Avert Your Eyes: It's the Poster for John Luessenhop's Takers

September 10, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Takers Posters

I pride myself on my honesty. With that in mind, let me say, this poster for Screen Gems' new film Takers is horrendous. I'm not sure which is worse: Paul Walker's floating head, his 'is-that-baby-breakdancing?!' expression, Hayden Christensen's smug, 'I-ruined-Star Wars' pose, or the fact that Idris Elba is going to be completely wasted in this film. The film revolves around a group of unstoppable bank robbers who just can't- be- caught. But when they attempt to pull off one- last- job-, the crew finds that hardened detective Matt Dillon is hell-bent on solving the robberies once and for all. Check this out (via ComingSoon) below.


I'm glad that gun there is positioned perfectly for the viewer to grab it. 'Cause if I have to look at this thing for much longer, I'm reaching into that Photoshop crime scene and there's going to be two-dimensional hell to pay. This is the first poster we've seen for Takers, but I expect we'll be seeing a trailer and plenty more in the next few months, considering it's set to hit very early next year. Takers is directed by John Luessenhop, of only the prison drama Lockdown previously. With its weird amalgamation of both music and film stars (spelled out nicely for you there at the top of the poster), Takers is set for release on February 19th, 2010.

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This shows how much faith they have in this movie

Dan W on Sep 10, 2009


wow your right alex, this is horrendous.

????? on Sep 10, 2009


i mean brandon (my bad)

????? on Sep 10, 2009


I don't know, I kinda dig it. Better than a lot of other posters floating round these days. IMHO it looks much better than that damn right ugly Fox poster from last week.

Ben on Sep 10, 2009


Haha! Photoshop disasters here I come!

Dan on Sep 10, 2009


This can't surely be the real poster can it? Why does Matt Dillon appear to have massive hands far too big for his tiny floating head?

TF on Sep 10, 2009


Good God! How could this have been approved? Paul's got ... Andre Hands! I could do a better job with my eyes closed, of course of which I wish I had done to miss this post. #5 - You KINDA Dig It?!!! This is Terrrrrible! I can't even consider a scoop, let alone a dig, due to the disproportions going on here!!! If my life drawing teacher were dead he'd be rolling in his grave!

Nick Sears on Sep 10, 2009


On closer look, all of the gentlemen who are sitting have floating heads. It´s like they inserted the heads on other persons, like they do with Britney Speara on a nude pornstar´s body. Creepy.

Martin on Sep 10, 2009


The horrible photoshop job makes my eyes bleed!

Moe on Sep 10, 2009


HAhahha FLOATING HEAD LOL looks like a 5 year old kid did the photoshop work..

raunak on Sep 10, 2009


this must be the worst photoshop ever done. even the Microsoft racist ad that had a black man in the ad then change him for white man cause of Poland attitudes towards black people is much more better then this Takers poster. look at Paul Walker's neck you can see they just paint his neck blue to hide that they did a bad photoshop job.

tazz on Sep 10, 2009


The bottom 3 heads look like they were attached by photo shop, poorly.

Paulks Thought's on Sep 10, 2009


DAMN, that poster looks cheap.

Robbie on Sep 10, 2009


this is a insult to Photoshop and real Graphic Designer

youngblaze on Sep 10, 2009


That looks like shit. The cast doesn't appeal to me either. Both, cast and poster, give me an MTV feeling, and that is not a good sign since the 80's, imo.

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 10, 2009


the only good cast member is Idris Elba everyone else is a joke. look at Chris Brown his a right idiot i bet he wanted to hit a woman in this movie. p.s. this poster sucks

youngblaze on Sep 10, 2009


This is week and how hard was it to get them all together to do a real shot? Either way, this is an easy job, and it looks like they outsourced it to a Photoshop 101 class.

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 10, 2009


this has to be fake ffs, paul walker has black hands wtf???

qweqwu on Sep 10, 2009


#19 as much this poster is bad, paul walker hands is white not black

d-man on Sep 10, 2009


... Dear God... My Mother does better Photoshop work then this, seriously, this is insulting to anyone who has opened Photoshop. Ridiculous. ...

