Apparently Ghost Rider 2 is Officially Moving Forward

January 29, 2009
Source: Bloody Disgusting

Ghost Rider

I'm reluctant to report this, but I guess I have to. Yep, they're actually making Ghost Rider 2. Do you remember the original? Yea, that damn movie they put out in 2007 that almost everyone hated (right?). Like it or not, we all knew that a sequel was inevitable, as Ghost Rider did make an impressive $116 million at the box office. It has just taken a while for the whole thing to actually get moving. However, Bloody Disgusting is reporting tonight that Columbia Pictures is officially looking for writers and that Nicolas Cage is indeed already attached and signed on to return. Is there really any hope for this sequel at all?

Being an optimistic person, here's what I'll say about this news. I remember when Ghost Rider first came out, and was getting dismal reviews, everyone was saying how much potential the character had. The actual Ghost Rider Marvel comics character is pretty badass and does, in theory, have a lot of potential, it just never got used in the first movie. As we all know, both Hulk and Punisher were "rebooted" this year, to quite a bit of success (at least for the former). So might Sony try and "reboot" Ghost Rider as well and give it a complete revamp for the sequel? I hope so, but I could be entirely wrong. What do you think?

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Reader Feedback - 88 Comments


well i liked ghost rider so its goo d to see a sequel (but i was anoyed about the YOU in every single bit in the film

sam bayliss on Jan 29, 2009


Wont be a reboot with the same lead. They wont have to tell how he came to being in this one, so might be just looking at him kicking some arse. Does have potential with a diff director.

MattLong on Jan 29, 2009


I didnt see the problem that everyone had with the first movie, but sequels dont always go the way that they plan them to so I guess we will have to wait and what happens with the movie.

Bounca on Jan 29, 2009


This is like THE WORST day of movie news ever. 1) THIS 2) Fox has Narnia 3) The Green Lantern movie is still on. It's like a 1-2-3 knockout of shit.

Gale on Jan 29, 2009



Miracaleman1 on Jun 26, 2011


and so Hollywood proves its still sitting on a pile of money even as the globe falls into recession.

dom on Jan 29, 2009


#4 - Where did that Green Lantern news come from? And why is THAT bad news?

Alex Billington on Jan 29, 2009


#7: Alex, my guess is that he meant "Green Hornet" and not "Green Lantern" 😉 Cheers

Fox on Jan 29, 2009


Yeah, Hornet. Mistake.

Gale on Jan 29, 2009


I think Cage was perfect as Ghost Rider and the movie it self was ok. Looking forward to this.

Shige on Jan 29, 2009


I agree with Shige, Cage is perfect as the Rider, though I hope they still give him his 2 weapons from the first and that they don't change his chopper (it's what the motorcycle type is called, if anyone didn't know), that was seriously sick looking.

Shadow on Feb 25, 2011


It'll be fine if you keep Mark Steven Johnson away from it. His enthusiasm is amazing but his films, not so much.

Fuelbot on Jan 29, 2009


The 2nd Punisher was good!?! WTF!?! Still, Agreed with on The Hulk. We'll see.

Aravena on Jan 29, 2009


Ghost Rider simply isn't PG 13 material. Just like Blade isn't, Constantine, etc etc. Making it campy and cheesy is the only way for it to work out, but if you wanna make a good movie out of that mix, you gotta get someone better than the director from Daredevil and Ghost Rider 1. That dude has been given two chances by now, and he has proved he is pretty crappy.

Darunia on Jan 29, 2009


The first Ghost Rider had the right look, but the wrong tone. I'm still not convinced that Nic Cage is the right actor for the part, but he has a passion for the character, so run with it. I agree with #11 - keep Mark Steven Johnson away from it. Ghost Rider (like his version of Daredevil) was a series of missed opportunities. Johnson has a bad habit of throwing in every little bit of the character's continuity and melting it down to slag. Cherry pick a few key elements and put your own spin on them like Nolan did with Batman. Don't try to pay lip service to fans of every iteration of the character.

