Bryan Singer Confirms He Will Be Directing X-Men: First Class

December 16, 2009

Bryan Singer

Tonight in Hollywood, the who's who of the entertainment industry turned up for the premiere of James Cameron's Avatar, which has been gaining more and more positive buzz as reviews start pouring in. But some non-Avatar news came from the "blue carpet" of the premiere tonight as director Bryan Singer announced to reporters and an audience (including the guys at FlickChart) following the live stream of the premiere on Ustream/MySpace that he will indeed be directing the beginning of a new superhero franchise in X-Men: First Class, which confirms what we've suspected since October. Finally, some good news!

If you don't remember, writer Josh Schwartz of "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl" will be penning the script which, if Lauren Schuler Donner has her way, won't be toning down the intensity of the X-Men. Donner said previously: "We want it to be like the recent, darker Potters. It should not be a kiddie movie: we're in the X-Men world so you can't suddenly change the tone. The First Class comics are really fun — they're funnier than any other comics I've read. Basically in each one the kids are fighting strange villains, sometimes it's aliens, sometimes it's monsters. I want to get a flavour of that world." It'll also be very interesting to see X-Men without Wolverine who has certainly become an audience favorite. The original line-up of First Class includes Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey, and Professor X, so I think we'll be good anyway!

It might be a little over-zealous of a claim, but Singer could very well take credit for the onslaught of comic book movies that were launched this decade after his adaptation of X-Men, that first hit theaters in the year 2000, turned out to be a spectacular blockbuster smash. So this news of him returning to the franchise he so carefully crafted before Brett Ratner left his stench on the mutants (or what was left of them) with X-Men: The Last Stand, is definitely more than exciting, and it's actually the best decision Fox has made recently. Consider me excited as hell for this next X-Men movie! Your move Mr. Singer. Your thoughts?

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Singers' xmens were decent but don't do this like superman returns. Stick to the action.

JakeTheSnake on Dec 16, 2009


I'd prefer it if this were a reboot of the franchise from scratch, but I know since FOX seems to think X3 and Wolverine were "great movies," there's no chance in hell of that happening. I just don't know if I can enjoy a movie about Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Halle Berry (who will likely find some way to play herself as a child) knowing how completely ridiculously they'll all end up in X3 someday (except Halle Berry's Storm, who I believe ends up becoming the Queen of Everything by the end of X3). As a fan, I've been burned pretty badly. As a fan, I want Bryan Singer to prove me wrong. As a fan, I WANT to like this movie. Just let me like your movie, FOX. Please?

Outlaw on Dec 16, 2009


For the love of God, please don't turn this into another "Superman Returns" bashing. Can we please just focus on this good news!?

Film Fan on Dec 16, 2009


I'm actually disappointed. I wish Singer would step away from superhero filmmaking. However, it doesn't mean I think he'll do a bad job. I also think this is a stretch: Doing an Xmen film about the youngsters, or is it a prequel, or a sequel? Good luck Singer. Good luck Fox. I think you'll both need it.

Quanah on Dec 16, 2009


As a fan I say...reboot the whole damn thing... As a moviegoer I say...stop the insanity and let the X-men rest in Peace. As a person who loves comics....I don't think Singer has anything left in him for superhero genre. Your move mister Singer...I say leave the table...the fan-boys will respect that!

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Dec 16, 2009


writer of "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl" will be penning the script .........uh, no.

Jimbone on Dec 16, 2009


Jimbone, I know what you mean, but Schwartz has redeemed himself, at least in my opinion, with his work on the NBC action comedy series Chuck. So I think he can bring something interesting to the X-Men

Ethan Anderton on Dec 16, 2009


Oh thank god. If they're doing another one, at least let it be done by the guy who did OK with the first two.

