Another New Screenwriter Hired for Universal's Bourne 4

August 20, 2009

Jason Bourne

What is it with Hollywood these days? Why are they cycling through so many different writers on fourth movies? Spider-Man 4 has gone through three writers, now the new Bourne movie is up to at least two (not including others we don't know about). THR has announced that Josh Zetumer, an up-and-coming writer also assigned to Peter Berg's Dune remake, was hired to write a Bourne 4 script for Universal. Originally, Bourne Ultimatum writer George Nolfi had been brought back on to write the next screenplay, apparently he didn't finish enough of the script in time. Zetumer's version is being described as a "parallel script."

Since Nolfi had to ditch the project in order to start directing The Adjustment Bureau, Universal got desperate and hired Zetumer, as they're pushing for Bourne 4 to hit theaters in 2011. "Our hope is that Nolfi, a key member of the Bourne team, will return after he is done with The Adjustment Bureau," a Universal spokesperson said. It is unclear what will occur after Zetumer submits his draft or whether his script will be integrated with Nolfi's. It's an interesting development that might mean good news in the end, or so I hope. Maybe if Zetumer turns in a great script, they'll borrow the best elements of each for the final draft.

Back in April, producer Frank Marshall said that "Bourne 4 is in the works for Summer 2011." However, since then, we've heard conflicting reports about the status. Jason Bourne himself, Matt Damon, told EW earlier this week: "We're hoping to make a fourth, but we don't have a story and we don't have a script. I assume it can happen, but we have to come up with a storyline that's deserving." He doesn't sound too optimistic, but I'm sure Universal is doing everything they can to make this happen, as it's a franchise they can guarantee will still be successful, which is what they need coming off of a terrible summer like this.

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I'll tell you this the very first Bourne movie was like Batman Begins, then the second Bourne was like the Dark Knight, but this little sentence falls short since there is no Batman 3 yet, but the thirdBourne movie wasn't all that great kind of a way to continue it on, so as for the fourth Bourne if it ever happens I hope it will be as good if not better than The third Bourne film, fingers crossed!

Xerxex on Aug 21, 2009


'but the thirdBourne movie wasn't all that great kind of a way to continue it on' Are you crazy? That was the best Action-Agent-Movie in years. Great sequel. The sequence in the Waterloo Station - Awesome. My favourite movie of 2007. O.O

Michael on Aug 21, 2009


The first one was the best, imo. I think it's mostly because of Marie and the interaction between her and Jason. He had no idea who he was and sharing his discoveries with her was awesome. The scene with the two of them in the cab, after he finds out what he finds out... one of my favorites. Really everything leading up to that, but that cab ride.. and the music.. epic stuff. I like the other two movies, too... alot, but not as much as the first one. I am looking forward to seeing more, though...

RPD on Aug 21, 2009


Liked all 3 Bourne movies. Hope they'll put it togheter for the 4th Bourne. Let's wait and see what they are up to...

me on Aug 21, 2009


Keep the bourne train rolling. I love those movies!

Cat on Aug 21, 2009


the first one had bad mistakes like when the guy gets shot on the stairs his brother was walking behind before but when he got shot he wasnt and that was a really bad cut to like why didnt you make it one take doug. Greengrass did 100 times better

Darren on Aug 21, 2009


They should quit while they're ahead.

germs on Aug 21, 2009


Yeah, you're right Darren, screw the filmmaker and the movie because you didn't like an edit. The rest of the two hours? Forget it.

Sigh on Aug 21, 2009


Zetumer's a good writer. He even did some uncredited stuff on Quantum of Solace.

Dr. Lappe on Aug 21, 2009


Well Michael I like the third one but the second Bourne was my favorite bar none, I own all three and will check out a fourth and buy a fourth, the Bourne franchise has been one of the greatest agent movies I've seen in a long time I just hope this new writer can bring one another hit!

Xerxex on Aug 21, 2009


There were some producing flaws in the first one that they critiqued in the 2nd one and the 3rd was just as good. Sometimes I think they are all the same movie, but the 3rd was good as it really dug into the origins of Bourne/Webb.

Branden on Aug 21, 2009


matt damon

Al on Aug 21, 2009


@12 ...??

Branden on Aug 21, 2009


Bourne 4!? YES! I loved the first three. #13, Matt Damon is the main dude.

Scott on Aug 21, 2009


In the name of sweet Yahweh, please do not make this movie. Please. Seriously.

