Bryan Singer Still Considering a Return to the X-Men Franchise

October 11, 2009
Source: THR

Bryan Singer

This isn't the first time we've heard this, but the Hollywood Reporter finally talked with director Bryan Singer in person and got him to open up about a return to the big screen X-Men franchise that he created. As we all know, Fox is trying to develop quite a few X-Men spin-offs, prequels, and sequels, including X-Men: First Class, X-Men Origins: Magneto, the Wolverine sequel, and Deadpool. Back in June, Singer was quoted as saying he'd "love to return to that universe," meaning the comic book universe. In August, hidden in a Variety story, they hinted that Singer "has been flirting with directing X-Men: First Class."

Now Singer admits that he's "still looking to possibly [return] to the X-Men franchise." "I've been talking to Fox about it," Singer said at South Korea's Pusan International Film Festival. "I love Hugh Jackman. I love the cast." He didn't say much else, but did add that he enjoyed making those earlier X-Men movies because "they allowed him to discuss serious issues through entertainment," such as tolerance and social structures, as explored in those two. "The excitement about working in science fiction and fantasy is — the stories, if they are good, are about the human condition," he said. "[I like to] trick audiences into thinking they're seeing fireworks, but they're learning about themselves and listening to what I have to say." Interesting take.

I think bringing back Singer would be one of the smartest decisions Fox could make in years. I have never been let down by Bryan Singer (I even loved Valkyrie) and think he could really bring some life back to the X-Men franchise, especially since X-Men 3 and Wolverine have done nothing but hurt its big screen reputation. Although I'm not fond of the screenwriter (Josh Schwartz of "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl") who is writing X-Men: First Class, if they got Singer to direct, I would feel a lot more confident. That goes for any of the X-Men spin-offs in the works either, or something new. Either way, I'm all for it. Bring Bryan back!

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I wouldn't mind... but in my opinion the X-men movies need a serious reboot.

teyhtr on Oct 11, 2009


Singer is terrible...he killed the X-men movies and the superman movie was garbage too....keep him away!

ray on Oct 11, 2009


keep him away from the X-men. Hell, find away to take away Fox's right to use the X-men franchise. Not one good movie out of the bunch.

dude on Oct 11, 2009


Singer apparently forgot that the X-Men are a GROUP. Because right now, Wolverine's got 4 movies all to himself. Besides, this guy's really fizzled after the X-Men movies and shown that he's nothing more than a middle of the road talent.

SlashBeast on Oct 11, 2009


ya give him x-men back because superman returns was so great, the only decent x-men was the last stand , the one he didn't direct.

subcelsious5g on Oct 11, 2009


every one of the posts here are laughable singer is one of the most underrated film makers this generation x2 is easily a top3 best superhero movie if you dont like x2 you must hate movies #6 x3 was the worst you must like transformers

nelson on Oct 11, 2009


Bryan Singer set the standard for superhero-team-up flicks with X-Men 1 and 2. Then Ratner killed it because the Phoenix saga was too much to fit in one film and have it come across with the emotion it did in the comics. Singer taking over First Class is the best case scenario for FOX cause he can develop the chemistry between the team and let the audience understand the characters with his style better than Ratner did in X3. This is the first introductions of the characters and I thought Singer did a good job in the first X Men of doing that so people who weren't as familiar with X-Men not named Wolverine. I think the key to First Class will be developing Cyclops. I happen to think Cyclops is the most well rounded characters in all of comics. His character can take the audience on a emotional roller coaster unlike any other X-Men, even Wolverine.

klaus_komix on Oct 11, 2009


I didn't so much mind the X-men movies. I just didn't like how they seemed more like they were about Wolverine than anyone else. They had some awesome parts in it though. I'm not really sure about Singer. :

Sabes on Oct 11, 2009


Singer didn't direct X-3 Bret Ratner did, so giving Singer another chance could do it justice.

Xerxex on Oct 11, 2009


He said 'I love Hugh Jackman' which means that he wants to do a movie with Wolverine taking the center stage again (maybe Wolverine 2 or X-Men 4). And that is how it should be. I understand that people who are not fans of the character would love a movie without him being the leading hero but let's face it: Wolverine IS the heart of the franchise and the only reason they keep making these films. And that's because Hugh Jackman did such a great and committed job to all four movies whether they were good or bad on their own. An X-Men movie without Jackman's Wolverine is simply not an X-Men movie is the heads of the majority of cinema goers and comic-book movie lovers.