Tom Brazelton on Jan 29, 2009


SFX were great in the movie, and the "first ride" where he changes was cool. Make it Ghost Rider tracking down and fighting Scarecrow and give it a good R rating with lots of blood. This is one movie which would 100% benefit from the studios new 'make it dark!' attitude to superhero movies.

chrisuk on Jan 29, 2009


Punisher rebooted with success? It got pathetic reviews and totally bombed at the box office. The first Ghost Rider was a corny disaster of a film and there's no reason to expect that the sequel will be any less of a mess.

SlashBeast on Jan 29, 2009



Miracaleman1 on Jun 26, 2011


The world needs another GR flim like the would need Bush back in office.

Canadian on Jan 29, 2009


I liked the first one, it was a nice, cheesy sunday afternoon diversion

Staatz on Jan 29, 2009


look all the marvel movies get there slow starts, fact is with all the marvel movies is you will either love them or hate them, the first punisher was excellent, the first hulk lets just say i wont go there, as for the hulk reboot restored my faith, now ghost rider first one kept me entertained visually as for story if i could kill villains that quick i would be a boring super hero too. but it opened the door the next movie cant get worse from hear hopefully it finds its way up. P.s. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE AVENGERS???

splinter on Jan 29, 2009


I look forward to the Avengers

Miracaleman1 on Jun 26, 2011


Hmmm... am I the only one who liked Ghost Rider? I didn't think it was great but for what it was it was kinda cool...

????? on Jan 29, 2009


Dood, you ain't the only one who liked Ghost Rider, Hell, I'm a huge fan of it, though to be honest, before it came out I didn't actually know about the Rider, I really need to get a Marvel encyclopedia of Heroes, Villains, etc..

Shadow on Feb 25, 2011


I agree I loved ghost rider.. And Nicholas Cage was perfect for it.

Fedele_joseph on Apr 25, 2012


I'd much rather see a reboot on this than a sequel. I'm one of the few that likes Nic Cage, but this film just didn't work and was utterly ridiculous from start to finish. Maybe give Thomas Jane a chance to redeem himself as Ghost Rider instead of The Punisher in the marvel universe? What's going on with the Daredevil reboot too? I heard something about Michael Hall helming the role a few months ago, but haven't heard anything since.

peloquin on Jan 29, 2009


Meh. I would rather like to see a full length live action retelling of Care Bears.

Red Color Buttons. on Jan 29, 2009


The only major problem I had with the film (actually two things) was Nic's seemingly bored acting, and the horrible, horrible acting for the main villain. He was like a stupid, evil emo.

Logan on Jan 29, 2009


If they do an incredible Hulk and TOTALLY revive and reboot, I'm down. I love Ghost Rider and can't stomach another shitty Marvel movie. It genually hurts me. It hurts my heart

Clamson on Jan 29, 2009


yeah first movie sucked...nic cage sucks...second movie will suck. great source material wasted nuff said. lol

andrew on Jan 29, 2009


Maybe they'll sneak a cameo or two in there, to make it worthwhile. Nic Cage did what he could w/ one horrible, horrible script. If they gave it just an ounce more toughness, wemight be talking. Tough part is, a good deal of Ghost Rider's success was its Valentine's day release, and Eva Mendes' palpable interest in Nic Cage. It was Valentines movie girls could convince their boyfriends to see. Good luck trying to pull that off in the sequel!

Jimbo Slims on Jan 29, 2009


Can't we just assume they'll learn from the mistakes made in the original and make this one better?

Malcolm Edgecombe on Jan 29, 2009


Whats going to happen is after they get a lot of the hero's out there they will start mixing it up , daredevil will be in spider man, punisher will tie in with a dead pool spin off etc.............. for what the movies are i appreciate them i don't know about you but seeing some of my favorite hero's come to life makes me happy even when i know they can be played better by another actor. fact is your never going to be pleased or satisfied....... except the person two rows down 3 seat's in who has never read a comic in his life and is chanting ooooooooooo ahhhhhhhh and the Keanu Reeves whoa...will walk out saying "THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVERRRRRRR"

splinter on Jan 29, 2009


This is mistake. Not only the dreadful Cage, but # 17 said it best.

D-9 on Jan 29, 2009



Brian on Jan 29, 2009


What do I think? Has anyone seen the first one? Well for those who answer no, you’re very lucky you didn’t miss too much, except for cheesy scenes, finger pointing, and horrible villains not to mention. To hear that Colombia Pictures making another Ghost Rider sickens me to the stomach. But one last thing I would like to say, to all Film Studios that has the rights to any Marvel Comic book character give up the rights and sell it back to Marvel Studio who will do a much better job.

