Battlestar's Ronald D. Moore Scripting The Thing Prequel

January 28, 2009

The Thing

In 1982, John Carpenter released The Thing, the second film to be spawned from John W. Campbell Jr.'s short story "Who Goes There." Universal has officially announced today that Ronald D. Moore, the mastermind behind such groundbreaking shows as "Carnivale" and "Battlestar Galactica," will pen the script for the prequel which focuses on a Norwegian camp overrun by shape-shifting aliens. Geek-gasm. The film has commercial director Matthijs Van Heijningen attached to direct, as previously reported (if you head over to AICN, you can check out some of his ad work). All I really have to say about this is: YES!

How often is it that an original adaptation is such a strong representation of its source material? How often is it that the second adaptation of that same source material is as entirely awesome as Carpenter's take? The answers on both counts are: not bloody often. And with Moore now involved, The Thing is set up for success straight out the gate. For those curious as to where this series of films began, you can read the full text of Campbell's original short story right here. Keep in mind that Moore's prequel is said to use Campbell's story liberally and faithfully in the crafting of his adaptation, so there's always the chance of spoilers.

As for Heijningen, he still remains attached to the Zack Snyder produced Army of the Dead, also currently in development. He's keeping good company - but will The Thing be as big of a hit as I'm hoping?

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One of my favorite horror films of all time...still creeps me out. I can't wait to see where they take this!

Marqwest on Jan 28, 2009


Im with you Marqwest, its the bst horror film and its creepy. I dont know much about Ronald D. Moore, but I hope he doesn't screw u this movie

Said on Jan 29, 2009


All I can say about this is: NO! No, I do not want a prequel, and have no idea why anyone else who is a real fan of the Carpenter classic would want one, either. Writer of Battlestar Galactica? Why is that good news? The guy is the writer of the cheesiest, overrated, pile of shit science fiction TV show ever made. Why is that good? The prequel is all ready fucked...

Movie Fan on Jan 29, 2009


I agree wholeheartedly with Number 3. Carpenter's Thing is one of the greatest horror films of all time. Why a PREQUEL? Absolutely NO need for this. What additional backstory could they give that would be of any interest? In Carpenter's, we visit the destroyed base, they find the block of ice the Thing was frozen in, heck, they even find his spaceship! And, the movie begins with the last of the Norwegians chasing the Thing into the American camp. Someone explain to me why this is a good idea except for some special effects guys being able to flex their muscles.

tommyturner on Jan 29, 2009


I would love to see the Norwegian side of the story to be honest but... I dont want a single CGI effect in the whole film. I want it all to be real special effects with puppets just like the original. THATS what made it so scary, actually seeing real liquids and real tenticle things killing the dogs. Scared the shit out of me an im pretty hard to scare.

Marcus on Jan 29, 2009


Prequel yes, sequel no. I mean why?

Johnny Neat on Jan 29, 2009


@Johnny Neat. Theres no talk of a sequel at the moment, where you just throwing the possibility into the ring?

Marcus on Jan 29, 2009


There is a sequel already...the game but people tend to forget about it just like Tron 2.0

Fusion on Jan 29, 2009


Movie Fan how can you possibly say that about BSG? The only way is that you must have never seriously sat down and watched the show and are just judging it off of... well I dont know what. BSG is amazing which is why this prequel will be amazing as well!

Nick on Jan 29, 2009


I agree with 3 and 4. I protested this shit the instant I caught wind of it in a previous post. There is no way that this will ever be as good as the original! Why tarnish its name in any way! Its a fucking classic and you should just leave it at that!

Betterchill on Jan 29, 2009


#5 Marcus, you are exactly right. The way the original effects were done made it one of the best sci-fi monsters movies ever. CGI will ruin it.

zubzwank on Jan 29, 2009


Morre's " Carnivale" was freaking Brilliant, and as much as the re-make of the orginal was Damn good and Carpenter usually could do no wrong, he may be talented enough to pull this off.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jan 29, 2009


Agree with 12- James Arness in the orginal was scarey. Carpenters was great but Ronnie Moore is a talent!

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Jan 30, 2009


You guys are right the original movie was the best!, but don't you think a prequel would be good, I mean its not like they're going to make a re-make. For the record I don't like BSG, so like I said before Ronald D. Moore better not srcew up this movie

Said on Jan 30, 2009


I remember when J.Carpenter's version came out, and everyone said then don't mess with the orginal version. YOu guys know Carpenter's version was a re-make right?

feohatestheworld on Feb 1, 2009


Well Alex you seem exited about it, and who's involved so far. =) Lets just hope that #5's fears aren't justified.

Dating in Toronto on Mar 27, 2009

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