Mondo Jay on Sep 10, 2009


The cast is a joke

Antioch on Sep 10, 2009


I agree with 21. What a horrible cast.

Redstrine on Sep 10, 2009


The only good thing about this cast is Walker and Ealy, the rest is meh, the poster is absolute shit, wow fire who ever made that is it awful! It has basically ruined any hope for this movie, and I'm an optimist who usually gives films like this a chance!

Xerxex on Sep 10, 2009


Holy shit this is a HORRIBLE photoshop job. I actually thought the front page preview image with T.I and Paul Walker was a joke....until I saw the full poster. OMG this is even worse than My Best Friend's Girl

Rob on Sep 10, 2009


o.o When I first saw the poster. -_- Me contemplating how horrible this is. X_x Me stabbing out my eyeballs so I'll never have to look at it again. I like to express myself with smileys. These people getting together for a movie is like the foretelling of the apocalypse. Somewhere written on a cave wall these names are listed in the prophecy. Except Idris Elba.

Sabes on Sep 10, 2009


call it a conspiracy theory but i bet the studio made this poster intentionally and quite obviously bad to re-direct the early buzz away from Chris "I fuck women up and then bite them and then choke them and then tell them I'm going to kill them" Brown.

Kalladin on Sep 10, 2009


I'm usually pretty lenient with this sort of thing, but Jesus Lord this is diabolical. The cast all look weirdly inhuman and that's before we start on the crazy lighting and the perspective horrors of just about everything. Surely Stringer bell deserves better?

Sleepykid on Sep 10, 2009



Trey on Sep 10, 2009


Brandon this article is hilarious. thank you for the laughs and for having a killer sense of humor!

DoomCanoe on Sep 10, 2009


Thats so horrible. This is just their scheme on getting buzz with the worst poster EVER.

Note on Sep 10, 2009


I just came from a graphic design interview and saw this on my phone and went back showed my interviewers and they know the company who did this, but can't tell me because of NDA

JNYCE on Sep 10, 2009


first, i could care less about the poster. now, about the movie: i like the general plot but, i've never heard of this before, i think i'll need a trailer before deciding whether or not to see it. hey brandon, i like the look on haydens face. he's looking a little psychotic. and if his character is leaning towards being on the "crazy" side?.........i'm liking this already!

beavis4play on Sep 10, 2009


They have made a Flash Bobble-head version that can be viewed by clicking this text. I think it works better! Man that is so bad, they should have just had it illustrated.

Crapola on Sep 10, 2009


Sorry I forgot to say rollover the heads.

Crapola on Sep 10, 2009


Funny how the poster up there looks different from the actual one linked on the website. Either way its shithouse.

Mike on Sep 10, 2009


yea looks like the heads were pasted on, and could they have picked a more terrible cast, besides matt dillon the cast is shit

harrison on Sep 10, 2009


That's photoshopped? Nah...

snickers on Sep 10, 2009


But look at Paul Walker's neck on the poster at ComingSoon - It's different.

snickers on Sep 10, 2009


LOL. the bottom three heads look photo shop and the guys picture in the top right looks copied and paste. wow another epic fail.

Q on Sep 10, 2009


If you click on the pic and go to the source, the pic is alot better. No floating heads are in the real picture!!!!

Mark on Sep 10, 2009


Wow....they really piled in the crap actors in this piece didn't they. I don't know who the top left two dudes are, but they're the only decent actors in the whole film.

ImaginaryVisionary on Sep 10, 2009


stupidity in motion

Morpheous on Sep 10, 2009


#40 is right in that it does look better if you go to the original site... but not much. still looks awkward and awful. some photoshop kid needs to be fired. now.

dave13 on Sep 10, 2009


Hey look, Paul Walker is thinking.

lvmnly1 on Sep 11, 2009


Poster sucks mates. Horrible job if you ask me. Movie prolly sucks as well.

InkyDink on Sep 11, 2009


really...? Matt Dillon isn't even in the poster...

really on Sep 11, 2009


you realise they just change that Paul Walker neck just yesterday at first on it had the same poster as seen above

tazz on Sep 11, 2009


This movie will be like a 2 hour RnB video.

TTEX on Sep 11, 2009

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