Bay Says We'll See More Ramon Rodriguez in Transformers 3

June 30, 2009
Source: Hero Complex

Ramon Rodriguez in Transformers 2

Oh please no! If there is one thing I absolutely hated about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, it was Ramon Rodriguez's character Leo Spitz, Sam's annoying roommate. All he did for a majority of the damn movie was whine and cry and yell and scream and make loud, annoying comments to Sam and Simmons. I was hoping this guy would get killed off, but alas he lived. Here's where the bad news comes in. In an interview with Michael Bay over on Hero Complex talking about actor Ramon Rodriguez, they mention that "if it plays out as he expects, the next installment would have a more substantial role for Rodriguez."

"I've worked with big stars, people like Will Smith, Sean Connery and Bruce Willis, but casting is a weird thing, it takes you places you don’t expect," Bay said. "We went looking for a sidekick in this movie, Shia’s sidekick, and we find this new kid who really pops on screen. I think he’s going to have a real bright career. It’s great to work with big stars, but it’s always fun to discover people." Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Rodriguez was an annoying little runt that didn't show any talent over the course of your 150 minute movie. And I sincerely hope he's not in Transformers 3! I would've taken Jonah Hill over Rodriguez any day.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Halfway through the movie I turned to the person sitting next to me to shake my head in disbelief and get their nod in agreement. I can't be the only one who hated Ramon?!

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Don't have time to write a full review cat, plus I already wrote up my thoughts, briefly, in the Sound Off piece on Transformers 2 if you didn't already see it. Here:

Alex Billington on Jun 30, 2009


Maybe his more substantial role will involve his death.

Darknight on Jun 30, 2009


Of course we will because he was one of the most pointless characters ever. Sam could have found simmons without him.

Cat on Jun 30, 2009


Alex, you reviewing RotF or what? Slacking bro!

Cat on Jun 30, 2009


i thought he was great. lets not forget that his character was meant to be annoying. he nailed it.

Tom on Jun 30, 2009


I wasn't too annoyed by Rodriguez's acting but I did feel that his character was very superfluous and only contributed to further clutter the story.

Andreas Climent on Jun 30, 2009


Whoa now, I enjoyed this character. He gave me a break from the cheesy love story and one liners that dropped after every big incident. "So that's what it takes for you to say you love me?" Come on.... Rodriguez's characters had me and the audience in stiches, to the point I almost forgot this was a robot movie. Although he can't be blamed for that because the movie had horrible pacing.

Matthew on Jun 30, 2009


Well said, man. Well said. Rodriguez deserves this spot. Like Bay said, "it's fun finding new people."

Quincey Duffie on Jul 4, 2011


No...he sucked. Simmons sucked and can be excluded from the third. I understand how they needed him in this one, but I was really hoping they wouldn't have him back. Why did Shia need a sidekick? What's Bee and Fox? Stupid dumb ass kid. No one has mentioned that it's Bay that has said this so...come on people. Obviously he's up for the third installment but will be pushed back to three years instead of two. oh well.

w00t!!! on Jun 30, 2009


Ugh, I enjoyed RotF way less than Transformers, and a big part of that was due to Ramon Rodriguez's character. I think the forced comedic aspects of the Transformer movies are one of the main problems with them. John Turturro (one of my favorite actors) and now Rodriguez need to be kept out of any future Transformers movies.

Fatal Error on Jun 30, 2009


He really was necessary. They needed someone to be more irritating, wooden and superfluous than Shia LaBeouf - basically the acting equivalent of having a fat friend.

Chris on Jun 30, 2009


The guy was completely forgettable.

Darunia on Jun 30, 2009


he knows about the transformers, he needs to stay!!!

FrObOy21 on Jun 30, 2009


I would have much rather had Jonah Hill, my only complaints after the movie was that it felt about 30 minutes too long and i heard Jonah Hill was going to be the sidekick and he would have been funnier, there is nothing better than a funny fat guy, and i say that from the experience of being the funny fat guy in my circle of friends

Big Chris on Jun 30, 2009


no time for a review? isn't that what you guys do? that would be another 200 comments on one post but ok lol

yo on Jun 30, 2009


Why? Why was he even in this one?

Brian on Jun 30, 2009


i hated this character

zach on Jun 30, 2009


From everything I heard I though I was gonna hate his character too. I actually thought he was funny. Jonah Hill? Nah, there would have been too much jew on screen. No offense.

Cold Cut Combo on Jun 30, 2009


I agree Alex, what a complete waste of a character...I just wanted him to shut his mouth the whole movie. For a conspiracy theorist he sure was a pussy when he discovered the "truth"

peloquin on Jun 30, 2009


the only real point of interest here is that they are actually going to waste more $$$$ on this childish franchise...amazing...

moldybread on Jun 30, 2009


I want more of wheelie, and less of him. I had no problem with the character, but wheelie was great. it reminded me of the super toy Teddy in A.I. I dunno why, because there is no real connection.

Rickmeister on Jun 30, 2009


I actually thought he was more entertaining than the twins. I laughed at quite a bit of Ramon's moments.

