Awards Season Profiles: Bradley Cooper Praises Sam Rockwell

November 29, 2009

Bradley Cooper / Sam Rockwell

Variety has just kicked off their Awards Season series of actor-on-actor profiles, where one actor talks about how impressed or amazed they were by another actor this year. And this year there are actually some good ones, like: Ben Affleck on Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker, or Tom Cruise on Peter Sarsgaard in An Education, or Charlize Theron on Michelle Monaghan in Trucker, or Marcia Gay Harden on Robin Williams in World's Greatest Dad, or Martin Sheen on Hal Holbrook in That Evening Sun. I've chosen to feature a few that really deserve to be in the spotlight (like Sam Rockwell in Moon) this Awards Season so read on!

First up, we have Bradley Cooper talking about Sam Rockwell in Duncan Jones' Moon (via Variety):

"I love watching that guy act anyway and it was an inventive way to tell this story and to tell the story all by yourself with a camera. In Moon he plays a couple of different versions of himself. It was an example a lesson in behaving and just being and living in this spaceship and you wanted to be there with him. He wasn't doing anything outrageous to get your attention. But it was wonderful to watch."

I really love this one because if anything it should help fuel the grassroots Oscar campaign to get Rockwell nominated for Best Actor. You can sign the petition for that here or just visit this link for more information.

Next up is Jeff Goldblum talking about Michael Stuhlbarg in the Coen's A Serious Man (via Variety):

"Michael Stuhlbarg is wonderful and perfectly cast as Larry Gopnik in A Serious Man for countless reasons. To this incredibly complex character he brings his keenly intelligent sense of humor his soulful gentleness his deep kindness and sensitivity his touching inner-illuminated humanity his capacity for presence and love his brave/intuitive/poetical humility and his understanding of the character’s profound moral struggle. Michael’s Larry Gopnik is a reflection of his boundless work ethic and tremendous appetite for character investigation. Onscreen this translates into Gopnik exuding a mystical otherworldliness appearing seemingly passive but vigorously active and even in the most theatrical moments providing an anchor in reality and naturalism."

And last, but not least, the beautiful Marion Cotillard talks ever so graciously about the very talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt in my favorite movie of the year, Marc Webb's 500 Days of Summer (via Variety):

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt is able to skillfully balance joy and sadness with such delicacy. There is something about his smile, something light and deep, and, at the same time, there is also something about his eyes, sparkling and poetic. In the black-and-white sequence, his performance in 500 Days of Summer is reminiscent of an old-fashioned movie star, but carried with notes of modernity. He’s an architect of intensity."

I always love reading these. I don't know why, but I'm always intrigued to hear other actors or filmmakers talk about other actors or films. I guess it has something to do with the idea that someone who knows the craft themselves can give the best criticism and yet they go on to praise some of the best performances that we all recognize as well. You can check out more of these on Variety or click any of the links above. This is only just the beginning of the Awards Season, as we have another month to go of movies this year and then two more months of discussion and debate leading up to the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 7, 2010!

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Wait. Marc Webb's 500 Days of Summer is considered your favourite film of the year Alex? ...or is that Marion's?

Zachy on Nov 29, 2009



xerxex on Nov 29, 2009


this nothing but a circle jerk.

K on Nov 29, 2009


#1 - That would be my favorite movie of the year... Hands down love 500 Days of Summer. Saw it 5 times, still my absolutely *personal* favorite of this year! 🙂

Alex Billington on Nov 29, 2009


interesting, considering that ben affleck directed jeremy renner in his new movie, The Town. and jeremy is pretty damn good from what i saw.

shibaz on Nov 29, 2009


Jeremey Renner for Best Actor! Hurt Locker is most important (and best) film released this year. Rockwell does comes a close second in my book.

masteryoda007 on Nov 30, 2009


500 Days of Summer is a pretty embarassing choice for someone with distinguishing tastes. While Mr. Gordon-Hewitt's lead was very good and Marc Webb's direction was playful enough to make it above average, the emotional core of the film is just plain empty. There's never any reason to care for the health of their stupid relationship as Summer convincing likes our protagonist for exactly zero seconds. When a movie makes me long for the heartfelt yearning of the emotionally retarded characters in Garden State, you know it did something wrong. For argument's sake, my favorite films of the year are Up In The Air, Inglorious Basterds and Star Trek.

Carlos on Nov 30, 2009


OMG Carlos, you're better than everyone.

overwatch on Nov 30, 2009


500 was definitely one of my favs this year. Not overall, but sleeper fav for sure. Good article and quotes Alex, really enjoyed them.

branden on Nov 30, 2009


How the hell is someone's opinion embarrassing? Movie geeks these days, I swear. I love 500 Days Of Summer, but I'm still finding UP hard to beat. The emotional resonance gets me every single time I watch it. It never loses any of it's power.

Fuelbot on Nov 30, 2009


How can opinions not be embarrassing? Let's assume that your grandparents, like mine, are slightly racist. Am I not entitled to find their opinions on the matter of race to be highly embarrassing? Let's also assume that you think that the best band in the world is the Backstreet Boys. If I go into your car and you're blasting "Tearing Up My Heart" - I'm pretty sure I'm within my rights as a friend to find your taste in art pretty embarrassing. Critics traffic in opinions and even if there's no such thing as a definitive opinion, it doesn't mean that you aren't responsible for what your opinions say about you. I'm not enough of an asshole to say it damages your credibility to say a movie I didn't love is one of your favorites, but I do think it entitles me to toss a few opinionated jabs, no? (Lots of love for Up btw, even if the first 10 minutes are more powerful than the rest of the movie)

Carlos on Nov 30, 2009


#11 - Point taken. I find everyone who enjoyed Paranormal Activity to be embarrassing.

Fuelbot on Nov 30, 2009


Sharlto Copley was my favorite performace of the year, it was just a giant roller coaster ride. Renner's was natural, but there is nothing really difficult in acting like a cocky American and the film didn't really take him that far.

shadow on Nov 30, 2009


As if Bradley Cooper's word means jack? Sam Rockwell sucks. He sucked in this shitty movie and he'll never get nominated in his entire pathetic career.

1-7 on Dec 12, 2009


Shadow you're the only one that sucks here. Moon was a low budget indie movie that easily beat big blockbuster movies like avatar in terms of brilliance, even though avatar was pretty damn good as well. Sam Rockwell's performance was mindblowing and you'll have to eat those words eventually. Even those retards at the oscars wont be able to deny his brilliance forever. You should continue watching your Steven Segal movies as those are probably more fit to your taste.

Christoffer on Dec 28, 2009


There is a chance for best actor nod. England must push harder.

Mike on Jan 8, 2010


Copley's overacting was alright. Lol, Christoffer, where's his Oscar nomination? Never happened, like I said, lol!

1-7 on Feb 16, 2010

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