:P on Oct 11, 2009


I meant 'in the heads'

:P on Oct 11, 2009


If Singer would direct "Wolverine 2", then that would be awesome! Inspired directing....that's for damn sure! I think he's due to reinvigorate the franchise! I say go for it Bryan! 🙂

Spider on Oct 11, 2009


The Xmen movies arent between my favorites, but I did like the third one the best. If anyone is going to make an Xmen movie it should be in the form of a complete reboot. And... Superman Returns was a great movie... If someone didnt liked it, then it means he didnt "got" it.

Dreckent on Oct 11, 2009


1st off Valkarie was awsome, sure Superman was boring as fuck but X-men 1 and 2 was solid movies, I think Singer did a great job with those move especially X2 wher he upped the anti hopfully he will listern to the critics and give the fans what they want

Sach-Man on Oct 11, 2009


I'd love to see a grittier and raw approach to the x-men whom ever can supply that would be pretty awesome. In my opinion he had his chance???

Marqwest on Oct 11, 2009


singer is better than that idiot who did the third movie.

M-Cat on Oct 11, 2009


As an long John Powell makes the score instead of Ottman and Gregson-Williams I would be happy. Powell's score for The Last Stand is amazing and his music, and his theme represents very well to the X Men much more better than Ottman and Kamen (Pheonix's theme is one of the best overrated themes I ever heard).

David on Oct 11, 2009


x2 was is the second best comic book film, dark knight is no. 1

Darrin on Oct 11, 2009


#18 i agree also they need to get Michael Dougherty back as well

nelson on Oct 11, 2009


HELL NO! just because X1 & X2 are better than X3, doesn't necessitate Singer coming back...all three x-men movies were underwhelming. WHY? Because Singer doesn't know how to film a TEAM movie! he likes to separate each character and make them fight one-on-one battles. Singer has proven over and over with X-Men and Superman that he's a terrible action director. He's excellent at character development, but his fight scenes are uncreative and not over the top at all. he's been blessed with director incredible characters with a set of unique and powerful skill sets, but he doesn't have the brain as to how to push them over the limit. @#18...Dark Knight is #1, and Batman Begins is #2.

Batman on Oct 11, 2009


Singer is completely hit or miss but when he hits its amazing.

CLAW on Oct 11, 2009


wasn't the biggest fan of X1 but X2 was flawless. I fully agree with #18 on it being the second best comic movie yet. fallowed by Spiderman 1 and Ironman which in my opinion are tied for third. I'm fine with him coming back, but i think they need to drop the whole First Class idea and just make X4. Unfortunately with out Cyclopes it would be pretty hard to do. seriously who's idea was it to kill off the team leader of the X-Men? that man should be fucking shot

DoomCanoe on Oct 11, 2009


i thought the director of X3 decided to kill him. what's his name? lame i can't even remember. DoomCanoe what's #1?

M-Cat on Oct 11, 2009


do you have to compare every fucking movie with BATMAN!!! yes its great and my favorite movie too, but get over !!!!

drunkimus on Oct 11, 2009



sean on Oct 11, 2009


That dickhead lost his chance when he decided to abandon the franchise that made him loads of money and criticle acclaim when he went to direct Superman Returns which was one of the most boring movies i have ever seen.

Chris on Oct 11, 2009


you guys ruined X-Men for ever from the 1st to the most recent, not even close to the comics, all fox has created is some other bs universe ..l.. ^ _ ^ ..l..

Madnezz344 on Oct 11, 2009


I've never been too big on the X-Men movies, for a few simple reasons. they have too many interesting characters that get too little screen/story time for me to care much about them, the other is the obsession with Wolverine. Granted he is cool. Way badass. But he will never live up to being the vicious hero that the story plays him out to be. Hollywood will demand that he's toned down so they can make some bucks with the kids 13 and below. Singer's X-Mens were way better than The Last Stand and Wolverine. I think the new story should remove the fact that we know about The X-Men from comics and just give us a fitting story. Singer does sound like he does know the X-Men characters well but he'd rather keep that knowledge to himself and not share it. I'm rooting for X-Men Origins: Magneto by Singer or someone who can get me to care about Magneto. I find him more interesting than Wolverine or Xavier. He is way beyond his mutant power.

