Bryan Singer is Interested in a Battlestar Galactica Feature Film?

August 12, 2009
Source: HitFix

Battlestar Galactica - Concept Art

Hot damn! Now this is something I can get excited about, and I'm not even a big Battlestar Galactica fan! Our cohorts over at HitFix are reporting (from a source they don't reveal?) that Bryan Singer is nearing a deal with Universal to produce and possibly direct a brand new Battlestar Galactica feature film (that will go to theaters). The Ronald Moore TV series recently came to its conclusion back in March earlier this year, but much like Joss Whedon's Firefly, the fans of the show are very vocal and very large in number, therefore Universal has realized that there is still quite a bit of potential, which is where this all comes into play.

Back in 2001, Bryan Singer and producer Tom De Santo developed a Battlestar Galactica "sequel" to the original 1978 TV series that was less than three months from shooting before 9/11 shut it down and shelved the project forever. Three years later, Glen Larson and Ronald Moore delivered the SciFi Channel series that everyone is now familiar with. But apparently Singer is back in development, not yet signed, but interested in working on a new Battlestar Galactica movie to follow the immensely successful TV series. SyFy is already developing "Caprica" as a spin-off, but why not turn this into Star Trek and make movies, too?

HitFix doesn't really say anything else. I don't know enough about either of the TV shows (Brandon is our resident Galactica fan), so I can't speak to how they could develop a movie that would mesh with the story being presented in "Caprica" (which takes place 58 years before the events of the last series). Of course, HitFix has some good links (like this one about Singer/De Santo's original version) and Ain't It Cool News has some good theories as well, so I'll point you to either of those sites. Singer has other projects on his slate, but this seems like something he could jump onto next. And I, for one, would love to see it happen!

Update: Great news! This has been confirmed, and not only is Bryan Singer producing, but Universal says he is officially directing this as well. Entertainment Weekly was one of the first sites to confirm this with Universal. And now both Variety and Hollywood Reporter are reporting it as well. "There is no script for the new Galactica, though insiders have said the feature is to be a complete reimaginging and will stand separately." Sounds like things are moving forward quite quickly, as Universal acquired the movie rights in February and have been waiting to make this announcement until now once Singer was fully attached.

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As a rabid fan of SyFy's version of BSG, I gotta say it's way too close to that series end to develop anything else. Ronald Moore's vision of that concept and the writing were so incredibly well done that I have a really hard time imagining that anyone could do better. It took decades to see another actor play Kirk in the last Trek reboot, and I suspect it's gonna take a long time before anyone is gonna be able to fill Eddie James Olmos' uniform as Adama.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 12, 2009


This could only work if the entire cast came back and if Ron Moore writes it or comes up with the story. If they go in a different direction with a different cast, then you'd alienate all the fans that Sci Fi has built up over the last 5 years. I usually support almost every remake or adaptation at the beginning, but I can't do it this time

Rorschach90 on Aug 12, 2009


Last I heard, this movie is going to be completely unrelated to the Moore series, with an entirely different take on the original than the Moore series had.

Matt on Aug 12, 2009


Ok I checked the links on Singer's/De Santo's take... Enslaving humans with cybernetic implants? Uhh... Borg. Heard of 'em? Galactica The Next Generation... No thanks.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 12, 2009


hot damn! wow.

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2009


Frakin A!

Cyrus the internet virus on Aug 12, 2009


This makes no sense to me at all and I can't imagine what Singer is thinking. After investing 4 years of my life watching Ron Moore's BSG I'm done. Too late Singer!

Agent Orange on Aug 12, 2009



Frank N. Stein on Aug 12, 2009


Only good if Singer makes it a continuation or prequel to Moore's BSG. Perhaps a movie of the first war with the cylons?

James on Aug 12, 2009


Go ahead and let him ruin this too... after all, everything Ron Moore tried to do to kill it after season 2 wasn't enough.

Devon Shaw on Aug 12, 2009


I always thought that the Razor Flashbacks/Young Adama stuff was the best part of Razor. They should get that guy that played a younger Adama (He was spot on) and do that kind of stuff.

Deacon Joe on Aug 12, 2009


Someone post here a very brief Cliff Notes version of what the fan consensus is on this. I am involved with some of the parties and want to know what the real deal is. I don't want only the zealot Ron Moore fans to defend that show, but give me a broad context. What would/should Singer do with it? The little I saw of the new show (Moore) was boring, lacked the theme song (best part), and had poor art direction and sci-fi elements. Anyone read Moore's sci-fi manifesto. He basically wanted to change the genre and he consciously made his show very post 911. That might be fine, but someone please explain how the suits and language references are explained in his universe. And why it was so boring. I just saw Caprica and thought it looked like terrible Canadian TV. This show was bad. Was Moore Battlestar like that? I am not hating on the show, but want to know if it is possible to create a third entity in the way Batman was rebooted.