Mark on Dec 16, 2009


Just when you thought "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" couldn't be out done... From the director of "Superman Returns" and writer of the television shows "The OC" and "Gossip Girl" bring you another comic disappointment "X-men: First Class" Singer is the conductor who started the orchestra of sub-par adaptations known as the "X-men" series. Does no one remember how awful the first X-men was? Toad=Ray parks weakest performance ever. Sabertooth=A terrible representation of a great character played by the over sized yet under talented Tyler Mane. Now with first class it will confirm how poorly handled the writing of the first one was with such errors as Iceman being as old as Jean, Scott and Hank who was an X-man from the start. I will agree that "X-3" and "Origins" are far and away worse pictures than the first two. But, Singer's vision was black leather and polished metal. Outside of that it was uninspired at best. When you start a franchise with a terrible films, chances are the subsequent films will only be worse. ("Evil Dead" being the only franchise that got better with each sequel, though the original started the franchise well.) This man will continue to tear down one of Marvel's strongest titles one sub-par film at a time. I can only hope that DC comics will learn from their mistakes and keep this guy far away from their franchises.

Professor Brian O'Bilivion on Dec 16, 2009


Yeah I totally agree with everything you said #9 but honestly its came to the point where movies with X men in the title is a sign of a shitty movie. After all these attempts at a good one it just seems we should let the idea go. Unless a very big director takes the reigns Im staying away from the franchise from now on.

Cody on Dec 16, 2009


Ya...... I'm pretty well at a point with superhero movies where I'd wish they'd slow down in their production but I can see that's never going to happen. That, along with vampire and zombie movies... But then I'm reminded of all the great superhero movies that have been made. Batman (1989), Spider-Man 2, X2 (Singer's triumph), The Crow (1994), The Incredibles...TMNT (1990) and I say, BRING IT ON SINGER! But if he fucks this one up, he'll ALWAYS be remembered for it. so for his sake, I hope this script is flawless, buffed, and with 'black leather and polished metal' - #9. oh, and yes, the casting always sucks. fix that... but why does casting always suck... wtf is up with that?

Dan the Fan on Dec 16, 2009


Professor Brian O'Bilivion, There isn't exactly an abundance of performances to choose from Ray Park's resume to have to clarify that Toad was his weakest performance ever. Especially when his bout as Darth Maul left his voice dubbed by another actor (only 6 lines of dialogue anyway) making him "act" by doing what he does best: stunts. As far as Bryan Singer's handling of the X-Men franchise, yes some characters were poorly handled but I think it was a great start to comic book films where the heroes had depth and there was subtext with substance. And that's something I don't think anyone thought Hollywood could get right, especially when it comes to comic books. I think X2 is one of the best comic book films to date and Singer knows how to handle a handful of heroes which is far more difficult than dealing with just one superhero as other directors have had the luxury of doing. I wouldn't jump to conclusions that First Class will have the same style and tone as Singer's previous X-Men films because as Donner said, they're funnier but with a dark edge like the Harry Potter films post-Chamber of Secrets. And as far as continuity those, this will be a franchise unto itself that won't be linking to the original X-Men films, so I say just give Singer a chance. Who else would you want to direct? And please be realistic in your suggestion.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 16, 2009


better than donner, the damn nipple batman effect

dahmer on Dec 16, 2009


we had enough of x-men.... singer should talk to producers/writers to do another..superman: man of steel - sort of sequel to his' first.... it's been quite a while now since 2004.... or perhaps develop a Flash movie.... this hero needs a movie adaptation...

Harlan on Dec 17, 2009


Singer is gonna turn the first class into melo-drama , is this supposed to be a prequel ?

Wussupman on Dec 17, 2009


thats fucking excellent news,the original team cyclops,jean grey,iceman,beast & angel please & base it on the comic of the same name.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 17, 2009


For like the hundredth time...Singer sucks. He's good at character development...but he's terrible at directing action sequences, and he's never been able to show his x-men fighting as a team, he always splits them up into 1-on-1 battles against their respective counterparts. plus the fact that there's not mention of wolverine or jackman...this has serious potential to bomb = FAIL!

Batman on Dec 17, 2009


As long as it's better than X3 I'm interested. But really, how could it not be?

NadaNuff on Dec 17, 2009


Maybe now Singer will finally realize that the X-Men are a TEAM and not just make the 5th Wolverine movie.