Ostilad on Oct 12, 2009


Singer should parp out a Supes sequel and a Wolverine sequel and an X Men fourquel. But only after The Usual Suspects 2: 2 Usual 2 Suspect.

The Incredible Suit on Oct 12, 2009


I'm just not interested in seeing the x-men at school

napoleonblownapart on Oct 12, 2009


I agree with #2

Tim on Oct 12, 2009


#20 - Batman You said it perfectly. #24 - drunkimus Shut up. Singer's X-Men movies were never any good. They were Wolverine movies. The X-Men are a TEAM! Wolverine's gotten like 4 movies all to himself! I want to se the X-Men! Not Wolverine featuring the X-Men! Singer will just end up shortchanging the characters so see can see Wolverine take his shirt off again.

Governor on Oct 12, 2009


#6 Tell me you're joking. I mean, you must absolutely hate movies if you honestly believe X3 was the only xmen movie that was decent.

SkaOreo on Oct 12, 2009


#7 What have you been smoking? Or at least tell me where i can get some of that shit. Singer is terrible, look at Superman Returns, no further explaination required. I think all 3 X-Men movies could have been much better. cmon, we need hundreds of mutants fighting sentinels, Cable and bishop and.... Apocalypse! No more bland, stupid stories about magneto developing a machine to change humans into mutants like X1, or the half arsed attempt at integrating phoenix into the trillogy, epic fail! there are so many stories to draw from the comics that are more interesting than that. This franchise needs rebooting now, with a decent director, no Ratner, Singer or Bay. And better casting too, Jackman was good as wolverine but too much of a pretty boy, logan needs to be raw and uncompromising, same with magneto, Ian Mckelin is a great actor but too old for that role If they can reboot Ghost Rider already (which was shit) then they can reboot X-men too!!!!!

Metatasian on Oct 12, 2009


I think in the Xmen franchise, the best movies are X2 and wolverine. The first Xmen movie wasn't good enough and X3 was a big disappointment. So it doesn't matter who will direct this next Xmen movie all that matters is to make it good and entertaining

mk on Oct 12, 2009


keep him out, I'm tired of all these people pussifying bad ass concepts. Look at Hugh Jackman, he had to run off and make a wolverine movie seperately so he could create the perfect character. that movie rocked.

jagermeister on Oct 12, 2009


#36 "he had to run off and make a wolverine movie seperately so he could create the perfect character. that movie rocked." So far, this is the only comment on this site that has made me laugh out loud? Seriously you thought Wolverines Origins was not only good, but better than the first two Xmen movies? That's just sad.

SkaOreo on Oct 12, 2009


i don't blame Singer for leaving the X-men series. He had just finished two epic films that were quite groundbreaking, and i would say the best executed superhero films to date. I mean X-men is a great series with a lot of potential, complete with a large cast and strong character types. Singer left WITH PLANS TO RETURN, if he wants to take a break and tackle his superhero icon, big whoop. I say it is the faults of the producers and studio that felt it necessary to RUSH into X-Men 3, thinking that the superhero fad would die down (boy were they wrong). Instead they completely RUINED any chance of continuing the X-men world with any sense of connection to the first two. The first two we're not just two superhero movies, they we're like volumes 1 and 2 of this beginning to the X-men world. Singer WANTED to come back, he was planning to make around 6 X MEN FILMS!!, he had ideas for an overall arch, gradually adding in characters and holding of on the phoenix plot line, and at least not even start that process until the 4th or 5th. It had the potential to be the most successful flippin comic book movie series of all time. but no, they we're too impatient and couldn't wait for him to make 1 movie on the side. stupid stupid profit obsessed bastards taking away our movie magic, they can all go to hell. X-Men on the big screen is dead, it died with the third one, which was a complete and utter JOKE.

Marsius on Oct 13, 2009


#38 - Marsius Please don't make the X-Men films out to be anything more than comic book films, or even good ones for that matter.

SlashBeast on Oct 16, 2009


get singer back x-men 3 was a dissapointment would hve been alot better if singer stuck around

max s. on Oct 24, 2009

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