J on Aug 13, 2009



David Banner on Aug 13, 2009


#10 I have to agree, it started out terrific, but then went downhill. #12 Your right, Caprica did look like a CTV production. And your also right it should be rebooted. Please not a prequel. I have seen, and heard about, so many bloody prequels, I no longer want to watch a movie until the prequel comes out two years later and I get the back story.

Mutt on Aug 13, 2009


I heard Larson had a deal at Uni to re-develop the original show for television. I don't think this will have anything to do with Moore's version (thank god). And seriously J, if your favorite part of the original is the theme song, then yes, the Moore show was probably boring to you.

Dr. Lappe on Aug 13, 2009


With all due respect, Devon...Ron Moore simply reacted to the inconsistent BS flung at him by SciFi (or syfy, if you prefer) executives. Co-Creating an excellent show with a loyal fan base that despite everything, could not crack the numbers to be a bonafide "hit," and then on top of that having to wait in the balance month after month until the corporate executives made up their minds about renewing the show for another season (or another half-season, in one case) took it's toll. After three long years of this cycle, Moore and Eick saw an opportunity to take back control and end the show *their* way...something that Larson never was able to realize despite all the stutter-steps that were taken after the first show was cancelled...they struck while the iron was hot. SciFi (sorry, but I hate the change) finally woke up and tried to drag out season four as long as they could. Was it a little rushed? Yeah. Was there more story to tell? Hell yeah. All in all, however, Moore and Eick's BSG will stand as one of the best shows made for television for years to come. And I am sorry, but any movie developed now, or for the next few years, will flop just as sure as Serenity did. I love Serenity and I love Firefly...but not enough others felt the same way, and not enough others were willing to roll the dice... Same thing with BSG. And yes, Caprica sucks for the same reason...too soon, and poor plot base. Naw. RIP BSG.

Frank N. Stein on Aug 13, 2009


@15 - Mostly agree. Dunno though, while R&D's will undoubtedly stand the test of time (in my head anyway), I'm going to withhold judgment on this till more news. While I know they probably won't use a single actor from our BSG, and that pains me, there's little room in that universe for much more while still using Galactica as a back drop. A "new" Galactica may have a chance - depending on a myriad of factors. I guess I was just so surprised by how much I accepted the new Trek. Granted - they'd have to reeeally pull out all the stops, and I wouldn't bet on it, but I think it could be done.

bozoconnors on Aug 13, 2009


@12 - If you are really involved in some way with this supposed new film, then I'd assume you would watch the entire Moore series, and get your own opinion instead of a few snippets that were "boring, and lacked the theme song". Moore's BSG was more of a drama in space, so story and character development took precedence over action. However, when tensions ratcheted up, the action could get intense. Take a look at the season one episode 'Hand of God' for a good action/drama mix. Also, the old theme song was used a few times, but I'd have to agree that it was not quite enough in my opinion since it is a rather rousing musical arrangement.

James on Aug 13, 2009


After Superman Returns I have little faith in Singer for a good Battlestar.

goudos on Aug 13, 2009


BTW I'm not saying I'm against playing around again in the BSG sandbox. (Seriously how many Batman's haver there been since the 40's? Nevermind Dracula's countless reincarnations, and we even got a 3rd Dune on the way fer crying out loud!) I'm just saying it's too close to the end of Scifi's. (Yeah #16 I hate the name change too.) series. If Singer wants to do a version based on the aftermath of the original 70's show, that's fine. I just think working on a reboot a year or two after a moderately successful series was made would hurt the project, and all the dudes would go: "Why the frak is Starbuck an old man? What happened to the chick?" That and reading their treatment on those links Alex provided, just makes me think it's a Borg rip-off. Which means A: They're blatantly ripping off the Trek universe or B: They're clueless to the nature of scifi fans, and haven't done any research. And anyone who thinks Moore's version was boring, obviously just wants pretty FX and big explosions. BSG got me be cause of the characters were refreshingly flawed & realistic. Mistakes were made, not everything ended pretty and the crew didn't always get along smiling happily, spouting technobabble & patting themselves on the back for being so damn clever or morally superior at the end of every episode.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 13, 2009


RMoores BSG kicked the ass of the original show. Great writing, great character development and DARK as hell.. I can usually predict what is going to happen in most story arcs, ScyFis BSG changed all that, unpredictable and strong, main characters DIE, children DIE, evil shit happens and no fuzzy robot dogs..raised the bar on sci fi...The Star Wars live action tv series will have some competition!

Lando on Aug 15, 2009

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