Big Bad Battleship Movie Updates Straight from Peter Berg

December 1, 2009
Source: Latino Review


Universal is really moving at very high speed on this Battleship movie. Maybe because it's one of the few projects in-development that they think they can make money on? First things first, yep, the bad guys are still aliens. Nearly a month ago, it was reported that the bad guys in this Battleship movie would be aliens. And apparently these aliens will be sailing in black ships that look like giant water bugs with hydrofoil legs that race across the surface, kind of like water spiders you find on lakes. Latino Review got a huge update from director Peter Berg himself on what to expect and it sounds like it'll be pretty epic. Read on for more.

Universal took a small group of journalists (not including us) to visit an actual Navy battleship stationed in San Diego. Berg gave them a tour and it sounds like he's been working closely with the Navy on this movie already. ILM will be providing the visual effects (which is always good news, considering they're the best CGI company out there). The story, since up to this point has been very vague, will involve a fleet of five ships that comes across these aliens, called The Regents, that are out in the water building something that will be a "power source." Our hero is the Commanding Officer of a destroyer and he has a team of five guys.

Berg explains that these aliens have "a similar biological make-up to us" and that our "planet is of interest to [them] ecologically." We explained a bit of the story before, but Berg compares it to The Bridge on the River Kwai, explaining that "they're trying to build something because they're in trouble" and that "they're trying to get something completed, and they're not particularly concerned with any life that [gets in their way]. They don't have anything against you, but if you interfere with their agenda, they'll kill you." But guess what - their ships don't have any superior technology. In fact, they're quite similar to our own. Of course they are.

"Some of [the alien ships] are very violent. Some of them aren't, but some of them are the equivalent of our destroyers. They fire ballistics, explosive ballistics." So, just like the board game that this frickin' movie is based on, each group will have five different ships, and it will be a battle of whits. Speaking of which, during their tour of the battleship, they were shown what is called the Combat Information Center (or CIC for short). This room (seen the photo at the bottom) is one of the key set pieces in the film which Berg will use to re-imagine the board game playing field as a computer screen visually (if that makes sense). He explains:

"This is a key set in the film. You put this screen on, it's very easy to imagine this as a much more sophisticated Battleship screen from the board game. What they're doing with this screen is identifying threats or identifying objects whether it be in the air, on the sea or underwater. Much the same way you would try to identify or locate your enemy in the game."

Is anyone reading any of this and actually thinking that it sounds cool? Or am I the only one that is getting worried about how cheesy this all sounds? I think they're really stretching the Battleship concept way too far. Speaking of other quirks from the board game, Berg confirmed the "ships don't constantly show up on our radar; we can't find them. The ways we go about fighting them is a recurring theme throughout the film." And "some take more shots to sink and kill than do others. Just like our ships. But they're killable." Oh and someone will say "You sank my battleship!" in the movie at some point. Damn you, Peter Berg!

You can read the full report over on Latino Review or CHUD, as there's a lot more info that we haven't even mentioned yet. Last, but not least, I want to point out why I used that photo of the Battleship at the top of this post. That ship is the USS Missouri and the force of the guns is so powerful that it actually pushed them sideways. That same photo was apparently used on a mock-up poster for the Battleship movie with the tagline: "Fight the Ship" which is Navy lingo for "manning the ship in battle" and that will probably be the tagline for the movie. Shooting starts next spring on this. Sound like a movie you'll be interested in?

Combat Information Center

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Sooooooooo...alien battleships.........euh......I don't know what to say...only I can't wait to hear " You sunk my battleship!!!!!! " can't wait to know which actor is going to get to say it!

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Dec 1, 2009


This sounds more like the plot of the TV show "Thundersub".... Complete with "Naval Alien Invaders who look like humans".

SS on Dec 1, 2009


this sounds absolutely ridiculous. cheesy, stupid, and lame. are movie makers completely drained of any original ideas? battleship? with aliens? come on!

samuel j on Dec 1, 2009


So Hollywood runs out of their own ideas, so they turn to books, which works out pretty good. Then they turn to old TV shows, which works out bad. Then they turn to video games, which works out really bad. Then they turn to comic books, which turns out pretty good, but is getting old. Now they're turning to...BOARD GAMES!?!?!?!?! No wonder the economy of California is going down the drain. Okay, I know it's the government's fault, but still, when they can't come up with a better idea for a movie without stealing an idea off of a board game, that industry deserves to fail, or in this case, get sunk. I'd like to know where the idea of this movie came from. Some writer has to come up with an idea the next morning, but he can't think of anything. He's franticly searching around his house trying to get inspiration. Finally he's on his way out to lose his job, goes to grab his coat out of the front closet and suddenly sees his kids' Battleship game that hasn't been played with in years. Surely a game that exciting must make for an exciting movie!

Brad on Dec 1, 2009


Alien battleships that somehow got to earth but their technology is no more advance than ours. I'm with you on this Alex. We should sink this battleship! lol

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 1, 2009


I'm game, I have faith in Berg, I like battleship.

xerxex on Dec 1, 2009


I think it sounds really cool. Berg has a gritty directing style. I think he'll do it justice.

Kayle on Dec 1, 2009


Brad... you forgot toys (Tranformers, G.I Joe) which has turned out good economically, bad in quality.

Ben on Dec 1, 2009


I'm all for creating stories out of nothing, and while this will most likely look cool since Berg is a more than capable director including the line "You sunk my battleship!", the inclusion of aliens, and just about everything else makes this a joke. A really bad one. I can already hear the audience laughing as the title card on this trailer goes up.

Fuelbot on Dec 1, 2009


Just ugh...I would normally have a smartass remark on how incredibly unoriginal and lame this is but theyve all been used up on the slew of horrible movie news of the last few months.

Cody on Dec 1, 2009


Sounds reaaly really cheesy, over the top, Like Transformers, Armaggeddon, Independence Day, Mars Attacks, and such, I Think a lot of IQs will fall watching this movie...

Wylles on Dec 2, 2009


@8 Well, I kinda counted them as TV shows, or comic books, but yes, toys too.

Brad on Dec 2, 2009


Just sound so Daft to me to make a film on battleships board game, i don't have clue how this will work.

Cineprog on Dec 2, 2009


This is retarded. I'm sitting here thinking, "if they can make a movie about this, why can't I make one about my printer?"

Miles on Dec 2, 2009


Someone really needs to sink this battleship before it leaves port.

Hattori Hanzo on Dec 2, 2009


Actually... that picture is misleading. The force of the guns does NOT push the battleship sideways in the water. It pushes the water sideways away from the ship. The ship displaces 58,000 tons and sticks down 38 feet into the sea. You are NOT going to push that sideways just by firing a few big rifles. 🙂

Bschorr on Dec 2, 2009


The picture of the battleship at the top = cool. Everything else we just learned about the movie = really lame.

Pete on Dec 2, 2009


# 16 smart ass

samuel j on Dec 2, 2009



coyo on Dec 2, 2009


what ship is that in pic

coyo on Dec 2, 2009


I just got out of the Navy (DDG - 64, USS Carney represent!), and at first this sounds ok but then u went into detail. Im torn because I think Id enjoy seeing a decent Navy flick, but I don't think can get past these aliens being so much like us. Aliens are a stretch, aliens that work like us just sounds lame. It might be a renter, but with the coming line up, I doubt Ill make it to the theater for this one. G.I. Joe made me very sad that it was able to not only steal $10, but 2 hours of my life I will never get back. Its a sad day in Hollywood.

Topher on Dec 4, 2009

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