Scagginsvolley on Aug 21, 2009


#1, I will have to agree with #2. The Bourne Ultimatum was a great action flick. I even thought it should have been nominated for best picture at the oscars back in 2008. It was my fav film of the year. I can't wait for the next film. I didn't think there would be another one, because Ultimatum wrapped up the story about who Jason really was and how he became Jason Bourne.

last Son on Aug 21, 2009


Matt Damooon! I'd watch another Bourne movie, that character is great. I wonder if he'll hook up with Julia Stiles?

Crapola on Aug 22, 2009


Re: screenwriter changes- i think the studios, stars, etc., get nervous when they have a proven "franchise" (an overused, abused word), so they get very careful about the next sequel, wanting to insure that it's a hit. This can lead to the deadly "too many cooks" scenario. I liked the Bourne films, but I felt the third one was overdone in terms of JB's abilities. He was like a super-hero or something, repeatedly beating up hordes of enemies w/o a scratch or breaking a sweat. The first two portrayed him as a supremely competent person, but one was who still was vulnerable. It becomes uninteresting if there's no threat to the hero. Make Bourne human again.

zubzwank on Aug 22, 2009


I think it would be amazing if he get gang raped by a bunch of hamsters. Serious, how nuts would that be?

Crapola on Aug 22, 2009


sigh thats not the only reason i didnt like the first one the way it was shot it made the movie feel like a expensive indie film and the stupid little funny comments they would say and just other thing dont get me wrong it is still a good movie but the bourne supremecy and ultimatum were amazing and i was glad greengrass took over

Darren on Aug 23, 2009


Darren what about the Dinner scene with Marie, that was excellent. Along with the actual storyline it was a great way to start a new agent series, the first started it the second one put it at the top of its game the third one picked up perfectly and now the fourth one, who knows how badass that will be!?

Xerxex on Aug 23, 2009


i personally think that the bourne series is the one series that didn't fuck up its sequels. so many trilogies just flat-out shouldn't have happened. i'm down for a fourth.

dan on Aug 25, 2009


I think the Bourne series has the possibility of being another Bond series that just keeps on going. I love it and know many others who do as well. Bring on more Bourne!

bev on Aug 25, 2009


What is wrong with the negative people, especially scagginsvolley. Stop telling people what to do, no one gives a shit if you don't want to see another bourne movie, JUST DON'T WATCH IT! Do you think the rest of us should have to go without what WE want because you are a loser and can't get past your own cognitive bullshit. Listen, the story didn't wrap up, you know why? I'll tell you why, bourne is still alive, the CIA is still alive, and as as long as that is, there will be a story. What do you think bournes character is going to go sip pina coladas in the caribbean for the next thirty years, give me a break. And zubzwank, the whole point of jason bourne is as he starts to remember he loses some of his humanity, that is the conflict inside of bourne. He was trained to be superhuman on all levels, to not feel feelings, so as the story goes by and he starts to engage more, he loses those feelings again but keeps reminding himself the whole reason he is fighting is to preserve his humanity. That is the constant struggle, that is why the series is so good, its emotionless emotion, and the fight to be right. Seriously, reading the negative comments has made me believe this is one fantastic movie that a lot of you just don't get. Bring on another, and shut the hell up.

Dean on Sep 8, 2009


I thought "Ultimatum" was a good place to end the story; it was a great roller-coaster ride of a flick with a good story and they wrapped it all up with a neat little bow. Unfortunately, the greed of the studios knows no boundaries -- and since they seem bent on making a fourth movie I think the best option is to adapt another Robert Ludlum novel and replace the main character with Jason Bourne. (many of Ludlum's novels share a lot of similar elements -- i.e. one person caught up in a diabolical plot and faced with near impossible odds) The story I've got in mind is called "The Parsifal Mosaic". The basic premise is: a retired field agent (who is now a college professor) is seen talking to another agent which leads to much speculation that he has come out of retirement -- which in-turn makes his former handlers at the agency very nervous. The plot thickens when he thinks he has spotted a woman, who was his partner (and lover) on a train platform, and is supposed to be dead. What follows is a crazy conspiracy tale full of plot twists and double crosses. Just make Bourne the main character and Nikki Parsons (Julia Stiles) the love interest -- and you're off to the races. Nikki wasn't officially a field agent, but she was in North Africa running around with Bourne. Additionally, it was hinted at that they've got some sort of a past together back when he was David Webb -- so it all fits together rather nicely. Moreover, the story arc of Bourne's regained memory could continue with him having flashbacks about his relationship with Nikki before the agency brainwashed him. So if Bourne thinks Nikki is dead then sees her alive and well for a split second that could kick-start a whole new adventure that would retain most (if not all) the elements that make the Bourne movies what they are while also staying true to character without getting overly redundant. The only downside is that "Parsifal" is currently under option by Ron Howard and Amblin Entertainment.

Greg on Oct 19, 2009

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