J.S. Chan on Jan 29, 2009



Movieraider321 on Jan 29, 2009


I'd take ghost rider 2, 3 , 4 any day instead of plastic face sandra bullock's 'cheesy romantic comedy'.

dexter on Jan 29, 2009


Liked the first one we'll see how the second one turns out to be.

Fisherr on Jan 29, 2009


Nicolas Cage should be banned from making movies. Ghost Rider may be a bad ass in the comics, but as long as a powder puff like Cage plays the role, the Rider stands no chance. If Sony was smart, they'd dump Nikki Cage and pick up a grittier actor with some brass in is voice.

Eugene on Jan 29, 2009


#35! You are my HERO! Perfect, PERFECT point! Totally agree with Eugene! I mean it's Ghost Rider for God's SAKE! Cage playhing the Ghost is absurd as.....wait for it......Seth Rogen playing the Green Hornet!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jan 29, 2009


What if seth rogen was ghostrider and nikki cage was the green hornet. He could write, produce and star in it.

Redilicious Buttons on Jan 29, 2009


I liked the first Ghost Rider movie. Yes, it wasn't perfect, for a lot of the reasons that people have already commented on, but I still enjoyed it, and I look forward to the sequel.

Dan Walimaa on Jan 30, 2009


What if R. Buttons could just KNOCK it OFF! Getting old Buttons.

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Jan 30, 2009


Never. As long as there is a part out there for Cage. I will fight for him to get it.

~480-405 Buttons on Jan 30, 2009


ghost rider sucked it was like drinking warm puke through a short straw the only way to make it better is get rid of cage,add another hero (daredevil,punisher or blade)for example a decent villain the proper look for blackheart or mephisto,up the gore perfecto.

zetsu on Jan 30, 2009


Ghost Rider was a good movie. And just for the record the first Punisher with Thomas Jane was excellent. It was total BS that they rebooted it and I love that it bombed in theaters. But back to Ghost Rider, I look forward to a sequel. Give it a chance people. See the problem with you people is you don't know how to enjoy movies. Al I hear is Spiderman 3 sucked, X-Men 3 sucked, Ghost Rider sucked, blah, blah, blah. Learn to enjoy movies or I guess enjoy never being happy with anything.

Adam on Feb 8, 2009



splinter on Feb 9, 2009


#42: it really shows how much u like crappy movies, way to make a good point.

root on Feb 10, 2009


Ugg I saw the first one. Didn't think too highly of it. And I am by no means a picky movie goer.

Dating in Toronto on Mar 27, 2009


ok, my personal review. Ghost Rider was ok as a movie. In the theatres it was awesome because of the big flashy screen and sound, but honestly it really sucked when it came out on DVD. I realized when I watched it at home that there was a lot of corny lines and it was just way too dramatic and a lot less bad-ass than it was in theatres. (The best acting in the movie was the guy who played the other Ghost Rider, can't remember his name, but I know he played in Tombstone) The second thing that set me off was that it didn't seem to be based off any of the comics. At least do that for the movie. And please get rid of Cage. I realize it is his favorite comic, but he really just didn't seem right in the movie. or at least make his role a lot less corny. When it comes down to it. Yeah, I'll see a sequel as long as it seems better than the first one.

Tanner on Apr 6, 2009


to all you assholesthat didnt like the first one think about this.there is room for improvement on the next ones .and cage did a good job as ghost rider they just didnt use the rider right

kenny flournoy on Apr 13, 2009


Ghost rider was not a good movie, but it wasn't most of the superhero movies could've been much better, if you follow certain formulas...make a long consice script and it must be over 2 hours long. People were very sceptical about Iron man and look how well it turned out. If you simply add 20 more minutes of pure action to these films there would be 50% less complaints than there are. Christopher Nolan has developed and pattented the formula and Favreau is now the biggest student of it hac=ving just broke into the action movie scen.... and I know I'm not the only one that thinks that...What pisses me off is that were getting sequels for subpar flicks like Ghost Rider when we have yet to produce a Captain America movie yet!? I know; I know, different comic labels + different studios; hense different just waiting for hollywood to produce an Aquaman starring a blonde Mario Cantone before the powers that be get another "super hero based movie" we actually give a shit about; Green Lantern, flash or even thor( again, Marvel ).. SIDENOTE: also be prepared for the females superheroes to be starting their own cute little movies. the WNBA of superhero movies are rapidly approaching. Get ready for a batwoman or spiderwoman. Doesn't matter how bad they will tank, someone will finance it...A lil' off topic I know, but keep your eyes out for it, its going to be hysterical when it does happen!!!!!!!!