Dan Geer on Jun 30, 2009


You guys are missing the big picture here!!! There will be a Transformers 3 most likely!!!!!! Im pumpedddddd. Now we know for sure Bay will be back!

big r on Jun 30, 2009


Worst character ever!!!!!!!!!

tankmaster on Jun 30, 2009


Whose this guy ? He was in the film and i saw it twice ???

NeoSlyfer on Jun 30, 2009


Completely agree!! Ramon Rodriguez was just an annoying kid that everyone hoped would get smashed by the Optimus Prime drop off..

Toni on Jun 30, 2009


It makes since that Bay wants him for the third one, Ramon Rodriguez is an up and coming actor just like Shia was a few years back. I think it will work, I hope John Turturro comes back to. I think the third one will have to have a budget of 250 or even 300million, I really think that the third one needs a really huge and epic battle, I'd like to see even more military action against the Decepticons,( think War of the Worlds hillside scene) more tanks, Apache gunships, etc. Some Naval Ships firing cruise missles, anyway of course the third one will have Soundwave in an expanded role, more Megs, more Starscream, Wheelie, the Twins, Ironhide,Ratchet,BB, Sideswipe, I really wish Ravage could return, I thought he was cool, as far as new decepticons go well who knows, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Shockwave, come to mind, Unicron??, what about the Dinobots. Lots of options. I really think in the third film Megs and Starscream should have an all out brawl, it should be epic, not a one shot deal like in the 1986 movie, but an epic fight. The Third one should take it to the next level. If its the last of the trilogy, it should go out blazing.

Ted on Jun 30, 2009


i thought he was great. He was a really funny guy. And i think hes got a good future. And why the hell does everyone hate transformers I thought it was a amazing fun summer movie. And do you guys hate him cause he Latino? I f so watch your back putos

#1-25 on Jun 30, 2009


Come on!!!! Guys!!!! What have we learn with Jar-Jar-Binks-stuff. This character and that pair of autoidiots called "twins" were the worse idea in this movie... Please, note for the next one: More Autobots with guts and less humans... PLEASE

theJoker on Jun 30, 2009


P.S #27 shut up please. ok thanks

luke on Jun 30, 2009


I could take him or leave him. Lets be real. You don't go to the Transformers movies to listen to Shia & Company. You go to see giant robots fucking shit up.

????? on Jun 30, 2009


wow he did absolutely nothing and now getting paid more to do the same thing over again doesnt that make you pissed that anyone could have done the same job

eric on Jun 30, 2009


Damn! I wonder why a Hispanic actor would play a white guy. Hmmmm!!! Anyway, I though his character was not needed, just as Turturro's thong-wearing character wasn't needed either. The stupid urban twins were a waste of time that could have been better spent with Sideswipe, Ratchet, and Ironhide in their place with a more serious tone a la original "Transformers"! ****Please Bay, give us an authentic "Transformers" movie without the blatant stupidity and senseless human and robotic characters! The first one was good...use that as the template for the 3rd! Duhhh!

Blue Silver on Jun 30, 2009


unless Sam goes gay for him and leaves Megan Fox...this character is pointless and should be killed.

Buggy166 on Jun 30, 2009


I don't mind if they keep him or not just please get rid of the twins they almost ruined the entire film

coy lawrence on Jun 30, 2009


This entire film wasnt needed really.

Calum on Jun 30, 2009


I loved the movie but this character was god awful. don't bring him back. and why is Bay even Talking about Transformers 3? i thought he was dead set on not doing another.

DoomCanoe on Jun 30, 2009


I don't feel so brain is swiming in vomit at hearing this news...oh god now it's leaking...Damn you you Bay and your frat boys humour, useless sexy vixens and useless sidekicks ideas...and your " Baysplotions "

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 30, 2009


Pretty annoying this guy was, i really hated him.

Fisherr on Jul 1, 2009


I love when the 2 autobots Red & Green [IDK the name] starting making fun of Leo. Other than that, I absolutely disliked the movie for putting him in it. Leo just didn't fit the movie in a way that I think most of my friends would have liked. Now obviously its not about us, but when you introdude a new character the new character has to have a reason to exist. To me, his character there is no reason. Just a way to put more of an emphasis on the movie or bring more thoughts into the T3. on Jul 1, 2009


I don't mind if they keep him or not just please get rid of the twins they almost ruined the entire film I think you have that backward Coy. The twins helped make the movie funnier. Yes everyone knows that robots should be blowing stuff up but a bit of humour in there wouldn't hurt. In contrast, Leos humour was without a doubt mundane & bland. Just a kid trying to get some. Now I'm not trying to bash you because you're opinion matters too but I think that the Red/ Green Bots made the movie just overall funnier. They filled the non-action parts of the movie with help. on Jul 1, 2009


oh that's just fucking great the bloke was a fucking prick in transformers 2.

zetsu on Jul 1, 2009


I guess no one ever reads my posts so you won't read this one either. If you do though, here's how it worked. The reason for the character is far greater than anything you saw on screen. Leo's character is there because he is the viral marketing part of the film. If you go to you will see his last post about his group heading off to college. The events that played out in the movie, in the dorm, where the things that he was talking about. Now in the third movie and leading up to the movie Leo will know that alien robots do exist for "real" instead of just a conspiracy theory. He has now met Robo Warrior, that's John Totturo's character. He runs another web site called Before the film they were rivals. You catch a bit of that in the film. Since I seem to be the only one who ever went to these sites I guess the viral campaign didn't really work all that well. But I think they are going to do it again. They will possibly combine the two sites and the characters will then go from the website to the movie like they did this time.

