Brand New Scream 4 Teaser Poster + A Simple Plot Update

November 4, 2009
Source: STYD, MTV

Scream 4

The American Film Market is currently running in Santa Monica this week, which means we'll probably be seeing lots of news and photos and posters over the next few days. ShockTillYouDrop got their hands on the very first teaser poster for Scream 4, which Dimension Films is currently readying to shoot next year. Most of this early artwork is just created to get investors and to sell the movie internationally, but it's still cool to see how they're selling it. In addition, screenwriter Kevin Williamson talked with MTV about the plot of the fourth film and where it's going in this trilogy. If you're a fan of the Scream series, then keep reading!

Before we get to the official synopsis found with the poster at AFM, let's hear what Williamson had to say about Scream 4 and what he's been writing, since we know very little about the actual plot. From MTV:

"The fourth one is an ensemble. It'll take place right now, 10 years later, and it's going to take place in [Sidney Prescott's hometown of] Woodsboro. We'll have our three main characters, and we'll be introducing several more. We'll also be introducing a little group, a little ensemble of new castmembers. That'll take us through the next three."

We already know that Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette are all set to return, but beyond that, they haven't even chose a director. We reported in October that Dimension was supposedly close to getting Wes Craven back to direct Scream 4, but even the AFM material doesn't list a director, so it sounds like they haven't figured all of that out yet. Here's what the AFM promo material did say about Scream 4:

"The horror series that reignited the genre and gross more than $500 million worldwide is back! From Kevin Williamson, creator of the original Scream trilogy, the new film sees the return of cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, along with a group of new stars, who can all hopefully stay alive long enough to figure out the new rules to this one-of-a-kind horror franchise!"

Not only does the poster (seen below) say "new rules" but so does that description. So what new rules has Williamson come up with? I'm not the biggest fan of the Scream series, so I'm wondering what the rules of the original three movies were (I'm sure someone will answer that for me in the comments below), but now I'm a bit curious to know how they're different this time. Can the killer not wear the same mask? Or can he only kill certain people? I doubt they'd have the killer wear a different mask, since it's such an iconic part of this series, but what else big could they change? We'll keep you updated, but only if you care to hear more!

Scream 4 Teaser Poster

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The rules were lame. I liked the movies. Hated neve campbell. I think the rules were something like: Don't answer the phone Never say "I'll be right back" Never ask who's there. I'm really not sure though

Link1983 on Nov 4, 2009


What I am hoping for is that this movie takes a stab at what horror movies are like today. What the old movies did so well was to almost mock horror movies while making a good one. What I would like to see is a take on the trend of Horror Remakes. Maybe a someone making a remake of the first movie. That was kinda touched on in Scream 3 but it can go so much deeper. Maybe combine the plot of the latest season of Dexter (the Trinity Killer coming back to where he started 30 years ago and repeating his murders) and the flavor that Scream has when it comes to dissecting horror movies.

SCREAM4EVER on Nov 4, 2009


@#1 - lol dude, who remembers that crap?

ME on Nov 4, 2009


Although I still keep thinking this is a 'tired' franchise, I'd like to see what Williamson does with this new go-round!!

Spider on Nov 4, 2009


Whats your favriote scary movie? Not this shit.

ugh on Nov 4, 2009

6 😀 For sure! lol

Cesar on Nov 4, 2009


Scream number 1 is great and the soundtrack is one of the best OSTs ever released.

Michael on Nov 4, 2009


Man, this is once again going to make people wear the Scream mask on Halloween like crazy

Nikhil Hariharan on Nov 4, 2009


Scream 1 is one of my favorite slasher flicks of all time, 2 sucked and 3 majorly sucked but I am excited and hopeful for the new trilogy. One things for sure, the Scream films will always be better than the Saw films.....and more fun too!

Cmurder on Nov 4, 2009


Fuck all the haters! Im down for some good slice and dice!

Ray on Nov 4, 2009


Scream 1. You can never have sex. 2. You can never drink or do drugs. 3. Never say "I'll be right back." Scream 2 1. The body count is always bigger. 2. The death scenes are always more elaborate. I don't know if there were rules for Scream 3 cos that movie sucked unholy ass. Say what you want, but when that movie came out no one saw that first ending coming.

Fuelbot on Nov 4, 2009


yeah I netflixed it a few weeks ago to get into the Halloween season and it was worse than what I remember, but at the time it was really, really well made and popular. Scream 2 had a really good ending too. Since the genre has exploded, nothing is new or as scary so Scream doesn't seem as cool, but at the time everyone that remotely liked the genre was talking about it. Hopefully they realize that this time around they can't stick with the same sort of stuff they did in the 90s...the game has changed

branden on Nov 4, 2009


looks like some idiot just photoshopped the poster - are they seriously making it?

charlie on Nov 4, 2009


How can anyone look at that mask and not laugh now? They might as well call it Scary Scream Movie and intentionally make it a comedy.

Freddy Jason Norman Bates Krueger on Nov 4, 2009


LOVED the trilogies!!! Yes, the 2nd one sucked, but the third was the PERFECT book-end..... Anyone who doesn't love a film with Parker Posey is just plain crazy.... I felt like the third was definitely a closed book, BUT if these fun actors are coming back then I think it could be incredibly entertaining...................