chick on Apr 29, 2009


these reviews are all horrible. I guarantee there's at 5000 lbs of overweight body fat amonst these few posters. yes, these are a bunch of losers. The girl in ghost rider was hot, if that's not enough to make it a good movie.. what do you want? Nic cage was great as usual. that's awesome. I didn't like black heart. they gave him some cliche lines that seemed to bomb. Overall the story was good. it was fast passed and they pulled it off. There wasn't really any wasted space. The level and quality was done well. It seems set up for a sequel quite well. I hope they change some of the setting and aesthetics. i think it's goin to be good. He's goin to be on the run. they can do so many things and i think they will do better in their judgment than the panel above. I think they will bring something to the fans surprisingly better than expected.

Joeish on May 3, 2009


I thought the first Ghost Rider was well good!!! The only reason why Blackheart didn't turn out to what fans expected and the action wasn't up to the quality expected was because the amount of money spent on Ghost Rider himself (to produce the fire and skull effects) was so high. Now that these graffics have been saved, more can be spent on the story and the other character effects! Ghost Rider has so much potential its unreal!!! Not only is there some awesome 'baddies' for Ghost Rider to beat the crap out of, such as Scarecrow, Blackout, and Lilithe, but there is the other Spirits of Vengence, like the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider, and Vengence. Also, i would like to see the return of the 'Weston Ghost Rider' a.k.a The Caretaker! Seeing as the origin of the rider has been done in the first one, it doesn't have to be done again. This gives the character a leg-up and allows for more fights, action and exploration of his powers. Why wouldn't anyone want to see a Ghost Rider sequel? It would be Bloody-Flaming-Skull-AWESOME!!!!!!

Henry (a.k.a Awesome-Man) on May 27, 2009


i liked ghost rider so shut up b4 i eat u

ag626 on Jun 23, 2009


:L:L:L:L i LOVED Ghost Rider!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, i'll eat you as well! can't wait till the 2nd film!!!!!!!!:D:D:D GHOST RIDER IS BLOODY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry (a.k.a Awesome-Man) on Jun 23, 2009


To all the dolts complaining about them making a sequel to Ghost Rider..Shut up,seriously. These same people are probably the ones who've never read a Ghost Rider comic in their life...The typical marks who only go see the Marvel movies but never read any of the comics and then try to talk about Marvel as if they think they know something about it Ghost Rider is probably one of the best anti-heroes out there. You don't see Spiderman,Ironman,or Wolverine rididing around on a hellcycle and dragging their foe chained up in the flames coming from the hellcycle. Heck the recent GR comics Johnny set a demon aflame and made hellfire rain from the sky..His character isn't one you want to trifle with. The only problems with the first was it seemed to much of a comedy instead of a dark story that truly is GR. Blackheart didn't even transform into his true self..The action was limited..It's so easy to fix what went wrong in the first,but sadly too many ignorant people can't see things that way. Nic Cage imo would have made a better Danny Ketch..since for starts Johnny has blonde hair,not brown. Being that we've gotten past how Johnny became the GR I think they can focus on the darker part of the story now. Besides it's not been the first time a sequel has been better than the 1st. Transformers was good but it's sequel was amazing for example Oh and for those talking about it..It's already been announced there's going to be a Captain America and Avengers movie

Josh on Jun 24, 2009


Oh and I forgot to the ones saying the rebooted Punisher bombed..Lol you rather watch Frank be an emo in the 1st than do what the punisher does best in the 2nd? Kill. Ray stevenson was a better Frank than Tom. War Zone was actually played by the way Punisher is in the comics...though as I said,ones who never read the comics wouldn't know that