SlashBeast on Dec 17, 2009


Singer has the hots for wolverine, who's he going to turn his attention to this time? The first two movies were okay but far from what Spiderman 2, Iron man and Dark Knight have proven what comic book movies should be. I personally dont think Singer is that good of a director so I'm not exactly excited for this movie, especially with Fox and Singer both involved.

Chase on Dec 17, 2009


Anything that spares us the shit storm of his return to Superman should be praised.

Rama on Dec 17, 2009


AGAIN......If only MARVEL grew a pair of balls and takes back it's major players, life would marvelous....FOX continues to believe they make great movies simply because people out there pay to see the movie and then pay money for the DVD's....if those $'s keep coming MARVEL will never get it the end imagine if Marvel had the rights and were 110% on this rather then being the bitch of the controlling status

blue & orange ny on Dec 17, 2009


"FOX continues to believe they make great movies simply because people out there pay to see the movie and then pay money for the DVD's." ?????

NadaNuff on Dec 17, 2009


after superman returns im worried

samuel j on Dec 17, 2009


how are they gonna have angel in it if he was the young dude in the second movie that jumped out the window? that WAS supposed to be angel, right?

shredder on Dec 17, 2009


I agree with #12, Singer actually created a cool comic/superhero movie. It wasn't the same as what Watchmen did in terms of adaption, the writers re-created there own X-Men mythos, but it was good as fans of the comic can still relate to the characters & can still be understood by new &/or casual fans. The first 2 X-Men movies can be considered as some some of the best comic adaptation. Regarding X-Men first class comics, just to clarify, this is actually a remake/reboot of the X-Men comics in itself, so the idea that it is a prequel or a sequel is not true, Singer will not be revisiting but restarting the origin's of the main characters. I will give Singer the benefit of the doubt regarding this one, plus Schwartz has a decent writing with Chuck which actually fits with the X-Men first class plot/mood. My main concern is Fox - I wouldn't trust Fox 100%, as they have a habit of bastardizing the visions of their directors - Wolverine was the funniest & at the same time worst modern adaptation of a comic book(the first 30 minutes have me & my friends laughing - being comic geeks ourselves). I could/would blame Lauren Schuler Donner here as she has most of the power yet has no understanding of the franchise that she handles.

Bishop8496 on Dec 17, 2009


why does the thought of singer botching ANOTHER xmen movie make me feel queasy? Seriously, the first two xmen were not loyal to the comics, and ten years later, not such great movies.

harm on Dec 17, 2009


Ha, Singer's trying to fall back on the X-Men franchise after his other films turned out to be crap. THis guy's falling fast, shame really.

Governor on Dec 17, 2009


but i LOVE WOLVERINE he's my favorite it wont be the same without him 🙁 so is this suppose to take place after the last xmen movie or is this a totally different story then the previous xmen trilogy???

jo on Dec 17, 2009


I agree with #2

Barnaby Barrilla on Dec 17, 2009


i agree with #17. very well said. singer sucks as an action director. i wonder why they keep giving him projects. let his work speak for itself.

sharon on Dec 26, 2009


Let's hope Brian can save this after the slauhter known as X3 and Wolverine. The first one was good, the second left me wanting more and then Bran wasn't directing. Let's hope he can let these Power Rangers ( Basically, they are Power Rangers in X-Men Form) do something good after Superman Returns, which we all wish Superman did not return

max s. on Feb 22, 2010


Another thing, guys Disney is in charge f first class not Fox. Dam Marvel selling out for 4 billion. It's not like they couldn't do that with 4 or 5 good movies

max s. on Feb 22, 2010


#14 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRICKIN' MIND!!!!!!!! Superman Returns sucked I should know I practically love every movie that comes out but when Superman Returns came there was no stopping that pile of shit.

max s. on Feb 22, 2010


Also, no Wolverine means that the greatest X-men is not in unless Jack man is in it for any reason this is probobaly going to bomb

max s. on Feb 22, 2010

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