Brad Silberling Says We Might See a Lemony Snicket Sequel?!

May 26, 2009
Source: cineFOOLS

Lemony Snicket

Wait, what?! Big budget, big effects director Brad Silberling talked with the guys at CineFOOLS recently and apparently said that there might actually be more Lemony Snicket movies. You see, Silberling directed Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, but that was back in 2004 and it didn't do so well at the box office, at least not well enough to warrant a sequel. At the premiere of Land of the Lost, however, Silberling seemed optimistic. "I would love nothing more than to do that and we've been hoping to, so I think there will be a chance it may take a wildly different form but I think it will probably happen."

For those in the unknown, A Series of Unfortunate Events is a children's book series of fourteen novels written by Lemony Snicket, the pseudonym of Daniel Handler. It's not as popular as Harry Potter, but I remember at the time when the movie was coming out that it did have a huge fanbase. The movie was an adaptation of the first three books, so they obviously have a lot more to draw from if they indeed continue on. Silberling says that a writer, who "is very friendly with Mr. Snicket," has been working on ideas already. Now the only question is if there are enough fans (of the novels or the movie) to make this worthwhile?

I remember seeing the movie because it was supposed to be one of Jim Carrey's wildest roles, but I also remember it not being that good. In fact, I think it's one of Carrey's most forgettable roles. Whatever the case, we'll let you know what happens and if DreamWorks or Paramount do decide to still make a sequel.

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if they make a sequel...they HAAAVE to keep the style from the first film. i loved this movie and Jim Carrey. He was funny! Come on. haha

Fc on May 26, 2009



erik on May 26, 2009


Well, I thought that the film was good (but not great), and I was a fan of the series. Even though the time may have past, I am still interested in a sequel.

Ajax on May 26, 2009


That has been the only movie I have ever walked out on. Why would you want to make another one of these?

Elba on May 26, 2009


dude they are the best movies why would you walk out

DogsRock268 on Mar 24, 2012


I agree with Fc, I've never read the books but still thought it was fun. Though the best part of that movie was the style, I'd hate to see it lose that!

Kendra on May 26, 2009


THIRTEEN books Alex, not fourteen. It's a great, great book series that is definately not aimed at kids. It's dark and intense with lots of black humor, often aimed at an older audience that understands gothic-era references. The movie was nothing like the books at all, though somewhat fun in its own right. I hope that, if Siberling does do another one, he reboots it and makes the tone closer to the books, and doesn't hire fricken Jim Carrey. In the book, Carrey's character, Count Olaf, is as evil as they come. He murders without thought and is the sum of all things bad, but Carrey played it like Ace Ventura. If Adrian Brody played Olaf (he's got the nose that Olaf is always drawn with, and the acting skills to boot), that could be a great movie. Oh, yeah, they would also need to get kids who can act.

DinoChow on May 26, 2009


Man i LOVED these books and as a huge jim carrey fan i thought this was gonna be awesome, but i have to emphatically disagree with Fc. I cant express to you my disappointment with the style choices in the movie. The books have a slightly depressed/monotonistic type of style, but they tried to make a comedy of some sort instead of carrying the tone from the book that made them so awesome. Also, they barely addressed the whole purpose of the books which i wont divulge here to prevent spoilers for those(and i greatly urge everyone to do so) who actually want to read the books and find out how great they are. As long as this has the same people involved i will not be watching.

Trademark on May 26, 2009


I actually am a big fan of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and I have been wanting sequels ever since I first saw it. "Puttanesca..." "What did you call me?"

Debaser on May 26, 2009


I agree with Trademark all the way. I read all the books and was and still am a HUGE fan and when the movie came out I was so excited but after leaving the theater I enjoyed it because I am a huge movie fan as well but compared to the books, pardon my french but, it was crap. The books are so elaborate and dark but what they did in the movie was, rush the storyline, make it funny when not needed, and did almost everything out of order. They put the first book, second book, third book, and then the end of the first book. It was extremely disappointing to see such great novels being showed in this form. If they make a sequel they should start it from the 4th book but only the 4th book. Don't jam 3 or 4 books into one movie at once. PLEASE!!!

Joe on May 26, 2009


Oh sorry but I also think that instead of doing the 4th they should probably start from a clean slate and do the books in order and one book a movie. Also get a new director that knows the books and knows what he is doing with them. Thanks. -Joe

Joe on May 26, 2009


new actor please! carrey did not suit this character very well

zach on May 27, 2009


I love first movie and I hope Emily Brown stays. She is gorgeous!

xMort on May 27, 2009


I loved the first film! Its got so much going for it.. I would happily watch another!

dom on May 27, 2009


I loved the film

jack on May 27, 2009


The first movie was a masterpiece! Briljant acting, awesome style, lovely story! Never understood why there wasn't a second movie coming...