Josh on Jun 24, 2009


God man!!!! Josh i soooo totally agree with you!!!!!!! The action in the 2nd Ghost Rider will be amense, as they had to spend loads of money on making the graphics for Ghost Rider himself, now they can use the all ready made graphics and concentrate on the action and othere characters. But with the story, the story is compelling and about how Jonny goes through emotional hardities (i.e. Crash dieing and Roxanne reaving him). If you take that story and add in the more twisted characters (i.e. Scarecrow) then you get a film that delivers on all levels and live up to the comics!!! If everyone had read the comics (especially the graphic novel 'Road to Damnation' [which was written to inform new fans about Ghost Rider]) then everyone would be able to understand the film. Instead of just seeing it as another 'super-hero' film. Ghost Rider is so much more! I love Ghost Rider and can NOT WAIT till the 2nd WILL get made!!!!=]

Henry (a.k.a Awesome-Man) on Jun 26, 2009


Ghost Rider is AMAZING!!! Its actually one of the best movies Ive watched in a long time. I can not wait until the sequel is out. i was glued to the TV every moment of the movie witch does not happen allot with me. I didnt have to read the comics to understand this movie because overall it is awesome1

courtney on Jul 1, 2009


I feel a little bit awesome, but I think sometimes watching such horrible movie are really stimulative.

Hadara Olga on Jul 2, 2009


Punisher 2 was the worst movie of the decade but the first was pritty good.Ghost Rider was a great movie,I just hope the second will be good also.

Olewg Pudratawimpokkiytydgsr on Jul 19, 2009


Hey.. Don't really care what others say... There are many people who liked this movie... because it wasn't just about flying, or being a spider.... it was unique in every way.... Fire is a element on earth.... Deals with a Devil is supernaturally true.... Fallen Angels becoming Elements of the world is common.... And So was Legion as mentioned in the bible.... GHOST RIDER was a mixture of different things and a AWESOME movie... The animation was great!!! ... .... can't wait for the 2nd part..... Nicholas Cage is the one man i could think of for the role.... It sounds Great to know there's a second part!!

Dilshi on Aug 10, 2009


I honestly liked Ghost Rider, quite a bit. Sure, the action was ... mostly miss, but they got the character behind the monster (Johny Blaze) pretty close - which is something that very, very few other comic book movies can say. Every single Spider-Man movie pissed me off because they ruined Peter Parker. The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk didn't deal with the psychological effects of having such a split personality. Venom was simply terrible, in Spider-Man 3. There simply isn't enough time in a movie to show all aspects of a comic hero or villain. I prefer the Ghost Rider way of doing it - focus on the character, leave the action for later. I'm excited about the new Ghost Rider. I agree, though - an R rating would be of major benefit.

valczir on Aug 20, 2009


Oh, I forgot to mention: I really hope that they name Mephisto for who he is; I feel like it was a bit of a mistake, making the movie about the real devil. For the uninitiated: Basically, Mephisto is a very powerful being who likes the idea of Satan, so he took on the role of the devil. He's often mistaken for the devil, but isn't, actually. While I can see that they may have decided not to let the audience in on that little fact because they wanted Mephisto to be mistaken for the devil by everyone... Well, I just feel like it would have been good to tell everyone, at some point.

valczir on Aug 20, 2009


I thought Ghost Rider was amazing. I look forward to the sequel , nicholas cage is great. I loved Sam elliot in the first one as well, we need to see how Nic will turn the curse against the Devil. People shouldn't assume the movie will be bad. That's just poor judgement. Give it a chance.

Mana on Sep 11, 2009


why do these people think that ghost rider was a good movie. The story line is terrible. The actors are horrible. The villain and Mendez were so stiff. Nick Cage is the biggest goofiest cheesiest over actor ever which makes it impossible to take him serious as ghost rider. I can believe he is signed on for two. Now part two is doomed. The only good thing about ghost rider was when he is in ghost rider mode. the special effects were decent. It sucks because the character has so much potential and the story line in the comics is so dark and gritty but of course they killed the character and story line by turning into a dark cheesy comedy with Nick Cages one liner corny ass jokes and shitty cowboy accent and unnecessary romance over the top romance. and for that moron valczir saying all the spider man were the worst movies i dont know what your smoking but u need to analyze your stuff a little better. i have read both ghost rider and spider man comics and the spider man was so much closer than ghost rider as far as portraying the character and their environment. you know two big movie sites only have it a 27% and 35% approval.....cause the movie was garbage. get off ghost rider nuts already. it was a shitty movie. get some good actors and someone who can wright a legitimate script and not some cheesy hollywood mess.