B on Nov 4, 2009


Scream 1. You can never have sex. 2. You can never drink or do drugs. 3. Never say "I'll be right back." Scream 2 1. The body count is always bigger. 2. The death scenes are always more elaborate Scream 3 1."You've got a killer who’s gonna be superhuman. Stabbing him won’t work, shooting him won’t work. Basically in the third one, you gotta cryogenically freeze his head, decapitate him, or blow him up." 2."Anyone, including the main character, can die." 3."The past will come back to bite you in the ass. Whatever you think you know about the past, forget it. The past is not at rest! Any sins you think were committed in the past are about to break out and destroy you."

Magic on Nov 4, 2009


The first Scream was awesome. I don't remember shit about the sequels, other than being sad when Jamie Kennedy got killed. I could relate to that movie nerd. =( Now I wanna watch Kickin' It Old Skool again. *boogies on down*

SuicidalOptimist on Nov 4, 2009


The first one was sweet. The second was good if nothing else because Timothy Olyphant was the bad guy and the third one was meh, had it's moments. This could be good. Could suck major balls tho. I've got my money on the latter, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Shaun on Nov 4, 2009


What a boring poster to kick off an already dead franchise. Although the first 3 films were hip--Let's admit: Isn't the hip gone? Get some fucking originality Hollywood. I know you can do better...Then again.

Quanah on Nov 4, 2009


Looks extremely fanmade.

ryderup on Nov 4, 2009


cool always up for some more Scream - just dont go the way of SAW and make them repeatitive. Also, whats up with that mask? The original one was much scarier.

dom on Nov 5, 2009


why oh why,the first scream film was cool but the others were shite.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Nov 5, 2009


Horrible poster. From the description looks like they might kill off the 3 previous stars to make room for the new cast.

Kaoz1631 on Nov 5, 2009


I love the scream movies and i cant wait for more but don't fuck it up like the SAW movies they are getting worse so stop making them

tucker on Nov 5, 2009


Ha ha loved the old films, I can remember when the first one came out, and I loved it! I cant imagine what there gonna write about, there really gonna have to milk the story to get something out of it, but i guess its standard for slasher flicks to never stop making them, and keep it going..............and going................and............going.

Jhonny 5 on Nov 5, 2009


After the first Scream, there was no point for the sequels, they added nothing to the excitement and seem to force a plot that wasnt really there. For all you hating on the saw movies did you watch the last movie or are you just ranting because you have nothing better to do? The last saw movie was actually one of my favorite out of that series, Yeah 2 and 5 were garbage but the rest are actually pretty ingenious. Back to the scream movies as long as the new trilogy is like the first Scream and not the sequels than maybe it will be worth it.

Chase on Nov 5, 2009


When I was a child, the Screams seemed so scary for me, now when I watch them on my Satellite TV , I see that they are not so scary as I thought. Anyway, they are worth to watch.

Sattelite TV on Nov 6, 2009


@3 I do. I bought the whole trilogy pack when i was 10. I loved every minute.

Daniel on Nov 6, 2009


My girl Neve Campbell is back 🙂 OH YEAH

H on Nov 8, 2009


the scream trilogy was undoubtedly one of the best things to ever happen for the horror genre fans...but really? why 3D? we're now using it like we've just discovered it and its a load of BS

guh on Nov 11, 2009


The 'Scream' trilogy isn't the type of movie that is supposed to be scary. It is a sensationalized thriller meant to attract pop culture-mainstream type people. This isn't in the same category as Saw or Paranormal Activity or the same. The movie itself had rules laid out in the script, but the unsaid rules were: 1. kill a big name actress in a scene (Drew Barrymore, Jada Pinkett-Smith, etc.) 2. Make you think the killer is 1 of the newly introduced cast, and 3. tie the actual killer (not someone you suspected) back to someone who knows Sydney. That being said, I don't know how they're going to introduce a new ensemble and do three more Scream movies, unless they change the name. They could do the first two unsaid rules, but not the third.

ck on Nov 16, 2009


let me expand on my previous post. i did like the first 3, and like others, liked the first one the best. i also really like neve campbell. good actress.

ck on Nov 16, 2009


I'd rather see Scream 4 than Saw 2,3,4,5,6... The difference between Scream and the horror movies that are made nowadays is: it doesn't take itself serioulsy!! We are alowed to laugh and scream at the same time and that's the secret!!!

demasiadoraro on Nov 25, 2009



NUMBR1 on Dec 5, 2009


I love Neve Campbell!!! she is hot!!!!

Michael on Dec 12, 2009


The Scream Trilogy set the bar at the time its a new day and the writer Kevin has had the time to come up with new ideas to revamp the movies people give Scream a chance it might surpass the original

LV on Jan 19, 2010


Is it just me or is the mask different to the original mask? I can't really put my finger on what is different, but it seems not the same.

Jordan on Jan 24, 2010


Yeah it sucks that the new movie is being bashed on its own site! I'm definitely gonna watch scream 4 as the scream trilogy is what made me love horror when I was in my pre-teen phase. Unfortunately, other horror films weren't the same and so my interest in horror dwindled over time. So glad they're gonna make a fourth, and I hope people start making horror films that are good in the future eg. interesting characters, creepy stuff happening, definitely NOT stuff that ends up making u sick rather than scared which is what most horrors are like today!

Jo on Nov 1, 2010

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