Another New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer!

March 5, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

These new trailers just don't stop! Warner Brothers has unveiled a very dark and very powerful new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer today, to go along with everything else released this week. Thankfully, this trailer makes me completely forget that it's rated PG, which is a very good thing because it was my only major worry. I'm sure we will all forget about that sitting in theaters in July. This also looks so phenomenally epic, even more than the last five movies before it, which makes me so very excited. I really love all the Harry Potter movies and can't wait to see this one! Only 4 and a half months left to go.

Watch the brand new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

[flv: 598 254]

Watch the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer in High Definition: 480, 720, 1080

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is again directed by British filmmaker David Yates, of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix previously, and is written by Steve Kloves, who also wrote the adaptations of Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Goblet of Fire, but did not write Order of the Phoenix. This is the sixth book in J.K. Rowling's immensely popular series. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrives in theaters worldwide this upcoming summer on July 17th. Be there!

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Daniel on Mar 5, 2009



CK on Mar 5, 2009


im not a big fan of harry potter but that looks incredible

Darrin on Mar 5, 2009


wooooww owwwoo wwwoooooww im speech lesss it feels like i just hit a road block this shit blew me out of the water (summer movies look out here comes the biggest summer movie of the year)

alan on Mar 5, 2009


Very nice! However, enough is enough, they are showing toooo much. I wish their would be one trailer and one trailer only! Make it a kick @ss one. Loved that last one, David Yates is by far the best director they've had for this series.

K on Mar 5, 2009


I think I just peed myself a little... that was awesome I'm so excited!

????? on Mar 5, 2009


STOP RELEASING SO MANY TRAILERS DAMNIT! I shall not view anymore until the movie, although I'm tempted to watch it attached with Watchmen. I hope they attach this before Terminator too.

Paulo on Mar 5, 2009


How funny that a movie that should be getting PG-13 but got PG yet Alex supports it. Wait it is a WB movie!!! If this was fox he would have ripped them apart. Son of a bitch.

JoJo on Mar 5, 2009


Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit

bltzie on Mar 5, 2009


I think there will be 2 hours and 41 minutes worth of trailers attached to WATCHMEN alone!!!!! That is what sucks about blockbusters (esp. b/c it is the only one out there now). Confirmed Trailers: Star Trek Terminator Salvation Rumored but probably the truth: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Public Enemies X-Men Origins: Wolverine (only reason why I buy this one b/c Fox has some stake in Watchmen now).

Ryan on Mar 5, 2009


Public Enemies -- Confirmed X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- Pretty sure this was also confirmed

Daniel Mace on Mar 5, 2009


Blew me away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this one ! (and the others) Songs are incredible, they are new ones, different... But so great (at the end) !

Florian on Mar 5, 2009



Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Mar 5, 2009


I hope they pull off Dumbledores death correctly and not in some cheesy general hollywood way, they did pull off the Sirius Black death so hopefully they do it right.

xerxerxex on Mar 5, 2009


Thanks for ruining the movie for us Xerxex...not all of us have read the books. I'm so mad right now...

peloquin on Mar 5, 2009


Looks awesome.

FlaWiio on Mar 5, 2009


i know serious black died in the last one, but i swear for a second in one of the final frames of the trailer, i saw serious black again.

THE CRITIC on Mar 5, 2009


This is a much better trailer than the first one

Jaf on Mar 5, 2009


This is my favorite of the books...I CANNOT WAIT!!

Kevin on Mar 5, 2009


Really, really good trailer. I love the "ink" effect when we first go into the vision. Extremely impressive. Do you know what film this will show in front of?

Timothy on Mar 5, 2009


I like Steve Kloves but he's changed and added a lot of unneccessary dialogue, especially Dumbledore's little intro to the orphanage memory.

adrian on Mar 5, 2009


that looks pretty good O_o

Yamika on Mar 5, 2009


#15 You are a total F**k Head you moron. I have not been reading the books and have watched every movie without any knowledge of what happens and you come along you little shit bag you and give away a major plot point you dumb! dumb! dumb! person you.

Jamie on Mar 6, 2009


this book and the Prisoner of azkaban are probably the best books written... the title is so misleading ... #24 potter-heads get carried away sometimes.. but fear not... there is plenty of surprise that hasnt been leaked in either the trailers or on any messages here... so make sure you remember the NAME of the movie and wait towards the end of the movie when there is a nice little surprise... this movie looks epic... and i have always thought that the book was meant to be dark depressing and brooding with a sense of despair at every corner... but JKR fudged it in the hack job that was the 7th book... i hope she comes up with an alternate ending ( which will be a new begining...) only four and a half monthS!!!!! thats way toooooooooooooo long... hope they release the next 2 in a quick succession or atleast film them quickly enuf or the kids are gonna be too grown up and too awkward ... there is also a sense of cheeky humor in this which is very much like the books... Yey for David Yates

viral on Mar 6, 2009


No Shit # 15....thanks for nothing! Dammitt!!!! In peloquin we trust.

Tim "CLoverfield" on Mar 6, 2009


Even though he will not admit it to anyone, Feo LOVES Harry Potter!

feohatestheworld on Mar 6, 2009


My heart just melted with joy. I think this is going to be the first movie that nails the exact tone of its respective book. !!!moviegasm!!!

Lacey on Mar 6, 2009


WAITWAIT so all the harry potter movie's has had voldemort in it?

luke on Mar 7, 2009

29 forum harry potter on Mar 8, 2009


I just saw watchmen in London last night and there was a brand new Harry Potter trailer that was a bit longer with other new footage in it that i had never seen before. Maybe its only available here in the UK but just wanted to let everyone know in case they wanted to look for it.

Connor on Mar 12, 2009


looks like it "brings the magick" XD

neonblue on Mar 13, 2009


This has been named by many people the most anticipated movie of the summer baloney. This movie is rated pg and yet again will disapoint me. I am the biggest Harry Potter nerd ever, so I'm speaking from experience when I say keep your hopes low that is the only way you can ever watch a Harry Potter film and not feel like throwing up from the disapointment. Bring back Christopher Columbus he was the only one looking out for the fans needs.

Gizmo on Mar 14, 2009



mrdn on Mar 20, 2009


Alex, and #33 Gizmo, one thing; 4,5 and 6 are PG-13 not PG. Nerd or not you are thinking harsh about a movie you not only haven't watched but haven't given it a fair chance. I have watched all 5 so far and read all the books and have a collection myself. So Gizmo, lets put it this way by your words "biggest Harry Potter nerd ever", if you are what you, your hypocrizing yourself (by contradicting what you just said) and not giving any reason for it. To give a fair say to the movie based off the trailer, watch then judge for movie based off a novel/graphic novel/comic book have much higher at stake and more work then those not. So I will watch it BEFORE considering buying or judging it. (not best speller but not the point)

Kroe on Mar 25, 2009


Cant wait, looks darker than any of the other harry potter films.

Kat on Apr 5, 2009


The sixth and the seventh books are the darkest of the entire series. I am stunned that this one is PG, becuase the fourth and fifth were PG-13. Then again Harry Potter isn't near as dark as it could be, given Voldemort is the main reason for it.

Alack on Apr 10, 2009

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