Moviegimp on Jul 1, 2009


I thought he was a dick, altought saying that Michael Bay has worked with some of the biggest actors in the industry and created some of the best epics of all time so if he says it's going to work I belive him.... But maby im just saying that because he is my favourite director.

Raygun on Jul 1, 2009


I will not go see the Transformer 3 @ the movies. I don't care who they cast in it. I am not knocking his hustle. You gotta make your money, but I don't see how this movie will be any better than the last one.

JussHaten on Jul 1, 2009


See his charectar was suppose to be annoying and crying because everything that is happening in his movi eis his dream..he just didnt know how to handle it when hes up clos eand could potentially die lol..I loved his cahrectar it was a funny part in the movie and if hes in transformers 3 be prepared because he may actually not be so whiny that time..

ISH-ASH on Jul 1, 2009


What's the point of making a trilogy? Will be three films, but that doesn't mean a "trilogy"... This one was very interesting, but at the end they screw it up completly. Too many human characters, the Autobots were in the background all the time and the Decepticons loose the fight in a very stupid way... Love the first film, don't want a third... PLEASE.

thejoker on Jul 1, 2009


Alex come on. You whine too much sometimes. And people come on. This guy was a big part of the comedy of the movie. Something i thoroughly enjoyed. I hope he comes back.

Efrain on Jul 1, 2009


This guy ruined it for me. He stole every shot he was in. He stole my focus from the action and what transformers were on screen to watch his very very very poor acting. Humorless, bland, annoying, I could keep going. Then to top it off Simmons didn't bug me too much in the first one but then they made him just as annoying as Leo and gave them tons of screen time together. So where there should have been more Transformers there were these two idiot characters with all their screen time. Yes his character is in there to be annoying but he did it way to over the top, like he was trying way way way to hard. The character should be there to help move the story along not steal the spotlight in a negative way. I just really did not enjoy him at all. Leave him out. And just to throw it out there I am a HUGH Transformer fan but if they make a third one, lets have more Transformer time. Ironhide, Ratchett, Sideswipe, Arcee, Soudwave, Jolt...barely in it. Hell even Bumblebee spent a good majority of the time in camaro mode. Optimus was out for over half the movie and Soundwave spent the all of his time humping the military sat. Better character introductions, Jet Fire was awesome, but you don't really meet the others. Oh and where did Barricade go? You see him on the highway chase in the first one then he is gone. There I said my piece. Didn't hate it but it had problems that didn't make me love it. Still looking forward to the 3rd no matter what.

AC on Jul 15, 2009


i am a hugh biggest largest transformers fan i like ramon rodriguez o transformers 3 i wish i have his autograph so i like him so i will see him on transformers 3 in theatres in imax i like you ramon rodriguesz i wish we meet so i will see hom on transformers 3

andries price on Sep 16, 2009


i am argee you andries price i like you man so see me on transformers 3 man

Ramon Rodriguez on Sep 16, 2009


I love Ramon, and his character Leo was good in the movie, though I would have loved to see Leo become more brave towards the end and actually not complain about everything. If Ramon is to be in the movie, I hope his character will have matured a bit more. But I did love Leo's jokes c:

Anonymous on May 31, 2011


I STRONGLY disagree with you. Ramon Rodriguez is a new kid for the movie, and maybe that's why you're so mad. But Rodriguez was HILARIOUS!!! I do NOT at ALL see why you disliked him. As Bay said it, "he made the screen pop." I totally agree with Bay's decision to keep him. Sorry but, Ramon was awesome. He deserves to stay.

Quincey Duffie on Jul 4, 2011


Disagree. Leo should stay the way he is. I don't see why y'all have such a huge problem! Leo was a great character to have. I didn't find him annoying at ALL!!!!!

Quincey Duffie on Jul 4, 2011


He was amazing, and if you felt he was Soo Annoying then he did his part Justice! Stop Hating b/c he still getting that pay check at the end of the day, wait on second thought keep hating b/c you just giving him more popularity

Edizzy on Jul 4, 2011


Yes,he was annoying.But he DID have some value,he helped Sam find Simmons and helped Simmons by finding a radio then using a rail gun.But i thought the MAIN reason he was there was to try and add some comedy in the movie.He was successful with that by: electrocuting himself, needing to poop in the middle of a mission, crying like a crybaby, so he wasn't all THAT bad.

G.I.O. on Jul 25, 2011

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