patrick on Sep 13, 2009


To answer 61 comment, caretaker actually refers to the devil as Memphistophales (not sure on the spelling) when taing to cage. but im sure average movie watchers would have missed that line not knowing whom memphisto is. but yes they actually refered to his real identity.

don on Sep 29, 2009


I really don't believe cage is a horrible actor, Hes done a lot of great films.when an actor portrays a character in a way that pisses off fans you can't blame them. They use what thier given and in this case the directing and story weren't spot on. You just do the best you can. The special effects sequences were visually cool, but the film suffered from the same problem the Elektra film had, short effortless one hit fights. This really cut out any epic battles from being fought. But with better directing and a more action infused script a sequel could truly surprise a lot of viewers and play very well.

don on Sep 29, 2009


I like the movie and I'm happy they are making a sequel. I they better not reboot the movie or because the first one was amazing it just took a little while for it to get popular so maybe the second one will be just as good or better.

Courntey on Oct 19, 2009


All I got to say is, I'm a fan of Ghost Rider, and I like Cage, the problem with the film was, it was an origin film, that needed to explain the background of the Ghost Rider, the love interest, in about 2 hours, they had to cram alot in, so that's why it failed somewhat hell, even Spider-Man 1 was bad, 2 was much better, but 3 sucked simple, I liked Ghost Rider the film, sure could've done with a bit darker tone, alright, maybe longer fight scene but hey the effects are hard to make, things like Hulk have been done before so it's cheaper, then next Ghost Rider will be much better, since more money can be put into the fights, and now that the love story and background stuff is over, we can have much more evil, better and longer fight scenes and less romance, just like G.R should be, so hell yeh Ghost Rider 2.....I'll see it

Jason on Oct 27, 2009


....yoooou!!!!! Nicholas Cage is back as.... Nicholas Cage with flaming skull. Anybody remember the junket?? Cage says... "I got a Ghost Rider tattooo!!" (leads to crickets and grass blowing in the background) "Yeaaah!!" (applause follows) He's on board so he can buy back the castle in Belgium he lost during the last year. Some things need to stay dead.

Matt on Dec 7, 2009


I liked the first Ghost Rider, but I would love if they made an animated movie or something like what they did with transformers because I want a ghost rider movie where people like blackheart and mephisto look how they do in the comics not like some dude who never left his house before and some random old guy. The only time they even looked like they were from the underworld was when they showed their elongated mouth with fangs.

grimm on Dec 10, 2009


for the record the punisher movie with tom jane was not the first. it was the second. and sucked as much as the very first one staring dolph lungren (or how ever you spell his name i can't be bothered.) the one with ray rocked so hard. it was closest to the punisher story line. as for the second ghost rider movie. i'll hold my judgment. i thought the first one was ok, if not a bit cheesy. but it was not the worst movie made.

kitsu on Jan 22, 2010


they say Ghost Rider is riding thru Europe this time- i expect a very gothic theme which places us in an environment with castles, groves, and a mass of symbology - a very different tone - not the biggest fan of Cage but there is potential in him -Goyer could have made film into another cheesy urban vampire flick - but it didn't -it rocked (xcept maybe the 3rd) - with Goyer on the case we'll get the class dark surreal action scenes, not just stuff that looks good on xbox - wolverine was a bit disapointing to me, but i'm excited about his next film which has him going thru Japan - these films are both failed meet full potential but have space 4 redemption - i'm optimstic

TNT on Jan 26, 2010


My son and I loved ghostrider in theater bought the video, love it. Been waiting and wishing for ghostrider 2, we are very happy that 2 is coming wish it hadn't taken so long.

leedad06 on Feb 9, 2010


Ghost rider was easily the worst marvel movie made to date. I say this over all other failures becuse... 1. All he did was stair at people. 2. his voice was absalutly retarded. 3. Nicolas cage is a terrible actor and far far to old to play ghost rider. 4. THAT WAS NOT BLACK HEART!...IT WAS A SMIRF ON CRACK!

