Awesome New Teaser Poster for A Nightmare on Elm Street!

July 22, 2009
Source: IGN

A Nightmare on Elm Street Poster

While we were out and about earlier today, IGN debuted the first teaser poster for Platinum Dunes' new A Nightmare on Elm Street which will hit theaters early next year. We posted a set visit preview earlier today as well as the first official photo of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger, but this is what I've been waiting to see. This is badass poster and exactly what I needed to see to make me excited for this "reboot." I'm not at all familiar with the franchise, which is why I sent Brandon to the set in Chicago recently, but this makes me interested. I can't wait to see more from it! Check out the awesome full-size new poster below.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This new A Nightmare on Elm Street is being directed by first-time filmmaker Samuel Bayer who got his start directing commercials. The screenplay was co-written by Eric Heisserer and Wesley Strick. In addition to Earle Haley, this stars Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Dekker, Kellan Lutz, and Clancy Brown. Stay tuned for more updates and more details this week. We expect producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form to debut some early footage at Comic-Con on Friday morning. There is also a lot of new Nightmare on Elm Street stuff floating around on the showfloor. Let us know what you think of this poster?

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uber pwnage...

toucmyinfection on Jul 22, 2009


You know whats wierd???... Johnny Depps' Mad Hater poster is creepier.

J.White on Jul 22, 2009


#LOL I used to be the biggest Freddy Kruger fan and I have no reason to see it

SHANEDAV on Jul 22, 2009


O.M.G I want this poster as big as possible.

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 22, 2009


I'm tired of all these remakes. >:( *pouts*

Sabes on Jul 22, 2009



Xerxex on Jul 22, 2009


I love how he's grinning.

Dan W on Jul 22, 2009


Why is it that every first-time director starts with a shithouse horror flick?

Brad on Jul 22, 2009


Awesome poster! But come on, why can't the movie industry leave classic movies alone? Everything has to always be remade because Hollywood's running out of ideas.

cs on Jul 22, 2009


When it's so close to the original leave it alone. if they went in a new diection with Freddys looks (like in TCM03) í would kind of dig the project. Not I'm crying together with Robert Englund.

ryderup on Jul 22, 2009


Looks awesome. Cant wait to see a trailer.

Donza. on Jul 22, 2009


Make something new!! Enough with the remakes, new spins and re-hashs.

Brandon on Jul 23, 2009


Wasn't sure about this at first. But now starting to actually get excited about this. Casting choice for Freddy is superb, but who else will feature in this film?

FiendishMonkey on Jul 23, 2009


This remake should be put back in the box.

Cameron Poe on Jul 23, 2009



link1983 on Jul 23, 2009



Fisherr on Jul 23, 2009


y's people so mad that theres a new freddy kruger robert england denied doing it so someone else wanted the legend to still live on its looks great so quit crying guys lol

james on Jul 23, 2009


NICE!.... very nice

Said on Jul 23, 2009


ok i agree with #9..... but i do like the poster........ they beter not f--- this movie up

Said on Jul 23, 2009


its not that Hollywood is running out of ideas, they just found a way to milk the money from the fans, new ideas are considered too experimental and they don't want to take a chance to give new directors and screenwriters a chance, so they remake-redo-re-imagine older classic's and usually end up fucking them up. But the good thing about Freddy Kruger is the psychological elements, much like Sublime and somewhat like The Machinist and Jacob's Latter, same with Hellraiser which always fucked the viewer up minus the over excessive sequels they geared out. So I'm giving Kruger and the new Hellraiser film in the works a glimmer of hope as long as they keep the psychological elements and tone down the over use of gore and blood and tits that start out pretty cool then fall flat, like the new Friday the 13th!

Xerxex on Jul 23, 2009


actually, not so awesome.

Christ on Jul 23, 2009


read the script review. didnt care too much for the thing. I wanna judge this movie for myself. Jackie will do a great job as freddy. He already looks creepy without makeup.

ray on Jul 24, 2009


Man. Could these posts be any more stereotypical to haters? Lol "I love the first ones they were classics blah blah blah" Give the movie a chance. Its not like Megan Fox is Freddy lol they got a legitimate creepy lookin guy whose last role he threw a fuckin thing of hot GREASE into some idiots face. Instilled fear into a whole PRISON who knows he may pull it off 🙂 Come on guys. At least wait for a trailer!

SwampDonkey on Jul 26, 2009

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