Bubble Gum's Bazooka Joe Headed to the Big Screen?!

May 22, 2009

Bazooka Bubble Gum

You can't be serious? THR has officially announced that Michael Eisner (former Disney CEO before Dick Cook) is developing an adaptation of Bazooka Joe, the comic strip that comes with Bazooka bubble gum. Eisner has hired new college graduate and first-time writer Mark Hammer to write the script. Bazooka Joe has been a comic strip used to advertise the gum since the 1950s. The very young-looking Joe, who wears an eye patch for reasons never explained, has child-friendly misadventures, and is sometimes joined by a host of friends. Somehow I can't believe this makes for a good adaptation, but believe it or not it's happening.

In 2007, Eisner purchased the trading card company Topps, which owns the gum and comic, and is why Eisner is developing this movie. I don't have much to say about this, besides the obvious complaints about Hollywood running out of ideas. I mean, Eisner is just doing the smart thing and using a familiar brand name to sell his movie. I guarantee that the Bazooka Joe comic strip does not have enough of a story behind it to be too inspirational, so I'm sure they're going to beef it up and turn it into a big, bad, action adventure movie about Bazooka Joe. Does that make a difference? Not really. It's still worth complaining about.

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one word "dumb"

Tom W on May 22, 2009


Next up: A Cap'n Crunch movie. Explores the origins of the Captain, how he obtained his cravings and his first battles against the nefarious Crunch Berries. Seriously.

NadaNuff on May 22, 2009


How? Why? What?! ..... W T F?! No one is gonna like this movie b/c it doesn't come with a fun little comic strip, it comes with 90 minutes of AGONY!

Nick Sears on May 22, 2009


I hope it maintains the cutting edge humor of the Bazooka Joe comics.

Greedo the Rodian on May 22, 2009


Yup, that's it, it's official... mankind is doomed.

Pete the Geek on May 22, 2009


Thank God Michael Eisner doesn't work at Disney anymore.

Fuelbot on May 22, 2009


Dick Cook isn't the CEO...Bob Iger

Paul on May 22, 2009


This is the dumbest idea I've heard in a while, probably since Stretch Armstrong and even that makes more sense.

peloquin on May 22, 2009


Seriously! What in the FUCK!!!!!!!!!

sumonesumtime on May 22, 2009


Somebody assassinate these guys before they start making this please

Scott McHenry on May 22, 2009

11 dumber that "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past"...

Barry on May 22, 2009


Jesus Christ, Hollywood! I know there are original ideas out there. The problem, no one wants to look for new writers and what not. They just want the pre-established people. I know some people who have written some amazing stories. And they'd sell it for cheap! Just to see the movie made! Fuck. A movie based on crappy bubble gum? I used to get a headache chewing that shit, I can only imagine what the movie form would do to me. I could puke a better idea than this. Ooo, here we go, do a movie based on my coffee cup! That would make millions! I agree with 'Pete the Geek'... We are officially fucked.

nate on May 22, 2009


As if we dont have a lot of other sugar coated films to watch....bring it! lol!

Tedious Ted on May 22, 2009


...and coming soon.....the origin story of the "Trix" rabbit and how he became a media mogul with an insatiable appetite for crunchy, fruity treats. Played by Adam Sandler in a rabbit suit! Geez, this has really gone off the deep end! "Battleship" movie anyone?? On the other hand, this will sure beat any stupid "Date Movie/ Meet the Spartans/ Disaster Movie" fiasco!

Blue Silver on May 22, 2009


agree with #7, Dick Cook is the head of the disney studio, the ceo of Disney Co. is Bob Iger. What production company would this be affiliated with i wonder? Its funny how Eisner wrote a book and was doing these talking gigs, but oddly enough, i guess noone wants to hear from a guy nobody likes.

brian barajas on May 22, 2009


sure....why not, I mean how bad could it be as compared to the crap coming out of Hollywood right now??? I give up....

moldybread on May 22, 2009


? Still, it's a better idea than "Candyland" or "Monopoly" because it still has a narative. But, then again, ?

Ajax on May 22, 2009


how about the Planters peanut for the next one?...this is ridiculous

Caleb on May 22, 2009


Funniest comments I have ever seen...Dumbest fucking idea ever thought of

cody on May 23, 2009


@ 19... I think you're on to something here. We could make a Planters Peanut movie, Starkist Tuna, Chef Boyardee, and Orville Redenbacher and then have cameos in each leading up to the "Advertisement Avengers"

peloquin on May 23, 2009

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