Avatar Launches its Own Unimpressive New Viral Website

September 21, 2009
Source: AVTR

AVTR Program

"You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentleman." Just listen to Col. Quaritch, he'll keep you safe on Pandora. I was first sent a link to this new viral site last week but was so unimpressed, I decided not to mention it until it got some more content. Given its a slow news day today, everyone else is picking it up as news today, so I thought why not finally mention it. The site is located at and is all about becoming "a part of the program." The viral AVTR site is self-described as "your daily source of the latest information about the Resource Development Administration's AVTR Program." Read on for more.

There are a few ways to join the AVTR program - mainly via Twitter or Facebook. However, there are a few problems. First off, it's sponsored by Coke Zero, which makes it more of a marketing gimmick than a true viral. Secondly, there's just nothing there, nothing to do on the site yet. It seems to be all about the invasion program (the "bad guys" in the film) and it has concept art and other images regarding their deployment on Pandora. There are "Images of Pandora" along the side that you can click to get a closer look. There's also a blog on the main site talking about working on Pandora and a Twitter stream along the side and so on.

The site looks like it's supposed to be a sort of viral site designed to look like its a part of the "real" AVTR program. But it's pretty unimpressive and too commercial (with that Coke Zero sponsorship). It's worth checking out, but it's really not that good so far (hopefully that changes). Their was a huge potential for a viral for Avatar, but at this point I fear it's too late, since it hits theaters in only three more months. We'll keep you updated on any major changes to, but check it out and let us know if you find anything.

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Just find it borrowing site and the viral campaign has just started let's see what they can do more and just saw the panasonic tv commercial it looks lot more better than this.

joe on Sep 21, 2009


Yeah this is a Coke promo, I don't think it's really anything official. Here's the Panasonic promo with new footage:

Will Dearborn on Sep 21, 2009


I don't see anything wrong with Coke promoting this. You as well as I know the movie will have some marketing partners and coke is one of them. Also, I believe coke did some kind of promotion for Quantum Of Solace internationally.

JoJo on Sep 21, 2009


Is Avatar really that long a word that they have to shorten it to AVTR?

SlashBeast on Sep 21, 2009


For a movie that has so much going for it, they sure do like to shoot themselves in the foot.

germs on Sep 21, 2009


LOL if they drink Coke ZERO in the future

David Banner on Sep 21, 2009


That would be cool. I won't be surprised if there is some kind of coke ad in the movie. Maybe one of the marines makes a joke on coke or drinks coke from a coke wending machine albeit futuristic looking coke machine. LOLZ

JoJo on Sep 21, 2009


To be fair, there's ONE small coke logo right at the bottom; it's not exactly obtrusive.

Digital Metaphor on Sep 21, 2009


Is it just me or does this movie reek of big box office failure? It looks interesting, but I think it's going to be a tough sell, and at this point they appear to be selling the technology of the film....and not the story. That's a bad sign to me. And Cameron is kind of a bland story teller to begin with, which leads me to believe that this film is going to be all visual popcorn with little else to offer (which is cool with me if it's as amazing as they say) I'll admit, even though I'm not a huge fan, Cameron is one hell of a director, and he doesn't fail often....but as he continues to push the envelope he's bound to fail eventually. I hope this movie can draw the same type of following as the Star Wars franchise to be honest because I think Hollywood is in need of something big and original. This could be it. This could be the film that knocks hollywood out of it's "remake/reboot" rut. But if it fails it could further entrench that same type of risk free film making.

ImaginaryVisionary on Sep 21, 2009


My problem with the advertising of this film is that the trailer doesn't instill a sense of awe that I know cameron has in the film. I guarentee that if the shot of the alien creature flying around the tree was in the theatrical trailer and more shots like it people would be singing a very different tune.

shadow on Sep 21, 2009


Who fucking cares if this film doesn't have some lame marketing gimmick .. Oh shi.. It already does.

Mike on Sep 21, 2009


Not entirely impressed with the site. It has appeared far too close to the release date to be effective. Also they seem to believe that viral marketing is nothing more than a simple facebook and twitter account and a website. There seems to be nothing to spark our interest. There's no blog from any character or perspective from the movie. There's no "company" website etc..

anonymous on Sep 21, 2009


Did they go back in time to find the web designers for that site? It's really bad! They should have got someone like I notice that so many times even good films fail miserably on graphics and web promos it's a shame. That site sparks even less interest than the trailer.

Crapola on Sep 22, 2009


didnt Terminator: Salvation was sponsored by Pizzahut. i know you find it as a gimmick that Coke Zero sponsoring Avatar but its business.

tazz on Sep 22, 2009


If it wasn't faintly depressing, it might nearly be funny. Ten years in the making. $300m budget. Now Fox have got just three months to rescue it from indifference.

sleepykid on Sep 22, 2009

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