as the storyline doesnt get screwed up.. or the action get crappy

John on Aug 3, 2009


@15... i agree with u .. i hope PoP does good and then they make a God of War movie, but ..but.. Transformers was not that god.. it was was public enemies, but STAR TREK so much better.. so was HANGOVER.. hahhah

John on Aug 3, 2009


I hope that this version of Perseus is a bit more real and authentic than the first film. Although I do like the older version very much especially the acting done by the gods and godesses, I thought the acting outside of those were atrocious.

Hsa on Oct 1, 2009


Honestly I think that a movie like this would be more true to the way the story is supposed to be if it was rated R. I mean, the time setting was back in a time period where violence were abundant. I am talking about maybe what we say in Gladiator. Nudity, yeah...let's be real here...Medusa was a gorgon...she would be wearing anything, and it's not like it's exactly a sexy thing to look at, unless ugly mythical snake chicks showing their tits is what gets you off. It wouldnt even need to be blantant but still there. I think this will just be an eye candy version of a movie that should have been great, but will fail. After seeing the teaser...I am just not really impressed at all. The only thing that looks mildly interesting is how they actually do portray Medusa. And what about her sisters? Are they going to involve them at all? Probably not. And is she going to be totally CG? I didnt even see anyone credited to play her or even do a voice...does this mean she doesnt speak and will just be graphics....sometimes I wish these movie creators would go back to using the old cheesy latex seems to be a lost art.

Matt on Nov 21, 2009


Wait so is it pg 13 or rated R ???????

laurenator109 on Mar 13, 2010


People know almost nothing of clothing history. They think biological determinism causes clothing behavior. That's so false! Social forces cause clothing behavior! In 1912 the NY Times noted ONLY ONE woman wearing pants in public in NY State! Factory work in WW2 put 17 million women into pants (a social force) which before they were forbidden to wear under pretext of "transvestism." Men generally wore skirts/robes until horseback riding made the riding garment, PANTS, prevalent. Today people almost think men are born wearing pants! Ridiculous! In Roman Britain, 9,600 skirted soldiers under General Suetonius killed 80,000 Britons at the Battle of Watling Street. So much for the "effeminate skirted male." To be a sex difference a garment must be a difference of anatomy! Neither skirts nor pants qualify! The Greek army today maintains a unit of soldiers who wear skirts.

Charles on Apr 4, 2010

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