listian on Feb 21, 2010


I guess I'm the exception; I loved Ghost Rider the more I saw it, and I'm excited about a sequel. Eva Mendez didn't really turn me on as his girlfriend, but apparently she won't be back. For his age, Lisa Edelstein, would be a great choice. She is SO hot! I like the idea of escaping the west, but the venue should still be rural. Perhaps the Moors of England?

mike on Mar 4, 2010


It’s hilarious. Unspeakably, hysterically funny. Sadly, though, it's all unintentional humor. Ghost Rider is one of the most unintentionally funny films I've ever seen. The movie manages to pack in every comic book and action movie cliché imaginable with laughable casting, an illogical script, wooden acting, jarring direction, non-threatening villains, finger-pointing with poor CGI and editing.

SlashBeast on Jul 10, 2010


Ghost Rider has weak character development, marginal acting, a repetitive plot (step 1: find demons, step 2: wrap chain around demon to kill him, step 3: repeat steps 1 and 2) and mediocre special effects.

Prototype on Jul 10, 2010


I never rushed out to see this film and in fact,I just saw it today,for the first time.I did not have high expectations,due to Nick Cages sporadically on/off performances in some silly movies he had done this past decade. This movie wasn't a disaster-piece,but it certainly failed to measure up to the stature of films such as Batman Begins & Blade. Ghost Rider held my interest enough for me to endure the length of the film,so it was moderately entertaining & worthy enough to remain in my DVD collection. The story was intriguing actually,but the casting was a bit disappointing.Cage gave a fair performance,Sam Elliot was 5 star as usual....but Peter Fonda should have remained at his ranch in Montana in retirement & Eva Mendes is nothing but an ornament that would have been ideally suited for the porn industry. As for GR # 2...well...David Goyer is on board for this one,so no worries there.How could any of you people have doubts about this next installment with David Goyer on the scene?? By the way,David Goyer wrote a script for Ghost Rider 9 years ago-which incidentally,will now be the script for Ghost Rider 2.

Thomas on Nov 22, 2010


may i point out that neither of the movies you named are marvel! perhaps you should put, 'spiderman' or 'ironman' as better examples 🙂

kent on Feb 20, 2011


i have to say, i didnt mind ghost rider. and im a HUGE marvel fan. but to those of you who say it needs a new director, then hear this, the director can only workwith whatever script/screenplay he is given. if its crap, then theres not alot he can do. what this movie needs is a new writer. and i hate to say this, but it may need a new lead too. i love nic cage, but he just looks a bit haggard and old to be the ghost rider! anyone else agree? how about getting someone like jake gylenhall or james franco in as the lead? these are just suggestions. but my point is, we need a good actor in their mid 20's to early 30's to ploay johnny blaze! im just sayin......

kent on Feb 20, 2011


not to mention the terrible hair-piece nic cage is wearing in this film! abysmall......truly abysmall.......

kent on Feb 20, 2011


Two girls one cup is >>>>>>> cage and ghost rider.

Truth2011 on Mar 3, 2011


I always thought that Ghost Rider would have made an excellent movie & was excited when I first heard of a movie. But I thought the first installment was very dissappointing. Cage would not have been my pic for Blaze and Fonda himself didn't really seem "into it" with horrible acting. BUT, I do have strong hope for GR2 & like many sequels, I think it will be better than the first.

KU on Mar 22, 2011


Will I love the first and I can say that the 2nd one will be awsome I want the DVD to the second on the the ghost rider is my favorite movie and I know for a fact that the second one will be to so yea when will the DVD come out or can I have a DVD

Zachary lopez on Jan 31, 2012

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Alex's Top 10 - 2020
1. Nine Days
2. Berlin Alexanderplatz
3. Pixar's Soul
4. Pieces of a Woman
5. Feels Good Man
6. Another Round
7. The Truffle Hunters
8. Sound of Metal
9. Lovers Rock
10. Nomadland
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Adam's Top 10 - 2020
1. Spontaneous
2. Promising Y. Woman
3. Nomadland
4. The Vast of Night
5. Blow the Man Down
6. The Invisible Man
7. Minari
8. Possessor
9. Feels Good Man
10. Color Out of Space
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