Awesome TV Spots for Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell!

May 6, 2009

Drag Me to Hell

Even nice people can go to hell! If you've been on the edge about Drag Me to Hell since first seeing the trailer, then do yourself a favor and watch these TV spots. This is our second real look at Sam Raimi's return to horror since that first trailer hit in March and they do a much better job of showing us what to expect. They're a lot more horrific and darker than that trailer. And if you're still on the edge, I strongly suggest you give this movie a chance anyway, I think you'll find you may actually like it more than you were expecting. Thanks to our friends at Trailer Addict for debuting these online exclusively. Don't watch them alone!

Watch the first TV spot for Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell:

Watch the second TV spot for Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell:

A loan officer (Alison Lohman) ordered to evict an old woman (Lorna Raver) from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse, which turns her life into a living hell. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her and her boyfriend to a breaking point.

Drag Me to Hell is co-written and directed by Sam Raimi, of everything from Evil Dead to Army of Darkness to Darkman to all three Spider-Man movies. The script was written by Sam and his brother Ivan Raimi, who has helped him before on the scripts for Darkman, Army of Darkness, and Spider-Man 3. Universal will be bringing Raimi's Drag Me to Hell in theaters everywhere on May 29th this summer.

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Reader Feedback - 24 Comments


WOOOHOOO 1st to say slicke!!!

agentX on May 6, 2009


PG-13? PG -13?!?! WHAT THE FUCK! Bullshit. I don't even care for a second.

Syphous on May 6, 2009


PG13!!! Well we can definitely expect cut backs from Raimi then.. this wont be no Army of Darkness! boo hoo.

dom on May 6, 2009


thanks Alex Billington these tv spots rock only one thing i am afraid it is coming out with pixar"s up that is tough competition

joe on May 6, 2009


Syphous and Dom: i totally agree with that! PG-13!!! the movie is called Drag me to Hell... Not Drag me to Heck!! I mean it looks scary don't get me wrong but cmon! oh wait! it did say "From the Director of Spiderman" and that was PG-13... but maybe if it said "From the Director of Evil Dead" oohh.. then you get the R rating. hollywood! go figure!

Michael on May 6, 2009


u guys dont get ratings of movies. its horror, its suppose to scare you, which you dont need to have blood and so forth to shit u up. Give Raimi some credit.

agentX on May 6, 2009


You do not need gore to make a good horror movie. What you're looking for is stuff like Saw and Hostel... which is not as much scary but revolting because of the gore.

Sam2 on May 6, 2009


okay. i do understand where you are coming from... i mean in all honesty the mothman prophecies was pretty intense and PG-13 but i do ask this question: "would you like to watch PG-13 cut of Evil Dead? or Evil Dead 2? if so, you will probably be watching about 30 mins of the movie. that's all i am trying to say. sam raimi is known for the blood and guts and scares.

Michael on May 6, 2009


Ya all wrong, this shit its all a money making scheme, HORRO movies in america, should be in the top of "Worst Money Making Schemes of All Time, But it WORKS" Ok I added the end but still.... "Unrated", "uncut", "uncensored", and "director's cut" versions of movies Will make more money if they cut it down to PG 13 and then comes with all this verison of it

Leon on May 6, 2009


Holy cow, I just jumped so hard when I realized people are still casting Justin Long in movies.

Cracker on May 6, 2009


Looks cool, Im gonna see it.

Richard on May 6, 2009


I bet you Spidey makes a cameo appearance to dance a little bit.

Craig on May 6, 2009


this is gonna be tough competitor for pixar's UP

alan on May 6, 2009


Well even though I was hoping for an R rated movie I still might catch it

dave on May 6, 2009


Don't get hung up on the rating. Raimi has said this is as much of a splatter/gross-out flick as his other horror movies, just with other gooey fluids instead of blood. He wanted to try something different.

Mathieu on May 6, 2009


#15 Trying something different is why Raimi had to apologize for Spiderman 3

L on May 6, 2009


#16 LOLZ

????? on May 6, 2009


I like first one better. Second one is good, but don't like how the slogan is right before the title in that one.

Ryan on May 6, 2009


PG-13 ! ! ! ? ? ? No sex No Blood No feeling of fright/terror = PG-13 Can someone list 3-5 GOOD horor films that have PG-13?

David Banner on May 6, 2009


WTF? Horror, killing, stabbings, violence = PG 13????????????? How could anyone possibly take this movie seriously? Whoever created this stupid rating system should be fired!

ezza72 on May 7, 2009


Normally I'd be worried about something like this. But obviously none of you moaning about the rating have read any of the glowing reviews circulating around the internet from early screenings. This film is apparently fantastic, Raimi's best in years. And the Spider-Man 3 remarks? Sheesh. Hell hath no fury like a geek scorned. Aside from the studio meddling Raimi endured on the shoot - meaning it's completely unfair to lay all the blame at his feet - that movie was two years ago now. Get over it!

Mathieu on May 7, 2009


@21 agree has anyone seen the teaser for god of war movie

agentX on May 7, 2009


Seriously, this is Sam fucking Raimi going back to horror and what does he do? Jump on the teeny bopper cash wagon. Sure it could turn out to be an OK movie, but it's not going to be a great Raimi horror movie like I was hoping for. I will not go to theaters to see this, and I will probably not even rent it. I have no time for "The Ring 3: Raimi Falls".

Syphous on May 8, 2009


PG-13 is tricky business. I can't say I'm not a little disapointed with this but I think Raimi knows what he's doing. I wouldn't jump to the "He's a sellout" scenario, you know what I'm saying? So he screwed up Spidey 3, who cares? Every director makes at least one shitty flick. Doesn't mean he loses all his credibility.

Da Man on May 9, 2009

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