Rickmeister on May 27, 2009


The movie was nothing like the book series. The novels have a depressing and dark tone to them. The movie stripped out most of the darker elements and decided to replace them with routine over the top comedy. Count Olaf is nothing like what was portrayed in the movies. Carrey was completely wrong for the role as well, it was just an excuse for him to do another one of his zany performances. I say either stop the franchise or start over with the tone of the books.

SlashBeast on May 27, 2009


OF COURSE there are enough fans! People keep on reading these books, watching the movie... Check Youtube or the Snicket's forums, they're still active. Emily Browning, Liam Aiken and Jim Carrey should stay. And I think that D.Handler should write the script or be very involved in it. I can't wait!

Vinyet on May 27, 2009


i agree with #12. Count Olaf is supposed to be sinister, not funny-sinister. Either way i think it is too late to make a sequel.

Daniel on May 27, 2009


The first movie wasn't that bad at all, maybe a second movie will even do better?

Robbie on May 27, 2009


I agree keep the style of the first movie...but please get rid of Jim Carrey: he was a complete distration to the rest of the film, he didn't fit the character, and was not funny. My suggestion for Count Olaf would be John Malkovich.

Klausey on May 27, 2009


All of you who agree with a sequel with the old cast, sign in here: The fans are writing a bunch of letters to Handler because they have to re-cast Emily Browning and Liam Aiken. Daniel Handler is the scriptwriter so he could make this sequel darker and just like the books, taken in conjunction with making Klaus and Violet a little bit older, like teenagers, so they could re-cast Emily Browning and Liam Aiken (both of them still look pretty young, they never look their age).

Isadora on Jun 1, 2009


That's badass. Can't wait.

Jessi on Jun 4, 2009


please please do a nother movie ME AND ALL MY MATES LOVE IT we like all read the books over and over again i recon the same actors because i HATE watching a movie then the second one or what ever the actors change and it sucks...Jim Carrey yes has to stay he does a good job and its kind of ment to be funny #19..... and stick with all the other actors please!!! they all did a very good job...i have watched it for years and it has never gotten old or boring i love it ........... please please please do another one

Juss on Aug 26, 2009


My daughter, 11 just finished the entire series. I saw the movie at the theater before reading any of the books. I now own the movie. I think it is one of the most underrated movies I've ever seen! We would love to see another movie. Same actors, same style.

Penny on Oct 19, 2009


The movie is soooooo fantastic, I just die when Jim Carrey does that dinosaur/chicken walk, LOL!! You know, I get why some people, especially those who didn't read the books, wouldn't like the movie. But having read the books, I think that every part of the movie is perfect-yes, it is dark, gothy, sarcastic and cynical- but it is also meant to be funny! I just love that you can't place the time period, I love that adults are soooo fooled by Olaf's act!! And The kids provide the serious goth, and jim carrey as count olaf perfectly portrays the dark but yet hilarity that he is in the book. They are kids books! And it is meant to be a pre-teenage and adult movie. And it shouldn't go the way that some people are asking for... the murderous blood hungry olaf being played by a nasty act, making it completely an adult movie! My daughter and I have watched this movie over and over sooooo many times, its a wonder the DVD works!! Everything from the Littlest Elf to the closing credits are noteworthy! I know we would just die for a sequel, and Im crossing my fingers that Jim Carey is in the movie!!! In the meantime, my daughter has read all of the books, and I'm glad that I bought the hardcovers, because I plan on passing them onto grandkids someday, they and the movie are absolutely timeless.

jennifer on Oct 25, 2009


i would like to see another movie and keep jim carrey in the next one.

Brian on Nov 15, 2011


Please make another one my family and I watch it and love it I also show it to my friends and always want to see it again the costumes in the play are fonomanal!

Gianna :) on Jul 18, 2012


I agree we need another sequel to the first one. Reading the books and watching the movies gives us better ideas of what the characters look like. I will wait for the others and yes gosee them at the movie house and will read the books over and over again

stevie on Nov 17, 2012


I would love to see a sequel. It is such enjoyable entertainment. I would hope they keep the same mood of the movie as it was perfect.

Dave on Nov 25, 2012

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